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Old 06-19-2009, 10:50 PM   #1
DIS Dad #412
Double Dog Dare You to post a screaming like a little girl video
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Disney with DD and DDBF are you Crazy Nuts: Leaving and Final Thoughts

My third time posting a trip report on the boards. Finished the first two so lets see if I can finish this one. Join me if you like but enter at your own risk. I can be a bit sarcastic at times and it could get ugly.

First the cast:

Me aka Dad: Single parent that is going over the hill at warp speed (raising a teenage daughter will do that). First park visit happened around 1974 and was hooked since then. DVC member and coaster junkie.

DD aka Pooh aka Princess: Part Angel, part Tormentor. Just completed her freshman year in High School. Thrill seeker like dad and a good navigator in the parks. LOVES Disney. Not that it was an option since she was indoctrinated in all ways of the mouse since birth.

DDBF aka (nickname under discussion): Despite ethnic and cultural differences, they are 2 peas in a pod. Friends since the second grade and have grown up together. A relative novice to WDW. She went with us on a short trip last year.

Last year at the California Grill

8th Grade Graduation with their Honor’s Society teacher

The Pre-Stuff

This was a trip that was not meant to happen. I did not plan a visit to the world during the summer but fate intervened. On our last trip over New Years, I bought 4 day park hoppers for DD and me. The last day was to be spent in the Magic Kingdom and later dinner at EPCOT. DD was tired so instead we spent that day lounging and relaxing.

On the way home, our remaining one day park hoppers were in my wallet whispering to me, “Don’t let us die unused, take us back to the parks.” They expire 6 months after first use so on the drive back I called member services and booked a 3 day trip for June 2-4. We were in a 1 BR at Wilderness Lodge but were waitlisted for a studio at the Beach Club. It later came through so we were a go.

Then a friend emailed inviting me on a 4 night scuba diving trip on a live aboard boat in the Dry Tortugas. It was during the time of our original trip so I called member services to change the dates to June 10-12. Everything was set. Well not quite. Three nights did not seem was enough time so the trip began to be plused. A few months before we were to embark upon our odyssey, I called to add Tuesday the 9th. Nothing available then but they had Saturday the 13th open. Since I was burning points, why not add Saturday? I also waitlisted for 9th and 14th. They came through about 2 weeks before the trip. So, the 3 day trip morphed into 6 days. All because DD did not want to get up one morning on our last trip.

I only made 2 ADRs, one for tea for the girls and dinner at the Wave. The biggest question was ticket media. We are not going back until January (don’t hold me to it) so no APs. After going back and forth, I decided on 3 day park hoppers with 3 days play and more (whatever they call it, think water parks) and the no expiring option.

The Tortugas trip came and went. I was experiencing ear pain so did not dive as much as I wanted. For any divers out there the Dry Tortugas is an interesting trip but give me the Florida Keys especially around Key Largo anytime.

How not to enter the water. He lost his mask and almost his tank. Luckily the crew dove in and grabbed his mask before it sank to the bottom (125 feet down). It was pretty funny actually. Divers are a weird species.

The ship lost an engine the first night out and it took forever to get to the dock on the last day. It was really late when I got back to the house and I crashed. The next day I cleaned my gear and got ready for the trip. We picked up DDBF (still hunting for a nickname) and bought supplies at Publix. They still thought we were only spending 3 nights at the World and wondered why I was buying so much food stuff. “Never can have enough of Nutrigrain bars.”

Eventually they went to bed while I did a little work. The plan was to get up early (3:00 am), finish my packing, load the car and then we would be off.

Up next: Late to bed, early to rise? AKA: What time is it?

Day 1, The Arrival http://www.disboards.com/showpost.ph...60&postcount=2

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Day 7 Part 2 Last Night http://www.disboards.com/showpost.ph...&postcount=105

Day 8 Bye Bye and Final Thoughts

My other TRs

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DIS Dad #412
Double Dog Dare You to post a screaming like a little girl video
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Miami, Fl
Posts: 3,932

Day 1 Tuesday, June 9 AKA The arrival

I went to bed late the night before with the intention of getting up early to pack my clothes and the car. On the last trip, I went to bed at Midnight and was wide awake by 1:30 because I was, you guessed it…“Too excited to sleep.” This time I drifted off on the couch around 11:00.

