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Old 10-26-2012, 07:35 PM   #16
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Palo brunch was so good! You won't be disappointed! Make sure you go hungry. I had a lite breakfast (had to eat something since I'm pregnant) but was still hungry. And I highly recommend the chicken parmesan, it is so good!
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Joining in for your cruise!! Cant wait to hear more. I am getting so excited about my cruise on the Fantasy Dec 15, 2012!!
current trip report
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Love reading this and seeing the pics!!
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Old 10-31-2012, 01:57 PM   #19
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Day Nine: Today was another sea day and due to staying up late the night before we all slept in a bit this morning. Once we were awake and ready to go, we went to Enchanted Garden for breakfast. We all enjoyed the selections we got (similar to the stuff served up in Cabanas, just a different setting). After breakfast DS was asking to go to the kidsí club again. I had promised him that he could go again so we took him. While DS was gone, DH and I decided to go have some fun time together. We went back to the room and changed into our swim suits. We wanted to ride the Aquaduck together to see if it was any different. We had so much fun!!! The ride is a bit wilder at the beginning with the extra weight from a second person and then you get to enjoy the view with someone else. Itís a fun ride by yourself but way better with someone to ride with.

After riding the Aquaduck several times we went to get DS. He was having so much fun! They had just finished up a game of finding monsters and he had won a little Disney bag for finding the monsters (I think all the kids got the bags but it made him feel so special to think he ďwonĒ it). The camp counselors were all super nice and DS just loved going to the kidsí club. Despite my concerns of leaving him with people I didnít know and from being away from him, he did great. I had a much harder time than he did with him going, lol. Next time, I might let him go more but I really enjoy getting to spend time with family on vacation so that might not happen, lol.

We went to Cabanas for lunch and all had a mixture of things. We always found something we liked at Cabanas to eat and thought the food was pretty good for a buffet style. Both DH and I do agree that we wished they would have had some sort of a pasta bar or burrito bar (Carnival had these on our last cruise and we really enjoyed them). Also, where are the croutons?! That drove me nuts! I love croutons and so does DS; however, they are not at the buffet at all (and not usually in the salads I had in the main dining room either). I liked being able to get pizza and salad, DS loved getting chicken tenders and fries and DH would get some sort of shrimp thing most days. We did try the burgers thru out the week from Floís and they were ok, not the best burger but not the worst either. And I love having dessert for lunch, yumm.

Once we were done with lunch we went back to the room for a nap. Thankfully, DS was still trying to catch up on some sleep from the night before and we are on vacation, so he and I both slept for about an hour and a half. After nap time, we went back up to the pool deck to play. DS played in Nemoís Reef and went down the Mickey slide a bunch of times. He loved that slide! I was so glad he enjoyed it after the fiasco of his first try going down. We tried swimming in the pools but they were too crowded. DH and I took turns going down the Aquaduck a few more times while the other played with DS. I stayed for a few hours then went back to the room to shower and get ready for the princess gathering we wanted to catch for pictures. DH and DS followed to change clothes. While I got ready they went out on an ďadventureĒ as DS called it. They did a bunch of things (but only for a few minutes each as a 3 year old has a small attention span). They played basketball, mini-golf, ping pong, foosball and then started the Muppets Detective Agency game.

By the time they came back to the room I was ready, I got DS ready and we went to the lobby to line up for the princess meet-n-greet. DS, despite being a boy, loves the princesses. So glad he enjoys them!!!
Aladdin was walking thru the line to talk to the kids while they waited.

Here are a few pictures of our meet-n-greet with the princesses:

Snow White was great with DS. She talked about his sword and how she was so thankful he was there to protect the princesses, he got a big kick out of that.

After pictures we finished up the Muppets game that the boys had started. It was a cute game but DS enjoyed the Dalmatians game more just because he knows them better. He hasnít ever really watched Muppets, only knows them a little bit.

