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Old 12-05-2012, 01:42 PM   #16
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Day 4 Lunch at Be Our Guest and Dinner at Cooke's of Dublin

Today was a MK day. Crowds weren't to bad. We stayed in the Fantasyland and Tomorrowland areas and every ride except Under the Sea was a walk on. We had an ADR for Liberty Tree Tavern at the last minute called an audible and went to Be Our Guest instead. We had a 10-15 minute wait and that was mostly due to people trying to figure out the ordering system. You wait in line outside, then they let you in to wait in a second line to get to an ordering machine. As you pass into the ordering room you are given a red plastic puck with a rose embossed on it, the puck as somesort of locator inside of it so they can find your table to deliver your food. I have seen some reports of the ordering process going smoothly but I saw no sign of that LOL. They have 6 ordering station, 2 with a cashier to except cash and 4 that you operate yourself that except credit cards and DDP. I have never seen so many people who had shut their brains off in one place before LOL. To be fair, one of the things you have to do is scan your puck in order to tie it to your order and there is a little Mickey on one side of the puck that has to be placed just right in order for it to scan, but there are no real instructions on how to do that so there is a CM by each machine to guide you through the process. Seems to me that if a CM needs to help each person then that kind of defeats the purpose of self-ordering/payment machines. I was placed at a machine behind a young couple and you would have thought that the fate of the world rested with what this young lady choose for her beverage, she literally started to make a selection 4 different times only to yank her finger back and literally held her palm to her forehead while she rethought her pick. In reality, it didn't really matter because all beverages are self serve anyway, so she could have picked any fountain drink on the machine and then changed her mind at the beverage station LOL. For those of you who are waiting with baited breath...she eventually choose lemonade, the world is still here so apparently her choice was successful LOL.

Both Luanne and I ordered:

IMGP2597 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Potato Leek Soup

We both enjoyed this, it was very tastly and the leek wasn't overpowering. I prefer larger chucks of potato and this was more of a puree but I would certainly order it again.

For her main course Luanne ordered:

IMGP2596 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Braised Pork (Coq Au Vin style) - eight-hour slow-cooked pork with mushrooms, onions, carrots and bacon served with mashed potatoes and green beens jardiniere.

She really enjoyed this. The veggies were fully cooked and the pork was nice and tender. She doesn't eat muchrooms so I got the and I agree, it tasted very good.

I ordered:

IMGP2599 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Grilled Steak Sandwich - with garlic butter spread and pommes frites

The steak was nice and tender and had a nice flavor. The greens were very bitter so I took about half of them off. The fries were typical Disney fries. One thing I think would have made the sandwich better would be to serve it with au jus as there was a lot of bread and even with the garlic butter it was a bit dry.
The cart they bring your food to you on looks like this:

IMGP2602 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

On the whole we were impressed with the quality of the food, particularly for a CS and we will not hesitate to eat there again.

On our way to Under the Sea I stopped at Gaston's Tavern and got a:

IMGP2631 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
LeFou's Brew, Frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam.
This was very nice, not to sour, not to sweet. The foam really didn't add anything I felt, but I would certainly order this again.

For dinner we decided to give Cookes of Dublin another chance. For our first 2 or three trips Cookes was a must do for us, then we hit them on a bad night and have since skipped them for the past couple of years. The things I always looked forward to most where the mini battered sausages and the Irish Vintage Cheese and Bacon dip. Well on our last visit I opened my dip which is served hot and found a glob of goo in the center of the container surrounded by a watery liquid. I took it back to the counter and they gave me a different one, I opened it and same thing, took it back again and got another, this one still wasn't perfect but I was able to stir it up so that it was at least eadible. So I dipped one of my battered sausages and took a bite and the sausage was RAW in the middle! Took the whole mess back and got my money returned. So as I said we stopped going for awhile and finally decided that we had loved them so much we would give them another chance. So did they live up to our earlier expectation? Almost LOL

We both ordered the:

IMGP2706 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
The Original One & One - Fish & Chips
The fish was excellent, nice and flakey, all white fish. The batter was totally cooked through and had a nice crispy texture. The reason Cookes only "almost" redeemed themselves was that while the fries were hot and cooked through, they were removed from the fryer a bit to early so they were basically just limp. These are steak fries so they really need to be crispy on the outside while soft on the inside.

