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Old 01-03-2010, 11:24 AM   #76
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I started reading last night and I'm all caught up now! We are taking kids in October and they'll be 4 and 2 years old by then, so I am very interested in how your two did and how you handled things. Great TR!
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So as DW mentioned earlier, there was a special moment as I waited on the curb before the BPB began. As DW and DS left me and DD to find the washrooms and snacks, I found us a nice little spot that offered a bit of shade and wasn't too crowded...at least yet.

The citizen's of Hollywood (Streetmosphere) were passing by and making quite a rukus, as they should be, everyone was really getting into the whole act. The citizen's were talking to people along side of the road, engaging them into quite funny little bits and everyone was having a great time. Although, as one of the final cars drove by, in it was a very elaborately dressed actress that was yelling quite loudly. Her sight caught the fact that DD was sound asleep in the stroller, and she immediately put her fingers up to her lips signifying that everyone should be quiet. She stepped down from the car, walked over to DD and I, and told me how precious she was. She then returned to the car, pulled something from it, and returned with a ring for DD upon her waking up.

It was quite magical how she took one moment to notice DD asleep and managed to quiet down the entire crowd and offer her something that DD would be so happy with upon her waking up.

We have looked through our pictures, but I failed to take a single one of this wonderful CM, but that doesn't deny how special she made that moment. Thank you!

As DW also stated, DS and I went to ride on Star Tours, and let me tell you, if you don't mind being thrashed around for a good couple of minutes, this is the ride for you! LOL I guess I didn't really know what to expect, but I figured...Hey, this is Star Wars, how can we go wrong. And being that it is one of my favorite films, I wanted to share this with DS as he has watched the movies ( at least the first of the most recent releases ). The wait wasn't all that long and we pretty much just walked right onto the ride. We were in the first row and seated in the far right seats. I helped DS with his seatbelt and then secured mine and honestly, I thought that it was a mobile ride. Guess I should do a bit more research rather than just assuming.
As the lights dimmed and the show started, I realized that we were not going anywhere. The seats that we were in began to shake, toss us from side to side, and I instinctively placed my arm around DS's head so that he wouldn't hurt himself as the movements were quite bumpy.

All in all, the show was pretty good, and if you enjoy Star Wars, it should be a definite hit with you and the kids.
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We parked our stroller and covered it and headed into the Brown Derby. This was to be our only 2 credit meal and only because it was the only Fantasmic package that was available. We are not fancy eaters more the steak and potatoes clan really, but we decided this was going to be a step outside the box for us. We made a pack to order things that were a bit outside the comfort zone and experience something new. Yeah, that’s what we said!

The Brown Derby was packed with people and I checked us in. DH wasn’t in the best of moods (hungry) so I took our kids (the only in the waiting area) back to the tiny back room behind the waiting area. They had a ton of room to play and there was another little girl there as well. Already we felt like the HBD wasn’t the place for kids, although I had asked on here and had good reviews for kids. While we were waiting the kids were dancing to the music and a CM came up to us and we started talking. He was very nice (Brian I think) and ask DS if this was his first time at WDW and who his favorite characters were.

DS was a bit shy but was talking to him. The CM asks we were waiting on a table and I said yes. He told me that he wanted to give DS a surprise. Next thing I know we are leaving the HBD through the back door he had DS by the hand and I was carrying DD, I barely had time to tell DH a quick “be right back”. We went across the street to the gift shop and this is where we lost it! I am so grateful for this CM to try and give DS a magical moment but I think he was a little new at it and lost DS’s understanding somewhere along the way.

First he tried to take DS behind the counter and the other CM stopped him (but didn’t even try to help him). Then he asks them to give him the phone over the counter and they literally rolled their eyes at him. Then he dialed the phone at least 4 times before it worked. Then when he gave it to DS he was so confused he had no idea what was going on. He didn’t hear who was on the phone or he didn’t understand it, then the CM says “Leave a message!” DS was very confused and starting to become a bit nervous. On top of the phone drama DD had been fighting against me to get to the TONS of Princess Merchandise everywhere. It was crazy!

When the CM finally accepted defeat (I felt so bad) he walked us back over to the HBD and moved on to the little girl who was waiting as well. It was a very weird experience to be honest! The kids went back to dancing and I was left with a semi-magical moment, I think. :

Here you can see the CM talking to the other girl:

After a good wait our name was called and we were seated. I can tell you that we felt completely out of place here from the very beginning. Our kids did not like the atmosphere at ALL. Immediately I had to remove DD from the restaurant to calm her down so she would sit in a high chair. I ordered a margarita and DH had a beer. I won’t bore you with the details of the meal because honestly it was mostly filled with us trying everything under the sun to keep the kids happy!

