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Old 11-29-2012, 01:20 AM   #16
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I agree with the previous poster, diapers were absolutely not allowed in the clubs on any of our three cruises except for parent-supervised open house time. The first criteria was fully independent potty trained, and then the second was observation by the club manager to determine maturity level. Our daughter goes to Montessori school, which meant she was well prepared to hold her own in a mixed age environment despite being the youngest so after only a few minutes they put a Mickey Band on her and we headed for the adult pool.
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Old 11-29-2012, 01:58 AM   #17
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My ds will just be 3 on our next cruise and definitely worried about the kids club and potty training. I hope he will be potty trained, but I don't know if he will be able to do it completely unsupervised in such an environment as the clubs. His sister and cousins will be there, too, but they are all girls so they won't be able to help him in the bathroom. (Unless there is one that he could go in with his sister?) I know he will be fine with the older kids, it's just the whole potty issue. If they allow pull ups at night, maybe he can just go late at night...
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Originally Posted by Chee Chick View Post
Just off the Magic last week and we had the same experience with DD. She just turned 3 last month and was fully potty trained. She refused to stay in the Club without me or DH. She wouldn't even stay with her big brother who is 7. We went to almost every Open House we could and she enjoyed it. I really think she was scared with all the older children in there. We ended up having to cancel our Palo reservation. DH and I never got to enjoy any of the adult activities together. So, you never know how a 3 year will react. We were surprised.
On our cruise the kids were REALLY rowdy in the club. Most of the older kids were always in the lab so when the younger kids were in the club, it was apparent that there was a group that was rowdy, especially when Peter Pan led the fly (read: trample) around the room. I was surprised at the amount of running they were allowing up and down the slide area. My 3YO is a shy, timid girl. She liked the computers and dress up, but started refusing to get checked in because it was a little overwhelming for her. I did notice that the CMs liked her though, because when they "played" with her they got to sit down alot hehe. I can't imagine running around like Peter Pan does all day long. Poor guy. He was losing his voice at the end of our cruise.

Regarding the diaper issue for the other posters interested in this---We started at the nursery but the CM at the nursery suggested we go to the Club instead since: (1) there were no other kids in the nursery; and (2) they only had "baby" toys. The CM said that the Club CMs will just call us if she needs to be changed.

Every time we dropped her off at the Club we reminded them at check in that she was in diapers but could voice when she needs to go or to get changed. I made sure to lead her to a CM (any CM) was was "free" and then again explained the diaper thing (ie, please call us if she needs to "go" or needs to get changed). They all seemed fine with it. We actually only got texts/calls on the Wave phone when she wanted to get picked up.
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Old 11-29-2012, 06:27 AM   #19
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Originally Posted by SurfBug79 View Post
Thank you everyone for your responses! When we went, there were not many 3 year olds in the Nursery... but I can't imagine that every child is perfectly potty trained and clothing independent at 3, or nearly 3. Most 3 year olds are still wearing pull-ups trainers... at least my older son was, in case of an accident. I guess we will see where we are at that particular time. I am hoping he can go... and that he can "pass". (Or pseudo-pass!)
No, not all 3 year olds are potty trained, and the ones who aren't can go into Flounder's Reef. Cheating the system is just going to create issues for the CM and your child. There are many many other children in the club who need to be supervised and schedules and supervision of those children is based on the idea that no one CM is going to be taken away for an extended period of time to deal with a potty accident.
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Old 11-29-2012, 07:08 AM   #20
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My sister sailed in early September and her daughter turned 3 late October. She was fully potty trained, goes to daycare daily, etc. She did not enjoy being in there and was very overwhelmed with the big kids. The club/lab are very independent type areas without organized 3-5 year old areas. After one evening in there (while they had Palo reservations), she would not go back. When they arrived to pick her up, she was sitting in the lap of a cast member and burst into tears when they arrived--apparently just holding it together until her parents returned.

I just want to give you a different perspective. I'm sure some very young kids love it, but this almost 3 year old used to daycare, etc still did not have a pleasant time.