I also ordered:

IMGP2708 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Mini Irish Sausages

Again the fries were a dissapointment, but the battered sausages.... well they were the little battered bits of heaven I remember. Words cannot describe my love for these things, whomever created these little gems of mouth-watering goodness deserves a knighthood.

We both also ordered the:

IMGP2709 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Irish Vintage Cheese and Bacon Dip

Being a guy, I don't usually use words like devine... and I won't here either, but this stuff is darn good. This has bits of bacon mixed in with the cheese and both the battered sausages and fries are great when dipped in this, in fact, if its dippable it would probably be good dipped in this.

Well that wraps up another tastebud pleasing day at WDW.
Tune in next time when we discover a breakfast roll that puts the MainStreet Bakery cinnimon roll to shame and what kind of special fruit drink our Trails Inn server Donnell mixes for me when he sees all the sausage links I am eating.LOL
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Subscribed to your thread. You take great pictures and am enjoying your stories. The cart in BOG is the cutest thing ever.
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Old 12-05-2012, 10:21 PM   #18
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Originally Posted by CaliBear View Post
Subscribed to your thread. You take great pictures and am enjoying your stories. The cart in BOG is the cutest thing ever.
Thank you and welcome. We may be in your neck of the woods as we are thinking about a trip to DL in May.
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Old 12-05-2012, 10:30 PM   #19
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Great report. Looking forward to more.
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Originally Posted by nutz2notz View Post
Great report. Looking forward to more.
Thank you!
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Day 5

Welcome to day 5.

Before I get started I forgot one pic from Day 4. I got a popcorn bucket to take back to the condo, here it is:

IMGP2717 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Can't beat Disney popcorn.

Ok on to Day 5. We had originally planned to spend the day at DHS, but a benefit of spending 2 weeks here is that we can change things up. We actually did head to DHS, We were running a bit late and were just pulling into the parking lot at 9 and we noticed that one lot was totally full and the next lot was already abut 3/4s full. We had been counting on a low crowd so we decided that we would just take a day off from the parks and rest up. We were wondering what to do about breakfast and realised that we could make up our Trails End breakfast buffet that we had missed earlier in the week, so off we went. Was no trouble getting in and we were immediately shown to a table. Now I bet your asking youself "what could he possibly be talking about when he mentioned a breakfast roll that beats Mainstreet Bakery's cinnimon roll??!!? Well I am talking about this little beauty:

IMGP2720 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

this is a pecan caramel cinnimon roll and it was wonderful. Oowie, goowie awesomeness on a plate, and whats more, you can have as many as you want or can handle.

The next couple of pics are my 2 plates, Luannes were similiar:

IMGP2721 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

IMGP2723 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
The scrambled eggs were decent, maybe slightly over cooked but not bad. The hashbrowns were perfect, not to soft and not to crunchy. The bacon was much better than normal Disney bacon, this was thick and meaty with good flavor. The eggs benedict on the second plate was good, now remember these were sitting on a buffett and yet the egg was perfect! The honeydew was bad, not ripe at all. On both plates you notice biscuits and gravy and sausage likes. First off the biscuits and gravy... the buscuits were very good, firm but soft at the same time and the gravy was very flavorful with chucks of sausage in it. Now I love gravy, on the first plate you see it on the biscuits, eggs and hashbrowns, I have always thought that gravy should be considered as one of the major food groups. The link sausage ohhhhh the link sausage, words fail me, I LOVE Disney link sausage. I can't find sausage like this anywhere at home, I have looked high, I have looked low, I have even looked in the grocery store sausage case, it simply does not exist in my part of the country. As I mentioned at the end of my day 4 post, our server, Donnell, who is a robustly built gentleman like myself, must have became concerned when he saw all the sausage I was putting away so he took it upon himself to mix up a special concoction of fruit juices that he then placed in front of me (I thought I took a picture, but apparently not) saying that it was something he drank and it was good for my heart and proceded to name all the vitimins that it contained including several that I didn't know existed LOL. It was a mix of orange juice, cranberry juice and some other juices that I have forgotten, the color was a purpley lilacy color that I have never seen before. I drank it down and some 12 hours later the sausage has failed to do me in, so it must have worked! Over my 6 or so trips to WDW I have experienced many instances of Disney magic performed by CM, but this is the first time one has taken the time to involve himself in my heart health, so kudos to Donnell.

