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Old 12-27-2010, 09:35 AM   #1
Always dreaming of Disney
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Yo HO HO HO a Wonder We Will Go! Finally a TRIP REPORT! Dec 5-9th, 2010

I promise next trip report I will come up with a better title..but I went with Yo Ho Ho Ho (combo of Pirates/Santa Claus) for my pre trip report…so unfortunately I cannot come up with something more creative for the TR.

I am doing the TR on its own thread just because I don’t know how to change the title of my Pre-Trip. But if you get a chance read through the Pre-Trip…I did a lot of planning!!! It was a lot of fun and made my cruise even more special..

Here’s the link for my PTR.

So quickly here’s the crew:

Me (this was the 12/4 before heading to Downtown Disney.)

Miguelito (DS2) and Manuelito (DS8months)

Chloe (stepsister 14 going on 15 in couple days!)

Day 1 Will we make it?

I couldn't sleep Friday night. I had taken the day off to pack and I needed every minute of it..on top of packing I was cleaning the house so my day went by fast. I woke up early saturday morning to pack my car...we were so packed in there it was crazy...

and that's because we didn't have Chloe's bags yet!!

My plan was to leave at 11 and we had to wait for Chloes dad to get home from work so we hung out at their house until he soon as he walked in, we walked out and headed to Orlando!

We left Tampa around Noon and made it to DTD around 2pm and we immediately went to the shops. I bought my mickey head bracelet (FINALLY)…I always wanted one. And my son’s wanted cooking spoons..yes you’ll probably see them in some of my pictures. I also bough my snowman Mickey antenna topper since my Santa Mickey was dirty and pink.

We took some pictures of course:

We went on the rides and waited till my mom and her husband (Chloe’s dad) arrived.

Surprisingly there wasn’t a long wait. Once again we sat in the Meteor Room. One of these days we will get to sit in the Ice Age room!!

Manuelito with the infamous mickey spoons.

Dinner was delish as always..I had the guacamole burger and Miguel had the shrimp dinner.

Chloe had the same burger I had.

We hung out a bit and went to the shops again, My mother bought Miguel the Lion King toy set and we lost Pumba within 10seconds of opening the box. So luckily one of the CM’s went and got us another one.

here's chloe doing the must do pic with captain jack sparrows hat:

We said our goodbyes and jumped on the road towards Cocoa Beach.

Now, this is probably the most stressful drive I’ve ever driven…I jumped on the 528 I believe, and I was needing gas, and I said well the first gas station I see I’ll pull off to fill up. So as I’m saying that I miss the gas station and thought no biggie, I’ll fill up at the next one…well, wow, the next stop was like 40minutes away. I started panicking. Not only was I on E, but my baby was crying and I was not going to pull over in some exit that was pitch black…I tried calling the FL Hwy Patrol..yes I answer…when finally we saw some lights and got off, there was a gas station and publix! I was finally able to breath and laugh…I was really thinking we were going to be stuck out there by ourselves in the middle of nowhere!

We bought some food at publix for the night and jumped back on the road to head to Wakulla Suites.

When we were finally in Port Canaveral it was surreal!

Here’s a note: Stay at Country Inn & Suites, its right next to the port. Wakulla was a little far. But it was a nice stay if you have a big family.

Here's some pics:

It was a good stay..I didn't like the master felt spooky so we all stayed in the room with the two beds lol. was a good stay but it was too much room for just us..

We watched some movies and I think went to bed around 1am. Again, too many thoughts circling my head and it took me forever to fall asleep..I think I woke up on the hour and finally stayed up at 6am.

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Old 12-27-2010, 10:41 AM   #2
Always dreaming of Disney
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Day 2 woooowwwwwww

I was the first one up of course and started to prepare for the day. I slowly started getting the kids up and I think we got out of there around 10.

Manuelio ready to go:

I had to stop at Walgreens to buy deodarant because I couldn't find the one I packed. and I had to stop myself from looking because they had a lot of disney stuff..I bought some christmas cups and then checked out.

We got to the parking lot around 10:15 and we couldn't stop saying WOW look at the look at wow wow.

Some construction going on so the outside of the terminal wasn't looking good

Going through security wasn't that bad..the issue is we had a lo of stuff...and of course the double stroller (the side by side Jeep stroller)...and plus I put on all my holiday jewelry and I wore a hat and I had to take all that off...but whatever we got through it and made our way up the elevator to the terminal!

Check in was a breeze!! The baby had started to cry at that time, so his KTTW card picture is of him screaming..I wish I could've gotten a copy of that!!

