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Old 01-30-2011, 03:33 PM   #1247
I'm with Beast
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Originally Posted by DisMomAmy View Post
A few of us caught Captain EO last weekend... we thoroughly enjoyed it after a few drinks in the WS. Definitely 80s flashback attraction.

Yikes... MS Orange! I'm afraid of orange...
Oh that's a great idea! Ladies....we must do that. I love that idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can go from from the Ditch to MJ. Or the slushie stand...that would be a riot! Assuming it's still there, is it permanent now? I'm not sure but was assuming it would still be there in May.
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Old 01-30-2011, 03:47 PM   #1248
I'm with Beast
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from bagless...to the baguette of my dreams

We wandered over to the IG to meet up with the rest of the gang, taking the time to peek at the CS menu in the UK on our way, as a possible option. They had managed to find the IG and actually get into the park all on their own. It was about 12:45 I think. They had been a bit directionally challenged at one point, Taylor thinking he knew which way to get out and getting them all turned around but the important thing was, they’d made it.

So what to do for lunch? I outlined the options and focused on what was close first. Which was…UK, France and Morroco. Eric voted for the Yorkshire fish shop, loving the idea of fish and chips but the rest weren’t into the idea, it was just too hot for fish and chips and well, that’s all they had. Jeff, interestingly enough had some pretty strong feelings on the lunch subject. He wanted to go to Morocco. I’ll admit, I had equally strong feelings. I wanted to go to France. Evan voted for France and the rest just looked confused with the caveat that all really wanted to eat inside. We agreed that we’d all go to Morocco, check out the menu and anyone who didn’t see something they wanted would then head back to France, and then meet back in Morocco as we knew we could eat inside at Tangerine.

Walking over, we spotted this

but didn’t stop.

We were headed here.

and this interior beckoned. Did I say it was HOT?

Perusing the menu, shockingly, most found something they wanted! Which surprised me. In 2008 Kendall, Eric and I had gotten our lunch here, while Jeff, Taylor and Evan opted for the Mexico CS. Kendall had gotten a burger, Eric and I the schwarma. Which we’d really liked and Jeff vividly recalled how jealous he’d been of our lunches as none of the Mexican items the three of them had chosen had done much for them, they’d been significantly unimpressed. So I wasn’t surprised about Jeff but was shocked that Eric didn’t want to do something else and that Kendall was opting for it again. I am not one to look gift horses in the mouth though and it made life a lot simpler. Paul however was all over the France idea. I left Jeff to walk Sandie through using her credits for the first time and hightailed it out of there, with my camera in hand! Ok, that’s an overstatement, Paul couldn’t exactly sprint. But he was in GREAT spirits and honestly, outside of the support brace on his leg, looked the very picture of health. I’ve seen him grumpy and stressed and this was the polar opposite. I’d been worried we’d see that side of him on the trip and I have to say, he was just a joy to be around. Determined to relax. Yes, he wanted his breakfasts but other than that, he displayed an amazing ability to roll with it for the entire trip and his contentment was honestly, contagious.

Soon, we saw this

And finally…

The entry is somewhat tiny but we found our way in.

Thankfully the line wasn’t out the door, the AC felt fabulous!
We were greeted with a sensory overload of a different kind (these pictures aren’t mine as I think I was drooling to much to take a picture at the time).

I had one thing on my mind, something I’d had on my mind since the last trip

The menu just lists it as a ham and cheese sandwich. Which is SUCH an inadequate description!

Evan made the same selection, Paul, went for the version on a croissant. I half expected him to go for quiche after the breakfast drama but the croissant sang to him and there was no turning back.

Paul was tickled pink that dessert, using our DDP CS credits, was included and meant ANYTHING in the bakery case. So was Evan. I confess, I knew that and loved surprising them like that. Eyes wide open, twinkling with delight. ANYTHING? Yep, anything!. I admit, I don’t recall what he got. Evan and I went back and forth, both having an inordinate weakness for anything with apple and pastry and elected to get one turnover and one tart and share both.

This is the tart (not my picture obviously as it shows a quiche but you can see the tart!).

