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Old 09-04-2013, 08:10 AM   #121
Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attachment!!!
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Originally Posted by disneychic2 View Post
I finally had a chance this morning to actually read all the pages. Loving the pics as well as the report. How great of Suzi to greet you! That's so special. I just love the friendships that blossom on the DIS.
Hi Lois!!! It's so wonderful to see you! Dis friends are the best!

Originally Posted by disneychic2 View Post
We love LTT as well. The food is delish and it reminds me of Williamsburg a bit. Glad V showed up in time to eat. I'll bet a LOT of people are "in the bathroom" when the rest of the group is seated
Yes, LTT is always a must do for us... I prefer to have it towards the end of our trip though - since the food is always refreshing and doesn't feel "heavy" like other park food. Haha... I agree - I am sure that many people are "in the bathroom" - I am pretty sure our server was on to us. LOL

Originally Posted by disneychic2 View Post
Since you're a celebrity, did anyone ask for your autograph??
Haha... No - I am not a celebrity. LOL I am just one of many in a sea of Disney lovers.

Originally Posted by disneychic2 View Post
Can't wait to read more. I guess you'll start working in your sewing room again today and I'll bet you're itching to get in there. Have a great day, whatever you do!
Thanks Lois! Yup - I was back to work in my sewing room yesterday... It was nice to be back. I hope you had a wonderful day too!

Originally Posted by sjs314 View Post
D~ Great update! Your afternoon at the Poly seemed wonderful. We were booked at the Poly until the Fall discounts came out, we had decided to upgrade to CL but CL was not available at the Poly so we switched to BWI. I think it s safe to say BWI is "our home" after having stayed there our past 2 trips.
Oooh - I bet that BWI CL is ahhh-mazing! That is going to be a fun trip!

Originally Posted by sjs314 View Post
[I've never had a Lapu Lapu and no longer can do alcohol because of my meds. Sorry you wasted $14 on something you did not like. Just goes to show sometimes what everyone raves about is not all it is cracked up to be.
I am not a huge drinker in the first place - so I was pretty scared when I saw how much alcohol was going into that drink - because normally that's enough to put me under the table for weeks. LOL At least I tried it, and now I know.

Originally Posted by sjs314 View Post
[The pork Nachos looked sooooo good.
They were amazing!

Originally Posted by sjs314 View Post
[I can't believe you got delayed on the Monorail : Honestly that was another concern I had about staying at the Poly since the buses are rather a pain to use with my need of an ECV
Yah - we didn't have much luck with Monorails...

I did notice that this trip - it's certainly not easy to get the ECVs maneuvered and on to the busses... I admire those who can do it - I know I wouldn't be able to.

Originally Posted by sjs314 View Post
[Anxiously waiting to read all about CRT and Dessert Party. We did BOG and the Dessert Party last November and it made for a great MK evening. Doing the same this time although my ADR is a bit later this time, not till 4:50 last year was 4:30 but paying OOP this time so thinking of skipping dessert since we have the dessert party after(last year Bob and I only ate 4 Chocolate covered strawberries since we were too full)
I hope to have an update this morning... That sounds like it was a wonderful evening!

Originally Posted by cogero View Post
I love your entries.

I have never been to the Poly I want to go to Ohana one day.
You have never been to the Poly Chiara??? Oh wow - you need to go!

Originally Posted by wiigirl View Post
Great update!

Originally Posted by sweetpeaandevie View Post
I am bummed about the drink, I even wrote it down while looking at the picture and then scrolled down to see that none of you liked it.....oh well, I don't know that I could bring myself to pay $14 for a drink anyways
Yah - sorry to disappoint, but it seems there are some that LOVE it and some that don't... All three of us should have shared a sip - then it wouldn't have been such a waste. LOL

Originally Posted by sweetpeaandevie View Post
YAY Suzi for the afternoon break. We would love to go to the poly but just cannot justify the extra $$. We might try to go and see the fireworks from the beach one night though and check it out!