Back at the condo we took it easy, some naps, some reading, I updated my day 4 food review and the day passed quickly but relaxing. Dinnertime was approaching and we had an ADR for Ohana. We were still full from breakfast, but you have to cancel Ohana 24hrs in advance or suffer the costly penelty. Well we were not looking forward to all that food, but we hopped in the car and off we went wondering how we could possibly do justice to another all you can eat meal......we shouldn't have worried. We checked in and then waited for about 30 minutes before we were seated. We told our seater to skip the bread as we still weren't that hungry. Luanne ordered her standby polmegranate lemonade and I had ice tea. Now we lucked out with our servers, as any of you who have eaten at Ohana know, most of the time the food comes at you fast and furious, but our servers weren't out to win any races, the food came at a steady but fairly sedate pace. To start off with they brought the salad with honey-lime dressing (Luanne loves this and finished off most of the bowl).

IMGP2728 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

Next up was the Pork fried dumplings and Corriander chicken wings. Luanne ate some of the wings, but I don't care fore then, to sweet for my taste. I however ate plenty of the dumplings and asked for more. I know these look dried out and overcooked, but they really aren't. The wrapper can be a little crunchy but I like that and the filling is really good.

IMGP2729 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

This was followed by the broccoli and pad Thai noodles. Luanne enjoyed the broccoli, I didn't have any, I was saving myself for bigger and better things. The pad Thai noodles are good BUT on our very first visit to Ohana they still had the Muai potatos and those were party in your mouth good and the noodles just can't compare.

IMGP2730 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

We noticed on this visit that they are bringing the above items in less quanity than before and thats a great idea since we could rarely eat it all and it seemed very wasteful. Besides if you want more you can just ask.

Dipping sauces for the meats were peanut, chimichurri and sweet-and-sour and all were tasty.

IMGP2731 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

Tonights meats were chicken:

IMGP2732 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

Asian BBQ pork loin:

IMGP2734 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

Steak and shrimp

IMGP2736 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

All the meats were full of flavor and well cooked. Luanne had one piece of steak that was tough, but the rest was perfect.

On to dessert, 'Ohana bread pudding a la mode with Banana Foster sauce, but guess what, yep thats right, as I was pushing away my well scraped bowl I notice my camera giving me a dirty look, uh oh, no picture! I am sorry, but pictures are out there if you really need to see it. Now as to the bread pudding, well there is no way that this can be bread pudding, you see, I don't like bread pudding, so this can't be bread pudding and I don't understand why they would call it that when its not. But I do like like this, I like the ice cream that comes with it and then to top it all off, they slather banana foster sauce all over it, no really, with a bowl of that staring up at me, can I really be blamed for not taking a picture, I mean really??!!

Now as you know if you have read this review from the beginning you are aware that Luanne and I are celebrating our non-married aniversary and I promised to let you know about the celebration desserts many of the TS places bring you. Ohana is one of the restaurants that do this and it is nice little gesture, so they brought us this:

IMGP2737 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

A nice little vanilla cupcake, with white icing and sprinkles. No fancy flavors or fillings. It was moist and tasty and was about 1/3 the size of a normal disney cupcake, so we could actually eat it after all the food we had just put away.

Thats it for Day 5

What will tommorow bring, no idea, really I don't know, we have no ADRs so we will eat CS when we are hungry and then I will tell you all about it.
Till then...
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It's part of the charm
They go through some serious mayo there
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Love your reviews!

I agree WPE's meatloaf is "divine"! I always intend to try something else but always end up with the meatloaf! We enjoyed BOG as well, seven of us had dinner Thanksgiving week, the food is good, the decor beautiful, a very nice addition to MK!

I look forward to the rest of your trip!

P.S. I enjoy food porn, but I just haven't progressed to taking pictures of what we eat! Never mind that my 16 year old son shovels it in as if he were about to miss his bus!
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Originally Posted by BEASLYBOO View Post
Love your reviews!

