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Old 09-13-2012, 01:05 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by enchantedrosex
So as out slow movin' tour continues throughout the MK, I'm noticing something a little strange....
I kept seeing people of all ages standing at cleverly decorated windows watching classic Disney clips. Soo naturally, I'm like "whaaaa the bleep is this??". Like, this is ALL I see. Everywhere! And I know this phenomenom was NOT around before. People are holding CARDS?? Up to....keyholes?? What is this madness??

Finally, I just can't take it. I MUSSST KNOW! So I approach an older guy and he fills us in on what's up. So apparently Disney is now hiring Sorcerers?? To defeat villains? And be the hero of the Magic Kingdom?? AND YOU CAN COLLECT DISNEY CARDS. LIKE EVERYDAY. OMG. I must play.....NOW!

So we basically run to the nearest recruitment station which I believe was behind the Christmas store. The CM there HOOKS US UP. A pack of cards each, a sweet map and a set of fine instructions. And then he asks us if anything really magical happened to us that day. This kinda threw us off, so we kinda muttered/stumbled out "mmnoIdunnoI don'tthinkwhaaaat?" So we were expecting him to give us something awesome, like I don't know...fastpasses or something. Btut he ends up telling us to "HAVE A MAGICAL DAY!" in a perfectly impersonated Mickey voice! It was totally unexpected and random, but alright!

And then this happened.

Followed by this.

And then we couldn't stop....



WARNING: From this point on there will be NO more rides. NO more shows. NO more ADR's. NO more park hopping.

I'm juuuuust kidding. But seriously, Sorcerers of the MK took a serious chunk of our Disney time. Normally, we hit up the MK maybe once or twice and we're done. But this game kept us comin' back everyday of our trip! We just got sooo into collecting cards and trading and levelling up. We left with literally hundreds of cards and CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK AND GET MORE. NOMMMS. I love how it was all older folks playin' too.

We stayed at the MK so late we almost forgot about our beloved upcoming ADR! A first time for Patrick and a 3rd time (and favorite!) for me! We had a reservation at 8:05 and had to BOOK IT! Good thing we could just hop on the monorail!

Just where we we going?

Great report so far I am subbing in.....
Ally (Me 26) Jesse(DH 29) Nicholas (DS 3) Jordan (DS 2)

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Old 09-13-2012, 10:10 AM   #17
I clearly do not make it to WDW enough
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I'm joining in. Sounds great so far! I haven't done the Sorcerers of MK yet. Nice to see the pics from someone that has. Can't wait for more updates
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Old 09-13-2012, 10:11 AM   #18
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You both are adorable! I am loving your trip report!
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Old 09-13-2012, 12:07 PM   #19
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Just joined in! Loving the report so far!

I'm taking my boyfriend in March, and it will be his first trip since he was a child! Needless to say, I'm super excited! AND I don't know anything about this sorcerers thing, but it sounds like something he would be into!

Looking forward to future updates!

Me: DH:
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Old 09-13-2012, 03:46 PM   #20
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Awesome trip report!

Can't wait to follow along!
Me(31)~ DH(34)~ DD(10)~ DS(6)~

2008-First trip, ASMU2011-Christmas time in the parks, POP2012-A break for the kids, POP

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Old 09-13-2012, 11:12 PM   #21
Why you ackin' so cray-cray?
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Thanks everybody!!!
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Believes in the Magic.
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I don't know about anyone else, but my airport has these rediculously loud rolley bar things instead of welcome mats? I just don't know how to describe them...
You drag your suitcase over it, right...and they just make the loudest noise ever! Like, everyone knows you just walked into the airport. No sneaking in here...
Ugh, whatever.

LOL! I know exactly what you're talking abotu hahaahah
1991- Grand Floridian (age 6) 1993- Yacht Club (age 9) 1995- Grand Floridian (age 11) 2005- Stayed off property (age 20) 2012- Beach Club (age 27)

In loving memory of Skip, my WDW loving Dad.
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Old 10-24-2012, 12:38 AM   #23
Why you ackin' so cray-cray?
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Day One, Part Nine: Feasting like Polynesian royalty.