For dinner, we were again in the Royal Court. We ate here 3 nights out of the 7. I had specifically requested this dining rotation before our cruise because 1) I thought Iíd love Royal Courtís decorations the best (and I did, itís princess themed) and 2) it would put us in Royal Court on both formal and semi-formal night. Out of the 3 rotating dinning rooms, Royal Court is the nicest. Tonight was the Captainís Gala dinner and I had minestrone soup; which was ok, and then a regular garden salad. I had requested a garden salad over the one that was on the menu and wish I had done this earlier in the cruise. Even asked for croutons and got plenty of those plus extras for DS to eat. Best salad I had all week! DH had 2 helpings of the sautťed shrimp appetizer and a wild mushroom soup. He enjoyed the shrimp appetizer but thought the soup was too greasy. For a main entrťe I had the fettuccine with parmesan crusted chicken with a few changes (added steamed broccoli and left out the mushrooms and peppers) and it was pretty good. DH had two plates of the lobster, he loves lobster. He enjoyed them but did say they were a bit dry, when you are preparing that many for large amounts of people it happens. I believe DS actually had steak for dinner tonight rather than chicken or mac n cheese. As always, he had a Mickey bar for dessert. I had the warm chocolate lava cake, yumm and DH had a sundae. Overall, it was a very good dinner.

After dinner, we walked around the shops for a bit. I bought a Disney Christmas ornament; we have a tradition and always buy one on every vacation. Plus, we love ornaments. I also bought a Disney scrapbook and some paper (need to find time to actually use it!). We headed back to the room for some more relaxing. I think we watched a movie, DS played on my Kindle for a little before bath time and then he went to sleep. I probably stayed up and read some more but not too late. Tomorrow was Castaway Cay day, probably the day we were most looking forward to of the whole vacation!
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Last day

Day Ten: Our last full day of vacation. But we didnít have much time to be sad about that because we had a day to enjoy at beautiful Castaway Cay. This is Disneyís privately owned island and it is the prettiest island we have ever been to. Now, I get that itís just a tourist island and no one but a few Disney employees live there so itís hard to compare to other islands that are actually cities/countries; however, we loved it. We woke up this morning a little early well rested from our relaxing day before. We got ready and went to Cabanas for breakfast. We were glad we tried all 3 places for breakfast but I think we still prefer Cabanas for the laid back atmosphere and large array of choices since we had DS with us (but you have to go to Royal Court at least once to get eggs benedict, loved it even if itís a no no while pregnant, lol). We could see the entire island as we pulled up and began the docking process, great view in Cabanas as well.

After breakfast we went back to our room to grab our bags and as soon as we were allowed to, we got off the ship. We decided to walk to the second family beach over by Pelican Plunge because I thought we would play on it more than we did. As we were walking we did see the trams but we wanted to look around. We enjoyed looking at the vegetation and decorations along the way. Once at the beach we quickly picked some chairs to set our stuff on. DH really wanted to go down the slide on Pelican Plunge first so he and DS headed off that; however, DS didnít want to go without me so I went too. We all put on life jackets even though they arenít required if you are over a certain height (I still recommend them). We swam out to the dock and it was much deeper than we expected. We climbed the stairs and everyone was excited to go down the slide. Since it was still early the line was not long at all. I was up first so that I could catch DS at the bottom and the life guard at the top told me to hold on to my sunglasses. I said ďokĒ not thinking much about it, well I should have just taken them off but I didnít. As I went down the slide I was surprised at how fast it was. It was a fun ride . . . . . until you got to the bottom. The drop off was much further than I had anticipated. And the lifeguard wasnít kidding. I hit the water and my glasses flew off and were no where to be found. By the time I got my breathe I had to get ready to catch DS and wasnít sure how that was going to work. Well, the lifeguard standing on a platform at the bottom said I couldnít catch him, that I had to wait at the side (again, thankful for the life jacket so I didnít have to tread water for this). DS flew off the slide and was not happy. I got him as quickly as I could but I know he still swallowed water and was a bit scared. Thankfully, he was fine as soon as I had him and all he said was that he didnít like it. DH came down next as I was trying to swim back to shore with DS. And he quickly noticed my glasses were missing and thought this was hilarious. I filled out a form at the life jacket drop off and they told me that they dive at the end of the day to get lost items (since they have a lot!) and to check back that evening on the ship to see if they had found them. In hindsight, I would not have had DS go down this slide (and probably shouldnít have either since I am pregnant); however, that didnít even cross my mind despite every other thing we did I always had DH check it out first. But we were all just fine and did enjoy the slide (it was just the drop that wasnít fun).

