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Old 10-12-2012, 07:26 AM   #76
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In 2006 we invited my in-laws to join us on our trip to take our niece who is DS favorite cousin. I should have anticipated trouble when FIL, without discussing it with us, invited DH other 3 brothers and their families. Two of them accepted, then FIL backed out if going! We already were booked at Pop but they wanted to stay at BIL time share to save money, we said go ahead.

We actually only saw them a couple of days because then it somehow turned more into their trip and we just happened to be there too. At MK they were supposed to meet us at 9, they got there at 11!we had already done AL and FL but instead of catching up with us they expected us to start over and we never even made it to TL. SIL has some vague health problem where she'll be fine one day and bed ridden the next. She came to MK in a wheelchair. Didn't use it that much, and when she was afraid shed miss Spectromagic she put the children in it and RAN pushing her wheelchair to the handicapped section in LS.

At HS BILs decided that since DH and I had been there 2 years previous that it would be ok to leave us with MIL and all of the kids. We were in HISTK play area, looked around and they were gone! Had not told anyone where they were going, called them and they were in line for TOT. They'd left poor MIL with 4 kids by herself so we felt we needed to help her.

Went to DTD to eat at Rainforest. They were 45 minutes late for the ADR and by then DS was so tired that he fell asleep as soon as he sat down, and we had gone to RFC just do he could see the elephants!

The funniest part had to be on the way home BIL called DH and said they had a wonderful time and hoped we could do it again!

Need to add one more. On our DHS day SIL couldn't get out of bed so she didn't come. Instead of renting a stroller they brought the wheelchair and let the kids pile in there. It was pretty ghetto, there was 3 kids in there at times, we tried to keep DS out of it because he was 8 and wheelchairs are supposed to be for disabled people!
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Old 10-12-2012, 08:07 AM   #77
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Originally Posted by Honor View Post
In 15 days, we are taking 7 little brothers (Big Brothers Big Sisters) to WDW. They are all 11 year olds and have been in our First Crew after school program since last March. They all have different issues, some are on meds. They've all made great improvements in behavior and grades but still have setbacks. There are 3 of us adults.

We are using our DVC points and staying in a Treehouse Villa. We have a pretty tight schedule but with time built in for meltdowns. We have a safety plan (no doors closed except bathroom door, only one person in bathroom at a time, etc.). We have a plan for meals (breakfast in the villa then Quick Serve DDP). We have bright t-shirts to keep track of all the kids. We've been talking about airport security rules (stay quiet, do what TSA says, do not joke around), about airplane etiquette (use library voices, nobody in the row ahead of you wants to hear your conversation, go to the bathroom at the airport - it's only a 2 hours flight, follow flight attendant rules). We have all the legal documents, birth certificates and permission slips signed. They have a specific packing list. We are only doing carry on bags that we will pack for them. I made personalized Disney luggage tags for each of them.

We love all things Disney. I hope they will appreciate the magic. I'll let you know how it goes.
You = Awesome

Besides having a really well made out plan (I'd steal it if I had kids), it's great that you're taking them to WDW. Hopefully it ends in lots of great memories.
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Vacationing at POR October 2013

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Old 10-12-2012, 10:58 AM   #78
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We love Disney and can't get enough. Hubby isn't a big fan, but has gone once with us (probably won't get him back). We are ok with this and therefore typically travel with extended family (sister, nieces and additional tag alongs). Thus far we haven't had an issue with extended family. They are all good to go with the flow, so I set the pace and do the planning (it's what I do )

Last May we went with our Girl Scout Troop - 9 girls and 9 adults. This gave me a whole new prespective on touring with different people. DD's best friend and her mom love Disney so we were ok with Rope Drop and Late Nights but the issue we had was I have a thrill seeker and DD friend is happy with just riding COP and People Mover or Living with Land @ Epcot.

The group itself broke up after the Girl Scout activities and we hardly ever saw them.