Where we last left off, Patrick and I were totally busy saving the Magic Kingdom. #dayinthelife However, even the most magical of wizards have to refuel every once in awhile and we soon realized it was almost time for our first of many fabulous feasts!

We were heading to one of my absolute favorites and a first for Patrick! So exciting! Ahh

If my title didn't already give it away, can you guess where we were headed?!?

We scurried out of the park (it was reeeally hard to break away from that game), and to THE MONORAIL!! Which....did not smell good. At all. It straight up smelled like everyone who rode that day just peed right there and no one bothered to clean it up or even sprinkle a little baking soda or something.

No bueno, my friends!

Ahh, oh well...at least it was a short ride!

We got off at the Polynesian and headed straight to......

Well sort of. We kinda got lost....
Yes, I'm embarrased. Then again, I've only been to the Poly twice....

Anyhoo, we checked in and waited for what seemed like everrrrrr. Patrick, being of age and all, wanted to see what was up at the bar and get a fancy shmancy adult drink. So I waited all alone. But it's all good because I was in the Poly and it smelled sooo darn good in there.

Well, he took FOREVER!!! By the time I saw him again....it was time for us to be seated. And he didn't even have a drink. Ummmm ok.

So of course there was a story!

Apparently it was quite a challenge to get the bartender's attention. And apparently the bartender didn't think Patrick's ID was legit. EVERYONE...and I mean EVERYONE stares at his ID for 45 minutes before agreeing to serve him. Why??? Beause his picture is of a 218 pound long haired hippy. Which was actually Patrick in a past life. So he lost a ton of weight and cut off all his hair and desperately needs an updated picture. So I guess the bartender played 20 questions with him until he was satisfied. And then apparently served 3 other people before getting back to an irritated Patrick.

And then it was time to be seated! So he gave up...poor kid. All he wanted was a mojito.

Anyway, they seated us next to a window and gave us some of that delicious bread which we ate approximately 40 loaves of and all else was forgotten.

So delicious.
Yet so evil.
Excuse me deliciously sweet pineappley bread, but I have like 9 courses to go. Take it easy.

Patrick ordered himself another type of fruity rum drink and it was brought promptly. He was a happy lil camper.

He liked it!
I got the delicious pomegranate lemonade.

Then I dared Patrick to join in on the happy lil cousins parade that was happenin'. He wasn't having it at first due to fears of looking creepy/awkward/overall just feeling uncomfortable. But eventually I convinced him!

He totally got into it once he realized he wasn't the only old creepy adult.

And even I joined in once maracas and limbo were introduced.

Which by the way, I dominated at limbo. Even in a dress! And if you're curious how I suddenly have on a different outfit on then you will be satisfied to know that I carried this dress around all day (well, Patrick did) and then changed in the bathroom!

So we danced and limboed and maracad and just had an all out fantastic time with our cousins! At the O'hana! In the Polynesian! In DISNEY! Sigh. I'm having 4 months without Disney withdrawl.

I know, I'm awful.

However, I do have a few awkward eating pictures of us...so it (kinda) makes up for it.

This is me trying shrimp for the like, 2nd time, EVER! I didn't like it so much the first time. And I know my face isn't every convincing, BUT I LOOOOVED IT. OMG. I ate like 25 of these and ugggh I'm craving it now. Seriously, best shrimp EVER! And I've tried lots of shrimp since then! #proud

Our overall review:

Salad=awesome. That honey pineapple dressing is just so unique and yum.

Y'all know my feelings about that bread. We were both feelin' it.

As for the appetizers...I LOOVE the noodles. They're just sticky and delicious. Patrick, not so much. He wasn't havin them. The chicken wings are kinda...gummy. They've always been that way. I still eat them and love the sauce they're coated in, but I just wish they were more crispy-ish, ya know? I just don't really care for "chewy" wings. LOL. And as for the pot stickers, PERFECTION. And even better with the peanut sauce. We fought over those...

