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Old 12-02-2013, 02:11 PM   #76
Runs with Scissors!!
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Originally Posted by Timon View Post
[And here is the good stuff....*cue angels singing*

aka...Chuck's plate.
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Old 12-02-2013, 02:12 PM   #77
Runs with Scissors!!
shakes dollar bills for good luck
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FO (sorry...couldn't resist)
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Old 12-02-2013, 06:02 PM   #78

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Day 3 - Part 5 - What is that on your cheek???

After rolling ourselves out of Akershus, we headed to China in search of Mulan. Yet another long line but this one was mostly in the shade, yay!

Mulan actually took a very long time with Kira. They were discussing Mushu and other stuff that I don't recall at the moment. I feel so bad when she takes long but I don't want to interrupt them talking LOL!

As we were walking, Kira spotted a face painting booth. Getting her face painted is one of her favourite things! She has waited in lines as long as an hour to get it done! So, of course we were going to spend the money on it! I think it was $12 or something close to that.

She chose her design from the board and hopped up in the chair!

Just then Rob asked the other CM if she could do a Canadian Flag on his cheek. She said she couldn't do a flag due to regulations but she could do a maple leaf. She said she wasn't sure how it would turn out because she didn't have a picture so I told her to just copy Rob's shirt

So, both of them were getting their faces painted LOL!

I loved how Kira`s came out, how it matched her shirt and how happy she was


I love this shot...Rob is getting his first look at Kira's painted face and Kira looks so happy!

I had to laugh a little at Rob's "maple leaf"...it was a slightly...ummm...distorted

Carrying on further...

On a quest to find Jasmine...

Thankfully the meet and greet was in a building!

The last time we met these guys, I totally thought Kira would be fawning over Jasmine because she was so pretty and sparkly but she was ALL about Aladdin! She hugged him THREE times!!!

This time, though, it was all about Jasmine!

We continue our quest to visit every single Epcot character in the next chapter
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Old 12-02-2013, 06:40 PM   #79

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Day 3 - Part 6 - As the World Showcase turns...

Up next was Provincial Belle but the line was all in the sun so I had to sit this one out!

The line was about 20 minutes...holy time sucker this character stuff is

Belle was really sweet and Kira lapped up every ounce of it LOL!

Aurora was next...

While she was waiting in Aurora's line, she started to act up a little. It was probably the heat and humidity getting to her. So before the next meet and greet, her and I spent some quiet time on a bench behind the UK Pavilion.

Then came Alice...

Then came my meltdown...literally! It was so hot and we hadn't really had a break from the heat in quite a while, I told Rob that I needed a water break and to just sit and rest. While I waited in the shade, he ran over to the Fish place and grabbed me a water. To my absolute delight, he came back with a bottle of water and a cup filled with ice!

I'm an ice kind of girl. I don't drink anything hot and in my drinks, I prefer 80% ice and 20% drink. When I go out for dinner, the tip I leave highly depends on how much ice my server gives me (I always ask for extra ice)...seriously!

So, you can imagine how impressed I was with my hubby that he brought a whole cup of ice for me! He could have brought back a diamond ring and I would have been happier about the ice!

So, while I chilled myself from the inside out in a nice shady spot, he got in line for Mary Poppins. Kira stuck with me for a bit and then joined her daddy in line.

Once I had cooled down a little, I joined them so that I could take some photos...

Mary Poppins was quite hilarious actually! We had never met her before and this was a treat! She was rather snippy with a dad that was slightly lazy and it was rather entertaining!

Onward to Canada! We joked to Kira that it was time to go home. She immediately got a little grouchy saying that we had just gotten there and that I said we were going to be on vacation for 14 sleeps and it was NOT 14 sleeps yet! HAHAHA!

It's so easy to ruffle her feathers

We decided it was a good time to take a break and watch the Oh Canada movie. I took the opportunity to re-grease her

And then we both watched the movie from the floor

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Old 12-02-2013, 07:33 PM   #80
Can you package some Main St. music and send it to me?
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Oh Cass, these pictures are beautiful today!! And so crystal clear. so fun. And I am the exact same way with ice, you are not alone in your ice quest sister. Loving this!
My happy place

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Old 12-02-2013, 08:28 PM   #81
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It was a popular place after partying on Saturday nights
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Great character meets! I can't stand the heat and humidity either...I would love someone to bring me ice!

Jill in CO
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Old 12-03-2013, 01:20 AM   #82
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GREAT character pics!

I hear you on the heat! Our main vacation is in the summer months and a whole park day is just not in the cards then.
YES, what a man! Thinking of the cup of ice to go with your water. Well done!
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Old 12-03-2013, 01:36 PM   #83
Runs with Scissors!!
shakes dollar bills for good luck
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Originally Posted by Jillpie View Post
Oh Cass, these pictures are beautiful today!! And so crystal clear. so fun. And I am the exact same way with ice, you are not alone in your ice quest sister. Loving this!
I agree!! What great pics! Keep 'em coming.
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Old 12-03-2013, 02:49 PM   #84
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Been a long time fan of your trip reports - I remember them pre-Kira. Loving your photos and getting my disney fix for the day. In 4 more days we'll be in epcot!