I went to feed the baby and then we got in line to see Mickey..but by the time we got up there, Pluto was up...

We also bumped into shadowryter and cherylsue (from Disboards)...I wasn't able to mingle much because Miguel was just out of control. He thinks he can do his own thing...but MIckey had came back and we got some pics with him too!!

Here's some holiday decorations:

Of course we had to take pictures of the ship model:

Our number was we had to wait a few but the wait wasn't bad at all. When they finally called our number we jumped in line to board!

We skipped the Welcome Aboard picture and boarded the ship…the CM introduced my family and we were just blown away by the beauty of just the Atrium..If I knew how to upload my video to my laptop, you would be able to hear us say WOOWWWW WOOOWWWWWWWW…its funny..

We went to Guest Services and put cash on our account…I had some shipboard credit and it wasn’t on the account yet. But we got it later in the night.

Miguel looking out the window while we wait at Guest Services

We followed the crowd to Parrot Cay and I saw the narrow space they gave us to walk through the Promenade Lounge and I was like CURSES!!! Then I was frustrated even more when I saw the ELEVATORS!!! They were so small!! We had to wait for like 5 elevators before there was an empty one for us to go to Deck 9!!!

Here's the gingerbread house at Promenade Lounge:

Well we made up to Deck 9 and I sent Chloe to Beach Blanket Buffet and I went to find a table next to the Mickey Splashpad. I noticed Plutos Doghouse was opened so I went and got a burger and some chicken strips for Miguel and I because Chloe was taking forever. She was not happy when she came back and we were almost done eating!!

Manuelito chillin on deck 9

Miguel wanted to go in splash pad and was saying please mommy...and I was like you crazy is coooooolldddd.

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Old 12-27-2010, 10:54 AM   #3
Always dreaming of Disney
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Day 2 continue'd

Our rooms were finally ready so we rushed to the Midship and went up the elevators from there..not as small as the aft elevators…then I saw the hallway and was like great…I can see me and this stroller will be fighting most of the trip…

The room was awesome…

Some of our luggage got there while we were taking I grabbed the FE and Magnets and started putting them up

Miguel and Manuel started to get cranky...and we were suppose to be at the Promenade Lounge at 3pm...We got to the meetup at 3:15 and Miguel was being out of control. He kept trying to run to Parrot Cay...So we were able to make our introductions and took a picture but we left a little early so I can feed the baby again.

We got all our luggage before the muster drill!!and we made our way to Deck 4 I believe..

The good thing we had our stroller so they put us right next to the exit. And they also let me leave during the drill..So I was able to send Chloe to the room to put the lifevests away and I went to Deck 9 to the goofy pool to wait for the show.

Miguel was dancing away before the show started...I got that on video...and when it was time for the show, the CMs did their thing and then the real show started!!

After the show we had to rush to the room to get dressed for the 5:45 seating.
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Old 12-27-2010, 10:56 AM   #4
Always dreaming of Disney
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Day 2 continue'd

Our first restaurant was Animators Palate..

of course we got there at 6p. and they switched our tables so we can be by ourselves! Our wait staff was Wayan and GiGi...Wayan by the way was awesome!!! He came and brought out fruit right away for Miguelto keep him occupied. the baby was asleep for most of the dinner. Dinner was awesome...We didn't stay till the room turned all colors because the baby had woken up and was starving.

Shrimp cheesecake (was surpisingly good, couldn't eat it all, too rich)

Mushroom Ricotta (soooooo gooood)

Salad and beef (it was good)

I had another beef dish, I tink beef medallions that was really good. I forgot to take a picture of it...

MIguel eating his burger

Fudge cake it was good but I had something else here and forgot to take a picture. I think it was apple crumb cake with homeade ice cream

We got back to the room to see this
and I gave the letter to Chloe to read to miguel that Shadowryter had made for us (chloe now has it in her room in a frame)..

I'll be back to finish this report...
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Old 12-27-2010, 12:34 PM   #5
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Yeah!!!! Finally! Your trip report! I can't wait to see how your experience compared to ours!

