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Old 01-15-2014, 09:20 AM   #16
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We woke up around 7 am. I'd slept horribly the night before and was pretty tired, but that was okay because our plans for the day consisted of laying by the pool. (We have a TempurPedic mattress so I actually sleep worse on vacation then I do at home. Note to self: take a Tylenol PM at night so you don't keep waking up every hour!)

I went out onto the verandah and saw that we were just approaching Nassau. We stayed out there for awhile, watching as the ship turned around in preparation to back into the dock. I put on the TV and found a channel that plays "classic" Disney songs, and then we had a dance party on the verandah to "Under the Sea." Like all responsible adults do!

The breakfast buffet was calling us, so we got dressed and headed to Cabanas. I love eating breakfast outside, but there isn't a lot of seating on the Magic. Thankfully we discovered some tables and chairs up on Deck 10, so we went up there to eat.

IMG_4180 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Note: If you or your family/traveling partners are afraid of birds, DO NOT EAT OUTSIDE IN NASSAU. The seagulls were fearless. At one point they were circling over my head and I thought Brian was going to come back from the buffet and find me pecked to death.


While we were eating, the ship docked. We weren't planning to get off; we always use Nassau as a sea day on three-day cruises. We decided to be good and take a walk around Deck 4. Our plans were thwarted by maintenance closing off parts of the deck, preventing you from doing a full loop. Oh well. We tried to exercise!

When we went back inside, the Princess Gathering was happening in the Lobby, so we watched it from Deck 4. I love watching character interactions. Some kids are so into it, and others you can tell are only there because Mommy or Daddy told them to. One little boy was there with his older sister and was actually really excited to meet all the Princesses. The best part? He was wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit. Unfortunately, we did not get a picture. Then there was a mother with an infant wearing a tiny Belle dress. The Princesses doted on her, and the baby just sat there like a lump.

We both decided that when we have children we are going to drag them to the Princess Gathering at least once, especially if we have a boy. Because why shouldn't boys like Princesses, too?

After overdosing on cuteness, we went back to the room to get our belongings and made our way to the Quiet Cove.

IMG_4183 by jedimara77, on Flickr

I haven't decided whether I liked this area more on the Dream or the Magic. One thing I preferred about the Magic was that the pools were heated. However, the hot tubs seemed smaller than on the Dream, perhaps because more people were using them than in August? There was plenty of space to lounge around and I liked that the pool was more conducive to swimming. However, I missed the shallower area where you could sit and still be in the water.

Another thing I noticed, and this goes against things I've read on the DIS before, is that there seemed to be a lot more children coming and going in the Magic's Quiet Cove. Usually on the Dream, kids would walk through to get to the top deck, which never really bothered me as long as they kept moving. On the Magic, however, kids would come in and just wander around. One family came in and went right up to the bar, two children in tow. They stayed for several minutes until a CM asked them to leave (and then they seemed annoyed).

Don't be those parents, please. I certainly don't mind children, but I go to the Quiet Cove to relax and get away from the madness for a bit. I'm sure there are plenty of parents with children who agree with me!

Around noon we decided it was time to get lunch, so we headed over to Cabanas. It was then we discovered that The Lion King, my favorite Disney movie, was playing on Funnel Vision. And it had just started! (It was listed as a viewer's choice movie in the Navigator, which is why I was surprised.) We decided to fill up our plates and then come back to watch the rest of the movie.

(Brian went back and got our stuff from the Quiet Cove, so we weren't being chair hogs!)

Also during the movie, we got ice cream. Because ice cream.

After the movie was over we headed back to the pool for a bit. Once our fingers got pruny, we decided it was time to go back to the room and shower.

It was a lovely, relaxing final day as a 32-year-old. But soon we had a date with Frozen!
My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral
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Old 01-15-2014, 09:41 AM   #17
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We showered and spent the afternoon on the verandah, watching TV and listening an 80s music station we discovered. We also had some adult libations, and ordered room service. We had late dining, and we didn't want to get hungry during the movie! Room service was the only logical solution. I ordered my trusty chicken fingers and Brian got a cheeseburger. I also ordered chocolate chip cookies. (They made the perfect snack throughout the day! Also in the morning before heading to breakfast. What? It's vacation, and it was my birthday. I can eat cookies first thing in the morning if I want to!)

