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Jakob's Disney Make-A-Wish Trip Report ( alot of pictures)

Finally, I have time to sit down and update Jake's trip, and be warned it is LONG ( I did copy the trip report from Jake's Caringbridge site)....however as I promised you all...here is the WHOLE trip report with TONS of pictures to follow...so I hope everyone is ready....

First off all I can say is WOW....I was told that it was going to be amazing and that Jake would be treated like a king for the week...and he was, but our whole family was treated amazing. First off, at Give Kids The World ( this is where all wish kids stay when they come to Disney as their wish), this place was more than words can describe. As soon as we walked into the lobby and gave them our name, I felt the tears coming on. Once they handed Jake, Hannah and Brannon all these gifts, I started to cry..I knew right than and there, this was going to be a week filled with tears ( good ones of course) and it was.

They showed us to our villa, and on the table was a huge bag of more goodies for the kids, again both Kev and I stood there with tears in our eyes once again. Thankfully Auntie Katie was there, so the kids did not notice. Once we got settled, we went and had some yummy lunch from Katie's Kitchen, or also known as "Boston Market", and it was so good. However I will say, I think we are done with eating Boston Market for quite sometime. Than we went over to Amberville and our whole family got a ride on the train. The kids played with the power boats and than off to play dino putt at the mini golf. Oh and than it was off for Ice Cream....the ice cream place is open from 7am to 10pm everyday.

Than Kev and I took a ride to the walmart, while Auntie Katie played around the village with the kids. Than I when we got back I had to go to the orientation that one parent has to attend. This just goes to show how emotional this whole trip had me, while in the orientation, I was once again trying to hold back tears, and not really sure why, most everyone was laughing. Once it was over, I was walking back to the villa and I could not help but let it out and cry. Again tears of happiness that Jake was able to make a wish and have it come true...and to be in such an amazing place such as Disney, but now at GKTW where everyone there was so friendly, and not just the volunteers or people who worked their, but other families as well.

The next day was Sunday and it was off to the Magic Kingdom...and would you know it, it RAINED all morning...but for some reason, it did not matter. Finally around 1pm, the clouds lifted and the sun was out and than it got HOT...I will just say it was close to 90 everyday last week. I know I wanted nice warm weather when we were down their, but this was HOT. Thankfully the humidity was not bad, so it was bearable...The first ride we headed right to was the Haunted Mansion...and Jake was in AWWW the whole time ( I think I cried too when I saw the look on Jake's face when we waled up to the HM). He had never been so happy to get on that buggy...of course he knew every part of the ride from watching other's home movies of the ride on You tube...you would have thought he had already been on several times before. We also went to Splash Mt, Thunder Mt, Space Mt, Snow White, Peter Pan and the Race cars.

Later that afternoon we headed over to Hollywood Studios where the first ride we went to was Tower of Terror...Jake was sporting his "Going Up" Tower Terror of shirt that a wonderful lady from the Big Give had made him, so of course this was the first thing that the Bell Hoppers at the Tower of Terror saw...it was funny, Jake was so proud of it. After that ride, we headed right to Rock n Roller Coaster, where it was really nice to bypass ALL the people and jump right on. At first, when Jake saw the coaster take off, he looked at me and said " I have to go the bathroom, NOW"...I said you can't wait until we get off the ride, he said "NO NOW", we got up to the ride and they were nice enough to show us were to go and than we were able to come right back and get the front row of course... As I was in the bathroom with Jake, the tears started to flow and he said, " I am so scared, I do not think I can ride it mom", I said " Of course you can, how many times have you watched this ride on you tube, you know it is not as scary as it looks"...with a little talking to, we headed back to the ride, where everyone else was waiting for us. Than in Jake style, he jumped on the coaster in the front row and closed his eyes...he kept saying " I can do this, I can do this, I can do this" and before I knew it, we shoot off going 60mph and than I hear " Oh my goodness, I LOVE THIS"...lol...when the ride came to the end, Kev yelled out to him how he liked it and than Jake yells out " Dad, it was AWESOME, I wanna go again", after that,he was hooked and now loves the Rock n Roller Coaster.