I agree...the elevators are REALLY small!!! We didn't have a stroller but still.....we got to "really" know our elevator mates
Wonder ~ December 5, 2010 Dream ~ February 12, 2012 Dream ~ February 10, 2013

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Old 12-28-2010, 05:04 PM   #6
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Hi report already.I haven't even thought of it yet. I have to get back to my designs and have to upload over 1900 pic's. And they are all different.We went to Disney and Universal for 7 days after the cruise and we did a Photoshoot at the GF. They all add up. Looking forward to reading more.
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Old 01-03-2011, 01:44 PM   #7
Always dreaming of Disney
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oh geez Linda..thats a lot of
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Old 01-03-2011, 02:08 PM   #8
Always dreaming of Disney
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Day 1 continue'd

oops day 2 continue'd

So we left the cabin to head towards Walt Disney Theatre...but before the Golden Mickeys we went shopping!!! I had to contain myself but I will showcase all my souvenirs at the end of the TR. Chloe bought this really nice white pullover hoodie with a fabulous DCL logo in front (which she wore this sweatshirt out, I think by the end of the cruise it could stand by itself )

The Golden Mickeys was fantastic of course…Manuelito was kind of squirmy and Miguel wanted to sit on my lap too…so I had to keep them on my lap and try to keep them quiet so I can and others can watch the show...

Here’s where I wished I had invested in a better camera. The pictures of course were blurred because of the no flash photography rule but you get the idea of whats going on here.

after the show we went back to our room to change and by that time I was kind of tired. But I took the boys to the Oceaneers Club and the were playing the Goofy Movie and Miguel thought he was the narrator and wanted to repeat the whole movie to the kids…some of the kids were whining about it..but Miguel was having fun.

We finally went to the room to get some sleep…but not before ordering Room Service! Lol we got some cookies and warm milk…the big island cookies..are huge! And good. I also got cheesecake, which was very good as well. We finally went to bed watching Despicable Me.

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Old 01-03-2011, 03:00 PM   #9
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We really loved the Golden Mickey's and my camera didn't do any better. I think I'm going to invest in a higher end one for our Dream cruise. You're boys are so adorable. I bet they had a great time. I bought the DCL zip up hoodie and it went to Disney with me and Universal. So cold. Can't wait to read more.
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Old 01-03-2011, 03:24 PM   #10
My son got to ride with Peter Pan
I don't want one of you ladies to try and play footsies with me
Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy
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I'm loving your report and just wanted to subscribe so I can remember to read the rest .

P.S. Your babies are adorable .
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Old 01-03-2011, 03:31 PM   #11
Always dreaming of Disney
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Day 3 iitttss cccoolllddd

from our verandah early Monday morning:

Waking up in Nassau, I had hoped for warmer weather, errrr wrong-o! It was sooo cold. I got up before the kids and started to put the Christmas Magnets on the door.

NOw the plan here was to stay on the I got the boys up and we went to Beach Blanket Buffet to eat some breakfast. Of course, we got our Mickey Waffles and then we went to take some pictures in the Atrium and with Santa! Although looking closely at the picture, Santa’s beard look like it didn’t fit him well.

We went back to the room to put the FE gifts silly self didn't take pictures of the items I gave out..but I had bought each cabin a mickey mouse re-usable bag and depending on who was in their cabin gave out, disney dry erase boards, beads, crossword puzzles, disney fruit snacks, giant disney pencils, disney pens, disney sticky notes, disney coloring books, disney crayons, disney hi-lighters, disney lip balm, disney kleenex, and I can't think now what else. Oh some disney sand molds for little ones. and some disney night lights.

Chloe ran around dropping them off for me..she had fun doing that so I was able to stay in the room with the boys and have them relax a little.

Manuelito in the pack and play DCL provided for our cabin:

I had booked nursery time for Manuelito so I can spend some time with Miguel in the Pool. I felt very comfortable with the Nursery Staff and how the room was set up. Originally they couldn’t find my reservations, and I almost got angry and was already concocting a battle in my head..but then she re-booted the computer and there I was. After confirming the week’s reservations, I got my pager and headed to Deck 9, where Miguel was playing in the Splash Pad while Chloe watched him.

I then took Miguel to see Max! What a treat that was…Miguel got to even spend time dancing with Max..they sung the Powerline song, Stand UP (well the cast member handling max sung it and she sang good!)

Having lunch from Plutos Doghouse next to splashpad

So after that we went to the Pool…(note: miguel is potty trained but I am lazy when we are out so I put pull up on him in case) Miguel played in the pool for about 30minutes and then looked at me and said…”MMMommmy ittttss c-c-c-old!!”

looking up at (what is that called anyways) while sitting at pool:

So I wrapped him up in all the towels and took him to the room to change..When we got back we had some gifts in the FE!!!

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Always dreaming of Disney
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Day 3 continue'd

I decided to just walk around the boat, so Miguel and I went to Deck 10 and walked around.

