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Old 01-31-2012, 09:15 AM   #136
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Originally Posted by frugalwitch View Post
What tips for a disabled person in a wheelchair? We will be on deck 11, my Momma cannot walk downstairs at all. Both my husband and I have very bad back problems, so picking her up and carrying her down is out of the question
Any advice?
Talk to the CMs at the muster station. I know they have special slings which will allow them the carry wheelchair passengers up to the deck, and there are lots of cast members. Also, explain the situation and send an email to . I'm sure they'll be able to tell you what the proper procedure is, and then they'll know your situation in advance so the CMs can be made aware of your situation.
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i have lots of little ones so another thing this made me think about was formula and bottles...for the most part i always take a couple diapers and enough formula for 2 bottles to carry around the ship but this makes me reconsider and start carrying about double won't take up hardly any more room in the diaper bag and would give me enough in an emergency since i would assume no bottles/formula in the emergency rations!

Thanks for all the advice! Even though an emergency is unlikely just some of these little tips could come in handy...especially with my older kids...i have never really sat them down and talked to them about where to go in an emergency while they roam the ship without us...i will correct that next time!!!
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Old 01-31-2012, 10:25 PM   #138
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Originally Posted by frugalwitch View Post
What tips for a disabled person in a wheelchair? We will be on deck 11, my Momma cannot walk downstairs at all. Both my husband and I have very bad back problems, so picking her up and carrying her down is out of the question
Any advice?
When you do the muster drill for the first time, there wil be CMs in every stairwell. Theyll direct you on where to go and how to get there. There are plans in place to deal with those who are mobility challenged.
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Old 02-01-2012, 11:46 PM   #139
extechie rbd/wdt
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"our most recent Disney cruise is the only time a crew member directed us to go the wrong way to find our muster station. There aren't that many muster stations, and you'd think the crew would be trained better than that. Yes, I should have reported her, but I didn't realize we'd been given incorrect information til we had to go another direction, and there wasn't time before the drill to go back and get her name and/or correct her."

Originally Posted by extechie rbd/wdt View Post

If that happen's again, please please do report it after the drill.
You do not need the name of the CM to report the mistake, just where you asked them. (they are assigned an area to direct Guest's during the drill and in the case of emergency so they will know who that CM is.)
Do not worry about not wanting to get that CM dismissed from not being able to complete her emergency duty, but is she or another CM get's flustered when being asked question's during an emergency, then there are other duties she or he could be assigned to that still help the safe accurate evacuation and another CM can be trained to take their place.

You Guest's are the real deal, and the cruise line NEED your feed back on the CM's from everything from the food, the service, the politeness, the courtesy, AND their training! Especially Safety Training.
If you feel something is lacking, then please point it out to the CM, but also (unless they give a reasonable explanation for it) please also visit GS.
If you feel it is a serious mistake (like being sen't to the wrong Lifeboat Station, please as to speak to the Officer at GS. If they BS you, then also ask to meet with the Safety Officer.

I'm not trying to cause them any extra work or aggravation, but if mistake's like being sent to the wrong LifeBoat are made, they NEED to be reported so they can be addressed and corrected for everyone's safety.

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Old 02-01-2012, 11:49 PM   #140
extechie rbd/wdt
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Just thought that it might be equally appropriate over on this thread as well.

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Old 02-12-2012, 08:08 PM   #141
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Looking to see if any modifications have been made with the muster drill or emergency procedures with recent cruisers.
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extechie rbd/wdt
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Com_op_2000 posted 1 new reg the other day:

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Thanks extechie.
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So probably not much changed at DCL, as they usually do their drills before departure. At least at PC, maybe they moved the drill to the next morning on the Alaska itineraries because of late departure?