It was a long week of early mornings to late nights....so much to see and so little time, but we did manage to get all of the rides and shows Jake wanted to see done, and than some. The next day was Monday, we went to Sea World in the morning, and did two rides and than feed the dolphins, which was so cool ( and to be honest the only thing any of us were looking forward to at Sea World). Than off to the Red Sox/Braves game. Of course that was another WOW...nothing like being in Fl surrounded by Red Sox Fans everywhere...we loved it. We had no idea what to expect when we got there, but when we got our tickets and went to our seats we were loving it. Three rows up from the Red Sox dugout. Right along the home plate and 3rd base. It was so cool to see the players up close like that. However the Disney Stadium is not as big as Fenway...but still. We stayed till the 7th inning. It was so hot sitting in the sun and not moving, and it was hard for Jake to handle the heat. He actually had two cups of Ice, so we knew it was hot. As Jake hardly eats or drinks anything unless he has too. When we left, we decided to go back to GKTW, change, and than head over to Universal Studios and than over to Margaritaville for dinner. Thanks to Auntie Katie, we were able to get reservations for 7:30...it really is amazing, soon as you say your on your child's Make-A-Wish trip, they fit you in. Jake wanted to go have dinner their so bad. He wanted the balloon hats that they make...so in order to get those hats, we had to go eat...of course we did not mind...I loved it!!!

So we did all the rides at US...including the Mummy ride, which we all loved...Jake at first was nervous again, but soon as we said, "remember the Rock n Roller coaster", he went into classic Jake mode and was all ready to go...once again, an instant hit as soon as we took off...he loved it. We also went to Jaws, Men In Black, ET and the new Simpson Ride, which I have to say was pretty cool. Not sure I was going to dig it, but it turned out to be quite the ride. Also because US has a gold pass you are given, they actually call and have an escort person bring you all up the back ways to the front of the lines...and soon as Jake says " Can I get front row", they hold the rest of the lines and let Jake on...this child had a smile from ear to ear all the time. So it made it much faster and easier for us to go thru the parks. It also helped with Jake's stroller as well. Their is no way he would have been to do all the walking that we had to do, so we got the pass for the stroller to act as the wheelchair, and with most rides, we strolled Jake right onto the ride and than when we got off, our stroller was right their. So again, a huge help for Jake.

We than had a wonderful dinner at Buffet Margaritaville...when we got their at 7:30, their was already a 2 hour wait...we actually waited 5 mins ( enough for the adults to get drinks at the outside bar) and than our table was buzzed. By the time dinner was done, it was around 9:30pm and by the time we got back to GKTW, it was close to 10:15 and we were all beat.

The next day we hit Animal Kingdom....this park is a half day park, so we did all the things that Jake wanted to do, including riding the Roller Coaster Mt Everest a couple times in a row...and yes...the front row Jake got. I think they called him by name the next time around..lol..." hey Jake, your back for more"..Around lunch time we headed over the Epcot and walked around the world for a couple of hours before heading over to the rides. Jake was so excited for his dad to go on Test Track...he even wanted him to sit in the front of the car...which he did and of course dad loved. We than hit mission space...and than off to meet some the characters. We than went over to soaring. On the way out, Jake had to ride in the Epcot ball...so that ended our day.