I agree WPE's meatloaf is "divine"! I always intend to try something else but always end up with the meatloaf! We enjoyed BOG as well, seven of us had dinner Thanksgiving week, the food is good, the decor beautiful, a very nice addition to MK!

I look forward to the rest of your trip!

P.S. I enjoy food porn, but I just haven't progressed to taking pictures of what we eat! Never mind that my 16 year old son shovels it in as if he were about to miss his bus!
Thank you!! I enjoy the feedback I am getting, makes the time I spend on this worthwhile.
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Day 6

Welcome to day 6 of Eric and Luanne's food quest.

We had an open day built into the schedule today. We had considered heading to Busch Gardens in Tampa since we bought the Super Grover Pass which gives us access to Sesame Place (somewhere on the east coast), both Busch Gardens and all 3 Seaworlds. If you haven't heard of this pass and you are planning multiple visit to any of those parks, check it out, they were having a special deal (not sure it's still on) and it was only about $10 more than a single park season pass to any of those places, comes with great benefits too.
Anyway, since we bailed on DHS yesterday we decided to head back there. We got there just after rope drop and of course headed back to get the manditory FP to TSM and then did some wandering around. About 10 we realised that we hadn't eaten anything yet so went in search of breakfast. Early morning food options at DHS are scarce with The Writers Stop, Starring Rolls and Fairfax Fare being the only places open to my knowledge. We decided we wanted something hot or at least warm so the Fairfax Fare Egg, cheese and sausage muffin was what we decided on.

IMGP2787 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

Did we decided wisely? No, we did NOT! This thing was ...... well I was going to say terrible, but thats not accurate. The truth is, this sandwich had no flavor at all. The sausage did not taste of sausage, the egg did not taste of egg and the cheese... well apparently the nothingness of the egg and sausage flat out overpowered any taste the cheese might have brought to the show. In all seriousness, the only flavor of anything that I could detect was the corn meal that was dusting the english muffin so after adding catsup I was treated to that tantilizing flavor combination of catsup and cornmeal. At one point Luanne said that she might have just tasted a faint sausage taste, but I think she was having a taste memory from sausages past.

At some point in the day Luanne went into The Writers Stop and picked up one of these for later:

IMGP2893 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

The much reknowned Carrot Cake Cookie sandwich. It hasn't been eaten yet to my knowledge so I have nothing to report.

A few hours later we were getting hungry again, hopefully we would find something that actually tasted like it was supposed to taste. None of the CS appealed to us so I decided to try a walkup at 50s. I approached the guy at the counter who was dress up in 50s clothes and had an old fashioned box camera hanging from his neck, well I had MY camera hanging from MY neck so I figured "hey this guy is a kindred spirit, getting a table will be a piece of cake". OK, I delude myself sometimes, this was a no go. Well I refuse to admit defeat so I marched myself right over to SciFi Dine In and was told "sure we can fit you in, it'll be about 25 minutes". OK we can wait 25 minutes but in about 10 we were guided to our car table. OK, what sort of rail thin person are those car tables designed for, certainly not for a full-bodie boy such as myself. Well we wedged ourselves in and began trying to tilt the menu this way and that trying to get enough light to read it by, talk about dark! Apparently some long dorment nocturnal gene from our distant past kicked in and we were able to decide what we wanted.
We both ordered one of these:

IMGP2894 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

These were milkshakes made with orange sherbert called a Cosmic... something, I forgot and can't find the name online. But they were very good, tasted just like orange sherbert.
We also ordered an order of onion rings to share:

IMGP2895 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
These were great, the batter was crispy and the onions were fully cooked so they were nice and tender.
For our main course, we both ordered the Rueben, Luanne's with cucumber salad:

IMGP2899 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flick

Mine with fries:

IMGP2900 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

Mine is also sans sauerkraut as while I love the smell I hate the taste. Luanne enjoyed her meal, said everything was very good. I thought it was good too, there was more corned beef than I expected which was nice. The french fries were again typical Disney fries, at least they are consistant LOL

OK, funny story. Once a number of years ago I was in a restaurant and saw that there was a Rueben on the menu. I decided that a nice corned beef sandwich would hit the spot so what follows is the conversation I had with the waitress.
Me: I'll have a corned beef sandwich, please.
Her: We don't have corned beef sandwiches.
Me: But you have Ruebens?
Her: Yes
Me: But not corned beef sandwiches?
Her: No
Me: OK, I will have a Rueben with no sauerkraut.
I could see the wheels turning in her head as she walked away to submit my order.