On a HAL cruise out of Seward, dinner was served later so the drill could be done before departure, but because of some delayed flights, some passengers still arrived while the drill was in progress or even after, those had to attend a drill the next morning. Downside of this was that we were at dinner when the ship left the port.
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Old 12-30-2012, 04:40 PM   #145
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I figured Id bump the thread, and cleaned it up a little bit. Theses are the ideas/tips given by various Disers broken down into groups. I also aded a section on rough seas jic.
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Old 12-30-2012, 04:41 PM   #146
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Cruise Ship Safety

In the unlikely event of an emergency, short of a fire, or collision, the general alarm may not sound right away until the Capt is informed by the appropriate crew members the severity of the issue. Do not panic and respond to any emergency pages made for crew.
Guest's would be instructed (most likely via the emergency paging system, speaker's in all Stateroom's, venues, general area's and deck's) to either return to their Stateroom or just stay put where ever they are.
Once whatever situation has been assessed and only then if necessary would the general alarm be sounded. In addition I would expect several message's instructing you to do certain thing's, walk don't run, go immediately to your assigned lifeboat station and the like.
Try to keep as calm as possible and even stop and listen to the announcements if necessary. They maybe telling you NOT to go to a certain area!
Do not go in search of other family members or people within your party. Go to the assigned lifeboat station and meet there.
If you are instructed to return to your Stateroom or are already in there, bring flat soled shoes, any medication and warm clothing along with your lifejacket.
In any emergency, go where the crew tells you. Go directly there. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not go back to your cabin unless told to do so. There are reasons that the crew will tell you to do things, and they may not have time to tell you that, sorry your cabins burning and the fire and water tight doors are closed nearby.

If you have kids, go where the crew tells you. The counselors will bring your kids to you. Don’t go running around the ship looking for them. It’s hard enough to pick 1 family out of a crowd, even harder if you’re a moving target.
Be prepared for anything and stay calm during everything. There's plenty of time to panic and become hysterical after it's all over and you're replaying it in your head!
Always meet at the muster station, don't go back to the stateroom, unless otherwise told to do so by the crew!! Your muster station is on your KTTW card so it will be easy to remember even if they are worried. If they are in the stateroom, go to the nearest stairs.
Do NOT use the ELEVATORS. They take too long and in the case of power failure, the last thing the crew needs is to rescue someone from the elevator. Use the stairs.
No pushing, fighting biting kicking and screaming in the stairs. In the end, it doesn’t help.
Try and keep a mental image of where you are on the ship at any given time. It could make the difference. Keep in mind, the closest exit, door or stairs may be behind you.
If you are on the stairs, after you get where you need to be, get off them and away from the landings. You won’t know if any of the crew needs them, or if others are coming down behind you.
The crew and officers, especially at Disney are VERY well trained. They are going to be your go to people for everything. So listen to their instructions.
The ship has emergency lighting that run's on batteries (locally and remotely) in the event of power failure. There is low level led lighting on all Guest staircases, emergency exits along with the exit signs. Fluorescent strips will be found in some of the crew area's you may be directed to use in an emergency.
Also if you can, to help another passenger who is having problems would be the proper thing to do, just a hand to hold or a little support could go a long way to help keep someone and traffic moving to the muster stations or open decks.

In your Cabin
There is a safety video on Channel 224 (check if this is the channel for all ships)
Close the door and read it. On the back is all of the information you will need in the unlikely event of an emergency.
Check your stateroom life preservers for amount and sizes.
Try your life vest on, make sure you tighten all the straps, and they are not flying around or trailing to be tripped over. If you are traveling with an infant, or need a different size, ask your stateroom host(ess). They can bring more.

Keep cell phone handy for a source of light.
Thoroughly educate your children, age appropriate of course, about what to do in the event of an emergency
Check your PFD’s (personal flotation device) (Life Jackets) Even though no longer required to bring to drill, TRY THEM ON, both for fit and to familiarize yourself with donning them.
Do remember, though, that you may NOT be able to return to a particular stateroom in an emergency. In passing, and as you greet various crewmembers at the beginning of your cruise, inquire politely as to locations of "alternate" PFD's
Discuss emergency situations with family. If you've never done a home assessment and emergency or fire planning with them, do one! Then they'll have some familiarity with what to do, and you can extrapolate that when on a ship. The time to plan is NOT when you're up to your neck in water


On the off chance there’s a fire somewhere, don’t go charging out of your cabin, and head on your way to the muster station or where ever you’ve been told. Stop. Check the cabin door with the back of your hand. If the door is hot, don’t open it. Call the security number and tell them where you are. Place wet towels under the door, and then back away from it.