Wed morning came, and the first thing we did was have Jake ride the horses at GKTW. They were actually right next to our villa. Hannah was nervous so she waited. Jake could not wait. You can see some of those photos in the picture section. Than we all went to have breakfast and went off to Hollywood Studios again. My cousin Chris, that is in school for Nursing in Tampa, came up to visit us for the day...and that was awesome to have him to be part of Jake's wish. And Jake was also loving Chris their, he wanted him to sit next to him on all the rides. Soon as we get into the park, we headed straight for, what else, Tower of Terror... This time Jake was sporting his other Tower of Terror shirt. And the same Bell Hopper was there and remembered Jake from the last 5 times we rode this ride. He told us we could have our own elevator if we wanted too ( ahh yeah of course we did...lol) He than asked Jake if he wanted to be a Bell Hopper Jr when we gets of the ride. He can wear a Bell hop shirt and hat ( which again is in the pictures) and than stand outside of the elevator and say " did you enjoy the drop", right this way", and point to the exit...He was beside himself when they asked him that...so after our ride, they came over and gave Jake and Hannah shirts and hats to wear and than off to do their job...it was really cute. Than they asked Jake if he wanted to go behind the scenes and see just how the Tower of Terror really works....We were all like OH YEAH!!!! We were told that we could not take pictures...so sorry their are no pictures of that. It was so neat. They showed us every video camera in all the elevators and even asked Jake if he wanted them to stop one and than watch the reactions on the peoples faces, of "why are we stopping"...Jake of course said YES...and they did...it was funny. He than told another Bell Hopper to take us up again ( I think this was our 8th time on this ride...lol) and to give us our own elevator. The kids got to wear the shirts, but had to take the hats off...and up we went. Than they started flashy the lights on us, and saying " I can see you"...and we shot up...waiting in the dark...and we are not dropping and than when of course we were not ready, they dropped us..they shot us up and down and couple more times than they normally would...so they were having fun with us...and we had quite the ride this time around. It made Jake's last ride on the Tower of Terror an awesome one.

After doing rides we had not done yet, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom for Spectro Magic and Wishes fireworks. We got to the park just as a parade was starting. Jake was in his glory and we ran like crazy to get to this one spot before Mickey came....Hannah and Jake were having a great time dancing with everyone when we got to our spot. We were hanging out for a few and just as we were getting ready to head back over to the Haunted Mansion, Woody, from Toy Story comes over to Jake, takes his hand and starts to dance with him in the parade. At this point, I turn around and see Kev getting all teary eyed, which of course made me all teary eyed...but for the next 15 mins, Woody and Jake were pals and Jake was loving it. None of us expected that at all...so once again...just a few magical things that happened while we were on this trip.

We than headed back over to the Haunted Mansion, and than on to Peter Pan, Snow white and yes...Small World. Which Kev and Brannon took Jake on that ride. Hannah, myself and Auntie Katie decided to take a brake at this point. About 15 mins later, the boys came off the ride all loving it..lol...Jake than told me that they re did this whole ride and it is so cool now. At least I did not have that song stuck in my head the rest of the night. We than went down to get a seat for the Spectro Magic parade. We sat in the wheelchair section, which was great, cause Jake was glued to his stroller by this point. During the parade, all the characters came over to Jake and Hannah and shook their hands...it was pretty cool...who would have thought they could spot this little kid with wide eyes and a huge smile on his face in the dark, but they did. Than we got a great seats for the wishes fireworks. This is Jake's favorite. He can recite the whole thing from beginning to end...but this time Jake was surprised...they did another finale at the end that had Jake mouth wide open, eyes as big as buttons and of course me in tears. After the fireworks were over...it hit me that this was our last night at the Magic Kingdom...and this meant we had one more day left in our magical trip. So before I knew it, I was crying, than my sister was crying, and than Kev started and than Hannah. Our oldest ( who will be 16 next month) is looking at us and saying " why is everyone crying"...lol...well soon as we heard that, we started to laugh. Jake than said, "I think I am all out of tears"...well that lasted all of 5 mins before he started to cry. Again these were tears of happiness, but of course sadness that Jake's wish was almost over. For a child to have such a love for something like Jake does for Disney and the Castle, it hit us a little harder than we thought it would.

I think we were even the last people of the park that night as none of us wanted to leave. We were the family that was walking out and looking back at the castle every 2 seconds...we just did not want it to end. However we did leave with some amazing memories' and those bring smiles to each of our faces when we think of them. We could not ask for anything more than that.