We went back to our chairs to dry off and I realized there was no way I was going to be able to make it thru the day without another pair of sunglasses. So, off I went to buy a new pair from one of the shops on the island. DH and DS stayed to play in the sand and water. Thankfully, I found a cute pair that was only $20 (I was scared I was going to be paying much more than this but the sun was so bright they were a necessity!). After I got my new sunglasses I rented two floats for us to use then headed back to the beach (all this was very close together so it didnít take me long at all). I took the floats out to DH and DS who were in the water and we all climbed on (DS rotated back and forth between DH and me, he also had on his puddle jumper). This was so much fun! We loved just floating out in the water. We stayed out there for a long time. And again, I was so thankful for having DSís puddle jumper. He felt so confident in the water instead of holding on to one of us for dear life. We had planned on renting bikes while on Castaway Cay; however, we were having so much fun just playing/relaxing in the water we changed our minds. After quiet some time we did get out and walk around a little bit. We found the kidsí splash area and DS played in there for a little bit; however, I think he got sprayed in the eye or maybe he got sunscreen in his eye, either way he was crying and his eye was red. We decided now was a good time to go get something to eat and sit down for a bit.

We found Cookies II pretty easily and got our plates. We were a bit disappointed in the selection of food (burgers, hotdogs, a few fruits and bagged chips) and then really disappointed when we ate. The burgers were very dry and tasteless. My husband said this was easily the worst meal of the whole trip. We werenít expecting gourmet food but we were definitely not expecting the bad food we had. And DS didnít eat much more than chips (heís not much of a hot dog fan and he didnít want to eat the burger). We did get yummy cookies and ice cream though. We sat for awhile letting DS calm down as he was still a bit cranky from hurting his eye (I tried to wash it out as best I could in case it was sunscreen and I never did see a scratch). But after we were done we went back to the beach. DH went back out in the water while I cuddled DS for a few minutes (he was a bit tired). It didnít take DS long and he was playing in the sand. While he played I read on my Kindle. We joined DH back in the water and played/relaxed on the floats some more. It was starting to get a bit cloudy and you could see a storm coming in so we decided to head back to the ship. We packed up all our stuff and began walking back. We leisurely took our time, looked around more shops, got another ice cream cone and enjoyed the scenery. We even saw a cat on the way back (DS loved that!). We got more cold towels once back to the dock and Captain Hook was doing a meet-n-greet. There was no line so DS got his picture taken with him again.

Here are some pictures we took on our way back.

Once we were back on board we headed back to our room and then up to the pool deck for a last bit of fun. DS played in Nemoís Reef and went down the Mickey slide and DH and I both took turns going down the Aquaduck one last time. We didnít stay up there long though as we wanted to make it to the See Ya Real Soon party with the characters so we went back to our room to clean up. And we are so glad we did. I highly recommend going to the early party, there werenít a lot of people here and the cast members told us the late one is always the busiest. The characters do a little performance at the show and then they spread out for pictures. We were able to get lots of pictures! And DS was having so much fun. He even went up to the characters all by himself (this was big since he always wanted one of us with him the rest of the vacation). And it really didnít feel like a huge organized deal.

DS gave Pluto a big hug first!

And then we spotted Donald hiding in the curtains. We were able to get a picture with him before anyone else noticed.

We were able to get pictures taken with Goofy, Chip and Dale, Daisy, Minnie and then finally Mickey. (we were even able to get back in line to try for a better picture with Minnie because DH didnít think the first turned out well).

After the characters were done taking pictures they did a little song and dance and then Mickey head shaped confetti fell from the ceiling. I grabbed a bunch of this for my scrapbook. We really enjoyed this little party. We looked thru all our pictures before dinner and decided to only purchase one (I would have loved to buy more but didnít).