I think it's hard to make it work with other folks and unless you are willing to change your style you just need to go with what you know.
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Old 10-13-2012, 12:12 PM   #79
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Originally Posted by somethingblue View Post
I was the tag along with my then boyfriend and his mother when I was sixteen. I had never been on a vacation before and though I was very excited, I was also very nervous.

When we got there, I had a good time, but I didn't like some of the rides, and I didn't do well in the heat. It wasn't what I expected, I suppose. I tried not to complain, but I also expressed when I was feeling sick, or if I didn't want to ride a ride. I felt a lot of tension and resentment from his mother, and ended up having a crying spell in the middle of Animal Kingdom, because she thought I wasn't grateful for the trip, when really I was just hot and nauseated and wanted to sit down for a while!

I guess what I'm saying is remember tagalongs have feelings too, and vacations are wonderful but sometimes people are grumpy or just need a break.

I've been to Disney six times since then so obviously I learned to love it in my own way, on my own terms!
Glad you shared this, to keep the other perspective in mind.
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Old 10-13-2012, 12:32 PM   #80
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The last time we went it was with DH's family who, for all intents and purposes had never been. They paid for most of the trip and looked to me for advice since I'm the family Disney expert, so to speak. Since my in-laws covered the majority of the trip I will not say much and overall it was fine. I just remember my BIL joined us for TWO days, Mon and Tues and Mon AM he only stayed at AK for the AM and he was talking on the phone for work for part of that time.

Then he "volunteered" DH to take him to the airport on Wednesday.....*sigh*
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Old 10-13-2012, 12:45 PM   #81
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I guess we have been super lucky. We bring other people almost every time and haven't had any issues really. We took my niece when she was 13 and she loved everything, we took my BF's DD and she was so stoked but she is like one of my kids and when she started to get mouthy a simple, you are going to far, was enough to get her to step back into line like my own kids do, I took another neice when she was 10 and she was cranky like that the first day because she wasn't getting her way (we had traveled for 14 hrs and just went to DTD for dinner and back to the room til to bed and she wanted to go to the park) but after that she was good to go and had a good time.

My DD keeps asking to bring friends with us next time but we are going for a long time so we won't be doing it. lol

Our trip next month we have my BF and her DD who is now 20 going with us. It's a surprise for my DD 8yrs, and my BF has never been. She is letting her DD and I plan everything because we know and we have promised she will get 3-4 hrs sleep a night lol.
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Old 10-13-2012, 12:58 PM   #82
Earning My Ears
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Last Christmas, my family had a reunion at WDW. 13 of us spent Christmas week at WDW and US. It was an experience I don't want to repeat!

I was the main planner and tried to limit my planning to what park would be best on which day and making a few ADRs for the whole group so we could eat some meals together as a family.

Sometimes it felt like I was "herding cats" trying to get the group to do things together since it was a family reunion! We all started the trip feeling like we should be together since it was a reunion and we don't see each other very often, but with the different ages and interests of our group that didn't work out too well! It didn't help that the parks were so packed during Christmas week! By the end of the week, I was exhausted and a little frustrated with my family! I think they were frustrated with me too! Oh well!

The first week in January just my family is going back to WDW to enjoy time together and enjoy touring the parks on our own. I am looking forward to a relaxing family vacation!