The tables are very close to each other and the couple that was set next to us was very nosey and stared at us the entire time and I promise did not say a word to each other the entire meal. DH and I thought it was very strange.

Since I can’t find the receipts I can only partially remember what we ate. I am pretty sure DH had the crab cakes and I had some kind of salad (that was too vinegary for me) for starters. The kids had veggies and ranch (which I ate some of). For our main course I had the salmon and I think DH had the duck and venison. All I can say is that I wish I had played it safe and went with the steak! The salmon was good and the sauce was amazing, but I am not a fish person so I ate only half of it. We got both of the kids’ grilled cheeses and had planned on paying OOP for DD’s since she was not on the dining plan. DH and I splurged and ordered drinks as well; a margarita for me and beer for him. Dessert was the best part although the kids ate most of mine! I had the chocolate cake and I think DH had the grapefruit cake.

All in all it was a stressful meal with the kids and the fact I was trying to eat out of my comfort zone. Another lesson learned! We are a comfort seeking family and this restaurant was defiantly not comfortable for us! DD was about to lose it at the end of the meal so I left DH to pay the bill and took her outside. While we were inside it had started to drizzle a bit but it wasn’t too bad.

We had a little while before we had to head to Fantasmic with our nice little package vouchers so we headed towards TSM just to check out the wait. DS had been begging to go back to “Woody’s Roundup” the entire day. The line was still out the door so we turned back and started toward “One Man’s Dream” which I had been dying to go into the entire day. DH on the other hand was “dying” to see the Prince Caspian “ride”, I KNEW this was a bust but he was insistent. We actually stood in line for this!

If you ever have an urge to enter this building, hit yourself on the head and continue walking and you will get the same effect. It should be renamed “Keep walking nincompoop, it’s just a trailer for the sequel”. It was awful the kids were restless and we had to hold them through the “pre-show” then the show. It was AWFUL, can I say that again AWFUL AWFUL. I still will not let DH live it down!

After that we finally headed to OMD and DH did stop to ask the door CM if the theater was a sit down theater, lol. At this point it was more than drizzling and we were afraid that Fantasmic would be called off. I loved the exhibit and wish we could have spent hours in there reading all the history and seeing everything. I think that Walt Disney was such a wonderful man and that the world it’s self would not be the same today if he had not contributed what he did to it! The kids were not interested in the “movie” part but they did stay relatively quiet so DH and I could watch it. If they move this exhibit it will break my heart, I can’t wait to explore it more!

We decided it was time to head toward Fantasmic before it got too crowded. On the way we stopped and picked up some popcorn to snack on and caffeine for DH and me. We found a CM waving a pink Fantasmic Package Voucher and she showed us our “special” entrance, lol. It was nice not to have to wait in the line forever. We showed up at about 8:15 and the show started at 9:00, not a bad wait! We parked the stroller and grabbed our backpack and hiked up the hill to the seating area. The reserved seating was about half full and there was plenty of room to choose our seats. We sat almost right in the middle of the reserved seating. The benches were wet so I pulled out the useless ponchos I bought and laid them on the bench, perfect!

While we waited the kids ate their popcorn and played with their glow cubes from breakfast. DS and I had to hike to the restroom but other than that it was a relaxing wait and we never did get crowded. The kids wanted move around more but the time went by fast and before we knew it the show was starting.

What can we say about Fantasmic other than we thought it was fabulous and a must see for our family now! We loved everything, the music, the action, the lasers, the boats and the fireworks. The kids weren’t scared of any of it and didn’t move during the entire show. DH and I thought it was fantastic! The only part not fantastic was hiking up the hill when we left, but it could have been worse and we could have had to deal with 4x’s the crowd.

I am sure that the end of Fantasmic cleared a lot of people out of DHS because the park seemed a lot emptier when we headed to Pixar Place. The wait for Toy Story said 30 minutes (which was amazing) so we decided to wait. I actually liked the longer wait for this ride since we got to see more of the decoration and of course Mr. Potato Head!

I look weird here, but DD looks adorable!

The wait was actually pretty short (shorter than our wait with the FP’s I think) and in no time we were grabbin’ our glasses. DH suggested I ride with DS this time and said that it was priceless to watch him. It was! He was so into the game and kept giving me tips! LOL I upped my score a bit and I think I was at 108,000 but DH beat me again and DS nearly beat my original score!!