Slept like a rock. During that transition between deep sleep and wide awake, the two sides of my brain were having an argument. Left (analytical) side: Something seems to be amiss. Even with our eyes closed, I can see light. Right (creative) side: Listen to the pretty birds singing. Left side: There is no light at 3am when we were supposed to get up. Right side: Pretty birds. Left side: RED ALERT, RED ALERT. WE HAVE OVERSLEPT. GET UP NOW! If you have seen a slapstick comedy when someone is startled awake, you get the picture. I literally fell off of the couch. It was 8:30 am. Shoot.

So much for an early start. No way am I fighting rush hour traffic so the plan was amended to leave at 9:30. Instead of letting the kids sleep and fight to get them up I did the RED ALERT, RED ALERT. WE HAVE OVERSLEPT. GET UP NOW! spiel on them. Funny watching them flop around trying to get up. They were up licitly split when I broke it to them we were leaving in an hour. Received glares that would kill a lesser mortal. While they were eating breakfast, I packed my bag which consisted of throwing some clothes in the suitcase and loaded the car.

The drive up was uneventful so the decision to bypass rush hour was a good one. Only one stop to refuel and grab some Arby’s in Ft. Pierce. We pulled into Beach Club just before 2 after 250+ miles of driving. Check in was smooth and the room was ready. The CM that checked us in called Bell Services and another CM came over to let me know he will be escorting us to our room with the bags. I should have gotten both of their names because they were very good and deserved recognition.

We were in room 149 and the room assignment gods were not kind to us this time. Briefly thought about asking for a change but we have been lucky on our last few trips (we got THE ROOM at BWV last trip) so decided not to tempt future wrath from the room assignment gods. It was on the first floor, near the end of one of the spurs and a few doors down from the loading dock. Oh goody.

I unpacked while the kids decided to live out of their suitcases. DD was anxious to show DDBF the Boardwalk and then go to Storm Along Bay for a swim. I took some pictures and rested in the room.

Before the room had that lived in look. I have no idea what they were doing. Kind of a weird pose.

Our towel figure. They later decided to wear them as turbans.

Vittles for the week. They still did not know we were staying the extra days,

In anticipation of the trip, DD took to folding the first sheet of toilet paper at the house. She was disappointed to see this attempt.

Had to correct it. Yes we are a weird family

Our view

Pretty shabby landscaping. Some of the plants had branches sprouting out everywhere and the wood chips covering the ground were pretty sparse.

After they left and I unpacked, hunger pains directed me to the Marketplace. I ordered a made to order salad and a cup of clam chowder ($12.86) which were both really good. I also purchased the refillable mug ($13.84). They had fresh brewed ice tea which I took maximum advantage throughout the trip. The soda dispensers however seemed to be off with the mix. Too sweet. As an aside, this type of place would be perfect for the Boardwalk. It doesn’t take up too much space and a grab and go place is really needed there.

While I finished dinner, a phone call from DD told me they were waiting for a seat at Beaches and Cream. They had walked around the Boardwalk and did the loop past the Swan/Dolphin back to Y/B Club. After that it was some pool time. I met them in the arcade where they were spending the last of a $25 game card on air hokey. DDBF won that game 6-5 but according to DD she won the previous five. It was supposed to be only a 20 minute wait to get a table so after 30 minutes we went up to the counter to check on how much longer. As I stood in front of the hostess, she punched in some numbers on the phone and our beeper went off. Guess they are ready for us.

B&C is a gem. They had lunch at the Boardwalk bakery but DD was hungry. She had a veggie wrap, BF had a side of fries with two cokes and a banana split for desert. I helped them finish the split. Bill was $22.66 less TIW (hate the new name for the dinning discount) plus tip. While we were waiting for their meal, I went to the beach to check out the movie. It was a “surprise movie night” which turned out to be Toy Story. I told them it was UP but they did not believe me so I confessed. After massive intake of ice cream we went to the beach to watch the rest of the movie. From there, it was back to the room for the night.

I somehow deleted some pictures and most of them were of B&C and the Marketplace but here is an interior shot.

The “pool” at night

All in all not a bad day. Getting up there late was OK and even though the room was not in the best location, we were at Disney World.

Up next: Tea and crabcakes.

