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Old 11-11-2011, 06:27 PM   #1
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11 nights of QSDP w/PIX-I didn't have 1 burger!UPDTD Last day. Breakfast WPE

66 Snack Credits! 66 Quick Service (or CS as I call them)! Could 3 people possibly eat all that food in 11 days? Where did we eat? What new locations did we try? What old ones failed to deliver? Where would we eat again, even without DDP? How much food did we bring home with us? (What's still in the fridge as of 1-20-12? ) How much food did we throw away? Would we go back again during F&WF?

The answers to all these questions, and more, will be answered in the upcoming months.

For those we donít know me hereís a brief intro-I am a DM, 52, and Disney-aholic. I ran a Fridge Swap at POP for over 5 years (no longer necessary due to the Values now have fridges!) and am now in charge of the 2012 Confirmed Snacks Thread. My DM72 has been on every trip Iíve taken except first one in 1983. Most of the times itís hard to believe sheís 72. The other eater on this trip is my DD12. This is her 12th trip to WDW. This is our 2nd time using the QSDP (used it last year for first time) Weíve used the regular DDP 6 times. This will be our 2nd time at WDW during the F&WF. We are looking forward to using our SC to eat around the world. We are pretty adventurous in our eating but we donít like anything really spicy-why cover up the taste? Oh and one last thing, I am one of those crazy guest who take a lot of pictures of their food.

We have a rental car so we arenít limited in our dining choices. We like to drive around and eat non-traditional park food. My DM and I didnít have one single hamburger or chicken nugget on this trip. Really. And DD12 only had nuggets once (at TL) and the Angus cheeseburger at Pecos Bills once.

There really is a good variety of CS food out there if you want something different from the standard fare. Even inside the parks.

Here are the CS places I will be reporting on:

Everything POP (multiple times) (first post) Dinner Post #104
Wolfgang Puck Express (3 times)(first post) 2nd meal post #104 -Breakfast-last day post #141
Contempo Cafť (3times)(first post) 2nd dinner visit Post #77
Breakfast post #104

Foodquest at Disney Quest post #26
Cookes of Dublin at DTD post #26

Pizzafari at AK Post #32
Trilobites at AK Post #32
Harambe Popcorn at AK Post #32--Post #122
F&WF Booths Post #33, 2nd visit Post #77, 3rd visit Post #127
Karamel Kuche (2 times)Post #33 Post #127

Tillyís Snack Shack Post #37
Leaning Palms Post #37
Capt. Cookes Post#53

Earl of Sandwich (2 times) Post #66 1st visit-To go

Boulangerie Patisserie Post #75
Electric Umbrella Post #75
Writerís Stop DHS Post #77

Columbia Harbor House Post #91
Storybook Treats Post #91
Pecos Bills (2 times)Post #91
Main Street Confectionary (2 times)Post #91

Frostbite Freddies Post #112
Lottawatta Lodge Post #112

POFQ Food Court Post #117

KusafiriPost #122
Safari Pretzel Post #122

Sommerfest-snacktPost #127
Fife Ďn Drum-snack Post #127
Kringla-Lunch Post #127

Seashore Sweets
Boardwalk Bakery
and there may be one or two more.

So letís get this QS Dining Report Started!

Our trip started on Friday, Oct. 7th but since we didnít land at MCO until 11:20 p.m. I donít really count that day. We left at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, the 18th so that gave us 11 days (and nights) to spend eating, and snacking, our way around the world. 11 x 2 x 3 = 66 CS and 66 SC to use. Let the eating begin (and it never stopped until we got home!)

Day 1 (Sat. Oct. 8th) Very Rainy!! Most rain we have every experienced! And thatís saying a lot! But this is about the foodÖ.