IMG_4186 by jedimara77, on Flickr

We planned to get to the Buena Vista theatre around 5 pm, thinking that lots of people would want to see Frozen and it would fill up quickly. We were right!

IMG_4188 by jedimara77, on Flickr

We got seats on the aisle, because I can get a little claustrophobic if I sit towards the middle. Especially with those narrow rows. Unfortunately that meant people were climbing over us the entire time.

NOTE: I realize there's a lot going on during a cruise and sometimes you aren't able to show up to an event until after it's started. But please, for a show or movie, make every effort to arrive on time. It's very frustrating having to get up and let someone climb over you during a very pivotal part of a movie. If you do show up late, please take a seat on the aisle.

It was a very pretty theatre, and we really enjoyed Frozen! We hadn't seen it yet, and specifically delayed doing so once we booked the cruise. It was a nice addition to our "sea day".

One thing that confused me regarding the Magic was the lack of a Pirate Show in between the two dinners. On the Dream there was a Pirate Show on deck around 7:30, where they taught everyone how to dance and be real pirates or something or other. Then there was a second deck party at night, with the fireworks. I guess the early show only happens on the Dream and Fantasy?

We had time to kill after the movie. Despite Brian's insistence that he didn't want to know the outcome of the Seahawks vs. Saints playoff game, he asked if we could go to O'Gills to watch the end of the game. Of course, I said yes. It was a few tense moments, but the Seahawks won! Yay!

(I really don't care about football one bit, so I root for whatever team Brian likes. Since he is from Seattle, the preferred team is obvious. I also told him we could watch the entire game, but he insisted we see Frozen instead. He's wonderful like that.)

After the game we wandered through the gift shops for awhile. I'd lost my water bottle earlier in the day, so we purchased an extremely overpriced Disney Cruise Line tervis tumbler. It is now Brian's work cup, so at least it's proving useful!

Dinner that night was in Animator's Palate, with the show menu. Instead of getting our pirate bandanas in the room, like on the Dream, they were waiting for us on our plates. I'd pinned my hair back with bobby pins, because I didn't feel like straightening it that night, and with the bandana Brian said I looked like Rosie the Riveter. So I struck a pose.

IMG_4189 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Brian, on the other hand, looked like Rambo.

IMG_4192 by jedimara77, on Flickr

For dinner I had the black truffle pasta pursettes, the baked potato and cheddar cheese soup, and the lemon-thyme marinated chicken breast. All were very tasty. Brian had the sliced serrano ham, the baked potato soup, and the angus beef tenderloin. We also shared the pennete bolognese, which was delicious. Dessert was the white chocolate fudge cheesecake for him and the cookies and cream sundae for me.

We both really enjoyed Animator's Palate on the Magic, and much preferred it to the Dream. Nothing against Crush, but I thought the show on the Magic was much more classic and true to the Disney spirit. We loved watching the drawings on the wall and trying to guess what they were. Near the end of the night, the movie played, and then Sorcerer Mickey came out!

IMG_4212 by jedimara77, on Flickr

It was super fun.

I do have one gripe, though. Please, please, PLEASE do not let your children chase characters around a restaurant. It is so dangerous for both them and the characters. This is true for any informal gathering, like the dance parties. If you want a picture or interaction, get in line for a meet and greet like everyone else. I cringed at all the kids trailing Mickey around the room, and the parents who encouraged it!

Other than that, it was a lovely dinner.

Up next: Chip is a maniac!!!
My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral

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We'd discussed what to do after dinner. Karaoke was an option, but we decided to check out the pirate deck party. If it was lame, we'd bail. It ended up being a character dance party, with appearances by Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Pirate Mickey ziplining in to save the day. I was surprised Captain Jack Sparrow wasn't involved.

Anyway, Pirate Chip and Dale, Minnie, and Goofy (I think?) came out in the beginning to dance. I was super excited to see Pirate Chip and Dale.

IMG_4216 by jedimara77, on Flickr

After awhile, Chip and Dale came down into the crowd to dance. They stood on platforms, surrounded by kids (and the handler). I noticed there was space on the floor near Chip, so Brian and I moved that way. We both had fun dancing around, while Brian took pictures.

