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Old 03-31-2013, 02:27 PM   #16
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I double ziplok things that might possibly leak like sunscreen or make-up. I put a small quantity of medications to take with me and put some in suitcase. I pack dryer sheets and laundy detergent sometimes. I pack the really big ziploks for wet swim clothes if needed. And the giant ones for the laundromat if you plan to use it.

Originally Posted by photos_101 View Post
I have never flown before and it has been years since DH has. I need some advice and tips on packing!
Basically, I need your tips on what to take in my carry-on and what to put in checked bags. We will be flying out at 8:30am, arriving at Orlando at about noon. Going straight to POP to check in and then off to the parks! Since we have always had our car and could just leave bags in the trunk, thus at least had them accessible as soon as we arrived at the resort, I am a little lost as what to keep with me during the flight/arrival.
So please give me your tips on what to keep in my carry-on so that it will be with me upon arrival at the resort/parks.

I don't want to be stuck buying over priced necessities at the giftshops that I 'should' have just had in my carry on. That would be an unnecessary budget buster!!

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Old 04-01-2013, 04:12 PM   #17
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Pack your chargers in your carry-on also (phone, camera, computer, etc.) In fact, if you only put one thing in your carry-on, make sure it is your phone charger...because as soon as you don't have it with you, you will need it.

I like the PP advice "everything you will need before you wake up the next morning" but in addition I would say, "anything that will make you cry if you lose it." ...and I mean really cry, like your jewelry, your computer, your bathing suit.

Oh - bathing suit! Let me modify my earlier advice - if you put TWO things in your carry-on, let it be your phone charger and your bathing suit, because it is impossible (for me) to find a bathing suit on short notice, and you may want it before your luggage shows up.

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Old 04-01-2013, 04:45 PM   #18
Everyone must have gotten a life in the last few days
As you can see, I have gotten sidetracked
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Put your ziploc with your liquids on the top of your carry on stuff -- you'll have to pull it out and put it in a bin with your shoes. While you're in line for security, take off your belt, and put it and EVERYTHING in your pockets into the carry on. Don't just toss it in the bin that goes through the scanner. Untie your shoes.

Coming home, pack the same way -- anything valuable stays with you. My DSIL brought good jewelry with her on a trip to Mexico (why, I have no idea...), and it was stolen out of her luggage (her carryon was too big, and they had her check it -- why she didn't take the jewelry out and throw it in her purse, I don't know -- a cautionary tale)! Also, if you collect snowglobes or buy one as a gift -- these CAN'T go in your carry on. You'll be a sad puppy. Either ship them home (shipping cost is reasonable) or pack them REALLY well in your checked luggage.

Bring food on the plane - a sandwich, crackers and cheese, anything non-liquid. These days, you just don't know if you'll have a delay on the runway. Buy a bottled beverage or like a PP said, bring a refillable water bottle and fill it before you get on the plane,for the same reason.

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Old 04-01-2013, 10:46 PM   #19
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oh and gels! besides liquids gels must be a certain size and in a bag. that includes lip gloss (many a woman has lost hers at airport security) and my mother had a pudding cup confiscated because it is considered a gel not a solid and was too big and not in a bag.
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Old 04-02-2013, 05:07 PM   #20
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Don't be alarmed if your bag gets pulled by TSA for inspection. Ours was pulled on our last trip. They thought we had a knife in it. I'm not sure what looked like a knife on their screen, but they took everything out of the bag and searched it thoroughly. This is why you have to allow time before your flight. We didn't mind a bit (we had plenty of time). It's the world we live in now...
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Old 04-02-2013, 06:46 PM   #21
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I also print off anything I might need for the trip......reservation at resort, airline information for the trip, ADR's, rental car info. anything like that. That goes in my carry on.