Breakfast at EVERYTHING POP! DD wanted to have an ice cream sundae for breakfast (which was fine with me!) but they donít start serving ice cream until 11 a.m. Since this was our first food purchase we had 66 CS and 66 SC to use. Before we decided on what to get I asked a cashier what we were allowed on a Continental Combo. She said we could get ANY 3 Snack items and it would count as 1 CS. GREAT! It was just around 8:30 a.m. and it was pretty busy in the snack area. Had to wait to get to the pastries. Big traffic jam! We decided on cherry turnovers (for DM and me) and a croissant for DD. The cherry turnovers are one of our favorite pastries and we got them quite often this trip. DD also got a Nestle Berry Blast (which replaced the Itzakadoozie) since she couldnít get the sundae. I also picked up a bowl of mixed fruit (melons, grapes) and 1 Cran-raspberry bottled juice, you know, so at least we had a little healthy stuff for breakfast. And donít forget, the turnovers have cherries in them. Cherries are a fruit, right? The turnovers and croissants were very good. The fruit was mostly good though a few of the grapes were iffy. I just picked them out.

UPDATE-as of Jan. 1, 2012 you can no longer get 3 SC for 1 CS meal. You CAN get a Continental Combo consisting of a pastry, fruit, and beverage. That's it-not a great use of a CS. You're looking at about $7-$8

TOTAL CS CREDITS USED 2, 64 left to go ($18 if paid, value $9 per credit-not a great value but I knew we would have more CS to use up at the end than SC due to F&WF Snacks!) CS Breakfast is usually not the best use of your CS if you are trying to maximize your value. Would we eat here again-yes, mostly for the convenience and the turnovers!

Our breakfast of champions!

DD with her Nestle Blast

Lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express (Marketplace) in DTD.

WPE is one of our favorite CS locations at WDW. We ate here 3 times this trip. We got here just before 12:30 p.m. and it wasnít too crowded even though there were quite a few people at DTD today due to the rain. Since it was raining quite a bit we didnít want to sit outside, under the cover, and luckily we didnít have to! We were able to grab a seat at one of the 2 tables in the kitchen area. SCORE! Nice and warm, close to the soda machines, and interesting to watch ďbehind the scenesĒ plus you get the added bonus of meeting other WDW guest if you have room at your table.

We were almost finished with our meal when a family of 4 asked if they could sit in the open chairs. Of course we said yes. It was a DM, her DM, and 2 DD.s They were from AZ and were leaving in just a few days. They had been here about a week. Of course they had the free QSDP. While talking with them about the kidís meals, etc. I found out that they had been ordering the 13 y/o DD kidís meals. They thought they had to! They didnít realize that in Disneyís eyes she has been an adult for over 3 years now. I felt bad that they didnít know she could have been ordering anything she wanted and it just drove home how great it is to be prepared for a trip to WDW. The more info you know going in, the better your trip will be.

We ordered a Wood Fired Pepperoni Pizza ($12), Spaghetti and Meatballs ($16), and 2 CrŤme Brulees ($6) for the 3 of us to share. We got 2 sodas. I got a glass of water. The pizza was pretty good. I wasn't sure if DD would like it since it also had salami on it but she didn't mention it (so neither did I!) I would give it a 4 out of 5. 1 point off for being a little underdone for my taste. I donít like a pizza that is soggy in the middle. The Spaghetti and Meatballs (2) were very good, at least what I tasted of them. My DM and DD ate most of the 2 meatballs and also most of the spaghetti. 4.5 out of 5. The crŤme brulee was very tasty. The sugar on top of one of them was a little too burnt for our tastes. No worries, I just picked it off. The crŤme part was excellent. I would give the of the 4.5 of 5.

CREDITS USED 2 CS., 64 left to go ($48 if paid, $24 per credit). Would we eat here again? Yes, but if you are paying OOP, I think they are pricey, especially some of the pastas.

Spaghetti and Meatballs at WPE

Pepperoni Wood Fired Pizza at WPE

2 Creme Brulees at WPE-see how the one on the left is burnt around the strawberry?

Self-service soda station at WPE. Unlimited refills!

The view from the tables in the kitchen.

Our plans to go to DQ changed due to it being very crowded due to the rain storm. We went the next day-I will report on what we ate there later.

Afternoon Snack EVERYTHING POP!