Purchases made, ham and cheese sandwiches warmed up (they will ask if you want it warmed when you order) we headed back to Morroco.

After a stop.

A very important stop.


for this

A grand marnier slushie for Jeff

and a grey goose one for me!

I had a sense we might need it to get through the day but even if not, it just sounded darn good (did I mention how HOT it was?) and I was dying to try it. I did have to make Paul and Evan carry my food and bottle of water though and even with that, had a hard time not spilling, they fill those things to the brim! So of course, I had to try both of them. I admit. I was VERY skeptical despite knowing how beloved they are. Anything premixed like that just, as a former restaurant person, doesn’t bode well in terms of quality of ingredients as a general rule. Not to mention the fact that they are pricey!
I’ve never been so happy to be entirely wrong in my life. For me, the grey goose wins, hands down. No contest whatsoever.

Arriving back in Morrocco we found our gang happily eating away. It wasn’t exactly cool in the caf, doors open will have a way of sucking the AC out but it wasn’t miserable either.

I bit into my sandwich.




in the world for me.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. The quality of that baguette…you just can’t capture that in a picture. The flavor of that ham, the cheese…OH MY GOODNESS! It met, and exceeded, every lofty expectation I’d put on it. I’d been dreaming about this lunch for over 2 years, having wanted to go there in 08 and no one wanting to join me. I could, seriously, eat that lunch every day of my life.

Evan had the same reaction.

The Moroccan's looked a little jealous but seemed happy enough with their choices. I’ll admit, I was too busy in baguette ecstasy to notice how anyone else felt about their lunch. Evan and I were in our own little French world. Paul liked his but didn’t seem to have quite the experience we did, at least not until he got to his dessert.

It was time for our dessert. What would win?

Turnover versus Tart.

A Pastry smackdown.

It was kind of sad.

It wasn’t even a contest

Tart took it, by 10.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the turnover, it was nice and flakey and all that. It just had….apple mush and a little on the sweet side for our taste, instead of firmer chunks or slices and well, both of us prefer a more well defined apple in our pastry. Not that we are picky or anything. There may, or may not have been a fork war over the remaining bites of tart. I cannot say. It was firm, flakey, tart and sweet in just all the right places. And a generous portion to boot. I could eat that for breakfast lunch and dinner, daily.

Satisfied, dare say, more than satisfied, we contemplated our next move. What to do? What to show Sandie and Paul? Remember, she had NEVER been to WDW and it had been a very very long time for Paul. What could we do, should we do, bearing in mind the heat and...the dreaded gout.

up next. Ditch em!

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Old 01-30-2011, 04:17 PM   #1249
Can't get enough of the Magic & Pixie Dust!
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Oh my goodness! It was the sweetest thing Ive ever seen, I was completely chocked up. All these adorable done up little princesses, in their gowns and hair, dancing around Cindy and her Prince. It was a magical moment and they werent even my children!

The dance moved on and we proceeded to the buffet to load up our plates. As many of you know, Im just not really much of a buffet person, at all. However, my family is and this had some different options. I know a lot of folks go there for the breakfast so I thought Id post the dinner menu.
you can see i am only half way through your TR. GREAT descriptions and definitely have given me a few things to factor in for our trip. I just LOVE these pics from 1900 Park Fare. We will be doing dinner here and now I want to make sure DD can squeeze into her Cinderella dress. and the menu...yummmmm nearly dinner here but i can't pull myself off the computer to make it.
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Old 01-30-2011, 04:34 PM   #1250
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Whew. I was about to call a major foul on passing the champagne/slushie stand in France when you redeemed yourself and returned. That was a close call. I can assure you that we shall not be passing the stand by in May. No matter how many times we may walk by.

I always forget about France as a snack/lunch option. I heard they are doing a renovation on the bakery to improve the flow of customers through the lines. Putting that baguette on my list as is the cheese plate. I love sitting back in the area behind the perfume shop. Always so quiet and sometimes you see Princess Aurora coming out.

Capt Eo in May after a few WS drinks sounds like a plan!!