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Old 11-29-2012, 07:28 AM   #21
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I wouldn't place a 2 year old in the clubs even if they had older siblings in with them. It is not fair to the older siblings to feel they have to look after the younger ones, and yes it probably is a very overwhelming environment for a 2 year old.

Also, like the PP stated, the child held it together then cried when the parents got there. This might ruin the club experience for them the next time the family is on a cruise.

This was part of our decision not to cruise until our youngest is five. (who thinks she is much older )

Good luck With your decision OP.
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Old 11-29-2012, 08:11 AM   #22
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Regarding kids' reactions to the club. Our first cruise DS was 5 and loved the club. That was back when they did seperate by age a lot more with the 3-4 and 5-7s. DD at 3 went once with me staying and once on her own - never again. The next year DD4 didn't want to go to the club and the CM suggested they bump her up to the 5-7 yo group so she could be with her brother. The fact is that until this past March's cruise when she was 11 she hasn't really liked going to the club and we pretty much have had to tell her that we will be going to Palo for two hours twice a cruise and she will go and deal with it then she doesn't have to go the rest of the cruise. On the other hand, DS has always enjoyed the clubs. Not all kids are going to like them, but I wouldn't not go on a cruise because of this. Our first two cruises we didn't go to any adult areas. We were on a family vacation and enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with DD while DS was having fun in the club.

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Originally Posted by lilpooh108 View Post
Regarding the diaper issue for the other posters interested in this---We started at the nursery but the CM at the nursery suggested we go to the Club instead since: (1) there were no other kids in the nursery; and (2) they only had "baby" toys. The CM said that the Club CMs will just call us if she needs to be changed.
How such issues are handled can depend on the demographics of a specific cruise - how many children in the nursery, how many in the Club/Lab, etc. On your particular cruise, there may not have been a lot of kids in the club and therefore the CMs were able to accept a younger child who needed to have parents called for pottying. Another cruise may or may not be that flexible. This is the first I've read of actual "diapers" allowed on a child in the club, though I have heard of pull-ups allowed on a case-by-case basis with similar circumstances.
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Originally Posted by SurfBug79 View Post
We are going on the April 6th Fantasy. Our youngest boy will be 2, but turns 3 April 28. Anyone familiar with the policies regarding this? He enjoyed the Nursery a year ago... but I know he would be bored by this April.
I think I remember the CM say it would be okay to register him for the Oceaneer's club... but not clear.

And what about potty training? Thank you in advance!
I will be on your cruise and I plan on putting my almost 3 year old in the nursery. We have tried potty training her right now and she is just not interested. I would rather pay for it and have piece of mind than worry about having to go back every hour, etc. to make sure she's gone to the bathroom.

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This is my experience with my almost 3 year old when we sailed on the Wonder this past February:
DS was 3 months shy of being 3 years old. He was fully potty trained and he goes to daycare full time so he is used to being around kids of all ages.

Once we boarded we went to the Club to register, one of the CMs got a supervisor to observe him to see if he was developmentally ready to be in the club. She agreed he was and gave him a wristband.

He has an older sister (6) who said she would help keep an eye on him in the club, but she honestly didnt because she was having too much fun playing by herself.

He never felt overwhelmed by the older kids and always had fun. He ended up having two accidents during the week (even trained kids get busy and forget) and I thought we were going to be told to send him to the nursery but the CMs said it happens all the time and sent him home with us in loaner clothes.

We did not send him to the lab on the times where there was open house in the club just because he did seem overwhelmed there.

Bottom line, you know your kid better than anyone else, if you think they are ready for the club and they are potty trained, then go for it! My advice is not to force them to go if they dont want to. You will only have your adult time ruined by having to leave early to get them and you will make it so they will view the club as a bad thing if you end up cruising again.

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I've seen on another thread where a child who was not fully potty trained (still in diapers or pullups) was allowed with the result that the parents would be paged if they were needed to tend to toilet issues. The CMs will not change diapers and I'm pretty sure they are not allowed to go into the bathroom with the children.

The poster who said their child was allowed to stay said this was sometimes done when the clubs weren't busy.
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Old 11-29-2012, 10:19 PM   #27
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That's what they let us do with our 3 year old. We had to check on him every hour or so they said and would page if any issues.
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