About 2:30-DD12 finally got her sundae. 3 scoops of Mint and Chip Ice cream, mini chocolate chips, hot fudge, and a cherry. When you order a sundae they have a list of flavors available and toppings you can get. Sundaes range from $4.79 to $5.59 inc. the Brownie Sundae. All sundaes are 1 SC. My DM and I shared an Apple Blossom ala Mode ($4.79 or 1 SC). We sat in the area over by the bakery/ice cream which is usually less crowded than the other area. Plus there is a t.v. here tuned to Disney Channel ( Phineas and Ferb was on then). And since it was raining out they were doing rainy day games inside with the lifeguards. Small crafts and games like Jenga and Donít Break the Ice. It was pretty quiet in the food court at this time of day. DD declared her Sundae delicious though a little light on the hot fudge (last year she didnít eat any toppings on her sundaes-go figure!). The Apple Blossom was very good! Heated and tasty. The apples were full of flavor and not too sweet. The crust was also very good-almost as good as homemade.

CREDITS USED-3 SC., 61 left to go (about $11 if paid for, $5.5 per credit) 4.5 out of 5

DD's Sundae at POP

Our heated Apple Blossom ala Mode at POP


Dinner-so where to go for dinner? I wanted to try someplace new and I had read good things about the Contempo Cafť at The Contemporary. (their food court). Since we had a rental car getting to another resort was easy. The guards at the entrance are always very friendly at the Contempo. I just show them my I.D. and tell them we are eating there. Self parking is actually pretty close to the entrance (unlike the GF). Since it was still raining a little I dropped DM and DD at the entrance and then parked the car. Saw the fireworks from the parking lot/entrance and it was an awesome view! The booming of the fireworks echoing off the buildings was awesome! We would plan a return visit to coincide with fireworks again.

Contempo Cafe Sign

1 of the Contempo Cafe menus. Prices are on the kiosks.

Since we hadnít eaten at the CC before I wasnít sure where it was. Itís upstairs in the main area, right next to Chef Mickey. You get to sit in the large open area and watch the monorails go by. Very nice. Wave to them and some of them will wave back. You order the food at self-serve kiosks with touch screens.

We decided on the Chicken Basil Pasta ($8.39), the Spice Crusted Mahi Sandwich ($9.19) and the Pepperoni Flatbread (pizza) $7.39. We splurged and got 3 meals! After you finish with your order you get a printout from the machine and pay at the cashier. They give you a pager for when your food is ready. Itís cooked to order-pretty nice for a food court. We also needed to get our drinks and decide on our desserts. We got 3 more Cran-Raspberry juices (took back to the room) and decided on a Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich, Chocolate Cake, and Soft Serve Sundae for our desserts. You can return for your desserts after you eat but you have to tell them what you want so they can ring them up.

We had arrived at the CC about 9:20 and finished ordering around 9:24. Our food was ready about 9:35. Not too long of a wait. The Chicken Basil Pasta was pretty good-nice and hot and good flavor. The flatbread was also good but the Mahi Sandwich was excellent! A large piece of fish served on a nice roll. The fish overhung the roll on both sides. It was nicely seasoned, not too spicy. And served hot. The homemade potato ships were also good, very good. Iím craving some right now! A good flavor and again, not too spicy. A little sloppy to eat but worth it. My DM and I shared the sandwich and the pasta. Had a few bites of DDís flatbread and it was good.

Spice Crusted Mahi Sandwich, Pepperoni Flatbread, and Chicken Basil Pasta @ Contempo Cafe

Close up of the Mahi sandwich. Messy but good!

We took the chocolate cake back to the room and DD ate her Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich which, of course, was tasty. Unfortunately the same canít be said about the soft serve ice cream. There were minimal toppings. Hot fudge and caramel. Nothing else really. Worst thing was that the ice cream was flavorless. Just tasted cold. McDís serves a better product-and they only charge about $1. The chocolate cake was one of those packaged ones that you see all over the place. At this time of year it has Halloween sprinkles on it. Itís actually pretty tasty-especially the frosting. I would say itís at least a ľĒ thick and very tasty. Nice and chocolaty. The cake itself isnít bad either. Of all the prepackaged, made ahead desserts we had it is one of the best. Really!