A few nighttime photos:

We were all pretty beat and it was getting late but we had one more ride to fit in before we left! The Great Movie Ride of course!! As we were searching for the stroller parking a very nice CM offered to park the stroller for us and we could go on in! We walked all the way up to the loading door and there was only a couple other people waiting in line with us.

Now this is was a weird wait for sure! The CM who was “guarding” the door (and I say guarding because that is what best described it) was in a BAD mood. Her bad mood was clashing with some of the bad moods of the people in line. We stood in line for quite a while and after the third or so round of the same trailers on the screen a woman ask why the wait was so long. I can’t remember the CM’s comment but it was rude I do remember that. EVERYONE was shocked and we were all looking at each other. The lady said something back and her and the CM were almost yelling at each other.

Then the doors opened and the CM (rudely I might add) told the lady not to move she had “other people she had to deal with”. The other people were handicapped and were in wheel chairs and she was very rude to them as well. We were all shocked at her behavior; she must have had a BAD day. Luckily we all liked the ride although we hadn’t really researched it and it was a surprise to us with the “show” and the acting. I liked that it was new to us and we didn’t know exactly what to expect!

The park was nearly empty at this point so we headed toward the exit. We did however stop at the Photopass shop to have them upload our photos to the card, what a waste of time that turned out to be! There were only 2 photos and the CM was rude about the entire thing. DH was upset at this point (we stood in line there for 20 minutes or more) and the kids were very grumpy!

Finally we made it to our bus stop and just missed a bus but we were fine with that since it looked to be standing room only. We sat on the bench and rested for a few minutes before getting into line before anyone else came. The next bus arrived pretty quick and ended up being pretty empty. I figured the kids were tired but they were wide awake and talking a mile a minute.

There was another family with kids slightly older than ours and they looked bone tired. They ask us if we did a whole day or a half day and we said whole and they were amazed at how great our kids had survived. To be honest I was amazed as well, DH and I however were not surviving that well. While DH and I both used the stroller as a walker up the uphill walkway to the WL the kids sprinted and hopped the entire way!

We actually remembered to check with the front desk to see if Bo Peep had been found and while I was standing in line to ask the kids discovered this area:

This area is well hid IMO behind the bell services desk and the kids loved it, I think they thought it was a special area just for them since there was never any other kids there! Pixie Dust struck again and Bo Peep was saved! We headed upstairs and we all literally fell into bed! I did remember to call for a LATE wake-up call before passing out!

All in all we loved DHS but we learned that you have to plan well if you want to see all the shows. On our next trip we are devoting at least a day and a half to DHS to see everything plus the Osborne Family Lights!
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Yay, another post! We've got one day planned at DHS for our upcoming trip (less than 3 weeks to go!) as well and I've been wondering about Fantasmic. Glad to hear your kids loved it. Mine are 1, 2, and 4 and I've been on the fence about it. I think they will like it though. Did you think it was worth eating at Brown Derby for the reserved section of seats at Fantasmic? I know you didn't love the restaurant, but was it worth it for the shorter line? I'm wondering if I should do that or just take a chance with the regular line.

I'm really enjoying your trip report! Please post more before we leave on the 26th!!! I'm anxious to hear about the first haircut. We're getting our youngest son's done.
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Originally Posted by cheryterese View Post
Yay, another post! We've got one day planned at DHS for our upcoming trip (less than 3 weeks to go!) as well and I've been wondering about Fantasmic. Glad to hear your kids loved it. Mine are 1, 2, and 4 and I've been on the fence about it. I think they will like it though. Did you think it was worth eating at Brown Derby for the reserved section of seats at Fantasmic? I know you didn't love the restaurant, but was it worth it for the shorter line? I'm wondering if I should do that or just take a chance with the regular line.

I'm really enjoying your trip report! Please post more before we leave on the 26th!!! I'm anxious to hear about the first haircut. We're getting our youngest son's done.

Wow, so soon! Have a great time!! You are braver than I with 3 kiddos in tow! Let me know how it goes! I am trying to work hard on the next day and that includes the haircut!!

Honestly I think it was completely worth it, even if I wasn't a fan of the Brown Derby! Next time we are going to try for H&V or Mama Melrose if we can get it. I am sure the Brown Derby is a great place to eat but it wasn't our style and we are set in our ways.

Our kids did better than expected waiting in lines and we didn't really bring anything extra to keep them entertained but I think the Fantasmic line would have been a bit much. I seriously thought about canceling our ADR for HBD right before the trip and going to the later showing of Fantasmic that they added about a week before our trip and I think our kids would have been good with that, but it depends on how well the kids are doing late at night.
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Subscribing to catch up later!!
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Originally Posted by klacey1 View Post
Subscribing to catch up later!!
Yay, welcome!