And then the meats. The past two times I didn't really care for this portion of the meal. I'm just not crazy about plain meat. However, I decided to give it yet another try! And I loved all of it! The seasoning was just so good and flavorful this time! Which kinda sucks, because of course I wanna shove as much as I can down which leaves less room for the delicious bread pudding. Patrick liked the meats enough, but at this point he had hit a wall. His appetite is like WAAAAY smaller than mine. After he lost a ton of weight, his teeny tummy just can't take the massive loads I can. #sadface

So I after I accepted piece after piece of shrimp/chicken/steak/pork, I finally had to tell my cousins to cut it the eff out. If only I hadn't eaten so much bread....
pfft, as if.

And then then the gods brought down that divine bread pudding. UGHH GUYS. Can't you just imagine that smell?? Take a deep sniff. Yesss.

I just had to borrow a pic from google...

That delicious warm sauce....

I was dying at this point. Literally about to burst open and spew bits of bread/salad/pot stickers/noodles/chicken wings/shrimp/pork/chicken/steak on every one of our cousins. How's that visual?!

But how can I skip out on the bread pudding?!I think Patrick was in a coma, so I had to take on this challenge ALL BY MYSELF. And I conquered. Well maybe Patrick helped a little. I mean, this was his first time!! Phew, we were so done eating though. For life. O'hana should have a service where they wheel you back to your bus. Because, MAN. It is hard to walk/breathe/talk.

And then, out comes this little darlin'.

Uhhh, to-go box please.
But how cute is that?? I totally forgot I marked that we were celebrating my graduation from community college (well, sorta). PRECIOUS.

After we regained the ability to move, we stopped at the entrance to snap some pictures.

I sent this once to all the folks back home!


After a perfect first day, it was finally time to retire. We took the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom and then proceeded to trug along to Pop's bus. We were SO ready for bed. We would be waking up extra early the next morning to head on out to our second park!

sleepy on the monorail

Just where were we going?

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Why you ackin' so cray-cray?
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Day Two, Part One: We take a walk on the wild side! Rawr.

Day two started bright and early...well for me, anyways. My alarm went off crazy early and I jumped up immeadiately to get in the shower. It was my plan to curl my hair this morning to go along with today's themed outfit.

This is why I only did it once!

So once I finished with that tedious task and my hair was all bouncy and curly and pretty, I woke up a sleepy Patrick.

I ALWAYS make the mistake of not waking him up early enough. I think "hmm all he has to do is shower and get dressed...I'll let him sleep!"

WELL, URGGGGH. For some reason he takes forever, EVERYTIME.


So anyway we got all of our stuff together and headed out into hot and steamy Florida. Ugh, didn't think about the humidity.
My curls started limping almost immeadiately....sigh.


Animal Kingdom, of course! And we were prepared to make a mad dash for the safari because apparently it's the best in the early morning. Pictures? AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!

So anyway, we elbowed our way through the crowds, skirting around strollers and the like and split up. Patrick got in line for the safari and I set out to grab fast passes for later.

Well the fastpass times I snagged were for kinda soon, and the line for the safari was already very long, so we opted out of waiting.

HMM what to do in the meantime...

We took some themey pics along the trail. I had to show off my safari dress to the folks back home...

Look at how limp and sad my curls are.

HIPPO!...I think??

Yay nappin' gorillas! It's soo crazy how human like these guys are...I'm always amazed.

And then there was this time when Patrick decided that trying to scale these steep cliffs without proper climbing equipment would be a good idea...

Well it worked long enough for me to snap a few action pics...

But he abruptly lost his grip causing him to crumple down and surprise an unexpecting family that was passing by.
Sigh...my 25 year old.

I kissed his boo-boo and we were off.

LOOK! Another gorilla!


This guy meant business.

So I failed epically at taking pictures on this trail...what can ya do?

I didn't even get any pictures of my favorites....THE BATS!

So I'll digress with a story instead.


The bats aren't even on the Pangani Trail...silly me. We DID indeed trek the Maharajah, but it wasn't til later in the day. Alas, I still didn't get any pictures of the bats so I'll let this side story stay.