IMG_4231 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Then, it happened. The greatest thing to ever involve a Disney character, or Disney in general.

The song "Maniac" came on. You know the one, from Flashdance. You probably know the video, too. And the dance.

As the song neared the chorus, I started to think, "Oh my he going to do it? Is Chip going to do the dance?"

Brian and I shared a glance, looked back at Chip...


My greatest regret from the cruise is not getting that on video. I laughed so hard. After that, I turned to Brian and said, "That's it, I can get off the boat now. Chip did Maniac. I'm done."

Minnie came down next. She was very cute.

IMG_4230 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Then it was time for the show!

IMG_4235 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee came out to take over the ship. But never fear, Pirate Mickey is here!

IMG_4240 by jedimara77, on Flickr

It was very cute when everyone started to notice him on the funnel. Mickey waved to everyone and then put his finger over his mouth, so Captain Hook wouldn't notice him.

And now, it is time for another rant.

You can see in the picture above, several children on their parent's shoulders.

I hate this.

Hate. Hate. Hate.

It is my biggest Disney pet peeve.

I have been blessed with shortness. I am 4'10" tall. Brian is 5'5". I couldn't see the stage during the deck party. I could only see the screen. And that was okay, because THERE WAS A SCREEN. That's the point of it. I still had fun.

I'm used to this. Whenever we go to Disney, I either make sure to get a spot for parades and shows early, or sit further back where I don't have to worry about someone blocking my view, or just deal with it. I hardly see anything during the Hyperspace Hoopla, because the screen on stage doesn't show the actual performance, but graphics. So I go home and watch the show on YouTube, or watch it on the American Idol screen instead.

So when parents put their kids on their shoulders, blocking my view (and everyone else's!), I get really, really annoyed. Especially when there is a video screen specifically so everyone can see the show! There is no need to put your kid on your shoulders in that situation. One kid was on his parent's shoulder and the were in the FRONT ROW. So the kid was blocking the view of the screen.

I understand. Children are short. But SO AM I. Many times, I'M SHORTER THAN THEY ARE. Usually I will let children stand in front of me, especially during a parade. Sometimes adults even let me go in front of them, and I am always very grateful.

Nothing makes me madder when people say "Well Disney is for kids." So that means it's okay for a kid on shoulders to block the view of everyone behind them? No. It's not. I don't want to be the grumpy adult telling children they can't enjoy Disney World, but I pay for my annual pass and cruise tickets, too. So does everyone else.

So, I implore you: next time your kid asks to sit on your shoulders, please consider the children, short adults, and everyone else standing behind you. Thank you.

/Rant over

And now, for a towel monkey!

IMG_4249 by jedimara77, on Flickr

We went to the room to drop off more stuff, and then went to Keys to listen to Clara Oman. She was very good! But unfortunately went on a break a few minutes after we arrived. Keys itself is a very cool bar.

IMG_4252 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Then we went to Fathoms to check out Krazy Karaoke, which involved many drunk adults singing, as Karaoke often does. We grew tired, so headed back to the room around midnight.

Up next: It's my birthday and I'll celebrate at Castaway Cay if I want to!
My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral
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Earning My Ears
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Loving your trip report
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wicked awesome report!!!!

This really is great! You're doing a great job really describing the feelings.

I am short too and that is a huge pet peeve of mine also and I have heard over and over that line about "it's for the kids" ... makes me very mad also! Because I can't lift my kids so they are stuck with a short Mom and standing behind that tower person.

Cool to hear that you loved Animators more than on the Dream. There are very few things I will miss from the Dream versus my beloved ship, the Magic, and Crush was one of them.

I didn't even think of the fact that there won't be an early birds pirate party! I did like that on the Dream also.

You are helping me pass the days until I go on board! Thanks for the report!


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Old 01-24-2014, 12:01 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by Brisbanemum View Post
Loving your trip report
Thanks for following!

Originally Posted by castlegazer View Post
wicked awesome report!!!!

This really is great! You're doing a great job really describing the feelings.

I am short too and that is a huge pet peeve of mine also and I have heard over and over that line about "it's for the kids" ... makes me very mad also! Because I can't lift my kids so they are stuck with a short Mom and standing behind that tower person.

Cool to hear that you loved Animators more than on the Dream. There are very few things I will miss from the Dream versus my beloved ship, the Magic, and Crush was one of them.