Patiently awaiting the next installment..........
The fireworks from the beach are amazing! We watched them from there a few times when we stayed at SoG in 2008.

Originally Posted by devonsmommy View Post
HELLO!!! I'm joining in...this is Taryn. We met twice! Just wanted to say, we were super close to you this day. The girl in the pink shirt with the braids is my niece!
Taryn!!!!!!!!!! Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what... I'll be mentioning you in the next update!!!

LOL - we were SUPER close!!! How funny!

Originally Posted by LuvDisneyMemories View Post
Thanks for the trip reports! Those pork nachos look amazing!
You're welcome!!! Glad to have you following along. The nachos are the best nachos I have ever had - hands down!

Originally Posted by GrammyJudy View Post
My dd Megan and I had the lapu lapu last tome....it is kicked strong...think I'll try Something else this year. Wonder if they have a Mai tai or banana mama...we'll see. But I love O'Hara and someday would love to stay at the Poly. Think I'll put that on my bucket list.
Yes - there was another drink someone mentioned below that looked to be more to our liking... As a matter of fact, it's the drink we were going to get at the first bar we went to, but decided to go find the pineapple one instead.

Originally Posted by MrsDrewsky View Post
Jonah's good! He's such a little flirt and charmer, so it's hard to get anything done.
Awww... That doesn't surprise me at all.

Originally Posted by MrsDrewsky View Post
Sending pixie dust V's way for a good first day of high school.
Thank you - today will be the big test, since all the upper classmen will be there with her.

Originally Posted by MrsDrewsky View Post
That view is awesome.
I know... If I ever stay at the Poly - I will request that room. LOL

Originally Posted by MrsDrewsky View Post
hose nachos look delicious! Sorry to hear you didn't like the lapu lapu.

Eeks, cliffhanger. I hope you made it to CRT on time.
They were delicious! You'll see - I hope to have an update this morning - if I can type these replies fast enough. LOL

Originally Posted by Pluto0809 View Post
Loving every minute of your TR so far! I'm not sure if I could go in August though, I was getting hot just looking at your pictures!
Thanks... Yah - it was HOT... Like really, really HOT. LOL

Originally Posted by Wood Nymph View Post
Thanks for the quick review and picture of the pork nachos. We will be at the WL in December and I am planning to get over to the Poly for some of these. I'm glad they taste good because they look wonderful. Is that pineapple or mango or something else on the top?
Definately worth a trip to the Poly! They were so good - I could have eaten the whole plate myself... I am sure I ate a good portion of it - even though I was still full from lunch. LOL

Originally Posted by babynala View Post
that is so cool!

Maintenance must be the word they use when they mean, we are broken down and hope the guy fixing the tea cups can get over here quick. I hope the monorail starts moving soon....
Haha... That's exactly what I was thinking Liz!

Originally Posted by Disneymom77 View Post
I'm not one to remember names either! My first name is Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex And I'm Taryn's(Devonsmommy on here) cousin!
Hi Alex!!! I will try hard to remember... I keep telling myself I need a spreadsheet of names to keep track of everyone, but then I think that's sort of creepy - so I've never done it. LOL

Originally Posted by Chicago Mo View Post
I just love you guys.. I will say you got sick from the darned LAPU! i had one last time at ohana's before the Christmas party and WOAH i was ill!!! pretty much ruined a lot of the party for me including the next day!!!
That would have been nice to know - LOL

Originally Posted by Chicago Mo View Post
Suzi your room is AWESOME!!! you def had the better room then i did! so going to request this in 2014!!!
Me too... If I ever get to stay at the Poly.

Originally Posted by Chicago Mo View Post
Hayou gals are the best... so fun to get the texts while you were all there.
We love ya Mo!

Originally Posted by tinkbell13 View Post
But I'm here finally. I would have been here sooner but we were racing on the weekend and I was running around like crazy last night trying to make sure DS was ready for school this morning. I've actually been running around like crazy for the entire month of August as we raced every weekend (7 races in 5 weekends!) and work has been super busy. Now that racing is almost done (we only have one more race weekend left), I will have more time to spend on the DIS and keep up with you!
Hi Loree!!! You and Mo have the craziest weekends ever! I sure hope ds had a wonderful first day of school!