Next update is almost done!
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To say that we were exhausted would be an understatement but the wildlife at Disney had other plans for us that night than to let us sleep! I am not sure what time it was but in the middle of the night that night it sounded like a siren started going off in our room! It was LOUD and both DH and I bolted out of bed and were freaking out. Eventually we narrowed it down to our patio door and DH slammed it shut and the siren stopped, finally.

Now being born and raised in the south in the middle of nowhere I am very accustomed with the noises of the woods and I recognized the sound as a katydid but let me tell you that 3 days of Disney and waking up to one of them echoing in your room is an experience I will never forget! I am positive that it wasn’t as loud as either one of us remember since the kids didn’t even roll over but in our memories it was like a fire truck next to the bed!

We woke up at around 8:30 the next morning and both the kids were still passed out. I was in serious pain with my throat and was losing my voice at this point! Since this was one of our off mornings we were going to let the kids sleep in a bit but as soon as we started moving around the room at around 9:00 our resident alarm clock woke up. They were happy to find that Tinkerbell had added to their growing collection of toys.

These pictures show how tired DD must have been since she NEVER sleeps with anything in her hair!

Our plan for the day was to take the morning slow, have breakfast downstairs at the Whispering Canyon Café at 9:40, explore the WL and head to the MK for the late afternoon and evening. I figured that scheduling us time “off” was a good idea and it would restore us for the rest of the trip.
DH ran down to the RFC to grab some coffee and I dunked the kids in the bath and got them dressed. We tried our best to take our time and we managed to get downstairs only at 9:30. This was a feat as the kids were bouncing around ready to GO and once they are awake it is hard to slow them down!

We checked in for our ADR and I was surprised to find the dining room was practically empty. We were seated pretty close to the kitchen entrance near another large family and a table with two college age guys who left both left about 5 minutes after we got there. The only other people in the restaurant were 3 or 4 tables at the other end of the restaurant. I had told DH nothing about the atmosphere here so he had no expectations and although I read a bit about the restaurant I really didn’t either.

We did however have expectations about the food and about the service. We had had nothing but fantastic servers at every meal so far and every CM we had encountered at the WL had been wonderful. Also since I am from the “country” I am all about southern breakfast food and both DH and I were looking forward to digging in to the all-you-can-eat skillet! We noticed that a there was a bit of excitement at the other end of the restaurant and DS was excited and waiting for it to come his way!

Notice this is the last picture I took at this restaurant! Our waitress showed up and the fun was over!

We sat for quite a while (every other table around us had left) before we met our waitress. She did not smile or greet us and that right there should have tipped us off! She looked at DD playing with my coffee cup and said “Well I guess I can’t put your coffee in that now.” I told her I didn’t want any coffee and she rolled her eyes at me. We ordered our meal and drinks and she left. DH was ready to leave already and to be honest so was I. It was so quiet the kids picked up on it and sobered as well. There was excitement going on at the other end but we were so far away and they never came toward us.

I will not go into ALL the details about how bad this waitress was but it was bad! We hardly ever saw her when we ask for refills she literally huffed out loud and when I ask for more gravy and bacon she rolled her eyes again and said “I guess.” It was BAD! I have had my fair share of servers in my time but this was the worst. She was HORRIBLE and not only did she make us uncomfortable she made the kids uncomfortable and that is something that I think is inexcusable at Disney! DH took DS to the restroom while I ask for the bill and when I told her we were on the dining plan she said “Of course you are!” and took my KTTW card. I was near tears at this point!

When she brought back the receipts I was very upset and I was NOT going to tip her the way we normally would have tipped. I did tip but I will be honest it was only 10% and I thought that was generous considering she almost had me in tears! I signed the receipt and grabbed DD and we headed out. All the sudden our waitress was chasing us down in the lobby of the hotel and yelling that I forgot to sign the receipt for the tip. She comes up to me and says “You forgot to sign the receipt for the “tip” you think you left me.” and she rolled her eyes. I signed and by the time DH found me I was in tears. I was so looking forward to this meal and she had ruined our entire morning!

DH is not one to complain to managers but he was fed up and left me with the kids in the lobby while he went back to the WCC to talk to a manager. I let the kids explore a bit more while we waited and eventually they found the cartoon area again.