I didn't even think of the fact that there won't be an early birds pirate party! I did like that on the Dream also.

You are helping me pass the days until I go on board! Thanks for the report!

Thank you!

I hadn't even thought about what we're going to do when we have kids. There's no way I'll be able to carry my kid on my shoulders, nor will my fiance. Nor would I want to! Gah, I hate it so much.

Enjoy your cruise!

Last day coming up. I got side-tracked.
My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral
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Day Three:

My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral
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Castaway Cay day had arrived! And my birthday. The coincidence was not accidental.

I woke up before we docked, around 7 am. First thing I did was step onto the verandah to see where we were. Castaway Cay was directly ahead and we were starting to turn in preparation for docking. The weather looked okay, not too cold but a bit windy.

We were very concerned about wind. We checked the weather report every day for a week or so up to the cruise. I'd already come to terms with the possibility of not docking because of high winds--I know it's more likely to happen in January--and I would've had a lovely birthday otherwise. Brian, on the other hand, would have been devastated. He was looking forward to celebrating my birthday on Castaway even more than I was! Plus, on his first Disney cruise with his family, they were unable to dock because of a tropical storm.

I came back inside and my stomach was rumbling, so ate some of my leftover chocolate chip cookie in bed. (See? They came in handy!) Brian woke up and asked where we were. I told him we were just about to dock. We got changed and went onto the verandah to watch. I could tell her was very nervous. I tried to be light-hearted and positive.

And we docked! Yay!!!

IMG_4257 by jedimara77, on Flickr

I was just a little bit excited, to say the least.

We watched the first passengers debark, then headed to Cabanas for breakfast. It was quite windy while eating, and they announced that all shore excursions had been cancelled for the morning. (They'd eventually be cancelled for the entire day. I feel very lucky that we were able to dock that day.)

After breakfast we collected our stuff from the room and practically skipped off the ship! We'd made a pact before the cruise to do as much walking as possible, and to always use the stairs. So in the spirit of that pact we decided to bypass the tram and walk to the bike rental stand. We didn't have this option in August because it was so freaking hot. It was a lovely walk and we got to see more of the island.

We loved the bike ride we did with Brian's family in August, despite the heat, and knew we wanted to do it again on this cruise. We decided to go first thing before making our way to Serenity Bay. Once again the bike ride was awesome--lovely weather, flat road surface, and wonderful views from the observation tower. We ran into a family and the grandfather offered to take our photo. Apparently he knew what he was doing because he got down on his knees and changed the camera settings and it was the best picture from the cruise!

So happy to be there on my birthday!

IMG_4266 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Happy couple.

IMG_4268 by jedimara77, on Flickr

One of Brian, looking toward Serenity Bay.

IMG_4270 by jedimara77, on Flickr

We also went to the other lookout point, past Serenity Bay. I decided to channel Jack from Titanic.

IMG_4278 by jedimara77, on Flickr
My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral
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After the ride, we dropped off the bikes and hopped on the tram to Serenity Bay. Upon arriving we picked up our floats. (In hindsight we should have waited until we were on the island to rent these. I only used mine for five minutes. Oh well.) For adults heading to Castaway Cay, you can also rent bikes directly at Serenity Bay. We chose to rent them from the main stand because it was right there, and there's a bin you can throw your bags into while you ride. (More on that later...)

We claimed some chairs (near a hammock!) and decided to test the water. I am a wuss when it comes to cold weather, especially cold water, so I wasn't sure if I could handle it. It was cold but after being in for awhile it wasn't too bad. The problem was the wind. (More on that later, too.)

We walked out a bit and Brian pushed me around on the float. Fifteen minutes later I decided I was cold and we got out of the water. I ordered a Konk Kooler (because it was my birthday and it's five o'clock somewhere), and then we tried out the still-empty hammock. After falling a few times, we got in and laid there in peaceful bliss. Brian even fell asleep for about ten minutes. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that.

With some tricky maneuvering, we eventually out of the hammock. It was very windy and I was cold, so I went to get my hoodie in my bag. Except it wasn't there.