OK, back to business, Luanne opted not to order dessert, but I had:

IMGP2901 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
The Apple Crumple, although I was hard pressed to find much crumble. But it tasted like apple crumble so maybe I was expecting to much. Anyway it was very good.

We decided not to get dinner in the park. On the drive back to the condo we remembered hearing about a Godfathers pizza in the area. Neither of us had had Godfathers Pizza in decades so we searched it out, we found it, it was booth inside a gas station!! OK option 2, we remembered reading good reviews of a pizza place called:

IMGP2907 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
So we went back to the condo, and placed an order for delivery. We both ordered:

IMGP2909 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Ceaser salads, These were great, nice fresh romain and the croutons weren't stale. The dressing was on the side so you could have as much or little as you want and was loaded with flavor.
The pizza we ordered:

IMGP2908 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Was their Bacon Double Cheeseburger pizza. While the crust was good, and the sauce was good, there really wasn't alot of meat, and what was there was basically just little granuals of beef, and I don't remember tasting any bacon. The pizza was surprising as I have seen rave reviews about Flippers on the Dis so while it wasn't bad, it certainly wasn't on the level I was expecting.
Well that pretty much wraps up Day 6.

Tommorow we will be at Seaworld. We are talking about getting the all-day dining plan they have there. We will also be staying for the Seaworld Christmas Celebration, which is fabulous, if you haven't been definately put it on your list next time your in the area for Christmas. Anyway, we will not be back til late so I may not get tomorrow posted until the weekend. But stayed tuned as I will be sure to fill you in on what Seaworld has to offer in the way of eats.

Til Next Time.........

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Am I wrong to want a cashier and bagger?
Chicken wings are his crack
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Love the reviews
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Love your reviews!

I had to comment on the sausage from Fairfax Fare...that things LOOKS like it would be tasteless. Seriously, the Weight Watchers sausage biscuit that I nuked this morning looks better than that.

I had to laugh about your Reuben story b/c as I was reading your review a lightbulb went off in my head that I might like a Reuben if it didn't have sauerkraut. I can't believe I never thought of that!

I also had to laugh about squeezing into the booths at SciFi. I just had twins 12 weeks ago and I *knew* it was getting bad when I didn't fit into the booth at Waffle House--that was my low. It is so true that not all booths are created equal.
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Originally Posted by dakcp2001 View Post
Love the reviews
Thank you!!

Originally Posted by smiths02 View Post
Love your reviews!

I had to comment on the sausage from Fairfax Fare...that things LOOKS like it would be tasteless. Seriously, the Weight Watchers sausage biscuit that I nuked this morning looks better than that.

I had to laugh about your Reuben story b/c as I was reading your review a lightbulb went off in my head that I might like a Reuben if it didn't have sauerkraut. I can't believe I never thought of that!

I also had to laugh about squeezing into the booths at SciFi. I just had twins 12 weeks ago and I *knew* it was getting bad when I didn't fit into the booth at Waffle House--that was my low. It is so true that not all booths are created equal.
Thank you, I am glad the humor is working! And congrats on the twins.
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Day 7 Seaworld

Welcome to Day 7 of my live food reviews and food porn. Today we find ourselves at Seaworld. Since we were goint to stay late for the Seaworld Christmas shows we slept in.... again. We arrived about noon and the park was more crowded than I expected for a Friday, not overwhelming, but busier than we usually find it on a week day during winter. Since we were staying late we went ahead and bought the Seaworld All Day Dining. This is a great deal, unless your one of those people who's daily food consumption consist of 3 twigs, half a bowl of freshly mowed grass and a 72 ounce can of energy drink.
There are 5 or 6 restaurants that participate and for a little over $30 per adult you can eat all day in those places, though there may be 1 or 2 items on the menu, such as baby back ribs that aren't included, but St. Louis style ribs are included. You can also just go in for a beverage, including bottled water, or a snack if you so choose and just wave your wristband at the cashier on your way by. It pays for itself very quickly when you consider that just one meal, including entree, drink and side or dessert would cost $15 to $20 if bought seperately. By the time you've had 2 meals and have stopped for a snack and/or drinks several times the All Day Dining has long since paid for itself. For your information, one of those place is Voyagers Smokehouse and they open early and serve breakfast. Today we arrived to late for breakfast but I have had it before and its pretty good, think breakfast combos like the Disney Resort CS places serve.