Originally Posted by tinkbell13 View Post
Looks like you have had a great start to your trip! Love the headband bling and bags. They are fabulous! How awesome was it that Suzi welcomed you!!! I can't wait to hear all about the rest of your trip too.
Thanks! I loved them!! It was so much fun to be a little "over the top" for our trip. And I loved meeting up with Suzi (and all of my Dis friends) - it was an amazing trip for meeting new and old friends... As you will see soon.

Originally Posted by tinkbell13 View Post
I hope V had a great first day today and that A has a great first day tomorrow. DS is in grade 8 this year and was super excited this morning. He can't wait to visit the different high schools this year so he can pick which one he wants to go to. We'll see how he is by the end of the week.

Okay, I better get back to work now.
She had a great first day yesterday - but today is the day all the upper classmen join her - So, as Alli told me yesterday, today is that day I should worry about.

Originally Posted by oopsiDAISY View Post
OMGoodness!!! I saw the link posted over the weekend, but I was on my phone and for some reason it just wasn't woring for me to get on here. I am FINALLY here now... four updates later on page 8!!!
Yay!!! Happy you made it Oopsi!!!

Originally Posted by oopsiDAISY View Post
I am agreeing with Suzi and whoever else it was that said you are a celebrity now! I can be one of the Disfriends who can say, "I knew her when...".
Ha! You guys are so funny... I am so not a celebrity... I just know a lot of people. But yes - you are among my very first Dis friends and I love you all!

Originally Posted by oopsiDAISY View Post
Your luck with BTMRR is about the same as our rainy MK days!
Oh no... Well, your rainy MK days are very similar to our rainy Epcot days...

Originally Posted by oopsiDAISY View Post
You know, I always had the Lapu Lapu on my must try list...but I am pretty convinced it won't be the drink for me either. I like fruity and yummy, and I am a LIGHT WEIGHT for sure when it comes to alcohol. Glad you posted that information, definitely won't waste my hard earned dollars on it! Although, I am very much looking forward to trying a few "drinks of the day" on board the Fantasy next year!
I am a very light weight drinker too... If I were you, I would definately try something else. Maybe someone will order one and you can try a little sip?

Originally Posted by oopsiDAISY View Post
Loving your TR so far, D~! *BTW~ I am back on MFP now!
Thanks Oopsi!!! I haven't logged into MFP for a few weeks - I really should, but I am still working hard at my goals... I hope to be much more fit before Christmas and beyond.

Originally Posted by tatar63 View Post
First thing this morning I checked for your update! Boy am I late to the party...page 8 already!!!
Looking forward to trip report updates and seeing your newest creations
Hi Monica!!! I am happy you made it!!! Hopefully I will have a new creation for you by the end of the week.

Originally Posted by *tinker*bell* View Post
Super excited to be reading all about your adventures! Sucks that you didn't like the Lapu Lapu, especially at that price
Hi!!! I am super excited that you are here and reading along!

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
So D, you should explain this because I'm sure people can't even see me in the picture. Everyone.....I am BEHIND the pole. I know...I know...good hiding place huh?! Can't even see me!
OMG!!! You had me in TEARS with that comment!!! I love you Suzi!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
Those pics are great D. Thanks! It was a great room location.
Anytime - glad I could help.

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
I just looked on the AllEars menus and found the one we should've tried. This is what the description says "Paradise Punch - Coruba coconut rum, Veev, pineapple juice and grenadine $9.50" That was the white frozen one with red swirls.
Oh yes - this one looks much better, and I like the price better too!

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
I told you! They are awesome. And people...just an FYI. They have these at the Tambu Lounge too. That's the one attached to O'Hana. So if Captain Cooks is busy, try up there.
Oh yes... I will be getting those nachos again!