When DH came back he said he had talked to a cook since all the managers were in a meeting and the cook said “sorry” that was the extent of it. We didn’t push farter because really what would have been the point. It was a shame though! This did cause us to cancel our ADR for lunch the next day because we didn’t want to chance having her as a server again. I regret this because we really liked the food and the style of food.

We decided to cool down and explore outside a bit and I will let the picture speak for themselves:

We loved the WL and it’s ambiance inside and out! It is such a beautiful place! I wish there was swimming in the lake but I can understand why there isn’t!

We explored until we got too warm and headed back up to our room to find that Mousekeeping had already come and left this for us:

I just want to note as well that we left Mousekeeping tips in very well marked envelopes everyday and set them very they were seen very easily everyday. Mousekeeping never took one of them!

Now if there had been any day to take a nap this would have been the day and I do think we actually got a bit of one but I can’t remember how long! I know DH kept asking me “When are we going to the MK??” “Is it time to leave yet?” and I think that at some point DH or I ran downstairs and grabbed sandwiches for the adults. This will teach me not to take daily notes! LOL

Now I have to regress a bit because I forgot one of the cutest stories that happened on our first night. When we got back from Epcot our first night the kids were a little hungry so we decided to make them a PB&J sandwich but we realized we didn’t have any utensils to spread the pb or jelly. All the ingredients were on the end of the bed and DH made a joke that “We should scoop some PB on our finger to eat then he would squirt some jelly in their mouth and then they could take a bite of bread.” LOL We didn’t think anything of it and we continued cleaning up before we made them sandwiches. Next thing we know DS says “Okay Daddy I’m ready for my squirt!” he had opened the PB and had a finger covered and a scoop in his mouth. It was hilarious! We remembered to grab a few plastic knives the next time were downstairs, lol!

We all dressed in our newly made tie-dye Mickey shirts and I discovered that mine was stretchy and “enhanced” Mickey, lol. Nothing I could do at this point! We headed out at around 1 or 2 I think and we made the kids PB&J sandwiches with goldfish crackers and put them in a baggie to take with us. We headed down to the docks to catch our boat…

Next up: First Haircuts and a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow!
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Great trip report! I had no idea that you could do a Playhouse Disney dining with characters! We are going to have to check that out in May with our DD. Your kiddos are adorable! Looks like they love Disney!
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I wanted to add that your service you received for breakfast was unexcuseable and I honestly would have complained at the front desk. They should have refunded you the dining credits and tip you gave. I am sorry but that waitress didn't deserve anything! If a customer leaves in tears, especially at WDW, then something is seriously wrong!
Amie, 33 , Wife to Jeremy, 37 , Mommy to Chaeli, 6 (9/27/07), and Zoe , Rosie , Plum , Merlin , a guinea pig, Winny

9/2000-offsite; 6/2003-All Star Sports-Our Honeymoon; 5/2005-Caribbean Beach; 9/2006-Pop Century; 5/2007-Port Orleans Riverside our baby girl; 9-10/2010-Pop Century-Chaeli's 1st Trip and 3rd Birthday Celebration!; 8/2012-Coronado Springs, 8/2014-Art of Animation
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Originally Posted by MarriedToAPrince View Post
I wanted to add that your service you received for breakfast was unexcuseable and I honestly would have complained at the front desk. They should have refunded you the dining credits and tip you gave. I am sorry but that waitress didn't deserve anything! If a customer leaves in tears, especially at WDW, then something is seriously wrong!
Thank you, I agree completely. I regret not handling the situation better (and keeping our next day ADR) and talking to the front desk. We had such wonderful servers and service everywhere else it was a bit of a shock to us in the moment.
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Okay I had this nice long reply done and when I went to paste it back, I click on the wrong Browser window and replied to your TR on my TR. Which was humorous, but would be quite confusing. So I got rid of quickly and somehow lost my clipboard and well....long story short it is gone.

I'll see if I can piece it back together though.

Loved that you were able to sit and chill a bit at Holywood Studios.

The parade interaction was a neat moment.

The Brown Derby magical moment was odd.

Glad you loved Fantasmic.

Sad you missed Indy.

The bad waitress in WCC stinketh. The fact that the managers were absent stinketh even more.

The PBJ story had me cracking up, as did the midnight howler out on the patio.

There. I think was pretty much it.

Enjoyed the updates!

Note: No trees were killed in the posting of this reply, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
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The update has been done for a couple days it was uploading the pictures that was the headache. I am going to have to break it into at least 2 parts to fit all the pictures in...