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mom of princessx2
DIS Veteran
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Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

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Can't wait to hear more!
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Can’t wait to hear more. As the parent of an only child, (teenage son) we now bring friends regularly and love hearing about others’ experiences.
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DIS Dad #412
Double Dog Dare You to post a screaming like a little girl video
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Originally Posted by mom of princessx2 View Post
Can't wait to hear how it goes!!
Originally Posted by Chellymouse View Post

Can't wait to hear more!
Originally Posted by thumpermom View Post
Can’t wait to hear more. As the parent of an only child, (teenage son) we now bring friends regularly and love hearing about others’ experiences.
Thanks for the interest. More should be up tomorrow. Work has kind of gotten in the way. Tough getting back into the swing of things after almost two weeks off.

Adding DDBF definitely made it a different trip. As you will see later, I let them do a lot of things by themselves and there was less dad/daughter time. Not that it was bad, just different. I have known BF since she was 7 and they spend a lot of time together. She is almost like an extension of our family.
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DIS Veteran
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I was a lurker on your last trip report, so I thought I would tell you how much I enjoyed it and that I'm looking forward to this one!

Thanks eandesmom!!!
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Am looking forward to reading more....I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who photographs the towel Mickey on the bed. My son just shakes his head at me! I wish I were at WDW!!!!!!!

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DVC Member WLV
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Sounds like it was fun. Can't wait to hear more.
Mickey's Mom - Mickey is my 6 lb Toy Poodle
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DIS Dad #412
Double Dog Dare You to post a screaming like a little girl video
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Day 2 Wednesday, June 10 AKA One lump or two

Today was to be a pool day. Giggling woke me up around 3:00 am which really ticked me off. It seems though I have developed a snoring habit that kept the kids awake most of the night. They were giggling listening to the recorded snoring they made on DD’s cell phone so I had to give them a break. I went back to sleep and they suffered the rest of the night. Mickey woke me at 6:00 and letting them get their beauty sleep I went to explore.

After getting an iced tea, I went to the solarium to read. The solarium is a nice out of the way place that is usually quiet. Everything was peaceful until an overbearing grandmother joined us with their grandchild. COME HERE AND SIT WITH ME. DO YOU WANT JUICE? COME HERE AND SIT DOWN. HAVE SOMETHING TO EAT… It went on for a while and there was no end in sight so I decided to leave. Back at room the kids were still out cold.

When the pool opened at 9:00 I snagged a table and was content reading and relaxing. Now would be a good time to comment on the weather. It was hot. No, not June hot in Florida hot. I mean standing on the sun hot. Real temps were in the mid 90’s all week and the feels like temperature was over 100. SAB was a welcome sanctuary. After a while, I went to get them up which was a real chore. Much hemming and hawing and we decided to go to Downtown Disney to see UP. They went through the hour long ritual of getting primped. By the time they were ready, steam was coming out my ears. Just before I had a stroke, they announced they were ready.

A quick ride in the car and we were parked in front of the AMC Theater. The first showing of UP was at 12:30 but the 3D show was at 1. They had ADR’s for tea at 4:30 so things were going to be tight to do both. They said they would hustle to get ready for tea so we opted for the 3D showing.

While waiting for the movie to begin, I looked at the menu for Pucks Express and was not impressed with the prices so we headed to Earl of Sandwich. One of the best bargains in all of WDW. Instead of the usual “Original” (roast beef) I opted for the BLT. Very good but not as good as the roast beef. They went with smoothies, strawberry/banana and pineapple/coconut. Hey they are on vacation so why not. With a coke the bill was $14.28 less AAA discount. Yes they do have a 15% discount for AAA members. Everyone satisfied we made it to the movie in plenty of time.

Not a lot of pictures here because either the recharger or the batteries were not working but I was able to get a few of Downtown.

The new balloon ride

Legos are cool. With the angle of the picture it looks like he is screaming and running away from Rainforest

The new stage area by World of Disney. The stage looked bigger than the seating area.

UP was a hit with the three of us. Me slightly less so than DD and DDBF. They loved it and put it near the top of their Pixar movies. From there it was a quick jog to the car and race back to the room. As I valet the car, they run to the room to get ready for tea.

They were ready pretty quickly (for them) and then a not so pixie dust moment. DD was running to catch up and dropped $20 she had in her hand. She gets to where I am and tells me. She and DDBF backtrack then she runs back past me and stops this guy down the walkway between the Villas and the hotel entrance. Then back by the doors at the Villa’s entrance. Finally they return and she tells me the story.