On one of my momma/daughter trips, I first discovered the bats. And they were the coolest things, like...ever. Well, these guys HAVE NO SHAME. One of them starts "growing". Sigh, this may or may not be a little inappropriate for the DIS...
Just a warning.
Carrying on!! So anyway, his ya know...private part just starts growing. And he just bends over a little and puts the whole thing in his mouth. For like a good few minutes, licking away. LIKE....WHAT!? It was crazy. Was he cleaning himself?? Or...or...something else?? Idk, guys. But it was just so shocking. I mean, this is DISNEY WORLD!

Anyway, I'm also probably the only one in the world that kinda/sorta likes the smell in there. That bat pee smell. I used to dream about that smell, guys! I had these terryfying dreams about crows when I was younger and I remember this specific crow smell...
Weird, I know. Well it smelled like those bat exhibits. JUUUST like it. So I feel like I have a sort of connection to that smell.

Hahah wonder how many readers I just lost...

OK, that's a wrap. For those of you who wish to continue on, I will rejoin you soon. For now....peace out.

Stay tuned for more adventures in the AK!

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Why you ackin' so cray-cray?
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Day Two, Part Two: Flights of Wonder...so much wonder!

So it's been absolutely forever since I've updated. Sigh. At this rate, I won't even finish this within a year! But life is just so crazy. Since my last update, me and the boy broke up. But really, it was for the best...no sadness! AND my mom is going to Disney in a few weeks...WITHOUT ME! I mean, I'll be in school, but I wasn't even invited! What the heck??! Ok ok ok, back to the report!

After our little trek through the Pangani Forest, we moseyed back on over to none other than....

I knew this pic would come in handy!

"Oh hay, get me lookin at this sign so that when I fail to take notes later, our pics will tell us what happened!"
What a good idea...
You would assume we were headed towards Africa for our pre-scheduled two week adventure through the savannas.
Buuuut I guess we had more time to kill cuz my pics say we did otherwise.

Guess we ended up shopping and stuff first!

Gettin' all posey and cozy wif Simba

I sent a pic of this lil guy to my Momma cuz she loves owls. She appreciated it, in case you were wondering...

Just rockin' out to the beat of my own drum(s).

So much love for these little drum thingies! Yes, they hold a special place in my heart cuz on my first ever Disney trip back when I was like 5, I brought back one of these babies AND IT TOTALLY LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. I find it kinda neat that some Disney merch stays the same throughout the years.

We also picked up a bottle of fancy-ish authentic African wine...that we downed in one night. Cuz we're classy. More on that later...

After browsin' for a little, we headed out. Pretty sure we were still just killing time before our safari...pictures don't lie! I really wanted to go check out Flights of Wonder. It never sparked my interest before cuz when I hear "birds", my thoughts are usually "meh". But then I heard some pretty good reviews so I figured now would be trip to check it out. After all I need to experience EVERYTHING in Disney at LEAST once!! Country Bears. Enough said.

On our way, we passed the beautiful creature known as DeVine. So naturally, a quick photo had to happen.

And then we were chillen in the Flights of Wonder area!

Just waitin' for the show to start...so clearly a pic to commemorate the moment is needed.

AND THEN IT STARTED! And my mind was blown!!!! LIKE TOTALLY BLOWN. This show. Just...just.....

Like, I guess I forgot how broad the category of "birds" is. Cuz in NO WAY was I thinkin' eagles and owls and stuff. You know...crows and robins, hummingbirds and maybe a hawk or something. Idk. I mean these are cool and amazing in their own way, but I see them all the time so they're just not that exciting to me. HOWEVER, every damn bird in this show was just so spectacularly amazing...I just don't even...

Just look at this freakin' thing!

BALD EAGLE! #ohmygod


Bald eagles are just the coolest things ever, ok?? I took quite a few more pictures than this...but unfortunately they're either blurry or of just air. What can ya do?? These giant a** birds are swoopin back and forth over our heads and at any moment you're just waiting for a bald eagle to snatch away a small child or land on your head and gouge through your skull. Keeps you on your toes. Go see this show if you haven't already!! You will be amazed, I promise!!

Coming on up...
We FINALLY get to our safari (for real), and FOOD!!


twitter: @michelafinn
Instagram: michelafinn

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Why you ackin' so cray-cray?
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Day Two, Part Three: We bless the rains down in Africa.

We packed pretty light for our two week safari adventure, so good thing it was cut short!