We headed down to the docks to catch our boat and the kids munched on their sandwiches and goldfish. Looking at the pictures we have I am guessing that the kids did take a nap because Ethan looks grumpy and he is usually grumpy when he wakes up from a nap! LOL

We attempted to get a few photopass photos before heading into the park.

I am telling you I have a lot of friends who complained to me before I went to Disney and told me that they never found any characters in the parks but nearly every time we walked through the front town square there were half a dozen characters scattered around. That day we saw Daisy but we there was a line and we weren’t sure if DD would actually go up to her or not even if she is one of her favorites.

We headed over to the obscure little barber shop in the corner of the town square and boy do hide it back there! If you didn’t know where it was you would walk by it a hundred times without giving it a second glance. We headed in and found the place nearly empty. There were two CM’s working and they both had grown men sitting in their chairs getting a trim and said it would be about 5 minutes. Yay almost time for DD’s first OFFICAL haircut!

When we had walked in DS had noticed Chip and Dale outside the barber shop and wanted to see them. We KNEW DD wouldn’t go near them and there was no line so DH took DS out to meet them and I waited inside with DD. The pictures are too cute although DS seems to be squinting; I think the sun must have been in his eyes.

DH was pulled into the picture by Chip and Dale and the character handler took a picture.

By the time DH and DS were done it was time for DD to climb up in the chair. I was very unsure about how she was going to act having someone mess with her hair. She HATES me messing with it! Our CM was Norma and she was great. We tried a few things to distract DD before we found the one that worked.


DS was a trooper but he was bored and another CM (who thanks to princess momma’s TR I recognized and know was named Janet) noticed and pulled out some bubbles for him to play with as well. I just love the CM’s at WDW!

Before we knew it DD was finished and receiving her ears….

It was a very fast process and Norma worked quickly! She ask me if I wanted pony tail and pixie dust and I said “YES!” I have NEVER seen my daughter sit this nicely through someone messing with her hair especially putting in a pony tail! I don’t think she even noticed until Norma sprinkled the pixie dust on her hair.

Notice the Hidden Mickey on DD's cheek... lol.

And here is my favorite picture from the experience!

This was all for $14 plus a tip and we got her first Mickey Ears, the experience and a certificate! It was great and I recommend this to EVERYONE! I am hoping we can hold off on getting her hair cut again until our next trip but her hair has been growing fast and is getting pretty long. DS I would love to get the hair gel colors and pixie dust but I just don’t think he would go for it. He is pretty low key with his hair and hates haircuts. I was thinking about the Pirate League for our next trip for DS but he is so picky about things like that I don’t think it would be a good idea.

I charged everything to our KTTW card and we headed outside into the excitement of kids hula hoopin’ everywhere. I am thinking it was near parade time since they had roped off parts of Main St. but we had a date with a certain Space Ranger that could not be passed up!

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We fought the crowd up Main St. and cut in front of the Plaza Restaurant where I stopped to confirm our ADR for 6:20, I wasn’t sure of the time. We walked through the tunnel (is that the Noodle Station?) and entered Tomorrowland!

First up was a trip to defeat the Evil Zurg!

The park was pretty crowded but the line was only 15 minutes I believe and we were on pretty fast. DD and I rode together and DH and DS shared a car. I have to admit after riding TSM this was a bit of a letdown but DS loved it none the same. DD on the other hand did not! I had assumed that she would like the control over the car but it was way to jerky for her and she refused to touch the gun. Oh well. She wasn’t afraid so she just watched the scenery go by.

DD would not get anywhere near the bars...

We thought about riding again but the wait had gone up and we had spotted our hero right across from us!

We got in line when DS announced that he had to go…. NOW. So DH left me and DD in line to wait and he ran off with DS to find a restroom. During this time DD was not happy that DS left without her and I snapped a picture of her pouting, one of MANY that we have accumulated.

She loves to pout and we have a firm decision to ignore her when she does. I have to share this picture to prove that she will pout anywhere and everywhere. The photographer had arranged the boxes for her to sit on the purple one and put her feet on the green one. We placed her there and she stood up turned around did the opposite and pouted. It is one of my favorite pictures since it shows her personality to a tee.

DS and DH made it back in plenty of time since the line was pretty long and slow moving. The kids were doing pretty well with the wait but some of the other kids in line were not. There was a mini war that broke out between a brother and sister in front of us. Does this ever make anyone else feel better when they see other families having the same problems you have? It makes me feel more normal, let me tell ya, and I don't often feel normal, lol.

When we were next the Character Handler stopped us and said Buzz had to leave for a moment on Space Ranger business but he would be right back. True to her word she arrived only moments later with a slightly shorter Buzz, lol. It was then DS’s turn (DD refused to go as we had expected) and DS rushed up to meet his Pal!

