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Old 04-06-2013, 10:11 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by lockedoutlogic View Post
I actually agree with you on everything...except perhaps the last part.

disney has become a minimum wage meat factory in many ways because of their corporate/hiring practices. Minimum wage (wait sorry...10 cents over) is not a livable wage. And forcing people to try and get 16 hours a week OT by some means to meet responsibilities is not what a reasonable person could term "opportunity employment".

Now they do have their advantages...benefits being a big one for jobs that require no education or experience in 90% of the case. But lets face it...the truth is everyone should have health care in "advanced" society...this is a STOOPID error in us that can't seriously be debated.

and the park perks are nice...but again, employees in parks recycle some if not all of their pay back into the parks. They aren't forced to do it...but lets not kid that this isn't at least about 75% of the point. I h

Again...i i do agree that you can have a great experience there...a terrible one...or all ranges of the spectrum in between...

But there's a reason that some of the other travelodge operators in town look better these days...if not many. And why Disney will have major staffing issues for the conceivable future...and why they will go heavy into outsourcing ..which will probably be complained about every day on this board...as an example of "lack of quality"or "walt's vision"...crying for an employment utopia that probably never existed and has been moving the opposite direction for years.

Remember when the news about starbucks running the bakery was taken like shot to the face by many? Sheer panic by some...over really BAD baked goods. the reality is starbucks is consistently listed as one of the better companies to work for...disney not so much. they are compensated on a higher level than disney. quality is actually gonna rise. that is a function of labor...just the way HR, economics, and morale play out.

one final...again, I'm actually not disagreeing here...

did i see somebody say "at least its a job in this economy..."
yeah...they've been studying this for the last couple of years and though it seems common sense...theres a paradox at work. low wages and "at least you have a job" actually backfire on corporate america big time. production is slowed to ridiculous levels as the hours increase and the pay stays low or stagnant. basically you get what you pay for...counterintuitive, but if you think about it - what is the employers threat? "if you don't shape up...we'll replace you with someone who will be happy to work for...err...the minimum allowable by law. And they you'll have to get a job somewhere else working for...errr...the minimum amount allowable by law. Swap meat.

on a societal level...there is a growing, semi-silent "anger" in the populace based on labor, jobs, pay, and in the bigger scale economic opportunity. i see it festering and growing every day...as i'm sure many of us do. as the money gap continues to widen like the Cincinnati Bengals pass defense...so too does the quiet, mass frustration. This is going to continue as we "evolve" and eventually there will be a correction. chaos theory...unavoidable.
I have not read the whole thread but I agree 100% with what you said.
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Old 04-06-2013, 01:14 PM   #17
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Originally Posted by lockedoutlogic View Post
wooooohoooo!!!, you wild and crazy girl...

I love it.

I'm glad i didn't go all "harsh"...i could've really talked straight on this.

The truth tends to taste the same no matter what type of sauce you put on it.

I love being negated based on my own observations
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Old 04-07-2013, 12:01 PM   #18
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disney has become a minimum wage meat factory in many ways because of their corporate/hiring practices. Minimum wage (wait sorry...10 cents over) is not a livable wage. And forcing people to try and get 16 hours a week OT by some means to meet responsibilities is not what a reasonable person could term "opportunity employment".
Nobody forces people to apply to work here, they know the wages and they still make the decision. Yes, these are low paying jobs, its simple economic supply/demand. Unskilled job > unskilled labor > unskilled pay. However, if you are someone with a skill but can't find the work, you can move around once you get your foot in the door and begin to establish seniority.

True, Disney does pay $.50-$1.00 less assuming $1.00/hr * 40 hrs/week * 52 weeks/year, that's $2,080 less per year. Now look at the health benefits alone, that cuts significantly into that, not to mention local companies who discount anywhere between 10%-50% for their products/services (they have a book that lists them all, everything from day care to local dining, to housing), I saved $600/year in rent because I worked for Disney. If you take advantage of that, you can actually come out ahead.

Oh yeah, it's also "Disney" you're working for, brand recognition, blah blah...

If you look at the recent Union Contract negotiations, pay is becoming better, When my internship here ended, I had to find a job and become a housekeeper until I could find something else, I started at $8.35/hr. The starting pay is now at $9.00. The majority of roles start out at around $8.25, if your job requires mental function, you'll start out higher.
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Old 04-11-2013, 03:02 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by lockedoutlogic View Post
not really...i was pretty grounded in my days...

It's a job...can be great if you let it be. It's what you make of it.

The problem with employment at WDW based on my experiences were twofold:

Employees are viewed like a "necessary evil" from corporate (aka WALL STREET) and the mass of workers fall prey to setting their expectations to high.

I climbed up the ladder a few rungs in my couple of years there...but never really took it more seriously than just being a cog in the machine - no matter what color bar i had on my ID card at the time.
Since i was a young pup, i did notice that there was ALOT of 20 somethings who would show up there (mostly ex-CPs who didn't grasp that CP was code for "Cheap Pawns") and expect to have disney pay them to be "professionals" post grad. Not the reality...and caused alot of rub in many units/locations. And the 10-20 year locals who made it into entry level management (think about how absurd that is) who viewed almost all the employees as dinosaurs or sniveling little kids.

And the "face" hires...

Wow...i don't hold any grudges...but looking back it must really have sucked there
So pretty much the same as any corporation

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Old 04-19-2013, 05:34 PM   #20
the who #3
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Smile a dream

from the first days of the "mickey mouse club" on tv, i had great dreams of being a musketeer. then i had great dreams of going to disney, that did not take place until disney came to florida and then i was able to take my children. since that time i have dreamed of being a dvc owner, which i am now. now i take my grandchildren. the final dream was to work for disney.

i am too far away from disney and they would probably consider me too old, but if i lived close enough i would do it. i love disney enough to work for them at a low wage. it has been a big part of my life for many years.

i hope that all who get jobs at disney take away with them some of the beauty, fun, wishes and joy of the heart that walt disney meant it to be.
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Old 04-23-2013, 07:20 AM   #21
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Please refrain from name calling and rude comments on threads.

There is no need for it.

Thank you.
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Old 04-23-2013, 09:13 AM   #22
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1) As illustrated here, you get all sorts of opinions.
2) The job, like any other, must fit YOUR requirements.
3) And, meet YOUR needs.
4) Some love it, some hate it, some take it as "just a job".
5) Pretty much like any place of employment.

. . . new hourly employees usually get the worst hours
. . . same thing for first and second level managers
. . . weekends are a given until you have several years of seniority
. . . weekly total hours are not guaranteed after 32-hrs-per-week
. . . you can be made to work up to 14-hrs straight with no notice
. . . WDW is in the tourist business, which is historically low paid
. . . even for technical and skilled CM's, the pay is lower than other industries
. . . this is a given, and must be accepted
. . . there are only a few jobs that pay equals that of the "outside world"
. . . WDW has excellent health insurance program(s) for full-time CM's
. . . life, AD&D, dental and vision coverage is top rate and nicely priced
. . . retirement benefits are pretty weak
. . . health insurance for part-time is available, but weak
. . . the place is pretty good about moving up
. . . but, in MANY office/technical positions, "you need to know someone"
. . . or, "need to know someone who knows someone"
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