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Old 09-04-2012, 05:46 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by texasgirl73 View Post
I consider myself a foodie- I love trying all sorts of different foods, plan my trips around meals, and spend way more than any person should on fine dining. I rarely eat fastfood.

That being said, I enjoyed the food on my Fantasy cruise. There was some missteps, for sure, but I liked more of the items than I disliked. I can only think of a couple things that downright tasted bad. I loved the food at Palo, loved the brunch at Remy, really liked my Remy dinner, and found many items at Royal Court that were very good. I even found some good items on the pool deck (paninis and fruit) and Cabanas. I did find myself disappointed in the Captain's Gala menu (they sure ruined the Lobster!) but overall I was pleased. I even found a couple items that I am excited to get again when I sail on the Dream (Strawberry Rhubarb dessert at Royal Court lunch, cornbeef hash at cabanas, cheese at Remy, Chocolate Souffle at Palo.) There was nothing life altering and I certainly wouldn't choose Disney Cruiseline if dining was my number one priority (I'd go with Celebrity or Crystal- if I were independantly wealthy ) but the food was good enough that I wouldn't pass up Disney in the future. Maybe you could try the Fantasy next time?
Just curious because you are from Texas, another bar-b-que state. Did you enjoy the bar-b-que on Cast Away Cay? I didn't think it was not edible, but I would never call it bar-b-que.
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Old 09-04-2012, 05:48 PM   #17
It's a really lovely way to spend the afternoon
THAT does sound good ;)
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While we enjoyed our cruise back in May on the Magic, The dining was not something we would rave about it. While certainly palatable, it wasn't great by any means. Diining roation meals tasted more like mediocre assembly line type food, than that associated with fine dining. We did dine in Palo and very much enjoyed the experience.

I also might add, that this is part of the reason I don't buy into the wearing of tuxedos or tiarra type dress to dinner. NOT to say anyone should wear anything tacky, and honestly my intent is not to start a "what to wear to dinner" thread. We did and would continue to dress for dinner. Just that I wouldn't equate any of the dining rotation meals we experienced to be "fine dining" by any means and can understand why some folks don't feel the need to get all decked out for a mediocre meal at best.
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Old 09-04-2012, 05:56 PM   #18
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Having only cruised twice (Monarch of the Seas, Aug. 2008 & Magic Dec. 2010) I can only speak to those cruises. The food was okay, both times.

On Disney - Main Dining (2nd seating) was good but in a wedding/mass amounts type of way. During Lobster night the Lobster was overcooked and tuff. Could I find something to eat, sure, but it wasn't memorable. Palo was better, but only because the food was cooked to order so it was made closer to serving it. Even still were about to get on board the Wonder and only booked Palo brunch as Dinner was not that good.

I've been around and eaten at some great restaurants, so I'm not going to say the food was bad, but we don't go on a Disney Cruise for the food.(I wouldn't expect to get good food on any cruise, too many mouths to feed all at once)

We have the first seating on the Wonder next week maybe that will make a difference. I'll post about that trip.
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Old 09-04-2012, 06:09 PM   #19
Mama D
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Originally Posted by pdwimmer

Just curious because you are from Texas, another bar-b-que state. Did you enjoy the bar-b-que on Cast Away Cay? I didn't think it was not edible, but I would never call it bar-b-que.
You can't beat bar-b-que Texas style! Most people can't recreate that magic! Nor can they make food spicy enough
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Old 09-04-2012, 06:18 PM   #20
Four Bears
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I have been on 1/2 dozen cruises over the last 20 years. (Carnival - 1, Celebrity - 3 and Disney-2). Celebrity by far has the best food out of the cruise lines that I have been on. However, even with them, I have noticed a decline in the food quality. I believe like all industries, they are trying to cut costs and staffing, which causes the food experience to take a hit.

If I was to pick a cruise based on cuisine, Disney would not be in the running. I have read about passengers who travel without children (their own or within a group that has children) and often wonder "Why?" I love Disney for my kids and this is the where we are in our lives, but there are so many cruise lines out there that have better food, better itineraries, are more catered towards adults and are the same or the less price then Disney. Of course, you, wouldn't have the Disney experience. (I also would not go to Disney World/land for an "adult vacation," either.)