OK on to the food. We went directly to Voyagers Smokehouse, we did not pass go and we didnot collect $200. For our entree we both ordered this:

IMGP2920 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

Oh knock it off, I am kidding. Really, who'd want to eat a flamingo, the feathers would get caught in your teeth and they probably taste like brine shrimp.
We really ordered this:

IMGP2924 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
The BBQ Chicken and St.Louis style rib combo with fries. This was very good and at the risk of offending someone I will have to say that this was better than FlameTree, yes its true. The ribs were larger and had more meat. Taste wise I will rate them equal to FlameTree. The chicken here, however was awesome. Moist, Juicy, Full of delicious open flame cooking flavor. This chicken reminded me of the way I have always wanted my grilled chicken to taste but never has. The fries, I have to be honest, are much better than the typical Disney fries, they are plumper, crisper and have more flavor.
Apparently Luanne did not have a side, but I opted for:

IMGP2926 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Coleslaw, this was fine, but I will give the edge to Disney.

For dessert we both picked different flavors of cheesecake. Luanne had:

IMGP3179 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Peppermint flavored cheesecake with a chocolate graham cracker crust. She said it had a mild peppermint flavor and had a light texture than normal cheesecake.
I had:

IMGP2925 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Cinnimon apple cheesecake. Before I get to my review of this cheesecake, let me just say that I took one for the Dis team today and had nothing but cheesecake for dessert today, there were 3 different types throughout the park and I tried them all to more thoughly educate and inform, so you or a loved one do not have a cheesecake related disaster at Seaworld one day. Having said that I will go ahead and post a pic of the 3rd style of cheesecake now and rate them all at once.

IMGP3195 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
This is basic cheesecake with the standard cherry pie topping.

Texurewise they were all basically what you get when you buy make a box of the Jello brand cheesecake, which I happen to like, so that was not an issue.
Of the 3, my all around favorite was the cinnimon apple. Now I happen to love that flavor combination so with the exception of the graham crust being much to thin I thoughrally enjoyed this one.
I was on my way to rating the basic cheesecake with cherry topping as my 2nd favorite, but 2 thirds of the way though it I hit some rubbery chucks that basically ruined the whole thing for me. Up until that time I was enjoying it.
So my 2nd fav ended up being the peppermint. Now I like peppermint and I like chocolate graham crust, but this cheesecake wasn't quite right. Nothing I can put my finger on, but it just didn't thrill me. Of course it didn't have any rubbery chunks in it so that was a plus.
Late afternoon and the Christmas shows were going to be starting soon so we decided to eat dinner in case we didn't get a chance later, So we went to the Spice Mill. Upon entering we saw they had a special meal so we both got that:

IMGP3181 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

IMGP3180 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Brisket on Texas Toast smothered in homestyle gravy (not the style of gravy in my home) and sweet potato fries, I got mine with regular fries. Ok, in an earlier post I extolled my love of gravy, nector of the gods, but truth be told, I found this odd, decent taste, but odd. The gravy was a bit lumpy and I suppose it was a beef gravy, but it was lighter than most beef gravy, as I said the flavor was fine, but the fact that it was used at all was strange. You see, this was SMOKED brisket and I don't think I have ever seen anyone using gravy on smoked brisket. The brisket itself was awesome, full of smokey goodness and very tender, which you don't always get with brisket. The toast was just a dry piece of texas toast, sopped up the gravy I suppose, but other than that wasn't anything special. Neither Luanne or myself could ever remember having sweet potato fries and as I am not a sweet potato lover I got regular fries which were same as those in the meal above, very good. Luanne got the sweet potato fries and said they were ok, nothing special, I did try one for the sake of my culinary enlightenment and agreed.
Luanne also got a side salad:

IMGP3183 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
I forgot to ask her opinion and shes in bed now, so I will make a wild leap and say it was very side salad like.