This was my precious Star Wars hoodie. I have two of them, but the first is old and I only wear it around the house. They don't sell it anymore. (Do you know how hard it is to find a Star Wars hoodie in women's sizes?) Needless to say I was freaking out because I knew I took it off the ship with me. I remembered taking it off during the walk. Where could it be???

Brian asked if I wanted to go back to the room to look for it. I said okay, but felt really bad about taking away from our beach time. He said he didn't care. So we gathered up our stuff and took the tram back to the family beach. While there we were discussing where I could've left the hoodie. I was certain I'd had it with me on the beach, and Brian said he thought I left it in the room. Then he asked if it could be in the bin near the bike rental. I said no, because I would've put it in my bag and my bag was zipped. I made sure of it. He still wanted to check anyway. So he went to the bike rental and I went to the gift shop to buy a Castaway Cay ornament (since we were going back to the room I wanted to buy it then while we weren't rushing to get back at the end of the day).

As I was standing at the register waiting to check out, Brian came into the store. HOLDING MY HOODIE!

I gave him the biggest hug and then I gave my hoodie a hug. It was at the bottom of the bin. I couldn't fathom how it got there!

Since the case of the missing hoodie was now solved, we decided to go back to Serenity Bay. I stowed ornament in my bag, donned my hoodie, and we got back on the tram.

A silly detour, but I was so relieved. I know it sounds dumb to be freaked out over a hoodie, but it's my favorite piece of clothing by far. I will be very sad when I finally wear it out for good.

Aaaaaanyway, we got back to the beach but we weren't super hungry yet. That happened a lot during this cruise. In August we ate like pigs, but this time I couldn't force myself to eat everything in sight, even though I wanted to! Perhaps that was a good thing. Brian and I had started watching our weight again and I decided that we couldn't eat a lot because or stomachs had already shrunk, haha.

I decided I wanted to take a walk down to the edge of the beach. We put our stuff on some chairs about halfway down the beach, Brian grabbed his camera and off we went. I was really glad I got my hoodie back because man was it windy.

After a nice walk, we headed to the BBQ. We'd eaten at Cookies Two last time with his family, and were excited to try the buffet at Serenity Bay. It was basically the same with the addition of really yummy ribeye steaks, but it was much quieter. I had steak, some chicken, potato salad, and watermelon. I don't think I even had ice cream then!

We went back to our stuff and contemplated going back into the water. Then I decided that it was just too windy, both for swimming and sunbathing. Plus, it had been partly cloudy all day, with a bit of a sprinkle while we were in the hammock, and without the sun it just wasn't pleasant. It wasn't horrible, mind you, but not the greatest weather to lay out in the sun. I asked Brian if he minded going back to the ship and he said absolutely not. It was my birthday so I got to decide what we did. He was sad because it wasn't great weather, but I was just happy to have docked! If the wind had been like that earlier in the morning, it wouldn't have happened.

We took a few pictures before we left Serenity Bay, and of course were a bit silly. You can see just how windy it was. The normally tranquil water had waves!

IMG_4304 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Me with my precious hoodie!

IMG_4308 by jedimara77, on Flickr

It's really hard to take a selfie with a DSLR, by the way.

IMG_4327 by jedimara77, on Flickr

When we got back to the family beach, Brian wanted to take some pictures of the ship. You can see how calm it was over on this side of the island.

IMG_4329 by jedimara77, on Flickr

We tested out the water to see if we wanted to stay on this end, but it was still too cold for my tastes. Plus, no offense to the children, but I didn't feel like hanging out on the family beach. The Quiet Cove was much more my speed.

On the way back to the ship we ran into our friend Olaf the snowman. I think he enjoyed his time on Castaway Cay, too!

IMG_4344 by jedimara77, on Flickr

This is my favorite picture of Brian, ever.

IMG_4346 by jedimara77, on Flickr

We went back to the room and got out of our sandy swimsuits. Brian put on a football game, I have no idea which one it was but it was a playoff game. Note: at this point our toilet stopped flushing. I got nervous because I'd read some horror stories from when the Magic left dry dock. I called guest services and they said they could remotely fix the toilet! Wow! Sure enough, about five minutes later we heard the toilet flush. Someone knocked on the door, wanting to make sure it was fixed. Also, our stateroom host brought us ice. Yay ice!

Since we had ice, we enjoyed an adult beverage on the verandah, watching guests return to the ship. Stitch was out taking pictures. It was fun watching that.