And now I present what you already saw coming...
These will be a mix of both mine and Patrick's pics. And don't worry, there isn't a lot...I'm more about just taking in everything and enjoying it rather than getting the same 276427834 pics of the same animals every time.

And we'll start off with this one and only solo shot of a umm...deer? Clearly I'm all about absorbing as much animal knowledge as possible.

The only other animal I took a pic of that wasn't a giraffe!

Yook at all these guys!

This one's clearly been using recreational drugs.

Here's a lovely shot of my hand and my sweet camera tryin to get up on that action. This guy bolted as soon as our safari vehicle approached. NO PITCHAS PLZZZ.

He saw us rollin' and he was hatin'

Just chillen and munchin on some leaves...what a life!

Nom nom nomm.

This next shot is one of my faves! It's really just too fabulous for words. I sent it to my friend Mitchel back home cuz he appreciates "professional" looking animal pics. Whenever we would go to a zoo, his mom would always ask us to send her pics of all the animals. Well in Mitch's mind, "ain't nobody got time fo that", so he would just take pictures of pictures of animals that were displayed. That derp. Needless to say, his mom was always impressed...

Anyway, I sent him this to say "SEE! IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HARD!!"

Like a sir.

Patrick believes in photographing every freakin' animal. Even if they're 9,000 ft away and not even with zoom can you possibly get a decent pic. So you end up with tons of photos of mostly grass and trees and waaaay in the background a spec or two that leaves you wondering if there's actually an animal there or if it's just a rock. Anyway, here are a couple of his that turned out nice!

Junior elephant. Always precious.

Some rhino butts. Always appreciated.


Just doin' their thing.

During this time they were in the process of doing away with the whole poachers storyline and our guide was telling us how they were going to introduce some zebras! In the meantime they had a bit of construction going on and a few badly camoflauged forklifts were visible. Well, the brandname of these machines was "CAT" so Patrick thought it'd be cute to exclaim "LOOK! A wild cat!" to the enjoyment of the rest of our vehicle and our surprised/amused driver. People actually started snapping pictures...

LOLOLOL. Ok, carrying on!

Our safari was cut short, and good thing too because it was time for some epic nomming of our own. Of course we just had to go to my favorite place ever...the FLAME TREE BBQ aka HEAVEN. Whenever I'm in AK, I always go here! It never fails! I just cannot bring myself to branch out. Like, I really wanna try other places, but it just never works out. NEXT TIME, I SWEAR. I WILL try Pizzafari!!
Anyway, I always get the pulled pork sandwich here and I drown that baby in BBQ sauce cuz you know, it's all like "SERVE YO'SELF. Drink me if ya wanna cuz you totally can!" And trust me, I've been tempted. But this time for some reason, I did not get the pulled pork. Idk guys. I was feelin somethin "light" and maybe a little "healthy". I really have no idea. I had been dieting and eating very little to prepare for this trip, knowing I would eat all day every day. But turns out that kinda back fired cuz I hit my food wall on this trip way too early. We even ended up having to cancel our last ADR because I was just done. Idk what happened, but I'm sad about it to this day.

Anyway, I ended up getting the turkey-cranberry sandwich and an unsweetend iced tea. How precious. And rather unsatisfying. I mean, the sandwich was ok, but I wasn't crazy about the mayo on it. I'm not a big fan of mayo in the first place but this mayo was really mayo-y, if that even makes sense. The honeydew that came with it was delicious though! Unfortunately, food pics were not to be had but I did borrow some from the lovely internet.

Patrick got what he got on our first trip here together, and that would be the ribs and chicken combo. Here's another pic borrowed from google:

He liked it of course, can ya tell??

He ended up eating everything except for his baked beans. GIMME GIMME GIMME. I devoured those, no problem. This was only our second day!

While we were eating, Patrick made a little friend. You know those Florida birds that are all over with the super long beaks? Well one of them took a particular interest in Patrick and kept nipping at his ankles. He ended up naming him (something cutesy I can't remember) and they exchanged numbers and stuff and I guess they're still in touch. The whole thing was just hilarious though...I wish I got a video or at least a picture or something. The thing actually bit him on the leg pretty hard!