We also played some ping pong…by that time it was time to get Manuelito so we went and picked him up and went to the room. We were a little tired still but I managed to get everybody dressed. This was the dress up night, so I had sent all our clothes to get pressed, 1 dress, 1 pashmina, 2 khakis pants (the boys), 2 long sleeve button ups (the boys) and it cost me $20. Well whatever, it would’ve been a pain in the butt to do it myself.

The funny thing is both my boys fell asleep in the stroller for dinner..SO they were dressed up for nothing…

Our dinner rotation had us in Parrot Cay…Not my favorite restaurant as far as theming. The food was really good…I did have a mango/papaya soup which was very very good and it was cold, really nice, going to try and make this at home one day.

And Chloe had an asparagus soup which was surprisingly good.

(I think pictures of this are on another chip- I seem to remember my camera dying at two points of the trip update: YES MY CAMERAS WERE BOTH DEAD DURING THIS DINNER!!!!!! NO OTHER PICS OF FOOD TOO BAD THEY LOOKED GOOD TOO)
I had the Jamaican Marinated Chicken Tenderloins which was good, a little dry but I don’t mind dry chicken. I also order the Baked Crab Dip Martinique. I love crab so this was perfect.
I also had the Glazed Portobello Mushrooms, and the Island Spiced Grilled Rib-Eye of Beef. For dessert I had Crème Brûlée Cheesecake and French Toast Banana Bread. Cheesecake was good nothing extraordinary about it but the Banana Bread…OMG!!! I had wished I ordered 2 of them.

The boys stayed asleep the whole time..So dinner was relaxing..Chloe went and changed into her DCL hoodie and jeans, and I stayed dressed up. Manuelito woke up but Miguel was still zonked. We went to the theatre so we can see Toy Story Musical. Took some pictures with Snow White.

Finally got Miguel up and he was cranky. So we found couple seats up closer to the stage, and of course both boys had to sit on my lap so we can all watch the show. Oh I also bought a strawberry smoothie here, yuck! Wasn’t good. But I kept the cup and the light up buzz light year (FYI, we still are drinking from this cup to day and Miguel was just playing with the light up buzz lightyear and a captain hook one we found)

Toy Story Musical was cool...the girl who played Sid did a good job with his laugh...she kept doing it over and over and over.

After the show, We went to go take some pictures with Holiday Mickey and Minnie,

Chloe left to Teens Club after this and the boys and I took some of the professional pictures with the White Background. The boys came out great in these so I bought two of them at the end of the trip…but I looked old in the pictures so I didn’t buy the one with me..too bad because the rest of the picture looked great. Lol (I'm going to try and scan them and post them up!)

Chloe was out running around with the Teen Club..she had befriended CherylSue’s (disboard member) daughter and I just told her to check in with me on the hour. The boys and I went to the room to just relax and watch some movies.
I also ordered room service again. I ordered Miguel a hamburger and fries, which I took a bite of to taste and yea it was good. Again, surprised. I also ordered myself and chicken wrap. It had guacamole in it so for me it was delicious. We finally went to bed watching Grown Ups. Chloe came in around midnight.

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I am having so much fun reading your report. I can't wait to show pictures to my DD4 - she'll love them! ALSO, my DD#2 is almost the exact age of your DS#2 - any tips for me next month when we go?!
Me (Stephanie) DH (Sam) DD7 (Elizabeth) DD4 (Natalie)

LOTS of trips before!
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CM - Dec 2000-Feb 2001 (Grand Opening of DCA)
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Magic Eastern Caribbean 1/29/11
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Always dreaming of Disney
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adventure woman! thank you!!

yes bring toys to distract them in line for pictures or 8month old was cranky because of teething rings!!! cold teething rings!!

I am a nursing mother and I was accesssible 24/7 to him so guess what...he wanted to eat all the time...he didn't even want food!!!

The nursery times I booked , help alot but other than that he was in the stroller or strapped in my front carrier...if he was in the room, I would let him crawl around to get that out of his system, and if I was busy in the bathroom I would put him in the pack and play...

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Old 01-03-2011, 03:54 PM   #15
Always dreaming of Disney
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Originally Posted by MamaKate View Post
I'm loving your report and just wanted to subscribe so I can remember to read the rest .

P.S. Your babies are adorable .
thanks MamaKate!!! I'm trying to not finish the report right away because I'm trying to stretch the vacation out in my mind lol

I am officially hooked on DCL and am trying to figure out how to Cruise in Oct this year and april next year without ruining christmas funds and other activities...
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