The evening was winding down as we were passing Mango Joe's and saw it was still open. We decided that just to make sure we had gotten our moneys worth from the all day dining we would indulge one more time. We both ordered:

IMGP3194 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Beef and Chicken Fajita Sandwich with Fries.
We both decided to skip the fries, but I got some very average potato salad. Tasted like the premade containers of potato salad that you get at your local grocery store..........the cheap brand.
The sandwich wasn't, they put the meat and some cooked onions and peppers on a plate and toss a huge tortilla on top. I would prefer a couple smaller totillas as opposed to one big one, but thats just me. Yes I know I can just tear the large tortilla in to smaller pieces (and I did), but hey, I am on vacation, why should I have to resort to strenuous activities like tortilla tearing? It was also slightly stale and burst when I wrapped the meat in it. The onions and peppers were good and tender, but cold by the time we got to our table.
The beef was very nice, good flavor and tender, the chicken was also tender and flavorful but a little dry. In fact the whole thing was dry. They did not give us any salsa, gauc or sour cream (I hate sour cream, Luanne loves it) and we didn't seen anything on the condoments bar. All in all, it wasn't a bad meal, tasted good actually, but I would make some changes.
For dessert, Luanne got watermelon:

IMGP3196 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
She said it was basically tasteless, which I suspected since earlier in the day I had seen several bowls of watermelon and thought to myself, "Eric ole buddy, some good watermelon would sure hit the spot on this warm afternoon" but I didn't see anything that looked liked good watermelon, so I didn't take any.

As I mentioned, with the all day dining as long as you go to one of the participating restaurants, you can get all the soda, tea, coffee and bottles water you want, but, because of the animals you don't get lids or straws for your drinks. So to make it easier to carry drinks around the park we got a couple of these:

IMGP3182 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

I think these cost us about $7 apiece and they came full of the cool refreshing fountain drink of your choice. The are refillable for 99cents, or if you have the all day dining you just take them in to a particiapating restaurant and they will fill them for free. So if you aren't on the plan and you drink a lot they are still a pretty good deal and make a dandy little souvenir, and have some practical use when you get home.

Well that concludes another broadcast day of my live dining review. Tomorrow we will be spending our day at Epcot. We have 2 ADRs, but the way we have been canceling stuff this trip I don't want to build up your excitement level only to have it come crashing down if we change something. So I ain't tell'in.

Keep those cards and letters coming. Until next time........

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Day 8 Epcot

Welcome to day 8. Today we went to my favorite park. As I said last night I wasn't going to say in advance where we planned to eat in case we made some changes on the fly, but I am happy to report that everything went as planned. We have several (well ok, we have a lot) must do's each trip and today we hit 2 of our favorite TS restaurants and 2 of our favorite snack places.
At some point today we hit the half way point of our vacation, wow, that went by fast. We have both had killer work schedules for the past couple months and after a week here it seems like we just now starting to feel rested and relaxed.

Today for lunch we ate at Rose and Crown. For some reason we never made it here until last year and it immediately went on the "gotta go back" list. Only 2 pictures to post since Luanne and I ordered the exact same things. To start with we had:

IMGP3220 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Scotch Egg - Golden fried hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat with mustard sauce.
These were really really good. What the sausage lacked in flavor yesterday at Fairfax Fare this more than made up for. The mustard sauce is dijon type mustard (which is good because I HATE yellow mustard) and kind of gave the egg a deviled egg flavor, that is if deviled eggs came encased in sausage. The pic shows 3 segments which equals about 1 and 1/2 eggs, but with the sausage and breading its really a pretty good portion size.