He just wanted some lovin'!

Up next!
There is more adventure to be had! Our day is really just beginning!

twitter: @michelafinn
Instagram: michelafinn

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Hi! I just caught up! You're trip looked so fun! Im actually taking my DBF to Disney on his first ever trip!!! We're going in June, and I was so happy when I found your TR! How was your first trip together? Do you have any helpful ideas that would make a 21 year old fall in love with Disney????

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Why you ackin' so cray-cray?
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Originally Posted by emma212010 View Post
Hi! I just caught up! You're trip looked so fun! Im actually taking my DBF to Disney on his first ever trip!!! We're going in June, and I was so happy when I found your TR! How was your first trip together? Do you have any helpful ideas that would make a 21 year old fall in love with Disney????

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This was actually our second trip together! We were both dying to go back again after our first trip. It really didn't take much to have him fall in love with Disney! Just show him what YOU love about Disney, and he is definitely guaranteed to love it!

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Why you ackin' so cray-cray?
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Day Two, Part Four: Conquering Everest!

After finishing our meal over at the Flame Tree BBQ, we trekked on over to DinoLand U.S.A.! Our destination?? Dinosaur!

LOVE this ride! It seriously scares me every time! I wish I could travel back to the first time I ever rode, when I had no idea what to expect. Good times!

While watching the preshow for the 40 millionth time, I came to the conclusion that Dr. Marsh looked just like a grown up Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell, so I just had to Google it right then and there. Turns out that wasn't the case (lolz), but they sure do look alike!

Am I right?!

So we survived the Big Bang (lucky us!) and we were sent out through the dump shop, where this beauty was waiting for us...

I love how calm and happy everyone looks here. Like, you would have never guessed there was a big ol' scary Dino screaming in our faces. Hahahah.

And then it was time to conquer Everest for the first (of several) times this trip! Everest is Patrick's all time favorite and he can literally ride it 500 times in a row. While I love Everest, I just don't have it in me to ride it that many times. I mean, 3 times is good, but there's only so many times I wanna untangle the knots from my mane. #beastlyprobz

We stopped along the way for a mini photo-op.

I admit it. I am one of those people who ring the dreaded bells. I just can't help it, okay?!?

Pretty sure we rode in the back! Which is pretty much the best, well, unless you ride front!

Gotta get my selfies in.
P.S. LOLZ at that adorably photogenic boy behind me! How precious!

And guess we were second to back row...close enough!

There doesn't seem to be any tracks!

Annnd the result of Ride #1 out of 827492748...nothing too fancy. I soon realized what a pain it is riding Everest in a short dress. Panty city, lemme tell you. You can tell from our ride pic I was trying hard not to flash the camera!

Which brings me back to one of my other Disney trips with my Mama!
STORY TIME! Gather 'round, children! It'll be short, I swear.

So I decide to wear this short camo-print skirt to the Magic Kingdom. I know, my fashion tastes were questionable in those days. But anyway, for those of you that don't know, Space Mountain is the worst ride ever to ride in a skirt. There's just no way getting around to keeping your legs closed. So, we get to the ride photo-viewing portion, and there's my bright blue flowery undies for everyone to see!

So lesson of the day: Wear pants/shorts on Space Mountain.

So then apparently we immediately got on again for Ride #2!


Ohh Tree of Life, trying so hard to fit in. If only your leaves were the same shade of green as your living friends. LOLZ.

Ok, so anyone ever notice the cell towers nowadays that they try to disguise as trees so that they don't ruin the beauty of nature? They are the most awkward looking out of place things I have ever seen.

Hahaha, okay. Moving on...

This time it looks like we rode FRONT ROW, BABY!
Oh hey, Swan and Fish!

Our ride photo we swiped this time was super blurry so I didn't bother posting it. Womp womp.

UP NEXT: Even more adventure in the AK!

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Day Two, Part Five: Welcome to the Juuungle.

Our next stop: It's a Bug's Life!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! It's so cute and scary and the audience just gets so into it which just makes it a fantastic experience every time!

Speaking of which, I just watched A Bug's Life for the first time in a looooong time yesterday! I forgot how much I love that movie...it's so freakin' good. And witty. And just perfect!