And for reference, I love Legal Seafoods, now that is REAL seafood (it is expensive, so don't get to go there that often). I have only been to Red Lobster once, and never will I go back again.
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Old 09-04-2012, 06:28 PM   #21

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I know Lumiere's Chef Edgar left the Magic for the Fantasy after his December leave.
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Old 09-04-2012, 06:29 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by pdwimmer View Post
Just curious because you are from Texas, another bar-b-que state. Did you enjoy the bar-b-que on Cast Away Cay? I didn't think it was not edible, but I would never call it bar-b-que.
I'm pretty picky with Barbeque so I didn't even bother with CC Barbeque, I had a burger instead and some sort of chicken.

And it was my daughter that had the Lobster on the Captains Gala menu, there is no way I would have ordered it- I've seen too many photos to know that DCL doesn't do Lobster justice. I had some sort of chicken dish and it was my least favorite dish of the trip. I will definately skip that menu if I come across it in the future.
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Old 09-04-2012, 06:30 PM   #23
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I have cruised Disney many times and feel the food is just OK. Palo is good, Palo Brunch is very good.

But if you read these boards much you will see many people comment that they feel the food is too fancy. To me it is very plain and not much flavor. The appetizers are usually better than the meals.

When we go out to dinner we like Bone Fish Grill and Brio. Never go to Red Lobster or Oliver Garden YUCK!!
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Old 09-04-2012, 06:34 PM   #24
Earning My Ears
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Originally Posted by Clotho View Post
Just got off the Wonder yesterday, and had a great time. Staff was amazing, the ship was gorgeous, and we are already looking forward to a future cruise. But with who...? Because we love good food and frankly, we didn't have much--hubby loved his lamb dish at Palo, and we both enjoyed brunch there, mostly eating the buffet items, but that's it.

I swear I am not as picky as this sounds, but I didn't have one single meal that I fully enjoyed on the ship. Bland, overcooked, lukewarm, over-salted, tasted like frozen food or school lunches. Even Palo overcooked my shrimp and steak (and the waiter failed to bring an entire course we had ordered, which only contributed to my disappointment).

Is this normal? What was your experience? I would love some perspective, because this is actually one of the sticking points in deciding if we want to cruise with Disney again or try another line. We love our Disney vacations for the decor, theming, and service; and we have read about people actually liking the food on Disney, so I had to wonder if somehow we got a bad kitchen experience on this cruise? Or if our idea of good food is vastly different from the reviewers we have read. For instance Red Lobster is NOT "good food" in our book, but we would eat there and find a thing or two that would satisfy. If our cruise on the Wonder were a restaurant, we would never go back.

So question for y'all who have cruised Disney before: tell me of your food experiences, good and bad. And for reference, what kinds of foods do you enjoy eating at home? For instance, if you regularly eat at McDonald's and Long John Silvers, and if you use that as a basis for comparison for "good food" then I have an idea of your personal 1-to-10 scale, know what I mean? It is not my intention to judge anyone's food choices and I hope that this thread will stay on topic without any personal barbs. I just want to gauge why I read so many good reviews of Disney food when my one experience was SO BAD--is this an isolated incident, or is it a case of taste/preference/perspective?

I am interested to know what seating you were assigned to. Our first cruise, several years ago, we were assigned to the early seating. We thought the food was good, but not anything to fawn over. (In the interest of full disclosure DH is a former chef who specialized in high end french cuisine. I eat like a queen most nights. ) The following cruises we had the late seating and ohmygoodness... The food was AMAZING. It's not very often when I get to hear DH comment about how much he enjoys someone ELSE's dishes.

Our most recent cruise, last September on the Dream, we were traveling with extended family and they asked for (and received) the early seating. We went with high hopes and alas...came away SUPER disappointed in the food. My biggest complaint (as a resident of the coast of Maine) is overcooked seafood. It should be criminal!!!! DH also complained that the meat, in general, was overcooked. It was the seafood that really stood out for me. Oh, and a lot of the sides (particularly potato dishes) were either super bland, or over salted. No happy medium.