It was soon time for our last dinner on board. We were in Animatorís Palate tonight for the Animation show. After we ordered we were given the special placemats to draw our characters on and turn in. For dinner tonight I started out with a garden salad, just like the one I had the night before. And again, it was very good, it was simple but I enjoyed it and the croutons. DH had a mushroom risotto and he enjoyed it. We thought we were going to be getting the corn three way soup but never did (and didnít realize it until we had our entrees), DH was a bit disappointed we didnít get to try this after reading reviews about it. For an entrťe I had grilled sirloin steak, it was just ok. DH had seafood linguine pasta and said it was one of the best dishes he had all cruise (but didnít top Paloís chicken parmesan). DS had his usual chicken, fries and mac and cheese. It was the last night so I had to let him get what he wanted. For dessert, DS had a Mickey ice cream bar, DH had the baked Alaska and I had the temptation because I couldnít decide. The chocolate decadence cake and celebration cake were both very good but I didnít care for the third one served with it. While we ate our dessert they played, what we thought was the new animation show with our characters we drew; however, there was a malfunction and none of the drawings were there (there were blank spots where the drawings were supposed to be). We waited for what seemed like forever because they said they were trying to fix it and replay the show with our drawings. Finally (after about 20 to 30 minutes) they finally played our show. It was neat to see the drawings and DS got a kick out of it. After the show we stopped by guest services to see if they had found my sunglasses but they hadnít. Then we headed back to our room to finish packing. We had a long busy day and we knew that the next day would be exhausting so we didnít stay up too late tonight.

Day 11: Debarkation day. We had a late flight today so we were in no hurry but they do make you get off the ship by a certain time. Because we had early dining our main dining room breakfast should have been at 6:30 am; however, there was no way I was getting up that early to leave. So we decided to skip that breakfast and just grab something at Cabanas. They do not have the usual full length buffet, it was a very simple small buffet on this day (DH was very disappointed he couldnít get his made to order omelet). We ate quickly and headed off the ship. It was probably around 9 or a little after. Before going thru customs we stopped by the lost and found area (they have a big area with lots of stuff here and two cast members manning down the station) to see if my glasses had shown up. And sure enough they were there!! We made it thru customs and were on a bus to the airport in what seemed like no time. We were so sad to leave the Fantasy, it really was a beautiful cruise ship. But we had been on vacation for 10 full days now and were ready to be back at home. Our flights home were uneventful but we had long waits in both Orlando and Atlanta along with a slight delay in Atlanta so we didnít get back to Lexington until after 8. I was coming down with a cold (always do after vacation) add on top that my stomach was queasy from flying and it made for a very long day.

Final thoughts: We had a great, amazing vacation. We enjoyed so much about it. Yes, there were a few issues but overall we had a blast. We made a lot of wonderful family memories that we will cherish forever. DS still talks about it almost daily and wants to go back. He wears us out talking about it all the time, lol. Disney World was lots of fun. DS was even more into it this trip then he was back in January. We really enjoyed staying at Port Orleans Riverside and wouldnít hesitate to stay there again. The Disney Fantasy cruise ship was beautiful. And in my opinion the best looking cruise ship we have ever been on. The dťcor was not tacky or flashy like weíve seen on other cruise lines. The cast members were all very friendly and helpful. But I donít think weíve ever encountered any really rude employees on any of the 4 cruises weíve been on (the others were on Royal Caribbean and Carnival). Honestly, the food was a little disappointing. I always look forward to the food on a cruise and this food just didnít live up to it. Most of everything I had was good but not amazing; a few things were bad but not overall, it just didnít wow us. I tried to hit everything in the trip report but I probably forgot a few things here and there. I know that we ate ice cream cones a lot (DH loves the ice cream machines) and that we relaxed more on this vacation than on previous ones. I would have liked to have made it to a few more shows but it didnít work out that way and I donít regret it. Early dining made it hard to do anything after dinner without staying up late and that wasnít really possible with DS. We usually prefer late dining but I thought (and still do) that it would have been too hard for DS to make it thru a late dining. Overall, we would definitely sail Disney again and look forward to our next vacation.
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Great trip report!
Thanks for the warning you couldn't wait at the bottom for DS. Good to know. DD just started doing waterslides so it would be nice to be there waiting for her. It I guess not! Guess we better get her more prepared!
Glad you got your sunglasses back also!
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Great trip report thank you glad you all had a great time. Sending you pixie dust for your new baby.
Looking forward to Epcot May 2014
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this is wonderful, thank you! why did you request enchanted garden to be the first in your rotation? thanks!
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I have loved reading this report! Good luck with the new baby!
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