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Old 10-13-2012, 03:42 PM   #83
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I have taken trips with our extended family - we have said never again...
a trip with a scout troop - maybe I would do again...
Earlier today I told my girls that I would consider letting them bring a friend in 2014 (they will be 13 & 14) and they can have their time and dad and I can have our time...now I am starting to thing otherwise after reading this post!!!!
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Old 10-13-2012, 05:44 PM   #84
Earning My Ears
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Originally Posted by rapunzels
My in-laws have tried twice to butt into our WDW vacations and I'm sorry but I put my foot down both times, and said no. Both times, our trip was completely planned, hotels, ADR's, parties, ect. They only want to pay for 1-2 parks days, can't hardly walk 10 feet without needing to sit down and want to share ALL of their meals. We have explained to them there is A LOT of walking, your not supposed to share meals - which they would balk at the cost, and with them only wanting to spend 1-2 days at the parks, what are we supposed to do with the rest our week, with our families APs. Disney is not cheap. They would tank the whole trip. I have no problem, planning a trip from the get go, knowing they would come.. I would have different expectations of that trip, than the one I've already planned, and they try to butt into, and end up ruining. Harsh words, but it's true. We're too commando for tagalongs!
We did a trip with my in laws and they totally tanked it. I had all of my ADRs, each park day planned out, etc. We aren't open to close park people. We have kids and tend to break up our day with either a sit down lunch, or a trip back to the hotel to swim/relax. They complained the whole time that we were rushing them. They wanted to sleep in every day, until 10 or 11, hated the heat, the crowds, the rides, and pretty much everything about the trip. My MIL even said at one point that she'd like to come back to WDW, but would just skip the parks and lay out by the pool all week. Really? I can do that at home!
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Old 10-13-2012, 07:33 PM   #85
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We have never brought extended family along but for the last 6 years we have brought the friends/girlfriends of our two DS's. We must be blessed because their friends or girlfriends have been appreciative and thankful for the trips. We have supplied the DVC rooms and have paid for their meals. Sometimes the kids hung out with us as a group and sometimes they went their own way...especially at night when we just crashed LOL. Our two DS's are now college grad adults and have started good jobs so they won't be going with us as much. I will miss them and their friends but my DH and I will have to just continue on by ourselves..."oh the horror of it all" LOL!
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Old 10-13-2012, 07:56 PM   #86
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Originally Posted by kaybird View Post
January trip with 18 family and friends. Must be like Childbirth. I remember it fondly, but know there were stressful moments along the way, but there are even on other trips. Everyone enjoys things differently, key is to make sure everyone gets to do something they enjoy, because, whatever we like, it's their vacation too!

what a special picture!
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Old 12-26-2012, 02:24 PM   #87
Earning My Ears
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I have to admit that I think I have been one of the "issue people" (that's what we'll call them). Lol

Our family of 4 is a 1, very small, income family. Everyone else on dh's side is a 2 income family. (I felt so relieved when dh pointed that out this christmas.) So when a small reunion was planned a few summers ago we were treated like we had 3 eyes or something when we said no to some things.

1. The reunion started sunday, in orlando. Most of us live in s. Florida and jamaica. A few in new york.
A. We'll see you Monday. (Dh works Sunday and there was no getting away that weekend) besides others were coming in at different times during the week. Why are we getting guff about it.
2. Inlaws put us in their suite which was fine. It was a 2 bedroom off site time share. Several aunts own there.
A. If we had to pay we would have said no or if we're putting out that kind of $$ we'll be staying at the mouse.
3. One outing was planned mainly because some could get in free and their kids ages meant they would be free also.
A. This time it was cheaper for our family of 4 to go spend a 1/2 day at typhoon lagoon with the option to return later in the year. (Fl pass)
4. And the part we really got a lot of guff about, we left Friday morning to continue vacationing with my side of our family.When some found out we wouldn't be there for friday's dinner they were all over us. " what do you mean you're not gonna be there? You have to be there! We're doing the family picture!" And on and on and on.
A. Our response: "I'm sorry. we've been here since monday, dinner everynight with family, most of the scheduled outings, hanging out with everybody in the morning. Where has your brother been?" Nothing else was ever said to us after that.
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We went with my husband's aunt (was in her early 70's) and his cousin (early 50's) back in 2009. NEVER AGAIN!

We had done WDW with them a few years earlier, Disneyland two years earlir and a Disney Cruise (with a resort non park stay before the cruise) a few years earlier. All of those were fantastic trips.

But this trip was different. For one thing, it was June. I had warned them about the heat but they live in DC and are used to heat and said they'd be fine. Also, my husband's aunt had developed some problems with her legs/circulation and I had no idea how serious that was. We stayed at All Star Music vs. Saratoga Springs and Coronado Springs (where we had stayed earlier trips) and although we had shown them photos and video they seemed suprised by the theming of the resort and clearly did not like it.