After changing back into swimsuits we left the room. It was pretty crowded in the Quiet Cove, but we spent around an hour in the pool and the hot tub. Then we laid in one of the double lounge chairs, and Brian eventually got me ice cream. I had to have ice cream on my birthday!

We'd gotten back from the beach much earlier than expected, so we had enough time to go back to the room, shower, and change (while watching more football, haha) before the show that night. We hadn't seen one so far, and since there wasn't anything else to do, I figured why not?

The show was Disney Dreams and it was really good! Kind of cheesy, but all Disney shows are. I'm not a huge Peter Pan fan (I grew up watching the Mary Martin Broadway version), but I liked the other musical numbers. And it was nice to get dressed up and watch a show with Brian. (Why were we dressed up? More on that later!)

We had about half an hour before our dinner at PALO! (I ruined the surprise for you), so we went to Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer? in the D Lounge. And lo and behold, I was the first one picked!

IMG_4351 by jedimara77, on Flickr

And I WON!

IMG_4359 by jedimara77, on Flickr

I guess I am a Disney nerd, after all.

Me with my trophy.

IMG_4365 by jedimara77, on Flickr

After the excitement, it was time for PALO.
My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral
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Before we get to Palo, I realize I never told the story of how my hoodie got to the bottom of the bike rental bin.

I was wearing my hoodie when I left the ship, but I got warm as we continued our walk. So I took off my hoodie and draped it over the handles of my bag. BAD MOVE, NANCI. My bag must've gotten jostled inside the bin and the hoodie fell off to the bottom. I didn't even think to look at it when I grabbed my bag, because it's so unlike me not to have stuff safely inside the bag. I'm really anal and like to organize anything. Needless to say, my lesson was learned.

With that out of the way, it was time for PALO! We hadn't dine there on the Dream, and were excited to try it out. We felt bad missing our regular dining rotation, since it was the last night and the servers were so great, but we couldn't pass up the chance to have Palo on my birthday. Especially because nothing on the Carioca's menu really stood out to me. Also, we didn't have tablemates, so we wouldn't be messing up the server's routine that much.

Our server at Palo was Mo and he was really nice and informative, although I did have a hard time understanding his accent. My problem, though, not his! I didn't care for much of the antipasti platter, but I tried the artichokes. I'm a really picky eater but I've been trying to expand my horizons for awhile now. My aunt took me on a Mediterranean cruise when I was 24, and her rule was that I had to try one new food every day. That's become a tradition on cruises, although I usually only get a few foods per cruise. Anyway, I didn't care for the artichokes but at least I tried!

Then Mo bought the bread. Oh my lord, the bread. I love bread. Bread and I are BFFs. The garlic flatbread was DIVINE. So good. I could've eaten just that and been satisfied. But of course, there was more food to come!

For an appetizer I got the Tuscan white bean soup and OMG. It was freaking delicious. I could've eaten five bowls. Brian got the pesto marinated shrimp and had the same reaction. Dinner was going wonderfully so far!

For the main entree I wanted to try the penne arrabbiata, but was worried because it was described as spicy and I do not like spicy foods. I decided on the scallops and Brian ordered the mushroom risotto. I asked Mo if he could bring the penne as well, and he put that in the center for us to share.

The food came, and oh it looked so good. And it tasted even better!!! The penne wasn't spicy at all. I loved it. The scallops were so tender. I tried some of the risotto and although I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms, it was very very good.

Our entrees:

IMG_4368 by jedimara77, on Flickr

A close-up of my scallops:

IMG_4374 by jedimara77, on Flickr

There was so much food, and we were stuffed. I think we left at least half of it on our plates. We felt so bad, because it was REALLY good. In retrospect I should've ordered half entrees of everything. I will remember to do that next time! (Also to try the beef tenderloin.)

Even though we were full, we had to try dessert. Mo had insisted we get the chocolate souffle, and who was I to question his judgment?

Needless to say, it was like heaven in my mouth.

IMG_4375 by jedimara77, on Flickr

Now I am not a huge foodie, and I'm happy with Disney's crack...I mean, chicken tenders...but this was an amazing meal. We were only planning to do the brunch on our Alaskan cruise, but now I think we need to splurge for Palo dinner, too. I mean, I need to try the beef!