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
I finished mine, but waited until all the ice melted so it was a little diluted. Remember the lady that stopped me to ask what they were and where she could get one. I told her "No! Don't do it!"
hahaha - I'd forgotten about that.

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
It was one of the highlights of my trip. You are more than welcome!
It was one of mine too! I am so happy we were able to spend so much time together!

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
But seriously...I was so worried about you when you texted that you were stopped. You had just horrible luck with those monorails that week. I know I am going to regret saying this....but we have NEVER been stopped more than a few minutes on them and we have stayed at the Poly twice now. I just love the monorail.
Yah - I was a bit nervous myself - especially when we sat there for sooooo long. YIKES! I was more worried about the next time it happened though.

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
Oh you definitely should. They are fantastic. It is a pineapple salsa on top. Yummo. Here is AllEars description "Pulled Pork Nachos - Polynesian chips topped with pork, cheese, pineapple salsa and spicy Mayonnaise". I would never have guessed that sauce was called a mayonnaise. It just tastes like a yummy tropical sauce to me. They are $8.99 up in the Tambu Lounge and $7.59 at Capt Cooks.
STOP IT!!!! I wonder if they ship?

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
Well, that information would have been wonderful to have BEFORE we wasted the money! Why did this never come up before??
I agree... It would have been cheaper to pay for Mo's flight, so we had her knowledge readily available to us... Instead, all we got was a crappy drink.

Originally Posted by solana131 View Post
I just love Tokelau. Right in the middle of everything. And there are lots of rooms with lagoon views. Just check out Tikiman's site. He has good descriptions of each view. Last year we were on the TTC side and that was very quiet too. But can't beat the view this year!
After seeing Tokelau in person, it is definately the building I would request - or one near it. I agree, that side of the Polly is breathtaking, I am glad we had the chance to spend some time there and see for ourselves.

Originally Posted by BridgetR3 View Post
Sorry you didn't like your lapu lapu. I probably wouldn't like it either because I'm not big on drinks where you can taste the alcohol
Haha - me too - exactly!

Originally Posted by BridgetR3 View Post
If you want something fruity at Disney, Banana Cabana's are AMAZING. It's a mixture of fruit juices and fruit rums. AND it's definitely NOT $14!!
Hmmm... This sounds good too!

Originally Posted by nowellsl View Post
I'm glad to know not to waste the money on the drink - sorry you had to be the one that did I do love the Poly, I'm thinking those nachos would be worth a trip over there - I've given up on trying to get a reservation at 'Ohana for dinner. I did manage to score a fast past for BOG for lunch, I'm looking forward to it. We're testing the new arm bands next week. They seem pretty cool from what I'm reading.

I hope all went well in your sewing room today!
Ooh - I cannot wait to hear about your trip Stephanie! It sounds like it will be amazing! I wish we had time off of school in Sept so we could go then, it seems like the perfect time to go with the weather and crowds.

Originally Posted by Pixiedust530 View Post
Your afternoon just chillin' at the Poly sounds divine. Suzi is such an awesome friend!!! The Poly is one of those places I thought I would always want to stay, but honestly I have never really looked much into it because of the price tag. After hearing you and Suzi talk about it and seeing some of the pictures now I KNOW I totally want to stay there one day!
It was wonderful - but the best part was just being able to sit there and relax and chat with Suzi and clan... The previous day was so chaotic, and I felt badly about that - so it was nice to catch up.

Originally Posted by Pixiedust530 View Post
Your Sorry to hear you didn't like the Lapu Lapu and that you wasted your hard earned $$ on it. I have never heard of it so now I am curious. Off to go do some research....

OK...just found the recipe...it sounds okay....EXCEPT...I don't really care for dark rum...and while I like Bacardi 151, BOY is it STRONG. Oh yeah...and Sweet & Sour mix - gives me SEVERE heartburn/acid reflux. Looks like I won't be having one of these bad boys EVER! Thanks for the heads up, but sorry that you suffered in the process.
No worries... Happy I can save other's some $$ LOL.