The interaction was completed with a “pound”:

While standing DH and I had discussed what to do next and I wanted to ride the Carousel of Progress and DH was up for anything. We headed into the CoP with no wait and took our second row seats. By the time the door closed there was only about a dozen people in the seats. I had NO idea what this ride was only that it was classic Disney and I love classic Disney.

True to form this ride delivered for me and surprisingly DS who LOVED it and watches it on YouTube now. DH was more than impressed with the animatronics and DD just continually got in and out of her seat. LOL I loved the ride and would have rode it again if DH hadn’t requested riding the TTA next.

We headed over to the TTA and found ourselves in line…. For a while. This was a little strange since most reports I read say there is never a line and they ride it continually more than once. While in line DS spotted this guy and HAD to have his picture taken with him.

We finally headed up the moving sidewalk which freaked me out to let DS stand alone on and before we knew it we were on a peaceful ride around Tomorrowland. And boy was it peaceful we could have rode again happily! DH took photos as we rode:

Space Mountain area:

We thought about the Astro Orbiters as we left but there was a LONG wait for them and the kids hadn’t ask to ride them so we didn’t mention them. Instead we headed to Monster’s Inc. Laugh Factory. The wait was longer than will wait for it again for sure. While in line the kids got a little grumpy and what is the cure for grumpy kiddos in this family?

Funny FACES!

That kept them happy until we got to the pre-show room. OMGoodness could they drag it out any more was our thoughts. LOL The show was funny and we were entertained but the kids lost interest fast so the majority of our attention was on them. The technology is fantastic though!

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Since we had no interest in Stitch (and DD was too little) or the Speedway again we grabbed some chips and pop and headed to Toon Town to the kid’s favorite ride!

The line queue here is so deceivingly long but again we only had a short wait so we rode again of course!

Next up was Mickey’s house and we were very disappointed! Minnie’s house is so interactive and the kids were able to touch everything. Mickey’s house was more like a cartoon museum and we were in and out FAST due to the constant stream of movement you get caught in. We headed out through Mickey’s garage as we had already seen the main Mouse and had another appointment with him in a couple of days. At this point we had no direction and we weren’t sure what our next adventure would be.

It was HOT and the kids only wanted to eat their chips and we didn’t feel like walking for a while and all the sudden the train appeared! All Aboard! And that is what we did. We hurried and parked the stroller and made a mad dash toward the train. We made it and in no time we were headed toward Frontierland.

DH and I were suffering from low blood sugar and hunger as well and we were being quite snippy with each other. When I suggested we get off the train in Frontierland and get FP’s for Splash Mt. he was NOT happy. I have to admit if I had seen us at that moment I would have thought “Wow, that’s not very Disney like.”

None the less we unboarded at the Frontierland station and with enough arguing to embarrass me even now we got our fast passes. We were all very grumpy and DH was mad that now we had to get back on the train to go back to Toon Town to get the stroller. Humm I would have thought the half a day off would have made us less grumpy! By the time we made it to Toon Town we had cooled down and calmed WAY down. We had almost an hour until our ADR and we decided we were not going to make it. I didn’t have my cell and neither did DH so I hate to admit it but we decided to be a no show for our ADR. We needed AC and quick food and we needed it now…

That was of course until we walked by Mickey’s Philharmagic and saw 0 wait and DS said he wanted to go in. This turned out to be one of our favorite shows in WDW and the kids still refer to it as Donald’s movie. They love to watch Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast and dance to the songs from Donald’s movie.

We really needed food at that point and although we were closer to our ADR time we had decided quick and easy was our course of action that evening. We headed in to Pinocchios’ and after we made the decisions on food I sent DH to hopefully find a window seat overlooking IASW. I got pizza and salad for DH and me and a PBJ and two sides of grapes for DS and DD to share, drinks, desserts and an extra drink for DD (snack). I think I also added an order of french fries as a snack as well. A CM was nice enough to help me carry the trays back to find DH.

He had set at a table close to the windows but all the window seats were taken. Just then a family got up to leave and we moved over. DH wasn’t sure why I wanted to sit there but I knew the kids would love it and they did! I think this was one of the best meals of the trip. The kids ate part of my pizza since I was really after the salad and we all ate happily and waved to the people on the ride. It was a very relaxing meal and I am glad we decided to skip the Plaza (even if I felt bad cancelling).

