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Old 05-19-2013, 01:12 PM   #1
Would love a diet on Cadbury Flakes
Admits she's strange when it comes to eggs
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Fred and Wilma - 'The Keys' to 'The World' Day 18

Wednesday 29th August – See Ya Real Soon

The last day of the holiday. I can’t believe how quick this day came around. To think I had been concerned that almost 3 weeks might be too long and, yet, it still didn’t feel like long enough. We all felt that we hadn’t had enough time at Disney.

We had decided we would spend the morning at Hollywood Studios and then hop over to Epcot in the afternoon.

Daniel was particularly grumpy this morning but I quickly reminded him of the fact that he had made me a promise the night before not to complain when I got him up.

We were soon up and about, showered and ready to head off. We were going to walk but Daniel was complaining that he was tired so we decided the easy option would be to get the boat.

Tired boy

The boat came and we managed to grab some seats and pretty soon we arrived at Hollywood Studios. Our plans for this morning were to ride our favourites again so, after grabbing FPs for Toy Story Mania, we headed over to Tower of Terror. It was showing a 13-minute wait.

Unlucky for some

The Hollywood Tower Hotel

Of course, it really wasn’t 13 minutes at all. It was very busy this morning and the line was already way out into the grounds of the building. Daniel really didn’t want to wait but I am a rotten Mother and I made him.

Guess which one of the 7 dwarves this is?

Gary and I figured that maybe part of Daniel’s problem was that he was hungry so, before we did anything else, we stopped at Fairfax Fare for breakfast. Daniel and I had the breakfast muffin sandwiches, although Daniel (being in an awkward mood) decided to have his with no egg.

Gary didn’t want anything hot so opted for a cherry danish. My husband is nothing if not predictable.

In case you forgot what a cherry Danish looked like

Bacon & egg (Mc)muffin

The breakfast sandwich was quite nice, but a little bland. The bacon was almost paper thin and a little ‘bendy’. Still, it filled a gap and seemed to perk Daniel up a bit.

After breakfast, we took a trip on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, then headed down Hollywood Boulevard and stopped to watch the Citizens of Hollywood. We saw Hollywood’s newest cowboy, Beau Rangler, who was giving a demonstration of how to catch himself a date.

Beau Rangler

With plenty of time to kill before our window for Toy Story Mania opened, we decided to watch the Muppets 4D.

Honorary muppet

As we came out, Daniel saw that there was no wait for the Cars meet ‘n greet so we went and saw Lightning and Tow-Mater.

Check out my wheels

I spotted this shirt and snapped a photo for my friend, Char, whose username is Tow-Mater.

Pull my fender lol

We wandered down Streets of America and I took an action shot of Gary

There are no words

I am never gonna get up that hill

We were feeling a bit thirsty now so decided to pop into Writer’s Stop where we got a Mango slush.

Refreshing and delicious

And it was finally Toy Story Mania time – woohoo!

Pixar place

50 minute wait

Gary beat me yet again, although not by as much this time.


Before we left, we had just enough time to cross off another couple of snacks from the list. Courtesy of Hollywood Scoops and, as recommend by the Disney Food Blog, we have these.

Apple crisp sundae

Fudge brownie sundae

The apple crisp was so hot the ice cream melted almost immediately, which is OK if you like ice-cream soup. I don’t. It was still pretty tasty though – apple crisp is one of my favourite desserts (after cheesecake).

The fudge brownie sundae, however, was out of this world. The brownie was warm and chewy but not so hot that it melted the ice-cream straight away. I would definitely have this again. We shared the two between the three of us but I made the mistake of letting Daniel and Gary dominate them so barely got a look in.

It was around this time that I texted Brenda (emmysmommy) to see what she was up to. They were headed over to Epcot and I mentioned that we were planning to go there after. She told me she was meeting with Tracy (tracer00) and Vicki (GoofySon’sMom) later on and invited us to join them. I liked the idea of meeting a couple more DISers and spending a bit more time with Brenda and family so I texted back and said we’d see her soon.

As we were heading out of the park, we stopped again to watch the Citizens of Hollywood. This time it was a game show, a bit like Blind Date (not sure what it would be called across the pond). A lady from the crowd was asking questions and the Citizens were giving the answers. It was hilarious. At the end, she chose contestant number 1, Ben Appetit the celebrity chef. He went up to the girl, gave her a hug and said to her kids “I’m your new Daddy.”

The contestants

We left the park and walked down to the boat dock. Daniel really wanted to go to the pool and, since he was still a little grouchy, Gary offered to take him so I could go and meet the girls and their families. I was more than happy to agree since I really didn’t want to drag a sulky 9-year old around with me, cramping my style

Back at the room, the boys grabbed their swimming stuff while I had a quick shower and changed.

Contined in the next post...
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Would love a diet on Cadbury Flakes
Admits she's strange when it comes to eggs
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It felt quite liberating walking up to International Gateway by myself and I began to think that maybe I could do a solo trip one day. I am very self-conscious about eating on my own, though, so would probably end up doing room service for the whole trip if I did.

I slowly wandered over the bridge to France, where we were due to meet. It was absolutely sweltering this afternoon. It was just typical that the weather had finally improved, just as we were due to go home. I found Vicki and Tracy sitting on a bench, enjoying Grey Goose slushies. I introduced myself and went to grab a drink myself while we waited for Brenda. We had such a great time, drinking and chatting, and it wasn’t long before Brenda, Em and Michael arrived. We hugged and chatted and took some pictures.