Originally Posted by IheartDDuck View Post
Wow, you're serious that it is a crazy packed day with two ADR's so close together, and then the dessert party to boot?!
Yes, it was crazy... And I tried so hard to make it better... but when the girls wanted to eat at 4 different TS meals, all in MK - so they had to be done on our MK days... Well - I did the best I could. LOL Next time, hopefully I can eliminate one of them.

Originally Posted by IheartDDuck View Post
Tokelau was our long house when we stayed there in January of 2012! I liked the location.
I understand why - it was beautiful!

Originally Posted by IheartDDuck View Post
Awwww, I'm sorry that you didn't like the Lapu Lapu! I had it for the first time in July, and I liked it. But it is strong and expensive.
I wish you would have been there, so I could have given you mine. LOL

Originally Posted by IheartDDuck View Post
I have a good feeling! You're gonna make it!
I hope so... LOL

Originally Posted by Skycat View Post
I hope her first day went well. I love high school kids! I teach freshmen this year; they were nervous, but they are settling in well now. My son is in 8th grade this year, so I have one more year before my own gets there. This October will be my first Disney World trip. I did get the Photo Pass+. May I ask what the editing entails. I understand the concept of editing pics, just wondering what the process is that I should be aware of that is consuming your time - thanks for the heads up so I don't wait until the last minute.
I am glad to hear that everyone is settling in...

Editing PP photos... Well, basically PP has all these borders you can add to each photo on your card... And because I am a tightwad - I like to add as many borders as possible to each photo, so I can get the most for my $$. So, you have to add the border to the original photo, save it, then go back to the original photo, add another border, save it... On and on. Which normally isn't a problem - but the PP website doesn't always cooperate, and most of the time it is slow... So it is time consuming. It usually takes me the full 30 days to edit all of my photos, working at it a little every time I sit down at the computer. I hope that helped answer your question a little.

************************************************** ********

Yesterday, I spent the morning on the computer... I had lots of crazy things happen and I was having a hard time getting myself to make the commute to my sewing room and begin working on my next bag. I didn't get up there until nearly 10 am - which for me is not normal. I usually keep pretty strict hours of 8am-3pm on weekdays. So, I had to work extra hard and extra quick to make up for those lost hours in the morning. But I did - and that's good.

Last night, I edited a few more PP photos and relaxed. Victoria made a great dinner for us - after her first day of high school (which went well)...

Today is the day I need to worry about (according to Alli) - this is the day where all the upper classmen go back... So, let's hope it goes well for both of them.

I also go back to work at Target today... I am looking forward to seeing all of my co-workers, but not looking forward to having painful feet all day.

I hope to get an update added shortly... I hope you all have an amazing day!!!

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Never open texts with the "Hand Sewn Button" attachment!!!
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Day 2 Part C

So, there we were... Stuck on the Monorail. Just a reminder of the times... We boarded at 3:30 and our CRT ADR was at 4:10.

Every few minutes, someone would come on and explain about the maintenance happening at the MK station... The girls and I just sat there, listening to the clock tick by - knowing that every moment that passed meant the faster we would have to run when we got off.

Me + running = not good. <--- And possibly funny.

Finally -after what felt like forever - we began moving again. It was 3:50.

So, the girls and I came up with a plan... Get off the monorail at MK and RUN!

And we did.

Running off the Monorail platform... I hear someone calling to me... "D~!!!, D~!!!!" So I look and there's someone waving in the crowd on the platform as I am (ahem) running past... The quickest, most impromptu Dismeet ever with Taryn (devonsmommy)... I caught her name, and that's about it. I was running and explaining that I couldn't stop... We were late for CRT... I continued to run - yelling to Taryn (not even sure if she heard me) that IT WAS GREAT MEETING YOU... I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT REST OF YOUR DAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! I felt so horrible... I really love my Diser friends, and I love to chat with them, but there just wasn't any time.

The girls were way ahead of me, already at bag check... They looked behind them expecting me to not be there, but they were shocked to see me.