And what would this show be without the preluding (and obligatory) bug glasses photoshoot??

Duckfaces are just our thing when wearing 3D glasses, okay?! Get with it!

So of course the show was great...
I got frustrated at the families who refuse to MOVE ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FRIGGEN ROW and plop themselves defiantly right in the middle. I screamed/had a mini panic attack when the spiders dropped, and then the wasps at the end fractured my spine. Typical stuff...

At some point in the day, I was on the hunt for soft serve ice cream. I couldn't tell you when, because I wasn't a Diser at the time and took no notes, but I know we probably/definitely got some at some point so I'll just throw it in here. Disney makes the most fantastic soft serve, but I always have trouble finding it somehow. I have to have the chocolate/vanilla swirl and it needs to be served in a waffle cone (WAFFLE CONE OF THE GODS!) I know there's one right next to all the classic characters statues just chillen and fishing, so that's my go-to.

As far as the other parks, Dinosaur Gertie's in HS has it (though it's NEVER opened when I'm there) and either Promenade Refreshments or the Refreshment Port stands right before Canada in Epcot have it too. Those are just my go-tos. Obviously other places have simple soft serve in a waffle cone, but for me they're just harder to locate, even when using my Dining app!

Anyway, I know at some point we saw Festival of the Lion King too. However, I have no pictures because it was one of those times where we wanted to not worry about our cameras and actually just sit back and enjoy it!

All I know is that I'm not one of those people who likes just jump around the parks and backtrack constantly. Fastpasses make it a bit more of a challenge to really have a plan, but we make it work! What I'm saying is that it's hard piecing together the order of things we did by looking at pics from both our cameras, so the things we did might not be in the right chronological order. But I did my best!

Anyway, we soon found ourselves at the Maharajah Jungle Trek!

We stopped to take a picture with this random umbrella by the entrance...

I think it's funny because I caught one of our most troublesome problems in the pic...scooters. Not that I have a problem with people using wheelchairs/scooters...who actually need them. But sometimes you can just tell that people are taking advantage of this service. And it was just super frustrating because there was a TON of people using them, and we all know that they get seated on the bus first. I just think that they need a better system. Like, there was just constant line of scooter/wheelchair people, and they would keep loading them onto the busses, even though the rest of us had been waiting much longer. And they just take SOOOOOO long. AHHHHH!

Hahah. OK. Rant over. Though actually I have a story. I once encountered a family of relatively younger people, a couple using scooters. They were on my bus and were quite the obnoxious. All fine and good, whatever. Except for the fact that I saw them, multiple times, in different parks...and they were rotating who was using the scooters!! And I saw the original scooter rider RUNNING. Ugggh, people.

For real now, moving on!

Perrrdy flags.

Yeah, I'm not sure what's goin on in the above pic, but thanks for catching it on camera, P.

Not sure what P is doing here either, but I'll roll with it!

Pet the kiettty.


Real, live kitty! RAWR.

So pretty! God, I love tigers ahhhhhh. The beautiful creatures on this Earth...crazy!

So I though these bell-like flowers were really pretty! Didn't translate too well to camera though. Overexposed. Ahhh, oh well!

Love these prayer flags so much! I wish they had them for sale! I wonder if they were always tattered/sun faded, or they actually got like that over time?

I love this pic too! Every time I see the thumbnail sized version, I think it's a pic of broken glass! Fun fact.

This dress was just perfect for the Animal Kingdom! I can't get over it!

Right where I belong!

Good attempt, Patrick. Lolzz.

LOLZ. Little dude's got some wicked turn out! #wannabeballerina

So I was kinda disappointed during this trek because the bicycle is gone!
Does anyone remember the old funky bicycle that was just chillen next to some water fountains on this trek? I think it was right before tiger viewing area 2. I was excited to do a photo op on it like last trip, but we backtracked several times and couldn't find it!

Maybe they took it down because people (like us) would get on it and take pictures?? I guess it could be a safety hazard...


Up next:
Rest of Maharajah Trek, Wrap up at AK and DINNER!

twitter: @michelafinn
Instagram: michelafinn

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