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Old 02-16-2013, 01:29 PM   #421
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Originally Posted by a1tinkfans View Post
Pls dont let the nasties (that can hide behind computer screens ) deter you from speaking your mind...seriously...who cares what anyone else thinks anyway...
As a long time member of the DIS I have even found that sometimes what we "think" we're saying doesnt always come out the way we actually meant it, KWIM? I can say from first hand experience that Ive made that "oops"
I guess that Id rather think about the good in people...life is TOO short!
There really are some of the nicest HELPFUL people here ..on the DIS

I wonder if some of these posters would say the things they are saying in perosn if it wasn't for the anonymity of the internet....
Anyhoo, just wanted to welcome you aboard
Enjoy your weekend!!
Originally Posted by Robbi View Post
Nah,even if you have a perfect life, someone will find a negative and blast you.

We have 3 kids. One is a lawyer, one is a salesman, and one is a hair dresser. All 3 are happy. If our daughter decides one day to stay home and raise kids, good for her, if she decides to work, good for her. The same goes for our 2 sons. If they marry and decide to become Mr. Moms, yay, if their wives stay home, yay, if they all want to work, yay. Once they've grown up it isn't a decision for me to make. It's whatever works for them and their families.

I've been SAHM mom and I've enjoyed it. It worked for us. My SILs were working moms because that fit their families and they've enjoyed their jobs.
We've all done our very best at parenting our children and in the end, that's what matters.
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Old 02-16-2013, 03:04 PM   #422
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Originally Posted by NHdisneylover View Post
Community colleges are not free. Higher education in the states is very pricey. We are US citizens but currently reside in Germany, which means we do not get "in state" tuition anywhere. DD16 will be heading back to the US for college in just over 2 years. It looks like, at beast, for full room, board and tuition and a state school we will pay around $25000 for a year. Some of the private liberal arts colleges she is looking at would run about $60,000.
Wow! That's insane!! $60,000 auch! And I thought that $20,000 were alot of money.

Originally Posted by Southernmiss View Post
$20,000 is accurate for a state college.

My DS is a freshman in one of our in state colleges. He receives a lower rate because he is a resident of the state the college is in.

His tuition, course fees, housing and meal plan (notice no books) was $7512 for the fall semester--August to December. He had scholarships to cover that plus expenses. As you have read earlier, scholarships are becoming very difficult. He's very fortunate to have been able to receive what he has.

I am not sure what the out of state rate would be for our state colleges. This is probably on the low end of middle of the scale price for colleges. I haven't looked into community college recently, so I don't know what those rates are.
Okay... Well that is a lot of money. But it is great that he has been lucky enough to get a scholarship.
The $20,000 I would pay is said to be very cheap, because there the school is covering 50% - so the real price is actually $40,000.
But I actually thought it was pretty "easy" to get a scholarship! If you have some good grades and so on. But from reading this thread it seems to be very hard - and something that you would be very lucky to recieve.

Originally Posted by Colleen27 View Post
I'm in college now (again ). It varies from state to state because some subsidize education to a greater extent than others, but in mine community college costs about $5000 per year for two semesters of a full time courseload. That's tuition, books, and fees but no living expenses. The public universities I'm considering for transfer both run in the neighborhood of $14,000 per year for the same - tuition, books, and fees, not including housing or room & board. Including room & a meal plan, $20,000 per year sounds a little on the low side. I'd guess more like $22-23K.
Hmmm.... The $5,000 seams pretty cheap compared to many of the others. But that must be because it's a community college? Here in Denmark community colleges has a bad reputation. It is said to be very lousy. That the teaching is bad and that it is just low standard. I have no idea if that's true - guess not!

I just feel very lucky that I am from Denmark. Education is free and you don't have to speculate about saving to get a good education. (Even though we pay ALOT of tax money every year, I still think we are very fortunate - and every one gets a chance, no matter where they grew up. But you really can't compare the US to Denmark - or any other country)
I graduate from High School (gymnasium) this summer and I'm considering to study medicin. If I had lived in the US it would not have been an oppurtunity for me. My mother is a single mother and a teacher. We have never been poor, but I don't think it would have been possible for me nor my mom to pay over $20,000 each year for my education. (Of course I also need to pay for books and a apartment/room, which easily can cost over $10,000/year)

Thanks for replying to my post!
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Old 02-16-2013, 10:09 PM   #423
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Originally Posted by Disneyqueendenmark View Post
Hmmm.... The $5,000 seams pretty cheap compared to many of the others. But that must be because it's a community college? Here in Denmark community colleges has a bad reputation. It is said to be very lousy. That the teaching is bad and that it is just low standard. I have no idea if that's true - guess not!

In my experience, community colleges are great in the US. I have a master's degree from a university, but took a few classes from our local community college to add a teaching endorsement to my license, and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the teachers/programs. I was pleasantly surprised!! The community college where I live works closely with the universities nearby to make sure that the credits transfer. I think in the US it is a great route to go to save money on your college education.
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Old 02-17-2013, 02:58 PM   #424
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Originally Posted by Disneyqueendenmark View Post
Hmmm.... The $5,000 seams pretty cheap compared to many of the others. But that must be because it's a community college? Here in Denmark community colleges has a bad reputation. It is said to be very lousy. That the teaching is bad and that it is just low standard. I have no idea if that's true - guess not!
Just like universities, the quality of community colleges vary from place to place and school to school. But the main reason they're so cheap is because they offer much less than universities - only lower-division (freshman/sophomore) classes, far fewer clubs and extracurriculars, often no sports at all, fewer physical facilities, etc. You generally can't get a bachelor's degree that way - you can get an associates or take the general studies requirements for transfer to a 4 year university, and save some money on your first two years, but after that you're stuck looking at university prices.
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Originally Posted by gjl View Post
I'm new to the DIS boards, and I simply do not understand this WOHM vs. SAHM debate that I see on these threads. In "real life", my SAHM friends and WOHM friends have a mutual respect for each other. We ALL LOVE OUR KIDS, and most of us are doing what's best for them. I don't understand the mentality that SAHMs are "less" and I don't understand the mentality of WOHMs are just working for the big screen TV.

This^^^ and all the other nastiness in posts. I'm new as well and it seems if you have any debt and "gasp" still go on vacation, don't have a perfect "pixie dust filled" time at WDW, kids graduating valedictorian with full rides to college or don't fully research the thousands of posts on the board before you ask a question, etc you see some awful responses. I just don't get it!
Welcome to the DIS boards. There are a lot of miserable people here or people who just want to stir the pot from behind a computer screen. May I suggest that you frequent the Trip Report Boards. People are a lot nicer there. A LOT!

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Old 02-17-2013, 06:49 PM   #426
I want to live at Disney World!!
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We started saving for our kids college back when they were pretty young.

We paid for a substantial amount of their college, but they also both worked while going to college, and chipped-in what they could to help.

They attended community college the first two years (which saved quite a bit of money), and then transferred to state college for the remainder of their college years.
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