Finally - through bag check, and through the turnstyles and into MK... Up Main Street on the right sidewalk... They had the road blocked off for some reason - I don't think it was still the parade. But crap - don't they know that we had a CRT ADR????

So, we get to the castle... Crap... It's blocked off for the show... Seriously??? OK girls... we must go AROUND the castle and enter from the back.

Could there be any more obsticles for us?

So, we got into the line to check in for CRT (Erin and V were already there for their later ADR) - as we are standing there, the CM at the podeum asks if there is anyone else for 4:10... Us, us, us.... She checked us in right away...

Now I need to back up here for a moment... This was an important meal. We have never eaten at CRT in all of our trips. It was not known to me, until last winter that it was always V's dream to eat in the castle. So, at that time, I had made a deal with her... If she could raise enough $$ to pay for half of the meal, I would pay for the rest (tightwad, remember?)... So, dd got busy making pin trading lanyards - and she sold them along side my bag auctions on my fanpage. Everyone loved them - and she sold enough of them to pay for the required portion of the meal. So, this meal was a BIG DEAL and we couldn't miss it.

OK back to the TR...

We took our photos with Cindy... Since we had PP+, I guess we had the option of 2? So, I did one of the girls seperate and one with all of us. The one with all of us was the one they gave us at the table - so I scanned it for your enjoyment.

We were seated at a table off to the side -but we were above everyone else, so it was a nice view. Erin and V were seated across from us - but there was a pilar between us, so we didn't see them until we were leaving.

Our server was very nice (I forgot to note his name), but the picture he took of us was awful.

Thankfully - I took another of the girls... Mine isn't much better.

Alli ordered the Gnocchi (sp?) - she loved it.

V and I ordered the Beef Tenderloin - which we loved.

I honestly don't remember what we ordered for dessert - but I do know this was one of the times that both Alli and I asked the server to pick for us... I want to say that V ordered a tiramisu? But that isn't an option on the menu. I know the server picked the Chef's Dessert Trio for Alli - and she liked it. I know that what he brought for me was some sort of special for the night, so it wasn't on the menu... I should have taken better notes.

When we finished our meal, we walked out of the castle and it looked like rain. No ponchos with us... grrr... We found a bathroom by Gaston's Tarvern (because the one in the casle was PACKED)... And Suzi texted that they were in Philharmagic (another favorite of mine....)... So we hustled all the way back over there, only to discover that they show had started. Bummer. The girls and I waited for Suzi in the dump shop.

Thankfully Suzi had extra ponchos with her, and she saved the day!!! Because it was pouring rain when Philharmagic ended.

We decided that we would all ride the new Ariel ride - Under the Sea, Journey of the Little Mirmaid. It was wonderful - I took lots of photos because it was new to us... Enjoy. LOL

And this day still isn't over...

We also decided to get in the LONG line for Goofy/Donald... Which was 35+ minutes of air conditioned/dry/boring bliss.

Afterwards, we were all trying to decide what to do... Meet the Fairies, Meet Belle, Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor... Which would you do?

Link to this post's corresponding Photopass Photos & Day 2 Part D


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Whew, your rush to get to CRT made me nervous because I knew how much that meal meant to V. So glad you made it!

Nice pictures of the Little Mermaid ride! I really loved it, especial the part where you go "under" the sea!
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Chicago Mo
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About the Laupoooo lapoooo umm you never asked???
yes i was very ill after drinking that seriously ruined the Christmas party.

OMG the ariel ride looks ADORABLE! and all of you are so dang stinking cute.

so CRT is a go? I need to add it for next year?!?!

where are A's pictures?!?!?

glad you made it in time. that is a bit scary. yet don't you think there would be a way to contact the restaurant Hey it's me D~ ya know the celebrity? yeah i am kinda stuck on this monorail and going to be a bit late. Don't believe me? tell Cindy to look out the castle window and wave Yeah yeah.. That's me waving at you... Yep Your welcome... Huh what's that? Oh sure i will sign autographs for you when i get there.. Ya know i am a hot shot round these parts..
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Wow, how frustrating to have to RUN for that ADR! We had a moment like that on our 2011 trip when we waited for a MK bus for 45 minutes, with a Luau ADR. So glad you made it in time, though! Yes, I remember how special this dinner was to V. She worked hard for it, glad she enjoyed it!