The next day, Thursday, we spent the day at Island of Adventures, and than wanted to get back to the village by 5pm so we could be there for Christmas, as Jake was waiting for this all week...to see Santa again. My cousin Chris came back up again for the day with us at IA, which was cool. The first thing Jake wanted us to go on was the Hulk Roller Coaster...so we did this for Jake and of course loved it. Than off to the Spiderman ride. As we were showing the gentlemen our pass, he said hang on let me get a escort. Within seconds, I hear someone say " Hey all, I remember you", and when I turned around to look, the lady that worked on the Spiderman ride, was also our Greeter from Give Kids The World at the airport when we arrived...how neat is that. She looked at Jake and said " alright Jake, you ready for the Spiderman ride" Jake had a huge smile on his face and was ready to go...and than she took us right up to the front and off we went. Once we got off the ride, she was waiting for us and escorted us right across the way and took Jake to meet Spiderman. Now that is what you call service. She than said, if we come back in 20 mins, we will get a private meeting with ALL the superhero's. So we went to another ride and than sure enough, we got a private meeting with all the superhero's..again Jake was in aww...I think Brannon ( our 16 year old) was in awww too, cause he got to meet Captain America, whiched he had loved growing up, yet he was not going to come straight out and admit it...lol.

We than headed off to rest of Island and went on a ton of rides. We even to go see where they are building the new Harry Potter Park...they say it opens in 2010...yet it seems like it going to be much longer than that...than again, what do I know...but it will be cool when it is done.

We than made it back to GKTW by 5:30pm, just in time to clean up and than head off for dinner. Which we had not had at all there during our stay. We than went to castle of miracles where Jake did his star...and yes more tears. So now Jake has a star, amongst 95,000 other wish children that have come thru the Give Kids The World Village. So next time we go back to Disney, we can go visit the village and take Jake's passport they gave us, and than we will be able to always go and find Jake's star...even 20 years from now when Jake is older and takes his family to Disney...he can go back and find his star....again more tears.

Than off to meet Santa. This was so cool. As we were waiting in line ( by the way, the only line that we had to wait in for more than 5 mins all week) to meet him, snow was falling from the sky ( ok bubbles, but it was suppose to be snow) and Jake could not contain himself...until he tried to catch a snowflake with his tongue...lol..than the snow was not so fun anymore.

The following day, we had a flight out at 3pm, and we needed to check out by 11am. So most everything was packed Thursday night. I was also having a very special guest come Friday morning from "The Littlest Hero's Project", Shawan, who came to take some wonderful pictures of Jake and our family. However, the weather had different plans...the one day, it rained ALL morning long. From the time she got there until right before we had to leave. But because she is a professional photographer, she ended up capturing some amazing photos of Hannah and Jake, even with it downpouring outside. I really wanted to get our whole family in, as that was the plan, but we were stuck at the Main House of Hearts for at least an hour or more, and by the time we made our way to our villa, we had about 15 mins before we needed to be out. So she was only able to get Hannah and Jake. However I am not complaining cause as I said, she did a awesome job. I was given the link to see the photos, but I promise to share the pictures as soon as the CD arrives. If you have been to my facebook page, my profile picture is one that she took of Jake playing in the rain, but she added a special touch to it.

All in all, this trip was more than any of us expected. Since Jake was granted his wish back in Jan, we have been able to put some of Jake's major medical issues in the back on our minds for a few. Even his Drs tried to talk more about his trip with us and him, than about his medical stuff when we saw them...so it was a nice distraction from all that....it was something this family needed and Jake really needed. Jake did really well on the trip. He had some episodes of tummy problems, and feeling sick, but he did try to some fruit one day and some whip cream, so that might have played a part in his belly pain But other than that, we are so happy that we got thru the week with no major problems.

At this point on the medical side of things, we will be increasing his propuslid hopefully this week. I am waiting to hear when they want to do a trial of IV Iron, ( than they just add it to his TPN) that requires them to do this in clinic to make sure he does not have a reaction, and if we can do that, and any other bloodwork and EKG done on the same day, that would be great. We than have our appt with Dr Flores on the 24th, he will go over the manomtery testing that Dr Nurko did back in Feb and give us his thoughts on what to do next. Than we have our appt in the short bowel clinic the following week. So I hope to be able to go back and share a plan with them with Dr Flores thoughts.

