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Old 03-18-2013, 08:55 PM   #16
Earning My Ears
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Old 03-19-2013, 11:46 AM   #17
Earning My Ears
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Slept pretty well overnight despite having the roughest seas I have ever experienced. Gladys and Lachelle had their Disney snorkeling adventure was canceled the night before but Jenny and I held out hopes that Captain Marvins would still be a go. We had planned to snorkel with stingrays with Captain Marvins. We were still getting ready for breakfast as we pulled into port and Cruise Director Clayton came on the loud speaker and announced that due to the wind and waves the Port at Grand Cayman would be closed! This was the first time in my 4 and Jenny's 9 cruises were we had missed a port. They said that we would be treating the day as a sea day and arriving at Costa Maya 4 hours earlier then planned and stay in port till 1am.. So I had to rush down to port adventures to try to salvage an excursion(the only excursion Jenny and I had planned, other than an all inclusive beach at Cozumel was on Cayman), the desk was a mob. The two that I liked were dune buggies and power snorkeling, much to Jenny's relief I chose snorkeling and it was only about $12 a person more then our stingray trip... After procuring our excursion, I headed back to the room to get Jenny, leave the kids with Grandma, and head down to the members DVC gathering. (another back story) Ever since our wedding cruise, we had been getting DVC members magnets for our door, DVC gifts, and invites to the members only meetings. We kept trying to tell them we wern't members, that Jenny used to be a member but was not anymore, but we kept getting them. So we decide to go get some free swag and some drinks and see if there was any new incentives. We got there and told them our story but they still said come on in. When we left they asked us if we wanted to meet with them, however we said we were in the process of buying a house and couldn't run our credit till after we closed. They said no problem so we signed up for later that night. So before we took the kids to SWN we stopped in and chatted with Lauri from DVC. She was great, very low pressure and gave us the numbers we were looking for, told us they would just put a hold on the account till after we closed then we could sign and mail the paperwork in, and let us go sleep on it!
Now here is a tip for people using Small World Nursery. We had taken nursery time every night for dinner. We had 8:15 seating so we chose 8-10 every night for the boys. SWN allows you to bring your kids in and check them in 15 minutes early without a charge so we always had the kids in by 7:45 so that left us with about 20 minutes for a drink at a new bar every night before dinner(and if we wanted two drinks, we could take the 2nd to dinner with us)Tonight we decided to stop in for a drink in O'Gills Irish Pub, Jenny had a dark beer/sparkling wine thing that she loved. O'Gills was probably my favorite but their tap beer was WAY overpriced. Dinner in Animators with tonight being the Crush show. We had best table again, way awesome! Crush talked to me, called me Dangerous Dan and couldn't believe there were no righteous waves in Omaha, Nebraska!

This is as close as we would get to Grand Cayman

The line for Port Adventures, it got WAY longer!!!

Came back from Port Adventures and the boys were napping YAY!!!



Tomorrow: A full day at Costa Maya
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Old 03-19-2013, 05:36 PM   #18
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Your boys are adorable. Looking forward to more.
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Old 03-21-2013, 09:59 AM   #19
Earning My Ears
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Wednesday: A whole lot of Costa Maya

We took it easy this morning with coffee in the room then Jenny and I went up to Cabana's for breakfast while Grandma looked after the kids... I really enjoy Cabana's buffet. It's sparsely populated(at least the mornings we were there) and the selection and food is pretty good. I will say that Cabana's food is the most bland of all the food on the ship, it is a buffet after all. After we got back to the room an announcement came over the intercom that the peir will be closing while another ship came in. It was the Norwegian Star, every time I see another cruise ship I am reminded how rare and beautiful Disney's ships are! Grandma got to watch the kids in the afternoon again while Jenny and I did power snorkeling. The port area was neat and clean (you had to have a cruise ID to be in the whole area if you weren't an employee) and not too pushy, pool area was very neat. Would love to swim there sometime. There was a tram that ran along the Pier the whole time and the price was just a tip if you so choose. You rode in a big delivery style truck on a long bumpy ride to beach. This part of Mexico is pretty in spots and had interesting nature smells but garbage and abandoned properties were everywhere. The area was very rustic and remote, the guide said it is popular with people who want to be off the beaten path, away from the crowed, dangerous more touristy places. Power snorkeling was fun, I had a blast motoring around and diving down. Mine broke down halfway, but they had a spare, Jenny took a while to get the hang of it and then started to have fun, but even though we were a small group people wouldn't look were they were going, and some never bothered to realize they were kicking the reef which really erks me. Would not recommend this for first time snorkelers! We put the kids in SWN at 6-10 tonight so Jenny and I could see Wishes. It was cute, but I would like to see something other than the Disney movies musical review formula they have for everything. Jenny was tired so I decided to go back to the port at night and take some nigh time pictures of the ship(You never get to see it at night!!! I also wanted to have a drink and see the crew unwind. Ginger and Lachelle came with me and we played the spot the crew member game, very fun. I spotted the twin brother from wishes and Ginger spotted Peter Pan.(I know some would say this breaks the magic, but it was really great to see our hard working crew getting some R&R) They looked like they really had fun. Came back to the ship to learn Paul was sick...AHHH! No more contact with the boys for him. Also after the show met with Lauri and we decided to go for it and buy into DVC!!! We got 130 points in AKV before the rate increase hits in a few weeks! We picked this number cause the monthly payment was reasonable and we could afford the down payment. It was also a number we felt we could still have enough points to effectivly use and yet add onto at a later date if we so choose.