I'd forgotten to ask Mo to take our picture, and he was busy with another table, so we flagged down another server and asked him if he'd mind. He started asking Brian all these questions about his camera. That happened a lot! Apparently the cast members really like photography, too!

He also took a great picture, and got the reflection of the restaurant in the glass. (Too bad it was dark outside, we would've had a great view!)

IMG_4378 by jedimara77, on Flickr

We manage to waddle our way out of Palo, down the stairs, and back to our room. There we found a towel stingray!

IMG_4383 by jedimara77, on Flickr

We changed into more comfortable clothes and made it to the lobby in time to catch the Til We Meet Again show. Although it was more of a character-palooza than a show. That was fine, though--it was fun! We decided to stay up top and people watch rather than join the organized chaos.

IMG_4390 by jedimara77, on Flickr

After that We went to family karaoke but didn't put our song request (A Whole New World) until it was too late. Alas, we'll do it next time. Brian wanted to head to Keys for a bit, so we did, and caught more of Clara Oman. I had all these plans of staying up late and soaking in all the cruise we could, but my body had other plans. We went back to the room around midnight (which is still really late for me), and went right to bed. (We decided to carry our luggage off the ship rather than leave it outside the night before. There's only two of us, and we only had one big bag and one small roller, so it wasn't difficult for us.)

All in all, it was the best birthday ever!!!
My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral
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Disembarkation Day

I woke up Monday morning, and it was time go to home.

The problem with three-day cruises is they go by so quickly. Although I'm sure we'll be saying the same thing about our 7-day Alaskan cruise.

I got up at 7 and we were already in port. We turned on our phones and I had about 50 million Facebook notifications.

We got dressed and quickly packed, which involved throwing things into suitcases haphazardly. We got out in time to join the line for breakfast at Carioca's. We had no idea where our table was since we hadn't been there the night before, so we had to ask for help. Kind of embarrassing, lol. Anita and Arya were happy to see us again, and we were happy to get to say good-bye to them! I ordered the eggs for the road (I think), and Brian had a bagel with lox. We still weren't that hungry. (Of course I was starving that night, when I had to cook and clean up for myself. Hmph.)

Then we left the ship.

It was really quick getting through the terminal, especially since we didn't have to pick up bags. We waited maybe a minute or two for customs, were with the agent for maybe 15 seconds, and then we trekked to the parking garage. The longest wait was trying to get out of the garage, of course!

The drive home was uneventful and we got home with more than enough time for Brian to get to work for the late shift. Poor Brian. I stayed home and surfed the DIS all day, looking at Alaskan trip reports and starting this one. Ha!

All in all, it was an amazing weekend getaway and a super special way to celebrate my birthday. Brian and I have already talked about taking more birthday trips in the future if Florida resident specials are offered. It probably won't happen for awhile, though; between the wedding and honeymoon this year, and then trying for a baby, our time and money are tied up for a few years. But it's definitely in the back of our minds. Maybe after we have a baby and grandma wants to take him/her for the weekend.

So, that's the trip! If anyone has any questions about the new Magic or the new itineraries or just traveling without children, I'll be glad to answer. Speaking of traveling without children, it's an amazing vacation and don't let people tell you otherwise!

Thanks for reading!

- Nanci
My first trip report! - A Magical Three-Day Birthday Cruise from Port Canaveral
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Originally Posted by nancipants View Post
Thanks for reading!

- Nanci
Awesome TR! Thanks for sharing it..the pictures and all.. I like your writing style and that you both are Star Wars fans...A belated Happy Birthday as well.
You guys look like a very nice couple and I wish you all the happiness in your life together..
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Great TR!
For the love of Disney...
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I loved reading your trip report. Great job and great humour. I also enjoyed the pictures. My Husband and I will be sailing on the Magic Feb 28th. This will be our 11th cruise. WOHOO! Finally platinum members. We haven't been on a cruise for 4 years and can't wait. I am addicted to reading the navigators, and looking at food pictures in anticipation of what I want to order. SHHHH.. Don't tell anyone. haha Happy belated birthday. Glad you had a great one.

click on picture to access album.
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Earning My Ears
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Awesome TR! Can't wait to go on my first Disney Cruise!!
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