Someone said the guy found it and when she went to ask him, he told her it was by the door. Of course by now it was in his pocket and he was not about to tell her that. He was long gone when she got back to tell me what happened so I could not confront him. Needless to say she was upset. I came up with a story that karma was going to get him and that he was going to spend the $20 on sushi and he would get a bad piece of fish. The rest of his vacation would be spent in the bathroom throwing up.

Some grumbling while we were waiting for the MK bus. It arrived relatively soon and we were off. While on the bus, I gave them the news that we were staying three more days. I was going to tell them at check out day but the news soothed the $20 loss. They also confessed that they knew something was up. Yea, right. We were soon hearing por favors on the monorail and arrived at the Grand Floridian.

Before though we monorailed by the soon to be opened Bay Lake Towers. Can not wait to stay there. I have a montage of pictures from the demolition to its current status here.

Before tea a few pictures around the resort.

Maybe I can lock them in the birdcage

The band just started playing

Tea is a favorite for DD and is becoming a once a trip ritual. They had the Buckingham Palace package which included choice of tea plus finger sandwiches, scones, a tart and strawberries with Devonshire cream. Total cost was $40.25 with discount plus tip. All and all a good time for the two of them.

Since they are both vegetarians they substituted the chicken and shrimp sandwiches for extra watercress and cucumber ones.

While they were having tea, I was in my usual spot at the Tambu Lounge at the Poly. Love coming here and this has become my ritual while she has tea. Not that I am against tea but I want her to have big girl time away from dad. Tom, the bartender I have come to know wasn’t there but still got a very good martini. For food, I ordered the crab cakes which were good but not as good as the last few times. It may be my imagination but I thought they were smaller this time.

The ladies met me at the Tambu. DD bought a blonde wig and spent an eternity in the ladies room fixing it. Why? I don’t know. Lasted on her head for about five minutes until it had to come off because it was hot.

After returning to the MK the Boardwalk bus arrived and we grabbed it. Spent a little time watching the streetmosphere. Boardwalk is home for us and I love it there. After the BW it was to the room to watch a little TV and go to bed.

He missed on the first try but got this one in the net

Sunset at the B/Y Club

Today was a little rocky with the kids. DD had a ‘tude at times. Waiting for her to be done up with the wig got on my nerves. We had a chat that night and I told them no more waiting for them. If I was ready to do something, I am off and they were on their own. Other than those minor flare ups it was a good day. Up was very good, they enjoyed tea and I had my own fun at the Tambu Lounge. Plus we had a visit home at the Boardwalk.

Up Next: Our first day in the parks?

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Loving your report! The girls look lovely all ready for their tea. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!
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Really enjoyed your last report and can't wait for more of this one!!

Sorry about the BCV room location -- we managed to get our magical one at VWL last month so I am afraid to think about what our next trip might get us!!

DGC in 2013 & 2011, BCV&BLT in 2010, VWL in 2009, SSR in 2008, VWL in 2007, OKW in 2006, OKW in 2004, HHI in 2004, VWL in 2003,
DisneyLand Paris in 2002, Beach Club in 2002, Beach Club in 2000, Beach Club in 1994 and Lots of Family Trips offsite from 1978 - 1993!
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AKV, BCV, BLT Owner!
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I am thoroughly enjoying your trip report. I feel like I'm there! I won't be back until next March and you are getting me very psyched to be back!
Me: DS9:

1974 - Offsite 1976 - Offsite 1997 - Dixie Landings 1998 - Offsite 2008 - All Star Movies - Became new DVC member! March 2009 - SSR - First DVC Vacation!
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Earning My Ears
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Speaking as a girl who had (and has) a cool dad, your daughter will never forget this trip. Loving the trip report!
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DIS Dad #412
Double Dog Dare You to post a screaming like a little girl video
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Originally Posted by SunnieRN View Post
I was a lurker on your last trip report, so I thought I would tell you how much I enjoyed it and that I'm looking forward to this one!
You read the last one and are looking forward to this one? Wow, thanks for the complement.

Originally Posted by GeorgiaTiggerGirl View Post
Am looking forward to reading more....I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who photographs the towel Mickey on the bed. My son just shakes his head at me! I wish I were at WDW!!!!!!!
My daughter has long given up on me as a Disney geek. Even co-opted her and she is now taking pictures of food. I also wish I was there.

Originally Posted by ccigliano View Post
Sounds like it was fun. Can't wait to hear more.
It was fun. It might be a day or two before the next installment. Thanks for reading.
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