Hurray for contagious contentment. May we all encounter more of that in our trips!

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Old 01-30-2011, 04:36 PM   #1251
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Originally Posted by eandesmom View Post
I'd see it again. Although maybe I'll go see living with the land while you guys see EO as I've never done that either.
Wait, WHAT!?! You have never been on Living with the Land? It is a great attraction- pleasant boatride and REAL plants.

Originally Posted by eandesmom View Post
I've always skipped it (Innoventions) on purpose but then I see all this cool stuff on Glenn's TR and I'm like..I need to go there and check it out! But then of course I couldn't find it. It is SO not well marked.
When we were in the queue for Sum of All Thrills, the CM working the line said they don't even have the attraction listed on the park map because it has such a low capacity and the lines are long enough through word of mouth.

It's in Innoventions East, the building closest to Mission Space and Ellen's Energy Adventure. But perhaps you know that already.
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Old 01-30-2011, 04:45 PM   #1252
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Thanks for the photos!!! Especially of the food & drink. I love the food at Tangierine Cafe. The boys got the baguette sandwiches on the last day of our trip. We did takeout from Morocco and France, but we didn't have the choice of everything in the case. They wouldn't sell us the creme brulee- it was too hot and they wouldn't let us have it unless we were going to eat it there.

No brulee for you!
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Old 01-30-2011, 05:27 PM   #1253
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I don't remember them offering to heat up the sandwiches in France! I'll have to make sure I ask next time if they don't offer. I love a good baguette! And they're even better warmed up!! Laura & I split the turkey sandwich last fall but I found it a bit dry & didn't like the mayonaise they have there. Did you put something on it?
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Old 01-30-2011, 05:45 PM   #1254
Native NYer
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Great lunch choices!
Now, I want a ham and cheese baguette with an apple tart for dinner.
Sensory overload is a great way to describe the pastry shop in France.

So glad to read that Paul is hanging in there. I hope his gout doesn't cause too much trouble for him during the trip.

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Old 01-30-2011, 05:53 PM   #1255
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Yum....the French bakery. One of the best places in all of WDW to spend a snack credit! Or get CS, apparently, which I had never considered. And good call on the slushies. I had one last winter and while it was good I can only imagine how much better they must be when its actually HOT out. It was rather cool when we were there, but nontheless, still delicious.
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Old 01-30-2011, 06:02 PM   #1256
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Sos, I just spent some amount of time catching up and I have a question or two I hope you don't mind answering. I'd love to do one of the portrait sessions. Can you tell me some of the specifics, like who to call and what not?

Also, I am so glad to see you liked Tutto Italia. It is a wonderful place, and although we don't have plans to return there for this trip, maybe someday!
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Old 01-30-2011, 07:05 PM   #1257
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I just read through your whole report (up till now!) today, loving it so far!

But Why is the Rum Gone? The Disneyween Trip ~*~No Day But Today- January 2007 Report

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Old 01-30-2011, 07:43 PM   #1258
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I've never seen that baguette, but it looks good! Hmm, I'm starting to get a list of "next time's".

I'm glad to read that Paul was relaxed and that his contentment was contagious!
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Old 01-30-2011, 08:38 PM   #1259
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Oh the healing power of good food! SIGH... Well done! You know I have never eaten at the CS in France, I don't know that I have ever seen it!!! I mean I have heard of it, but never been inside.. I think the pastry case would get me to give it a try if on the DDP!!! I will have to consider that a choice for next trip! I LOVE the slushies... I love the slushies.. so good so good so good... AND the Tangerine Cafe choices are equally yummy too! Love ther options... I love the shwarma platter... WS is the BEST for QS... hands down...

Cant wait to see where you go next. And I am glad to hear how you had some in your party who seemed just willing to roll with it... that really can make a big difference! When we were there last Christmas with DBIL and his gal pal travel pal, she is very mellow, as is my DBIL, so it made for easy planning all around... so long as alcohol was readily available

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No ham for this Jew but the baguette looks amazing. And did you say Grey Goose slushie?
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