I feel for you with the prednisone, its a wicked but wonderful thing.

Thanks for sharing!
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Old 12-03-2013, 08:43 PM   #85
just skippin' around, amusing myself...
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Hi Cass! Really enjoying reading- so sorry about the prednisone- it is a Godsend, but it does have some nasty side effects (I was on a very high dose when tyler was a baby for a bad eye problem called iritis). I hope everything starts feeling better soon-

I LOVE Kira's face painting! She looks gorgeous with her eyes and her shirt- great choice! And totally cracking up over the pic at Test track. Very happy she liked Soarin, at least-

Looking forward to the Fantasy!

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Old 12-04-2013, 04:23 PM   #86

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Day 3 - Part 7 - There seems to be a blip in the network.

I forgot to mention that right after our ride on Test Track, I went and changed our second FP+ selection since I had originally chosen TT thinking Kira would like it and we could do it again

Boy was I wrong!

So, I tried changing it but the options were crappy but I thought for testing purposes, I would change it anyway, so I chose Turtle Talk with Crush.

Today was not a good day for MyMagic+ stuff! I got this a whole lot...

I often couldn't connect to WiFi and then when I did, there were a whole lot of blips going on!

It did show that I had changed the FP but then when I went into My Plans, it showed Test Track still. This happened at AK too when I changed the Safari FP+ but I had no problems there so I didn't think it would be a problem.

So we headed to the Seas...

We rode the Nemo ride first. I know most people think it's a lame ride but I just love it! Especially when you are in the EAC! And the queue is just awesome! Long but awesome!

Went to the FP+ return for TTwC and was DENIED!!! They said I did not have a FP for Turtle Talk! I wasn't about to argue with him, especially considering the FP line was just as busy as the stand-by line...ZERO people!

Had this been Soarin' that I changed to though, I would be LIVID!

We had to wait a bit until the next show but then we got to sit in the front row and Kira got front row on the carpet. I had told her what the show was all about and she didn't seem very excited until the show started

She was actually brave enough to put her hand up every single time and even got to ask him a question!

I was very proud of her and she was thrilled she was picked! She asked him what he ate and then he asked her where she was from. When she answered "Calgary", he didn't have a witty come back (I don't think he knows where Calgary is ) so he just said "Is that near New Jersey?" because he had been joking with 2 others about being from Jersey.

Next up was Mission:Space. Since my hospital visit in 2010, I can no longer do any spinny rides so the regular ride was out and I know Kira wouldn't like it anyway so we tried the mild side this time and we all loved it!

This is her "This had better not be like Test Track" face

It had more motion than I was expecting and even without the G's, it was fun! Kira and Rob both played some games before we left..

It was time for some shopping! Mouse Gear is always one of my fave places to shop! It's rarely packed like World of Disney but it's a big store with lots of variety! I got a two Epcot shirts Kira got a few things, including a Frozen light-up wand and we splurged on a new Disney suitcase. I was going to get a little cheap one at Walmart but the "cheap" ones at Walmart were $100 so I figured we'd spend a little more on one that we really liked. We put everything but the wand inside of the suitcase and had it shipped to the resort. That is such a great perk for staying onsite!

I was in need of a little break so we grabbed some chicken strips at Electric Umbrella and just chilled for a bit.

Then a nice little spin on Spaceship Earth...

I had to laugh at Rob and Kira's video...Kira apparently was wearing a snorkel and Rob was sporting ONE Mickey ear Plus Kira's head was not attached to her body Ahhh, technology

I always love SE, but still mad that they took away the little city and fibre optics at the very end
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Old 12-04-2013, 06:16 PM   #87

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Day 3 - Part 8 - Oooh, that's gotta hurt!

As we were walking from Spaceship Earth to our next destination (that only I knew about) Kira stumbled and took a big fall When she fell, her brand new Frozen wand crashed to the ground and smashed to pieces.

I knew it hurt because she was crying those big, long sobs. She had fallen on her hip and left some skin on the cement! After a very big cuddle from her Mommy and from her Daddy, she was still still upset and hurting. I assured her that we would head over to MouseGear and buy a new wand. That cheered her up a little but she was still hurting.

I told her that I think if she could just carry on a few more steps, that our next stop might cheer her up even more.

She didn't know where we were going but she followed me wondering where I was taking her. All three of us pressed our bands to the Mickey and entered a long hallway to...





There was no one around and Mickey danced with her.

Guess who was feeling a lot better?

Then Goofy was goofing around with her...

And then Minnie...

She was MUCH better by the time we were done and I don't think there was a better timed or better planned FP+ than that sucker right there

As promised, we headed right over to MouseGear where Rob was able to exchange her broken wand for a brand new one after explaining what had happened to the CM. Disney magic at its' best

While they were in MG, I snapped this baby...