Costa Maya Port Area

Our port neighbor pulls in

This makes me laugh every time, a guy taking a picture of me taking a picture of him!

The boys meet Mickey!!!

The Excursion Trucks: Each excursion said if you traveled but Air Conditioned motor coach or open air truck so make your choice carefully if that is something that would bother you. The trucks did have seat belts!!!

One of our guides, I forgot his name

Snorkeling very rustic

Our Cool little James Bond-like water jet!

Me in my swim shirt because of my recent skin cancer scare

The ship at night

Costa Maya NIGHT LIFE!!!

The drinks were $18 for a palm tree frozen margarita! holey crud that was too much! But it was alot more booze than I expected

Next up: Cozumel!!!
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Old 03-22-2013, 03:59 PM   #20
Chiefs fan living in Bronco country
It was a popular place after partying on Saturday nights
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Great report! Too bad you missed GC. They boys are super cute!

Jill in CO
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Old 03-24-2013, 09:57 PM   #21
Earning My Ears
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Wednesday: Cozumel

Pulled into Cozumel around 8am on Wednesday. We wern't planning on being at our private beach until 1030ish so we took it easy and decided to take the kids to sitdown breakfast at Royal Court. We wore the kids in our packs all through the meal the kids did great. The entire serving staff loved them so much they seemed to almost destracted by the boys. We met up with Ginger(Paul was still sick ) and headed off to Mr Sanchos. I think we got screwed by a cabbie. I thought it was supposed to be set prices but we paid $28 bucks there and $17 back, but I guess we paid for speedy service with the first cab, cause he drove soooooo fast! Mr Sanchos was great, wonderful attentive staff and we were only bugged a few times by outside vendors. The food and drinks were included and all you can eat and drink in the $45 dollar charge and both were very good. The food wasn't prepaired until you ordered it which surprized me! I was expecting heat lamp type food. They had swinging beds. They worked great for boys to roll around on, and Austin and I got some nap time in a hammok too!!! Water cold but not terrible, pool water was fridgid though. I would recomend Sancho's to anyone! Tonight we had Polo dinner with Jelena again. It was wonderful and for the first time I ordered the souffle, yummy! We ran out of time at 10 and had to leave early to pick up the twins, so we did not get to have the Limoncello shot. Boys did great with the SMN staff despite having been in there twice today, and they did the one awake one asleep game(It seemed like every night we picked up the boys, one would be wide awake and want to play for another hour and one would be fast asleep and stay asleep all night) I have to tell you that the two giant verandas with the door open between them was so convenient. I could take a fussy baby out there and walk or sit and comfort him and the sound of the rushing water and wind would put him right back to sleep. The dreaded propeller vibration really was not that bad. We were kinda scared after reading about how bad it could be on the boards, but other then when leaving some of the ports, the slight vibrations(only at certain times) actually helped the babies and myself sleep!


Overpriced Taxi

Mr Sancho's

Back to the ship!


Jackson(the awake one tonight) before bed

Tomorrow, day at sea(not as rough this time)
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Old 03-27-2013, 03:58 PM   #22
Earning My Ears
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Thursday: Sea Day

Had breakfast and coffee in the room and relaxed on the verandah with the boys. We then put them into SWN and tried to have adult pool time. However, it was too cold and windy, AGAIN! We ended up having lunch from Flo's(man do I love those chicken fingers) and coffee in the Quiet Cove Café. I loved the buy 5 get one free coffee card there and I finally remembered to try the snacks and deserts they have for you. They were not great, I expected the selections to have more flavor, but everything was good. We picked up the boys at SWN and did the Muppet detective agency before the Jack Jack Diaper Dash. It was fun and a workout but I found having to go back to Pepe's door twice a real pain. It was then that someone had a bright idea to take a close up picture of the door the first time so you didn't have to go back twice. Wish I had thought of that!!! I had seen the Diaper Dash on the Dream and thought it would be so much fun with the boys! I called every exercise we had the kids to from lifting their heads, to rolling over, to their first attempts at crawling, Jack Jack practice!!! Alas, the boys were just starting to move toward crawling, but had not really crawled with any consistency by the time the cruise rolled around. This really helped us keep close tabs on them, but it was a problem when you want to win a race. We decided to enter them anyway just for the picture opportunity and to see if they would move at all. The cast members were great, they put the two in their own heat and the "winner" was the first to get some part across the Start line. Austin melted down immediately, but Jackson looked so focused and eventually got BOTH hands across the Start line to advance to the finals where he did, well, nothing. Oh well! Had drinks in Ooh La La before dinner. I really liked the décor, it was a vast improvement over Pink on the Dream. Dinner tonight was back in Royal Court, entire serve team continued to be amazing, best we have ever had. Server Hervey, Assistant Server Parwata(Bagus), and Head Server Ali. Jenny was very upset that she had missed the lunch menu at Royal court(cause we forgot) because the raspberry crème brule is one of her favorites. So we asked if there was any way she could have one at dinner. They brought us, not 1, but 3 raspberry creme brule's from the lunch menu! SWN staff have fallen for the boys, they hate giving them back at night especially Gina. Best of all, BOTH boys were asleep tonight!!!