If the door is cool (always always always use the back of your hand) open the door slowly, stay low and look into the hallway. If there is smoke, stay low, preferably on your hands and knees, and keep contact with the wall. Keep a shoulder or hand on it. If the smoke is too bad, don’t leave your cabin, call security and tell them where you are. Again place wet towels under your door.

Person Overboard/Person(s) in the water
If you see someone jump/fall overboard, boat in distress, etc.
Keep an eye them at all times. If one is near throw a life ring towards the person. Have someone nearby call a crew member to alert the bridge. But don’t take your eyes off of them if you can help it. It’s next to impossible to find them again.

Lifeboats/Muster Station
Once at your lifeboat station, keep as quiet as possible and listen to the CM's instructions.
You may not ever actually need to board the lifeboat as the situation may change and be brought under control.
If instructed to board the lifeboat, do so in an orderly manner. The boat needs to be loaded evenly, Stateroom number checked off so listen to the CM's and do as they say.

Unless you are on a TA crossing, you are only a few hours away from other ship's and vessels.
The lifeboats have emergency equipment and rations onboard, water and energy food bars along with flashlights, flares, mirrors for signaling etc.
Go to the drill.
Pay attention.
Ask questions.
Try on your life jacket.
Know where your muster station is.
Remember the crew is trained on emergency procedures. Listen to them.

Always know where your nearest exit is
Count the number of rows to your nearest exit
Listen to the safety announcement
Shoes on for takeoff and landing (if you have to evacuate its easier in shoes)
If you have to evacuate leave all carryons behind (if the aircraft is on fire you have a limited time to get out don’t let your purse slow you down)
Takeoff and landing always push all carryon’s under the seat in front of you, if you have to evacuate you don’t want anything to trip you
If you are sat at an emergency exit read the card and know how to open that exit window or door quickly
Know that in a smoke filled cabin the best air to breathe is at the armrest level so crouch down to evacuate
Wear your seatbelt anytime you are sat down (clear air turbulence can hit anytime....)
If you are in the aisle during turbulence find the nearest seat if it’s so bad that you are having difficulty standing and there’s no empty seats nearby then sit on the floor and hold on
Seatbelts should be worn tight and low for takeoff and landing

Scan copies of passports, DL's, Birth/Marriage certificates for everyone, give one of each copy to your emergency contact, and email one of each to yourself. If you have a cell phone with a camera, take pictures of each

Don't be afraid to ask for help if they need it. It's one time it's okay to talk to strangers! Most adults will willingly stop and help kids. (These are in the unlikely event of an emergency, separation from parents or CMs etc.)

Know the names (preferably generic) and doses of your medications.

If you have a chronic or serious medical condition, wear a Medic Alert Bracelet, dog tag, whatever. This should apply for anyone who is diabetic, epileptic, has cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, or allergies

Rough Seas
In the unlikely event that a ship encounters rough seas,
Remove all small objects from the desk, tables, night stands etc. Put them somewhere secure. Especially if you see them moving already. Put them low to the cabin floor. In a drawer, closet etc. This includes phones, wave phones, clocks, fans, etc.
Do what the crew tells you to. If they tell you to stay in your cabin, STAY IN YOUR CABIN. There’s a reason. They don’t want you getting hurt walking around the ship. This is not a cue to get up leave your cabin and go sleep in the Atrium. In the passageways, you wont know what way the ship may roll or pitch next which could lead to a fall, broken limbs, etc.
If you are in a balcony cabin, close the blinds/drapes and stay away from the glass. Just in case something breaks.
Limit the amount of your movement in the cabin to absolutely necessary.

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Excellent, Truck1! Thank you.
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Originally Posted by Tonka's Skipper View Post
If for whatever reason you cannot get into a lifeboat, Try to stay with the ship as long as possible, dont rush to jump into the water. Teh vessel maybe listing or down by the head or stern, but she may just stay afloat a long time.

When you must leave, try to get as close to the water as possbile and slip or jump as short a height as possble into the water. Swim away from the ship and get to a lifeboat or raft.

Thanks. My friends laughed at me that I owned every worse case scenario book out there. But since we were all pilots, they of all people, should have understood my ability to feel safe was imbedded in my need to feel prepared!
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