The DIS girls

Group shot

Tracy and ‘the sausage’*

*For the background on Tracy’s pet sausage, click here

Since it was so hot, we decided to decamp to the air-conditioned deliciousness of the Rose and Crown. It was pretty busy so we just hovered for a while, chatting and waiting for somebody to vacate a table.

Hmm, the teens don’t look too impressed

Finally, a table came free and Em and Michael grabbed it, just as Gary texted to let me know he and Daniel were showered and changed. They were going to come over but Tracy and Eilee had already left for their ADR and the others were going to be leaving pretty soon so I decided to just head off. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time had passed, we’d had such a wonderful time and the others were so lovely, it was a real pleasure to meet them.

I left the park and walked back to the Beach Club, where we experienced some temporary confusion. Gary had said that he and Daniel were in the lobby but, when I got to the villas, they weren’t there. I tried to text them to see where they were but my phone battery died. I figured I would head up to the room to put my phone on charge and hoped they would go back there. Just as I was leaving to go and find them, they turned up. They had been waiting in the lobby of the main hotel.

After collecting the car, we drove down to the 192, where we planned to have dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. This had been a favourite of ours on a previous trip so we had high hopes for tonight’s meal.

We were seated straight away – it was pretty quiet as it was still quite early. Our server brought us some warm bread and butter, which was delicious.


Our server took our drinks orders. I was in the mood for a cocktail but didn’t really know what to have. I asked our server for a recommendation, telling him that I liked fruity vodka-based drinks and he said he could make me a Berry Martini. I have no idea what was in it but it tasted really good. The shaker had enough left in it for a top-up so it was great value too.

We had brought Gary’s tablet so we could do online check-in, then Daniel played a game while munching on fresh bread.


Since it was our last night, we told Daniel he could order whatever he wanted so he opted for…

A burger

It did look pretty good and he fought bravely to finish it but only managed just over half.

I chose the bone-in ribeye with loaded jacket. It was absolutely delicious and I managed to finish it all – but I was stuffed!


Gary got a full rack of ribs, also with loaded jacket. He managed to finish it too but it was clear that any plans we may have had for dessert were out of the window.

A monster meal

This was a wonderful dinner and we were slightly disappointed not to be able to manage dessert. The service was excellent and the check was reasonable. We made our way back to the Beach Club, parked up and decided to take a stroll around the Boardwalk. Rain was threatening but it did stay dry. It was very humid though.

We wandered slowly around, savouring the atmosphere, knowing it would be another 14 months before we were back here.

Last night blues

Stormy yacht club

It was getting dark and, as we walked past the Boardwalk Bakery, we wondered if we might just be able to fit in some dessert after all. We went in, just to see if anything took our fancy and, of course, we had to buy something.

Oreo Bonbon Cupcake

Peanut Butter Cake

The cupcake was yummy – a light, white cake with an Oreo cream filling and a buttercream topping. The only minor downside was that the two mini Oreo ‘ears’ were a little soft, presumably from being stuck in the buttercream. It was lovely and relaxing, sitting outside the bakery, eating cake and watching people go by.

Pretty lights

As we continued to wander around, we stopped to watch one of the Boardwalk entertainers and Daniel got picked to take part. It was a magic show, involving a light handkerchief. The guy asked Daniel to hold one corner and picked a pretty little girl dressed as Jasmine to hold the other corner. As he pulled the handkerchief across to the little girl, it slipped out of Daniel’s hand. The magician jokingly ‘told him off’. Then, as he gave the corner back to Daniel, it pulled out of the other girl’s hand. The two of them were creased up laughing. I guess it was all part of the act but it really was funny watching the two of them in hysterics. Eventually, they moved closer to each other and managed to keep hold of it.

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry – I swear I was sober!

It’s magic!

When the act was over, we decided to have a quick look in the Screen Door General Store. Daniel spent the rest of his money on a giant Pluto pillow pet. We also bought a Boardwalk fridge magnet and some candy to take home for friends.

As we slowly walked back to the villas, we came to the sad realisation that yet another wonderful Florida holiday was over and we were going home tomorrow.

We stopped on the bridge to watch the last of Illuminations, then went back to the room and watched TV before lights out.
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I was having a bit of a blonde moment
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I really shouldn't read TR's this early in the morning when food is nowhere in sight.

Vegas TR now?
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Originally Posted by wilma-bride View Post

I spotted this shirt and snapped a photo for my friend, Char, whose username is Tow-Mater.

Pull my fender lol

Ahahaha.... I love it!

So in regular fashion I read your whole trip report from start to finish while drinking beer of course on this fine Canadian holiday thanks to your Queen Victoria. I need to hang out on your UK board more often then I can catch your reports as they come out
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I hope Tony Romas ribs will match up to those ones Gary had. I'm feeling quiet down now your holiday report is coming to an end. It did make me feel like we were along with you.

Now I've been thinking...............
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Originally Posted by tony64 View Post
I hope Tony Romas ribs will match up to those ones Gary had. I'm feeling quiet down now your holiday report is coming to an end. It did make me feel like we were along with you.

Now I've been thinking...............
Thinking what Tony??.....That you should come on the Fantasy this year
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