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Old 07-28-2010, 06:10 PM   #121
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Just a few weeks ago the news reported that Victoria Secret, Hollister, and abercrombie and fitch in New York City were all closed and treated for bed bugs. So take precautions when bringing new clothes home also.

We'll be at BCV in less than 60 days, and after reading this thread I'll be sure to take the precautions everyone has suggested.

tndislvr, have you heard back from the hotel if they are going to help you out in any way? I sure hope they will. Keeping my fingers crossed you've got them out of your house for good!
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Old 07-28-2010, 06:15 PM   #122
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: New Hampshire
Posts: 253


Not sure if I'm posting this link correctly, but here is one article on the bed bug problem in stores in New York.

ETA Sorry I cant' get link to work.
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Old 07-28-2010, 11:40 PM   #123

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just saw this after reading this thread!!! CRAZY

I'd rather regret the things I've done, than regret the things I haven't done.

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Old 07-30-2010, 11:24 AM   #124
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I'm familiar with bedbugs we had them when I was growing up YEARS ago.
Won't say how many.

I always check the mattresses wherever I go. So far so good. However,
with this increasing problem the chances for a future encounter are a
real possibility. I've stayed at many Disney hotels and even did a Disney
cruise and have checked for them every single time.

Another suggestion I heard on a radio program about this problem was
to wrap your luggage in heavy duty trash bags while in the room.
This is what we've done on many trips. No I don't put my clothes in the
drawers. I realize this is not feasible for some people but maybe if you do
unpack, you could encase them in plastic bags in the drawers.
I always wrap the dirty clothes in another plastic bag until it's time for washing. I know it's a hassle but in comparison to the OP's experience not as much.

tndisluvr, I truly hope you see the light at the end of this tunnel. You're
doing a good thing letting people know about your experience and how they can avoid bringing these buggers home.
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Old 07-30-2010, 01:18 PM   #125
Earning My Ears
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Ugh, there's more and more about this in the news lately. I hope Disney is proactive and does something to keep this out of their resorts, as much as they can anyway.
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Old 07-30-2010, 01:51 PM   #126
Fairly new... still gets a tag :)
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Originally Posted by tndislvr View Post
I agree with Craigdarroch - memory foam beds probably don't really offer any benefit or protection as far as bed bugs go. As mentioned, they will live anywhere around your bed - not just the mattress.

On a positive note - the bed bug dogs and PCO came out again today. With the exception of one bag of laundry (which had already been washed and dried so not sure what happened) and one closet our house was clean! While they are still in one closet this is MUCH improved over two weeks ago when the dogs alerted for bed bugs in two bedrooms, three closets, one bathroom, my car (YUCK!), and possible activity in our bonus room. We still have to deal with the closet but at least that is one small room of the house instead of half my house. I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks to all my fellow DISers for your support! Don't know how I would get through this without all the advice, encouragement, and good wishes.

Will keep you all posted but I hope the end is near. And I'll be much more careful and prepared for our September trip. Hard lesson learned but at least now I know!
This is indeed good news! I haven't posted but I have kept you and yours in my thoughts. I thank you for sharing your ordeal and I do hope it's over very soon for you.

We'll have 3 rooms at CBR in only two weeks and I've gotten some fantastic tips from this thread. But I'm still pretty nervous about bringing these critters home and the expense involved in getting rid of any unwanted hitchhikers. Would you be willing to share how much all of this has cost you so far - including furniture replacement and treatments? Someone mentioned $1,200 average - how realistic is that?

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Old 07-30-2010, 02:06 PM   #127
Earning My Ears
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Originally Posted by zalansky View Post
just saw this after reading this thread!!! CRAZY
Are bedbugs now sniffing crack cocaine? That's the feed I viewed with your link.

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Old 07-31-2010, 10:39 PM   #128
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Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been on here in a few days to respond. It has been kind of hectic here....and I'm afraid our problem isn't over. While the dogs are 95% accurate there is still that 5% room for error....and I think they may have this time. My daughter took a nap in our room today for the first time in weeks (I still have not returned to the room - only DH has). When she first got up she appeared fine....but within an hour she had at least 25-30 bites show up on her skin. My husband is telling me to think of alternate possibilities but my first thought is the dogs were wrong and bed bugs are, indeed, still in our bedroom. I am so depressed now as I thought it was confined to a closet and we'd be rid of these things in another week or so. Also, today I changed the filter in our air return duct in the living room (a place the dogs have never indicated bed bugs) and found what looked like a cast skin from a bed bug. I will call the PCO and bed bug dog owner Monday to see what they think but I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now.

A PP asked if I ever heard from the hotel. I did, they say there are no bed bugs, so they are not going to help. I really wish I had complained while there.....or taken photos of my bites while at the resort....but I had no idea what they were at the time.

Another PP asked how much we have spent so far. So far we haven't thrown away much furniture. Only one bed, mattress, and box spring which were VERY cheap so the value of those was only around $250. However, I have thrown away hundreds of dollars worth of clothing, toys, linens, books, etc. which is probably valued at around $500-$700. If we end up having to throw away our bed frame and mattress/box spring, night stand - there's another $2000 (estimating depreciated value). We have spent around $2000 so far on the PCO treatments, bed bug dogs inspection, carpet cleaning, and supplies for protecting treated items. I'm thankful we have had the money so far......but it is gone now so I hope the bugs are, too, as we really can't afford any more treatments.

