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Old 02-21-2014, 01:47 PM   #1
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Who's Turn Is It To Throw Up Today? A Feb 2014 Wedding TR Updated 10/2 & 10/3 x 5!

Hi and Welcome! Iím Ariana, Iím 40 years old and live outside of Atlanta, GA

I was pretty lazy with this intro and basically copied the intro from my PTR. So if you read that, you may just want to skim through this first post. Hereís some information about how this trip came together before I get to the rest of the introductions.

In early 2009 I decided that I needed to go to Disney. I hadnít been since 1998 and I was in desperate need of a trip. I told my Mom, who told my Brother, who told my Aunt, etc. and we ended up with a group of 8 and went in January 2010. Here we are goofing around during that trip.

Back row is my Mom, my Brother John, and my aunt (Momís sister) Esther.
Front Row is me, my Sister-in-Law Jocelyn, my cousin Morgan, and a close family friend Erin.

Last but not least, kneeling in front is my Cousin Sydney.

Morgan is about 10 years younger than me but we have always been very close because she shares my insane love for Disney. She was single during that trip but within a year, was dating a wonderful man and had three kids. Iíll get into that more when I do the introductions. Morgan and her family went back in October 2011 but I wasnít able to go that time. Shortly after that, we talked about doing another family trip and decided on early 2014 as our target. Iíve actually been back to Disney 4 times since the 2010 trip, TRs for three of those trips are in my signature and Iím still writing the ďRock OnĒ one from October 2013.

Morgan and I invited a lot of our family and we ended up with 16 people coming on the trip. First of all is me and Mom. She was my main companion on the trip and loves Disney. We took a mother and daughter trip to WDW in November 2012. We are very close and are more like sisters than mother/daughter. Since my dad passed away in 2007, we travel a lot together. Iím married by my DH doesnít like to travel and doesnít mind if Mom and I go.

Also from my immediate family my brother John and SIL Jocelyn. They would probably kill me if they knew I used the following picture, it was taken at their annual ugly sweater party. Problem is, they donít have a lot of pictures together. Our goal was to remedy that with this trip since I purchased Memory Maker. That ended up not really happening but weíll get to more on that later.

Letís move on to Morganís Family. Here she is with her now husband, Steve.

When we were at WDW in 2010, Morgan got a dozen roses delivered to the room. She told me all about Steve, a widower who she knew through his two kids at the daycare where she is a manager. She actually knew Steveís wife too before she was killed in a car accident. They started dating shortly after we got back from the trip and a year later, a third child came along. So here are the three kids:

Jacob, 8 years old, Jordyn, 6 years old and Kennedy who will be 3 in February. Jordyn is the one I often refer to as my ďmini-meĒ because she loves Pluto.

Also joining us from Morganís family were her Mom, Esther and Dad, Jim. I "stole" most of the family photos off of Facebook and these are the best I could find of those two.

Her brother Jordan, his wife Abby and their 1 Ĺ year old daughter Sadie. Abby is pregnant and due sometime in July with their second child.

And finally, Morganís sister Sydney and her husband Kevin. They just got married last September.

All the plans were coming together for the trip and then Morgan threw a curve ball that ended up changing everything. Steve asked her to marry him in December 2012 and she decided to get married at Disney while were there!

Morgan and I continued to try to plan together but it just got to be too much so I took responsibility for my little family of 4 and also added on my Uncle Bob (Mom and Estherís brother) and Aunt Pat who came for four days. Here they are:

They had not been to WDW since their two boys were little which was about 20 years ago. Their boys are now both in their 30s and married with kids but they could not afford to make the trip. My Mom has one more brother but he and his family also did not make the trip.

Last but not least, my husband Jim flew down for a few days to go to the wedding only. He is not a Disney fan and since I dragged him to Disney last October, there was no way he was doing any parks this trip. I made him come for the wedding though since he rarely comes to my familyís events.

A lot of Steveís family was there also, a few from his deceased wifeís family and also friends. Erin who came with us in 2010 was there with her husband. I did not really interact with any of this group during the trip so I wonít overwhelm everyone with more introductions than necessary!

So is everyone's head spinning right now? I know that was a lot of information to take in but the TR will mainly just be about me, Mom, John, Jocelyn, Bob and Pat. Other than the wedding day, we barely spent any time with Morgan and her family.

Up Next: Wake up Pluto is Waiting!!!