After we all filled our bellies and were happy once again the kids decided that we needed to ride IASW so we did. The kids just loved this ride as expected and they sat on the same sides as the first rides.

We headed toward Frontierland and decided a ride on POTC would be nice, so we walked on. I almost regret not having a few lines in rides like this to appreciate the theme of the queue, but I was not complaining!

DS and I were looking forward to Splash Mountain but DH didn’t like that type of ride (silly boy). People were starting to scope places out for Spectromagic so DH said he was going to look for a good place to watch. If DS and I made it back before the parade we would find him if not we would wait till after the parade and meet at the corner of Splash Mt. DS and I were super excited to get our splash on and we headed toward the FP entrance.

In no time we were climbing the stairs and weaving our way to the front of the line. We again practically walked right on and we were immersed in the world of Brer Rabbit. DS LOVED this ride and you can see his excitement here:

I didn’t take but two pictures because I got worried about getting the camera wet and I wanted to concentrate on DS. Everytime we would climb to drop a bit he was literally bouncing with excitement. I ask him if I could put my arm around him, to tell the truth I was afraid he was going to fly out, but he said “No, I am a big boy.” Then my handsome little boy said “You can put your hand right here if you want.” and indicated his knee. I had tears in my eyes. He knew I needed that and let me have an inch even if I wanted to hold on to him tight and that was enough for me.

Splash Mountain was ended with a ton of “Can we PLEASE go again?” and to be honest with you I thought about standing in the standby line to ride again since it wasn’t too bad but I didn’t want to worry DH. We headed down the street to find DH and surprisingly found them walking toward us, DD holding a new Tinkerbell light up toy. DS was all a flutter telling his daddy about how the boat fell. DH said he had found a nice spot for the parade but a woman had literally pushed him over and he decided she wanted the spot more than him so they came to find us. LOL

We let DS pick out a light up toy for himself and we headed through Adventureland to find a place to sit and relax for a while. On the way we passed a little snack shack that seemed awfully busy… could it be… yep it was… Dole Whips! DH had no idea what these were but I was not passing them up. I LOVE pineapple and pineapple juice so a float was coming my way! DH had to see what the deal was so he got one too. We headed toward Main St. with our dole whips and found a nice little area with benches that wasn’t crowded at all. We parked and set and relaxed and ate our Dole Whips.

To be honest I liked the Dole Whip but it wasn’t as fantastic as I thought it would be. It was a little over poweringly sweet for me and for DH (who loves sweet) but they are still on my “to do” for the next trip. The kids like them and ate some of both of ours. While we were sitting we realized that Spectromagic was turning the corner and we had a great (if not far) view of it and we moved a bit to watch it. We also realized we had a great viewing of Wishes if we stayed put!

I pulled out some glow sticks for the kids and DH went to find a drink for us since the Dole Whips had left a sweet aftertaste. The kids and I sat comfortably and waited. I let them walk around a bit until it got crowded and then I herded them back into the stroller.
I am surprised we don’t have any photos after this point, but DH videoed Wishes and that was that, lol.

A nice family stopped behind us and DS and DD shared their glowsticks with them. Before we knew it the fireworks were starting and that is when I smelled DD. It was BAD and there was no way for me to fight my way through the crowd that had descended behind us. I did the best I could and changed her in the stroller. The grandpa from the family behind us held the stroller still for me so it would move, what a nice family!

The kids get fidgety during fireworks at home and they didn’t care for Illuminations so I am not sure why I thought Wishes would be different but since DH was videoing I had my hands full with the kids. I did see Tinkerbell fly and some of the fireworks but I wasn’t able to enjoy the story or the emotion behind it. Next time!

Since the kids were grumpy after Wishes we decided to call it a night with everyone else. We joined the herd of people and made our way SLOWLY down Main St. If you ever see me at Disney world and think that following me out of a crowd is a good idea, it isn’t. Like checkout lines I am the worst at choosing who to follow. As soon as I get behind someone they will stop even if they had been the fastest moving people around me. Then I swerve and get behind another crowd of moving people, they will immediately stop, this continues forever until DH takes the stroller then we magically move forward. It is weird!

When we finally exited we saw that the boat line was pretty crowded so we decided we weren’t in a hurry and we grabbed a bench and sat. We kept the kids moving and within minutes they were asleep. We sat on the bench for a long while just discussing our day and letting the crowd die down. I think just sitting and people watching that night was our perfect ending to the day.

Finally we decided to head to the boat line and we were on in no time. We made it back to the WL and to bed with no excitement and we were all in bed and asleep before we knew it. Our next day was our OFF day and we had a lot to do…
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