The group that went with us last year is slated to go again this year (with a few more additions) on the Fantasy in November. After DH and I made our pleas, we have talked them in to the late seating. Here's hoping for the dining experience I "DREAM"ed about last year!
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I always try to 'pick smart' when eating at Disney, whether in the parks or on the ship. For instance, most pasta dishes will be ok, lobster will be yucky. Ribs are unlikely to be great, but lamb chops are usually ok. I always try to envision what could be cooked en masse, be held for a few minutes or more, and still survive as 'tasty'. Soup is often a good choice, as is salad. Also with food costing, I expect sea food to be scanty or small in size, like shrimp cocktail only have a few shrimp, where other dishes with lower costing will be more filling. It is really about picking dishes than can stand up to a bit of kitchen abuse!

I was reasonably satisfied with my DCL and park food, given what I expected about being in mass dining rotations. We've also had amazing food where the chefs can shine, like at V + A, and the best chicken parmesan I have ever had a Palo, but I don't expect it other places, truly I don't.
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Old 09-04-2012, 06:49 PM   #26
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I have cruised DCL 1x so far (2nd cruise in 12 days!) and the food, for the most part, was just OK. Palo brunch and dinner were great and occasionally I had something really good in the MDR, but usually just average. The DCL servers attention to my kids and the effort to try and please (despite the not-so-stellar food quality) DID stand out as excellent though.

I have also cruised RCCL and would put their food on the same or worse level as DCL - that is - unimpressed and unmemorable (again, with the exception of Palo). Carnival was much better than DCL IMHO - especially their upscale steak house and Captains table dinner. And Celebrity was the best of all - really fine dining again, IMHO, although this was 13 years ago.

I have had to start eating gluten free and have requested the same on the upcoming cruise, so I am curious how the food will compare on this DCL trip. Honestly, I am not expecting a lot and am cruising for other reasons besides the food. Even without stellar food, I still enjoy the dinners on DCL because my kids enjoy it and are made to feel welcome in the MDR -unlike some on land restaurants when we go out to eat!
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I consider myself to be a quasi-food connoisseur (I'm fat), so let me take a stab at it.

We've sailed the Magic and the Dream and found the dining room experience to be overall pleasant. I don't remember tasting anything objectionable on either ship. I have tried seafood dishes, beef dishes, chicken dishes, and all were of good quality. I wouldn't expect Ruths Chris style dining if you're not willing to pay for Palo or Remy.

Which brings me to Palo and Remy. We ate at Palo on the Magic and felt the meal was very high quality. 3.5-4 stars out of 5. My wife had a filet that literally melted in your mouth. At Remy on the Dream the meal was amazing. It's more of an experience than a meal, 7-8 courses, desserts... it's unreal. As I mentioned, I'm a big guy and found myself overwhelmed at the amount of food they send out for you!

At the end of the day, if you get something that doesn't taste good... ask for something else. That's the magic of being on a cruise! I find it hard to believe that people would have 3 meals for 7 days straight and be unsatisfied with every meal.
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We were on the magic in 2008 and the only thing we didn't like was the bacon. It had absolutely no flavour at all, like it was never smoked. On a trip report someone flamed me saying there is one person who's only job on the Magic is cooking bacon but maybe I'd like to give him some pointers. This had nothing to do with the person cooking it but with the quality of product he was supplied with.
I like the buffet line and cheese selection. I have to agree with what TB posted. I wouldn't go n an entire cruise and not like anything that was ever served to me. I've seen servers combine items from different menus to make someone happy. I think they do a great job.
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I suppose, too, that you must factor in your expectations. I don't expect Club 33 level food on a cruise ship. There is NO way they can do that.

I expect oodles of steps above chain restaurants, but I don't expect Red Car (is there just the one in Santa Monica?) meals, either. I do think it is steps above wedding and award ceremony foods, though.
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I am faaaaar from being a foodie, but even if I was I would still hold to the firm belief that any meal I don't have to cook or clean up after is pretty dang a-ok to me!

And being able to have Mickey bars for dessert? Cherry on top.
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