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Old 02-21-2014, 01:48 PM   #2
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Posts: 2,179

Chapter Links

Saturday, February 8th, 2014
Wake Up Pluto is Waiting!!!
Hurry Up People We Have a FP+ to Make! Part 1
Hurry Up People We Have a FP+ to Make! Part 2
What Else Can Go Wrong Today? Part 1
What Else Can Go Wrong Today? Part 2

Sunday, February 9th, 2014
Lighten Up, You're at Disney!
Safari Time Part 1
Safari Time Part 2
Scary Dinosaurs and Yummy Food
Who Picked This Future? I Would Never Wear Something Like That!
The Seas and a Bit of a Scare
I Didn't Know Soarin' Was Such a Scary Ride
Continuing the Trek Around the World
The Dinner From H-E Double Hockey Sticks

Monday, February 10th, 2014
The Wedding Day is Here! Part 1
The Wedding Day is Here! Part 2
Don't Pass Out Now, the Weddings About to Start! Part 1
Don't Pass Out Now, the Weddings About to Start! Part 2
A Tour of Atlantic Dance Hall
A Disney Wedding Reception
I Just Danced with Mickey and Minnie, No Big Deal! Part 1
I Just Danced with Mickey and Minnie, No Big Deal! Part 2

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
Magic Time!
Let's go Under the Sea! Part 1
Let's go Under the Sea! Part 2
Hallelujah, The TTA is Open!
A Lazy Afternoon at MK Part 1
A Lazy Afternoon at MK Part 2
Be Our Guest Part 1
Be Our Guest Part 2

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014
Royal Rumble in the Jungle
Exploring Rafiki's Planet Watch Part 1
Exploring Rafiki's Planet Watch Part 2
Gorillas Have All the Fun Part 1
Gorillas Have All the Fun Part 2
More Animals Part 1
More Animals Part 2
Yep You Guessed it, Even More Animals! Part 1
Yep You Guessed it, Even More Animals! Part 2
I Find a New Favorite Seat Part 1
I Find a New Favorite Seat Part 2
Lights, Motors, Action
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Thursday, February 13th, 2014
Keys to the Kingdom Tour
A Magical Time with the Big Cheese
How the Heck Do We Get to Epcot?

Friday, February 14th, 2014
Everything Goes Downhill
Family Can Be a Pain at Times
On My Own Again Part 1
On My Own Again Part 2
Wishes Part 1
Wishes Part 2

Saturday, February 15th, 2014
Now it's Time to Say Goodbye Part 1
Now it's Time to Say Goodbye Part 2
A Quick Update for the Next Trip

Real Life Updates
DIS Meet!
Magic Bands, Lion King and Legos
Lego Kidsfest

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Old 02-21-2014, 02:07 PM   #3
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Wake Up Pluto is Waiting!!!

On Saturday, February 8th, 2014 my alarm was set for 4:45 am. My flight was at 8:55 am and I wanted to leave the house by 6:15 am so we could be at the airport by 7 am. The Atlanta airport can be extremely crowded at times so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time. I waited over an hour in the security line one time!

But at 4:15 am a text message that said ďWake up Pluto is waiting!!!Ē got me up and moving a bit early. My dear friend Ruthie (Luvchefmic on here) decided it was time for me to get a move on it! I did try to sleep a bit longer but was way too excited and ended up getting up around 4:35.

We made it out the door at pretty much the time I wanted to.

Jim dropped me at the airport right at 7 am and there were no lines anywhere. I walked right up to the counter to check my bags and then straight through security. I even got directed to the test line for people who are pre-checked and I didnít have to take my shoes or jacket off. I did get pulled aside to have my hands checked for explosive residue. Luckily I passed that and was at my gate by 7:18 am. Yep, it only took my 18 minutes to check my bags, get through security and ride the train to my gate. I think that was a new record or something.

It didnít bother me though to be there that early, Iíd much rather be early than having to run for my plane. Besides, I had some good reading material.

Excellent book although probably not the best reading for a public setting. Many of the stories made me want to cry and that was a little awkward with everyone around me!

My flight boarded on time and was pretty uneventful. I hadnít flown Southwest in a while and had forgotten how funny the flight attendants can be. What can I say, it did get me to listen to the safety spiel. The best line was ďIf you are traveling with more than one child, pick the one with the most potential, secure their oxygen mask first then work your way down from thereĒ.

Unfortunately when we landed in Orlando, this was the sight out my window.

When I got off the plane, I got a text from my Mom letting me know that they were sitting by an Au Bon Pain. I almost missed them because I thought they would have ridden the mini monorail over to the main terminal but they were actually still by the gates. Luckily Mom spotted me and grabbed me before I got on the train.

Thereís John & Jocelyn!

Morgan and her family had already gone ahead to the resort so they could get the welcome gifts ready for everyoneís arrival. We ended up sitting in that spot for a while because we were waiting for my Aunt and Uncle who landed almost an hour after me. Jocelyn had forgotten her watch so she shopped for one at the little shops near our seats but other than that, we just sat and talked.

When it was time for Bob and Patís plane to land, we walked down to their gate and greeted them as they exited the plane. Then after a brief bathroom stop we finally headed to the mini monorail to get to the Magical Express.

Sadly it was still looking pretty dreary out the window as we rode.