Playing on the Verandah

Jack Jack Diaper Dash

FOR THE WIN!!!(kinda)

Ooh La La

The service on Disney can't be beat

Shhh, they are sleeping... Gina was so excited she wanted to take a pic of them sleeping in the nursery.

Tomorrow: Castaway Cay
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Old 03-27-2013, 07:31 PM   #23
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love this!!!

March 2001(just us) October 2008 (as a family of 4) December 2011 Dream/WDW October 2013 Fantasy Cruise

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Old 03-28-2013, 03:11 PM   #24
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Nice pics!!!
The treasure of "Family Time" is worth far more than any gold Captain Jack finds...

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Old 03-30-2013, 10:28 AM   #25
Earning My Ears
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Friday- Castaway Cay

Castaway today. Last night was the worst night for sleeping. Both boys were up on and off all night. We didn't have time for breakfast as we tried to catch up on some sleep by napping in shifts for an hour or two(although mommy didn't really get back to sleep) after the boys woke up and were fed. The temp was 66 today but it felt much warmer, however water was absolutely fridgid as it had been for the whole cruise. Although it seemed that it was coldest at Castaway. It must have been the wind and waves that followed us everywhere, kicking up colder, deeper water. We got even further behind waiting for Ginger, who never arrived, so by the time we made to the family beach the chair hogs were out in force. We walked past 80% of the loungers with nothing but a towel or sandals or other junk holding chairs for people who would never arrive. We ended up brokering a deal with a family 4 that had two umbrella's and 6 loungers saved. We took the umbrella and two loungers they weren't using for the 2 hours we planned to be there and them give it back to them when we left.(They never used more than two of their loungers the whole time we were there) Lunch at Cookies Too, was the most bland food of the cruise, but I was really hungry and it hit the spot. Since it was too cold to swim, and we didn't have anything else planned, we left the others and headed back to the ship. We got back around 1pm, napped and then took back the bottle sterilizer we didn't need. Then we toured the Oceaneer's club to see what was in our future! Had some coffee at the Vista Café(love it here, esspessially before a character meet). We put the boys in SWN an hour early tonight so we could do pub trivia in O'Gills before dinner. Jenny and I WON!!! We got a little Mickey trophy and two DCL key chains! Dinner was at Animators, and the draw your own character show was great. Drawing the characters was really fun especially when you have no talent. The show started slow with the characters just walking along, but then they started dancing and it became so much fun! Bagus even let Jenny and I have the bottle of wine Ginger got us for our anniversary(yes even though it was in January but he didn't need to know that) with out the corking fee!!! I love these guys!


Touring the Oceaneer's Club

Taking a bath before dinner... It was easier to just get in with them then kneel outside the tub and hold them, since they can't sit up on their own yet.

Taking the scooter and side car to O'Gills!

Our Trophy!!!

Our last dinner with the team!

Next up: Heading home...
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Looks like you all are having a great time!
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Boys are so cute. I have twin boys too. They will be 8 when we go on our 1st cruise this August. Thanks for sharing your trip. Brought back memories of my boys at that age.
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Hi, we are taking our now 8 month old baby on his first Disney cruise in June so your report is very helpful I was wondering how you got on with the food on the ship as I was planning on bringing some Ella's pouches, but was wondering if I needed to or is the stuff you can get for babies on the ship sufficient? TIA
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Earning My Ears
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Originally Posted by Riothecat View Post
Hi, we are taking our now 8 month old baby on his first Disney cruise in June so your report is very helpful I was wondering how you got on with the food on the ship as I was planning on bringing some Ella's pouches, but was wondering if I needed to or is the stuff you can get for babies on the ship sufficient? TIA
We brought some formula so my DW could pump and dump following some dinner cocktails and we also brought pouches. The pouches were great because the boys had not been on solids long, it was way easier than asking for purée's, and the staff at Small World Nursery could feed them solids from the pouches if it was feeding time during their stay in the nursery. So my advice would be to definitely bring the pouches. They are small so they don't take up much room and are just as easy to bring back if you don't use them! That being said the crew is very accommodating and can really do anything to help you.
Feel free to ask any more questions!!!

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Thanks for all the great info on traveling with an infant (or two). Will be on the Dream and at BLT after with my 10 month old grandson for the first cruise and WDW stay (Although my daughter and I took him to DL for 2 days at 6 mos.) We are signed up for ISW for dinner for 3 of the 4 nights and brunch too. Looking forward too it even more now that I happened upon your trip report. How hard can it be, there is only one of him and 3 of us!
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