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Old 04-02-2013, 07:16 PM   #22
Cdn Friends of Pooh
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We also were required to remove our shoes
ctober is our favorite time of year!!
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Originally Posted by amylevan View Post
I know lots of people pack pajamas and an entire outfit in their carryon in the event of lost luggage. We don't. There just isn't enough room in our carryons for airplane entertainment and snacks, park stuff, plus outfits. In the event it ever happens to us, we'll have to buy an outfit or 2 until the luggage is located. It's not like we're heading somewhere where there isn't access to a walmart in an emergency.
That happened to us last trip to the World in October ... we had a short layover - we made it but our luggage didn't. Nothing like getting to Orlando and hearing your name called over the speaker only to find your luggage didn't get there. They were putting it on the next plane however we wouldn't get it until early the next morning. The airline did give us each a kit with necessities like toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant and a comb. Then our luggage didn't arrive the next morning as promised and we had to track it down (we found the airline dropped it off at the wrong resort) but thanks to Disney Bell Services, we had our luggage within an hour of us waking up.

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Old 04-02-2013, 07:38 PM   #23
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I always make sure to have a pair of socks in my carry-on. That way if I am wearing dress shoes or sandals I can slip the socks on after I take off my shoes to walk through security. I just don't like the idea of walking across the floor and standing in the scanner where hundreds of other people in bare feet have stood that day.

I am also one who is always cold and the air on the floor of the planes is really chilly. Occasionally, I will already be wearing thin socks but will put the thicker socks on over them while on the plane.
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Old 04-02-2013, 11:28 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by Sagginit View Post
if you get cold you will definitely want to wear warmer clothes. i typically bring a scarf that can function as a wrap. if you will be on in the early am and want to snooze i bring an eye mask, wear a hoddie (to put up), and earplugs. i use the scarf as a blanket and bring something to use as a pillow.

remember to pack the carry on with the items you will use on the top/side. don't count on being able to get into the bag if its in the overhead bin while on the flight.

i always bring snacks as you can't count on the airline to have food and most charge A LOT for it.

my lost luggage tip is to put your name and contact details inside too .i typically put a card in the mesh pocket in the front of it or tape it to the inside lid. luggage tags outside can get knocked off.
oh and make sure you weigh the checked pieces and check the sizes so you dont have any extra fees.

have fun, i love flying.
bolding is mine...
I write our name, home address, and our cell phone numbers on an index card and then I have them taped (using clear packing tape) to the inside of the suitcase. I have heard if they have to open the suitcase as lost luggae they will look for contact info so I figure a cell # will be a better contact. I used to have our home phone # on the card until we did away with our landline. But I think this is a fabulous piece of advice for all airline travelers. I even do this with my carryon just in case it would have to be 'gate checked' at the last second because of a lack of cabin space or maybe because someone else accidently grabbed it. I figure it never hurts to have it identified too many ways.

I always pack at least a couple of outfits and plenty of undergarments. I can't just run out and find outfits easily, esp bras and I like particular underwear that I buy from a particular store. If you could live with running to a store like Walmart then you will be fine, but if not, I would pack some clothes. Walmart stuff won't fly with me, so I pack clothes in my carryon. If you have a good rolling carryon bag, it is amazing how much it will hold!! But I don't do the quart size because that just doesn't hold all I need. I put all that stuff in my checked luggage, except a deodorant and sunscreen.
Good Luck with your packing. I'm sure you'll do fine! Enjoy your trip!!
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Old 04-03-2013, 09:14 AM   #25
DIS Veteran
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Originally Posted by kellydizfan View Post
4 oz's or less and in a quart size zip lock baggie. Roll your clothes in your suitcase, put socks in shoes, other small items in shoes in the suitcase. Pack anything of value in your carryon other than liquid or sharp items. Remember to pack your souvenirs in carryon going home. Don't pack in checked luggage or you wont have them when you get home. Remember bag must be small enough to fit under seat in front of you or up top. Weight is a big factor in your checked luggage also.
Liquids must be 3.4 oz or less.
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Old 04-03-2013, 09:21 AM   #26
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Thanks everyone! I am making a list. We are flying southwest so we each get 2 free checked bags. Since we are only staying 4nights, I don't think we will need much. We are pretty simple people, won't have time for any 'nice' sit down meals this time (that will happen in Aug) so basic clothing should do.

I did just find out that my DS will be flying Delta and they charge $25 for each checked bag (each way!!). So I am wondering if it is possible to just pack him a carryon with all his stuff. He recently went on a 4day trip and managed to pack all in his carryon for that roadtrip. So I am sure it is possible. I am just not sure how the airlines feel about taking a carryon as your basic luggage (does that make sense? lol) The carryon bag does fit in the guidelines so should not be an issue there.