As we made it to the Magical Express, we picked up my Cousin Jordan, his wife Abby and their little girl Sadie. Morgan had not gotten their DME bag tags to them in time so they were dragging all of their suitcases and trying to deal with the stroller too. Luckily since most of our bags were going straight to the resort, we had a lot of free hands and were able to help them out.

After a pretty long wait in line to scan our Magic Bands, we were directed to line 8 which was the All Stars line. Iím not sure what was going on with the CM (are they CMís there or employees of Mears?) whose line we were in but it seemed like every group in front of us was having trouble. All of the other lines were moving very swiftly. Bob said it was all his fault because his family was cursed to get in the slowest line every time. John had to scan his band several times before it worked but the rest of us breezed through pretty quickly.

I donít remember how long we waited for our bus because we were all talking and I didnít pay attention. I did note that it was right around noon when we boarded the bus.

We had a regular DME bus but the sound wasnít working on the videos. I was sad because the video was all new but since we couldnít hear, I really missed the whole thing.

We were pretty far back in the bus and I figured I wouldnít get a very good shot of the sign. But while I didnít get a good shot, I do like how these pictures turned out since you can see John watching out the window to see the sign.

We stopped at CSR first and then it was our turn at All Star Sports!

We all ended up getting split up to check in but it went fairly smoothly and all of rooms were ready! Mom and I took a few minutes to set up a separate credit card for her Magic Band but it apparently didnít work as everything ended up being charged to my CC. I had requested the Football section but we all ended up getting upgraded to the preferred rooms in Surfís Up! My whole family was in building 6 and Morganís was in building 1.

And as you can tell by the pictures above, the cheerleaders were out in full force during our time there.

We stopped at the Food Court for a minute to say hi to Morgan and her family and pick up our welcome bags. I never did take a picture of the bags but they had items from Ocean City, NJ in them. We spent almost every summer growing up vacationing at Ocean City. The bags had Johnsonís Carmel Pop Corn, Shriverís Salt Water Taffy, Gummy sharks and a bottle of water. Mom and I also gave Morgan a gift that we had made for her. It was a Mickey bag made by a special person on these boards! While I didnít get a picture of our Disney bags that day, we did get one later in the week.

It was close to 1 pm by now and we were all starving but decided to head out first to find our rooms and drop off our carry-on bags so we didnít have to deal with them while eating.

Up Next: Hurry Up People We Have a FP+ to Make!

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I'm here...back to read later.

****Okay, I'm back. Well, I'm not too confused by the intros (probably because I read the PTR).

You are off to a good start...no wait at the airport in security or for baggage!

Sorry you arrived to rain and hope it goes away soon.

And for your rooms being ready.

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Wow, my head is spinning after all those introductions! I'll try to keep everyone straight.

I think I'd go nuts if I had to wait at the airport instead of heading right to ME. I'm just a little bit impatient!

Hope those cheerleaders were well-behaved while you were there.
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Following along!
For the love of Disney...
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Here... Now, I will go read.. Thanks for the PM!

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Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attachment!!!
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Oh no... If I would have known you were going to read that book while waiting and during your flight - I would have told you to bring a different one - excellent book, don't get me wrong... but I haven't had the nerve to completely finish reading it, because I get through one or two stories and I am bawling like a baby... Such a tear jerker. Dean is an amazing writer and the book is amazing... It just makes me cry - that's all.

Rain... WHAT??? Seriously??? YOu can't go to Disney and have rain... It's just not possible.

Loved meetin everyone and loved seeing your check in pictures.

I am so excited to hear about the rest of this trip - it's gonna be awesome!

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I'm here!! Glad you're flight and arrival at the hotel went smoothly! I hope the weather when you landed wasn't an indicator of the rest of the trip.

Can't wait to read more!
A trip of firsts- starting with my first PTR for October 2013!
Did Someone Say Adventure?! An Oct '13 TR!
I Think We Should Go Again! A Nov '14 PTR

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YAY! You started this one.

Rain? It actually rains in Orlando??
Dang! I hope it wasn't too wet for you on this trip. Although...given your title, I suspect water may have been a better option.

Nice "meeting" everyone and happy arrival.

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I'm in again!

Cant wait for wedding pictures!
DH me Marvin StubbyBetty
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I'm here!!!
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Yeah! New TR ! Can't wait to read it. Sorry I didn't get to see you this trip, but I did see your cousin on Friday morning as we were checking out. Recognized her by her bag!

Nini Morris

Mom to Brianna and Damien
Grandma to Alyssa and Amelia
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2012? No Problem...but when?

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Somebody made a reservation.. that is why it rained

Wish the night I was heading up was not so bad on the weather. I would have run into it half way there. Then the couple of hours there and then the entire way home as fast as the front was moving.

Thanks for the PM and last on page 1
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