The whole trip was awful. They hated ASMU, cousin got a cold/flu type thing, aunt twisted her knee and was in a wheelchair, heat was hard for them to deal with, and they were grouchy and ungrateful for all the time dh, ds, dd and myself spent trying to make it better. We would stake out spots for the parades, paid to take cabs to ADRS, and it was never enough to make them say "you know what thanks so much, its been a rough trip but we appreicate that you made it a lot easier than it could have been".

It really broke my heart to see my kids miserable and wanting to have fun, sad their family was unhappy and still hounded about everything they did. I remember dh's cousin snarking at ds (who was 14 at the time) for his table manners at 1900 Park Fare one eveningand just wanting to slap her. In the end, our feelings, money and time were sacrificed and I won't be repeating that mistake again. Love them dearly but will never pay to vacation with them again.

The biggest lesson that I learned from that trip is that while extended family/large group trips can be fun, they can be very stressful. I know from their standpoint it was all about their physical problems but really it was their attitude that sucked the life out of everyone else.

I will add that the whole reason we stayed at ASMU was because that was what they wanted to pay! We had stayed at SSR before on our points, but this trip I didn't have enough points for a two bedroom and they didn't want to stay at SSR because A) to pay for a studio was expensive and B) they didn't want one of them sleeping on a sofa bed. They wanted to pay about what they had paid years ealier when I charged them $5 a point for their portion of a SSR dedicated two bedroom and that meant staying value. We had stayed at ASSP a few years earlier with my mom and she had loved it but I should have known better given aunt and cousin's tastes and personalities.

WDW is too special and too expensive for us to gamble a trip again with anyone we aren't sure we can vacation with sucessfully.
Have stayed at: Poly, OKW, CBR, CSR, POR, POFQ, Pop, ASMO, ASSP, ASMU, BWV, SSR, DLH, GCH & PP. And seven wonderful nights on the Magic!

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Old 12-26-2012, 03:39 PM   #89
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We recently took our DS's friend to the parks. All he did was compare every ride to Universal and Great Adventures. Finally my DS got feb up and said, "it's not suppose to be like Great Adventures, it's Disney." I told my DH who couldn't go and really isn't a Dinsey fan that at least he get's Disney and is happy when he get's off the rides(except IASW).
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Old 12-26-2012, 05:20 PM   #90
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[QUOTE=taymaesmom;46408156]Ok now I'm worried. We are bringing younger dd's BFF this Christmas. I've known the girl for many years, she was in dd's Girl Scout troop where I was the leader so I've taken lots of day trips and overnights with her, plus she has spent countless hours at our house. BUT she is a super picky eater and when she was little she was scared of everything, and I mean everything. I think she is over the fear thing because they love to watch scary movies but she is still a super picky eater. When she comes over I let her go thru the cabinets and pick out what she wants to eat, usually works for us both. Thankfully I know WDW had PB&J sandwiches and mac and cheese, her two favorites./QUOTE]

"Scared of anything" might solve itself through peer pressure! It did for me, although not at Disney World; I was terrified of roller coasters, even kiddie ones, until I was about 10. What happened at 10? A friend invited me to his birthday party at Geauga Lake (near Cleveland, OH--it was next to our Sea World), and the combination of not wanting to sit by myself while the other 3 kids went on roller coasters and my friend's much more reassuring dad got me to enjoy them. Now the only thing that keeps me off of coasters is my weight, along with the apparent tendency for parks to keep making smaller restraint systems.

Anyways, haven't done a friends/family trip to Disney World; I went to Disneyland with a friend (the same one who had the birthday party) about 15 years ago as a kid, but that's about it. I'm hoping I can assemble a trip of my adult friends later this year, but one expected newborn is already interfering with that plan.
Engaged at Epcot on May 14, 2011!

Next anticipated WDW trip: Oct. 2013
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