So glad you guys got to spend a good amount of time with Suzi...and why does it not surprise me that she is one of those "always prepared" kind of friends? She just happened to have three extra ponchos??? That is AWESOME!
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Awesome pics!
For the love of Disney...
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Phew, glad you made it to CRT. Double YEAH to V for earning the money to pay for half of that meal.

Glad the waiter was not assigned to Photopass duty. Too bad because that is another great picture (minus the blurriness). The one with Cindy is great too. Love your bling!!!!

I ate there for the first time on my brother's trip this past January (oh, my poor children have never gotten to eat in the castle). My mom and I both had the Gnocchi and LOVED it.

I hope Suzi charged you big bucks for those ponchos. How fun that you were all able to meet up and do some touring together. Plus getting to see Erin and V at the castle and Taryn (briefly) on your way off the monorail.
Me (Liz) DH DD (12) DS (9)

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Super excited!

Okay long time lurker!!! So much fun, I've read your PTRs and been reading this TR and have to finally say I LOVE it! Reading about your trip is so much fun! I just began sewing (total newbie) you are my inspiration!
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Oh the suspense in this TR.

Glad V got to have her just rewards for doing so well on her lanyards.

We are at 2.5 weeks and my pre-vacation stress has kicked in. Too much to do, too many bills to pay and not enough time or energy. But your pictures makes me remember that it will be all worth it. Blissful peace of mind, if only for a week, will do wonders.

DH looked at me last night and went "You're not going to be able to make a new purse."
"In two weeks? Sure I can. Remember I did last years the two days before we left!" I replied.
He gave me one of those looks and asked, "Do you even have materials picked out?"
"-Uhm, not exactly."

So now I HAVE to get the purse done.

Anyway, good luck getting back in the swing of things in your sewing room and however long it takes, I'll be waiting for those life affirming pictures!
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I love V's skirt.

You look so fetching wearing your fascinator.

I don't want to leave Alli out, so she looks lovely as well.

What did you girls think of New Fantasyland? Did it live up to all of the hype?
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Your account of literally RUNNING to your ADR is all-too familiar. In fact, I'm seriously considering cutting waaaaay back on them. We usually have an ADR for every day we are at Disney, but this last trip in July found us rushing to empty restaurants. Cinderella's Royal Table was the only table service where it seemed we needed one...all of the others where not necessary. We were shocked at our dinner at 5PM at the Sci-Fi where it was half empty! And, boy, did we rush to make it to that...and don't even get me started at the nightmare of rushing to Fulton's at DD...
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As usual it's lots of fun reading your post and checking out the pictures. I have always wanted to dine at CRT...maybe one day...maybe if I ever get to go for a honeymoon (OH wait...I have to get engaged and then married for that to happen).

Rushing is never fun...sorry that happened to you...but so glad that you made it...especially for V's sake! She worked hard to earn that meal!

I'll just be hanging around waiting for the next update...

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D~ you do know how to tell a story! Leave us in suspenders.....

Charlie and I are getting ready to leave, just finishing up dinner. We didn't want to get stuck in rush hour traffic, but its about time to get on the road. This time tomorrow we will be finishing up dinner at Tony's. I did book a lunch at LTT based on your recommendation for their Freedom pasta!
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Lived the updates. I will do a proper reply,when I am at the computer. I'm still keeping my leg up so using the iPad and it is so not conducive for the dis. It's eaten my reply 2 times noW.

Love your updates and how well you write they are jus so fun to read

I will definitely add LTT to our ADR list nextti,e (if there is a next time) it looks good!
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Thank you for the info on the PP+. I am also a tightwad - so this will make me motivated to work on it steadily. I didn't realize that you could do fancy stuff (I assume for free? since we are both...frugal) with the PP+. Now I am even more happy that I splurged for it.
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