Please keep your fingers crossed there is another explanation. However, I am doubtful. I really do think they are still in the house....not just the closet.

Thanks to all of your for your continued support. I truly hope none of you ever have to go through this. And for those of you who already have - I hope you never do again as this has been one of the most stressful things I could imagine.
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Old 08-01-2010, 04:24 PM   #129
Close enough to enjoy what Mass has to offer
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Do you think it's possible they got into the insulation in your house?

It may be a possible reason why they're coming back over and over again.

Sorry to read about your experience.

I just saw a youtube report on this...


Next time I go to Disney, I'm trying the hairdryer and sticky tape on the
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Old 08-01-2010, 05:33 PM   #130
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Wow, scary thread!! tndislvr, sorry you're going through so much trouble... I live in a country that still allows DDT use, so we don't have problems in general with BB, but a friend of mine just got back from a trip to Poland and arrived covered in bites - she got bitten on the airplane!!!!
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Old 08-01-2010, 08:28 PM   #131
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I am going the plastic route. My DH insists on unpacking the minute he arrives in a hotel. I am definitely going to line the drawers and wrap my suitcases!

Years ago we stayed off-site in a popular 2 bedroom unit, (let me know if anyone wants to know where), and when I checked the beds, the master bed was loaded with ants. Thankfully, not bed begs, but still nasty. The wall behind the bed and the mattress were covered with tiny ants. It seemed as though there had been food or something else sticky which had not been cleaned. The MOD said "we are in Florida, you have to expect bugs." We switched units and then had the ants in the kitchen. Yuck! Needless to say, we have never returned to the resort.
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Old 08-02-2010, 10:49 AM   #132
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 198

Well, found three spots on my son yesterday. I call them spots rather than bites because they are very small. One on his cheek, one on his neck, and one on his shoulder. In my heart I know they are bed bug bites (especially after what happened with my daughter Saturday) but I so wanted to believe they were gone. Not sure what to do. DH is tired of paying the PCO but I don't think we have a choice until they are gone. But the PCO is going to say "the dogs said they are gone so I don't want to treat if they are not there". I guess we will have to have the dogs come AGAIN to prove they ARE still there because I just know they are. Almost 100% certain of it.
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Old 08-02-2010, 10:57 AM   #133
Earning My Ears
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Wow I had no idea this was such a problem these days. I hadn't heard of it for many years. Not being an avid traveler for many years. I guess I wasn't really looking for it. I will be now. Thanks for the warning. And we will check all our rooms wherever we stay. Fla - WDW - or otherwise.

Sorry to the OP for all your troubles.
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Old 08-02-2010, 12:21 PM   #134
Friendly Frog
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OP, I am so sorry that this happened to you and thank you for sharing your story to warn others. I never looked for bedbugs before but I sure will this trip!
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Old 08-02-2010, 09:18 PM   #135
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We learned a lot about bed bugs after our encounter in Las Vegas. Bed bugs can't fly so see if you can catch some with double sided sticky tape. Tape the legs of your bed to catch any that come up from the floor. Try putting some at the edge on the mattress at night to see if you can catch them. The bites should cause a blood stain on the sheets and pillow cases. The blood stains as well as the black feces stains are a sure sign.

We got great results from a product called Cedarcide. We bought the Best Yet product with the fogger. We live in the country and have always had a problem with lady bugs, wasps, spiders, and other critters. We have not seen a live bug in our house since we sprayed 5 months ago. I love the stuff.

Its active ingredient is cedar oil and the company says it is safe to use. I carry a small spray container and use it for bug repellent outside as well. Mosquitos and black flies stay away from me now. I don't even hear them buzzing. I use to have lung issues with Deet and citronella. The Cedarcide doesn't bother me at all.

One fogging cleared them out of our car. I laundered our cothing in Cedarcide's PCO choice. I haven't had to throw anything away yet.

Steaming did seem to work on our comforter and pillows. I wash every load of laundry with a little borax now. We also sprinkled borax on our carpets and left it for a day or two before vacuuming (we don't have any kids or pets).

I've heard that bed bugs may have developed a resistance to commonly used chemicals on the market today. Many of the chemicals that worked on them in the past have been pulled off the market in recent years by people with good intentions trying to make us "safer". Until they can be used again or until new products are developed, the bed bug problem will only get worse.

I have other tips so if you don't make progress, I may be able to help. Let me know how we can get in contact.

Now I take the bedding apart in every hotel room. I pull the entire top mattress off the box spring and look for them carefully. If I see one, I catch it and take it to the front desk and ask to be moved. I caught one at the Holiday Inn Sunspree in the older rooms and they moved me to the new building where the room seemed to be fine.

Travelling is scary for us now. But this is the future and although it certainly stinks, but we've accepted it and moved on with the knowledge and products to help us fight the problem in the future. My guess is we haven't seen the last of them.
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