Our 3 desserts.

USED 3 CS Credits, 59 left to go. ($48.68 if paid, $16/credit).

Would we eat here again. YES but I wouldn't get the soft serve again!

So far we have had some good food. Havenít done a park yet. We used 7 CS and 2 SC. A little under our 6/6 target for a day. Our CS meals would have cost about $115. Our value per CS credit for the day is only $16 (due to continental combo). Our 2 SC would have been about $11, so $6.50 per credit. Total for food for the day about $126.

I just noticed that our 2 meals at WPE and our 3 meals at CC cost almost the same-about $48. Dinner at CC ave. $16 each, lunch at WPE avg. $24 each. That's why I say WPE is a little pricey.
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I'm in! Everything looks fabulous!!!!!
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great review!!!!! I love the pics!!!!
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Old 11-11-2011, 07:47 PM   #4
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Im so in! Whats that white stuff on top of the fish sandwich?

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Joining in, really enjoying your reviews.

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Earning My Ears
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I'm in so far everything looks great...and as I try to decide between the DDP and QSDP you experience will be very helpful!
(me) (DS 17) (DD 10)

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mom to minnie&mickey
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I LOVE your dining report. Your dd is adorable, looks like she loves her food!
We are a family of 4 all Disney adults (me, dh, dd(14), ds(11) and am really on the fence about whether to buy the QSDP for our July trip. The cost would be $140/day but with one less SC Will follow your report to see your total costs per day which will help me see if I can get my money's worth or go OOP. So happy you had a fantastic trip.
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Originally Posted by rachel09985 View Post
Im so in! Whats that white stuff on top of the fish sandwich?
According to the menu it's a citrus-apple slaw. I don't remember it being very citrusy or apple-y, more like a regular coleslaw. It was a nice addition and did add to the flavor of it-and the messiness!

One thing I noticed with ordering at the kiosks is you really couldn't add/remove items from your meal-like getting the slaw on the side. I would think after you place your order you could let them know in the kitchen if you didn't want it-but we liked it.

Thanks for all the nice commments. Hope I can help with the decision to use QSDP or not. Eliminating the one snack in 2012 if you are paying for the QSDP may be a deal breaker for me.

One thing to consider if you are trying to decide whether to purchase the QSDP or not is to factor in the times when you wouldn't get the desserts. There were times we got them just because they were included. Especially at the locations in the parks.

Oh, and complimenting my DD always scores points with me!

I will post Day 2s reviews soon, later today.

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I'm excited to read the rest of your review. We are totally sit-down people so I love how you don't eat any burgers or nuggets.
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Joining in. I admit that I usually avoid CS meals except in EPCOT. I am very interested in your review. The Contempo Cafe looked really good! Just not sure I could give up the signature dinners!

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Originally Posted by GoofySon'sMom View Post
Joining in. I admit that I usually avoid CS meals except in EPCOT. I am very interested in your review. The Contempo Cafe looked really good! Just not sure I could give up the signature dinners!
I know what you mean. I do miss some of the TS we had in the past. California Grill and Narcoossee's are 2 that we enjoyed in the past. Though the last time we did Narcoossee's we were less than impressed. We do miss eating at Kona (almost always ate there twice a trip), Tokyo Dining, a buffet or two, but it is so nice to not have to plan our days around eating. And that's something that my DM72 has been complaining about for years. She said it seems like we are always getting ready to eat, or eating.

Though I will say that even with using QSDP vs. the reg. DDP we still found ourselves planning some of our time based on where we wanted to eat that day. But not having to make any ADRs has been a nice break. Especially once they increased the window on booking ADRS.

Thanks for reading-Hope you continue to enjoy it.

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Ice cream for breakfast??? What a Mom!
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Loving your review so far !! We often split CS meals as well. It really spreads meals out and you aren't so stuffed after eating. Or wasting food. The kids never eat all of their food, so DH and i always split something and eat whatever they have left over. It is always plenty of food. Can't wait to see more !!
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Looks like a mighty tasty trip ........ I guess I need to get in on this one!
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I'm in! Great reviews!
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