So that is pretty much everything...their is our whole trip from start to finish...and I am sure I still left so much more out. Please take a look at the pictures...I uploaded 40 something ( thanks to the new updates on Caring bridge... pictures of our Disney trip.

I also wanted to just ask to keep Jake in your thoughts over the next couple of days. Since yesterday he has been having some stomach cramps, with vomiting and diarrhea. At this point no fever, but it seems like even if he drinks something, he vomits it back up hours later. It is random at this point, but something we hope will just pass...but I still worry. With all the germs floating around Disney and the other parks, I can't help but worry.

If you have made it this far in the update...Thank you...if you fell asleep...I am sorry, I know I am tired too...if I had time, I would have updated while we were there each day, but since I did not...I had to do a 6 day update in one.

Jake's Make-A-Wish Disney Trip 3/09 (alot of pictures)
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Just an FYI, not all these pictures are in order. Somehow when I uploaded them in order, they did not come out in the order that I had them in...sorry.

Jake's Make-A-Wish Disney Trip 3/09 (alot of pictures)

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Jake's Make-A-Wish Disney Trip 3/09 (alot of pictures)
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I cheated. Really.

I had already seen this WONDERFUL, FABULOUS TR this morning!!!

I saw the CaringBridge update!!!

It was ALLLLLLL I could do to keep myself from RUNNING over to the Wish Trippers Unite page and telling them all to go read your CaringBridge site!!! And I have to confess, I did PM a couple of people. But only a couple. Am I in trouble? They have not PMd me back, though...so I don't think they cheated.

You crack me up thinking we would be sleeping through all of that!!! Who could sleep through such wonderful stuff!!!

Can you tell by my exclamation points how excited I am?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The pictures are wonderful. Keep them coming.
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Great pic!!!!

I can't wait to read more, It is making me even more excited about my son's wish trip. If that could be possible!
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Jake and Matthew ( he is another pre tripper on the board)

Jake's Make-A-Wish Disney Trip 3/09 (alot of pictures)
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This is the last set until tonight. I have softball with Hannah until 7pm tonight. So once I get the kids to bed, I will be back with more pictures...

We be back later with more....
Jake's Make-A-Wish Disney Trip 3/09 (alot of pictures)
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Love the TR and all of the photos! Jake's smile is just as big as I knew it would be! I am so happy to hear that you had an amazing trip!

Looking forward to more photos and sending good thoughts, prayers and pixie dust that Jake feels better soon.
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I can't wait to see more pictures!

What a wonderful TR! I am so glad that you'll had a wonderful time and enjoyed the trip. Jake looks so happy in the pictures I have seen so far. And the rest of the family too!

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WOW...sounds like an awesome trip! You had me in tears too! LOVE all you r pics! I can't wait to see more more more!!
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Caleb's Wish Trip TR

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Aww, those pictures are great, looks like everyone had alot of fun, can't wait to see more!!!!!!
Emily(13) Lizzie(11)

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I'm glad you had such a great time. I am loving your pictures. The one in your signature is awesome. What great memories you guys will have. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.
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The pictures are great- it looks like everyone had SO much fun. You have a beautiful family.
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I loved all of the pictures. It looks like you had a really magical time!
I am curious, what kind of stroller is that? Do you know the brand/model? I am assuming it is yours? Was it a lot of trouble bringing it with you? My son is 8 years old and has seizures, so we have a big stroller for him. Yours looks way more comfortable than Sam's. Sam's doesn't have a sun cover and doesn't seem to recline as much. I don't think we have a choice but to bring our stroller, just in case he has a seizure at the airport or somewhere that we don't have access to strollers.
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I sat here SOBBING reading this trip report. Thank you so much for sharing and getting us VERY excited about our trip!!!!!

Tricia & Arnie
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