And then a few minutes later, out they came!

Rob had bought a little first aid pack that had a bandaid and some antibacterial cream so we patched up the princess before carrying on.

And then we shared a little treat...

It was still an hour and a half before Illuminations but we were all spent. It had been a long tough day so we decided to just grab our fave spot (lower terrace near the International Gateway bridge) for Illuminations and camp out.

We were a little peckish, so I went and got us some Fish & Chips, which is must-do (eat) on every trip. And until this trip, it has always been so good! This time it was slightly undercooked and just edible. The chips were good as usual though.

Kira was getting tired and you can tell that I am not doing so great but we camped out until 9 because there was no way we were going to miss our favourite nighttime show!

At about 8:30, a group of three gathered directly behind us and that is when our night lost its' magic

They were obviously very intoxicated and very loud, which wouldn't bother me except that every other word out of their mouths were f**k and s**t and other lovely words that we've worked very hard at keeping from Kira for the past 7 years.

The first few times, I had turned around and given them a very obvious dirty look. When that didn't work, Rob politely asked them if they could refrain from swearing. Two of them obliged and the one of the far end just made some nasty comments and continued to swear even more.

There were kids everywhere and while they are entitled to have their own fun, that kind of potty mouth was simply not acceptable! Rob asked them again to quit it with the swearing reminding him that the area was full of little kids. This guy was just a complete jerk and just got louder and more offensive. At this point, I had just turned back around away from them, cuddling Kira in my lap and covering her ears with my hands.

I told Rob to just leave it alone as these idiots obviously didn't care about how their actions affected those around them.

And he did.

Leave them alone.

Until he smelled smoke.

For those of you who haven't read my previous trip reports, let me explain to you something about my husband...

He is not a big guy, 5'7" and doesn't look the least bit intimidating but he will stand up to anyone for what he believes in.

If sees someone, anyone being picked on, he will step in and say something.

And when it comes to his family, well, you can guess what he's like.

When we are at WDW, I call him the smoking police

When he sees someone smoking in a NON smoking area, he always stops. At first he is very polite and reminds them that this is a non-smoking area. Then he will even point them in the direction of a smoking section or if they are really stubborn, he will find the nearest cast member and tell them about the situation. Unfortunately, most CM's won't do anything about it but he always tries! He hates seeing people smoke near kids.

He is allergic to smoke as is Kira. And ever since my bout with Lupus pneumonia, I am extremely sensitive to it and if I am close enough, I start having trouble breathing. Normally I just move, no big deal but I couldn't exactly move this time.

So you can probably guess what was about to happen, as he spun around and that one guy had a cigarette in his hand

I think because of the whole swearing situation, Rob skipped the polite part altogether and went straight for the "If you don't put that out now, I will get security!" part!

This guy was such a butthead and after blowing smoke directly towards us, Rob kinda lost it.

I have never seen Rob so mad in 17 years! It was escalating and I didn't like where it was leading to. He was about to go get security but I talked him out of it. I reminded him that the show was about to start in 5 minutes and that if he left he would miss out on the joy of watching his favourite show with Kira.

That kinda of snapped him out of it.

I said (very loudly) that these people are determined to be jerks and that we shouldn't let them ruin our night. I said let's just turn around and enjoy the show together and pretend they didn't exist.

And so we did.



I did turn around near the end to snap a photo of these ignorant twits so that that my (DIS) peeps will know who they are

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Old 12-04-2013, 08:05 PM   #88
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UGH!!!!! It really sucks to have those people behind you....oh and they look like winners! But seriously, they are from the age where there are smoking areas since before they were old enough to smoke. It's not like they are 50 something and the whole smoking anywhere was how they grew up.

I hope you enjoyed Illuminations.
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Old 12-04-2013, 08:17 PM   #89

DIS Junkie
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Day 3 - Part 9 - The longest day comes to an end.

Let's finish off our Epcot day, shall we?

Here's a couple of pics of the magic they call Illuminations...

When Illuminations was done, I thought we were going to have to deal with Huey, Louie and Dewey but they were gone before we even turned around!

Thanks God for little miracles

We waited until the crowds dispersed because I HATE being herded like cattle

Then we headed straight for the lights...

We always linger here, it's one of our favourite parts of visiting Epcot.

Then a few pics on the way out because I just love the lights, the atmosphere and the mood of Epcot at night.

And one last funny kid pic

A quick ride back to Coronado and off to La La Land

Other than that last part, we had a pretty good Epcot day. There's a few things we missed that I meant to do but nothing important. We saw just about every character in the whole park so that made Kira happy

This was the park I was most worried about because it's so big and there's not a lot of shade while walking around. So, yay me, I made it through Epcot...barely
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Old 12-04-2013, 09:09 PM   #90
just skippin' around, amusing myself...
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Those kids STINK!!! What a bunch of losers!! So sorry- that would all make my husband really mad, too- glad you were able to enjoy Illuminations in spite of it though-
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