His teacher suggested that we take his luggage as one of our checked bags (cause we will not need all 4 for us) if possible. However, that would mean lugging it to his resort once it was delivered to us at our resort. Seems like a pain!

After 6 trips packed in a car trunk, we have learned how to pack and utilize it very well! lol We have packing down to a science.

I will begin to look at our liquids/gels to make sure they are in the right sizes. And now have a list going of what to put in our carryon and what to put in our checked bags.
I do think I will put an extra set of clothes for my DS in one of our bags just in case something happens to his luggage. He has a connecting flight and from what I have read, they put all carryons in the checked bag area?..IDK, but I think I read it like that.
He will be at a different resort but we could always get it to him pretty quickly if need be.

Soo much more to think about when flying vs. driving. We will be driving down for our Aug trip (19hrs but we love it). It really saves money driving when it is all 4 of us. But I am anxious to know what it will be like flying and getting there in 2 1/2hrs. PLUS..we like having our car to do what we want, when we want. I may feel kinda lost, having to depend upon disney busses for everything this time. lol
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Old 04-06-2013, 01:41 AM   #27
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Personally, we don't bring many travel size liquids that could go in my carry on. I guess some hand lotion for in flight. Since there's 4 of us, we always need regular size shampoo, toothpaste, etc. I put all of these in gallon size ziploc bags so they don't leak onto my clothes. I also pack some extra ziplocs just in case.

OP, try not to stress too much. I don't know where you usually drive from but for us it would be a 20 hr drive one way. Dh would probably rather have surgery. Root canal at least. You will be amazed how fast you get there.

I try not to carry on a lot. I can't stand competing for overhead space. I prefer a small tote bag with our medicines, lotion, chapstick, a bathing suit, (I'd never want to have to shop for that on vacay! For guys it's easy so I check those.) and my tablet to watch movies in flight. Of course when our kids were little, we packed a lot more for inflight necessities.
Many airlines that usually charge for checked bags will allow passengers to gate check a carry on bag for free. USAirways & Airtran do anyway. If you consider doing this, keep some extra ME tags on hand so you don't have to make a special trip to baggage claim for 1 little bag.

Also keep in mind most shoes are heavy. If you put them in a big suitcase, you'll go overweight quickly. I try to keep shoes in a smaller wheeled carryon.

Good luck & enjoy!

ps. If after this trip, you find you never want to drive again, this is a great little luggage scale that makes it so easy to not overpack.

Here's some more pics.
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Old 04-06-2013, 07:53 PM   #28
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Posts: 247

Driving...We drive about 19hrs one way. We WILL be driving in Aug and Dec. So far I already miss being able to drive this time. DH LOVES to drive. And we don't really mind the hrs it takes (been 6x's and drove all of them).
We always drive most of one day and stay overnight somewhere.
The plus is that I can take what I want and there are no rules to what is allowed. LOL

Anyways, this time there is no time to drive. It is a short trip and we need to get there fast so we can have more time in the parks/resort.

I don't really anticipate needing anything before our luggage would arrive. We will get to MCO at appx. 12:45pm. So looking at packing a small carryon with a few things of importance (change of clothes! for sure). We are flying southwest and get 2 free checked bags each, which is more than we would take for a 2week disney vacation. So I am thinking we will put most everything in the checked bags.
I am learning so much about packing/flying from you all. So much useful info!
The only 'positive' I am looking forward to with flying is that my DD will be there working for the fall program. And flying will make it so much easier to do a quick visit if (I really mean WHEN lol) I miss her so much that I can't stand it any longer.
Honestly, with 4 of us (2adults, 2 young adults) it is way cheaper and easier to drive. I must say that alot of our 'remember when' moments are while on the drive to Disney. Great memories that we laugh about all the time.

I have the disney 3pc luggage set. One is a wheeled carryon size, so one of those should work for all our carryon needs. DH will take the camera bag and of course I will have my handbag. I am thinking I may need to invest in an ipad for the flight also, just to keep me entertained.
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