For the main course we both had:

IMGP3222 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Bangers and Mash - Traditional English sausages served with cabbage, mashed potatoes, and gravy.
This is what I had last year and I think I will stick with it. The sausage is nice and flavorfull. I believe the gravy is wine based and is very tasty. The cabbage don't really add anything in my opinion, but then it doesn't take anything away either. The pic is kind of misleading about the potion size, but it was plenty, that is a huge dish its sitting on.
We both opted to skip dessert and instead worked our way around the World Showcase towards these:

IMGP3248 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Rainbow Kakigori, made with Strawberry, melon and tangerine flavors. The picture was taken several minutes after I got this so the flavoring at sunk further down into the shaved ice. We love the flavors of these things and get at least one every trip.

We explored a little more and then stopped by Boulangerie Patisserie, Wher Luanne got:

IMGP3290 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
Ham & Cheese Croissant
and a:

IMGP3293 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
I didn't try either but she seemed to be enjoying them, and later said they were both delicious.
I choose:

IMGP3289 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
I don't remember the name and can't find it in the menus but was basically an ham and cheese french bread pizza, although the bread was a highly seasoned heavy bread rather than a french bread loaf. I may not know what it was called but I know that I liked it alot. The toasted it for me and it was full of flavor.

For dinner tonight we were at Cape May Cafe. As you know Cape May is a buffet, currently famous for its all you can eat crab legs. We have always loved Cape May since we discovered it during our 1st or 2nd trip when we couldn't find Beaches and Cream, probably because we were looking at the Beach Club Resort instead of the Yacht Club LOL. Anyway we have been back at least once every trip. Now this trip we were a little worried as Cape May had just changed the menu and 2 of my favorite things were gone and 1 of Luannes. The ribs and oreo bonbons for me and the clam chowder for Luanne. We had originally schedule this for our last night but decided that we didn't want that to be our last TS dining experience in case we were dissapointed. We needn't have worried as we both enjoyed the new menu.
Tonight the crab legs were absolutely perfect, I know because I ate a lot of them. The meat wasn't sticking to the shell like you sometimes find in crab thats sitting on a steam table, and they were large legs with lots of meat.
Other items on the buffet were the carved meat, in tonights case beef tenderloin and curry rubbed pork loin. I don't care for curry but Luanne said the pork was delicious and I know the beef was great. The salad was good with several salad choices as well as some seafood salads and all ready peeled cold shrimp. The hot dishes included a seafood pasta which was very good, a braised beef with gnocchi and english peas, I loved this stuff. They also had the clams and mussels, mashed potatos, fresh green beans and many other things. Really, even if you don't like seafood, you will find plenty to eat here. I wanted to get pictures of the buffet but there were just to many people, but I did get pics of the dessert table, so I will just post pics of 2 of my plates and the dessert table.

IMGP3341 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr

IMGP3342 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
If you have any questions about Cape May or what you see on my plates, just ask.

IMGP3343 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
These were Caramel Flan on the left, which I didn't try and lemon cheesecake with a blueberry topping. The lemon flavor was there but very subtle, on the whole it was a nice little bite sized cheesecake.

IMGP3344 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
On the right and left are flourless chocolate cake with a raspberry puree filling, these were ok, but didn't wow me, so I wouldn't be filling my pockets with them to take home. In the middle is a Boston Cream something, I was really looking forward to these as I love boston cream pie, but I was a bit underwhelmed. Nothing really bad about them, just ok.

IMGP3345 by VikingInMouseEars, on Flickr
These were Strawberry Shortcake in a shot glass, odd idea, but they were my favorite so I guess the idea worked.
One thing that I hadn't heard but saw once I got to the dessert table was that not only where the oreo bonbons gone, so were my beloved key lime tarts!! None of the new desserts are bad, and some of them are even pretty good, but none of them hold a candle to whats gone. The manager came around asking people how everything was and when he got to our table I told him that while I was enjoying my dinner I really missed the missing items. It was obvious that it was not the first time he had heard that. He claimed that he had fought for them to stay but he didn't have the authority. Now I don't know if thats true or not, but he said he would pass my comments along to the chef along with all the other people complaining about the much loved items that have dissapeared. BTW, you can still get the oreo bonbons over in the Beach Club Marketplace, they come in a package of 6 and the CM told me that they are $5.99.

Ok friends and neighbors, that concludes another day, join me again next time.
Till then.........

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Awesome reviews! You are so descriptive, I love it!! Your pictures are really great too!

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