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Chapter 6 part 3

Yup, still brothers.

We did some sand castle building...DS6 loves to dig in the sand. He is an expert at it. his favorite is to dig a hole and fill it with water. I have yet to get him to understand that God already did that. it's called the ocean!

Another brother pic. I love pictures of them with the Castaway Cay water.

Me in a tube. it's a wonder the tube would hold me up. This was a great time. I paddled out and floated around for a long time...just letting the ocean pull me around. this was VERY relaxing, and I highly recommend you either rent a tube (I think it was $6), or wait until later in the day and "borrow" an abandoned one. There are a ton floating around toward the end of the day.

DNS11 gets in on the action.

Do I even need to say why I posted this one?

The wonderful Magic. Oh how I miss her.

Around 3:00 we decided to head back to the ship. One advantage of having another dip is that you didn't feel like you had to stay until the very end. Plus we had formal night and we knew we had to get all gussied up (another fun word by the way). AND, the Patriots were on TV, so we needed to check that out. We stopped by the store and purchased our t-shirts, and Connor purchased a stuffed stingray. Our money well spent we headed back to the ship...used the wipes to get rid of the nasty germs from the island and headed onto the ship. Naturally we had to send all of our stuff through a scanner, just in case, on Disney's Private Island, we managed to pick up a gun...or something. OK, Ok, I know it's there to keep us safe. But if I can't pick on Disney, who will???

We stopped by Diversions to see that the Patriots were killing Arizona (who by the way is now doing very well. So if Arizona wins the super bowl, I assume that the Patriots also won. it's my warped way of thinking. Bearfan, I think you can relate to this). They had some chips, salsa and Jalapeños. They didn't have any cheese sauce which was very disappointing. They said it would be along later.

Needless to say the wind was blowing and there was a bunch of snow accumulated on the sideline. That's what we would have been dealing with (and are now dealing with since we are at home!). So I think we had the better end of that deal! DW headed back to the room while the boys and I watched some more football. The Patriots won (yeah!), and we needed the Jets and Dolphins to lose also. Those pesky Dolphins won...but the jets game was just getting underway. I watched a bit of that, and eventually some cheese sauce did make its way out and so I had to enjoy that. Yes, I I only had a little bit

Finally it was time to go back to the room to get ready. We all took our turn in the shub (not quite a shower, not quite a tub) and got squeaky clean. Both boys and I were in Tuxedos. I rented mine from a company that delivered it right to my stateroom. I had to sign my life away to assure everyone that I got it. What a great thing. Rather than having to bring yet another item with me, get it pressed, etc. I had it delivered. Well worth the expense, and it was fun to get dressed up on the ship.

We headed out to...wait for it...take pictures! Again, hard to believe I know.

Our family in the atrium

The boys

The boys again...note that DS6 seems to have something in his eyes. Let me explain about Connor. He is a drama queen. He can burst into tears if you look at him wrong...and can turn it off just as fast. He has the largest's amazing. In this picture he is crying because we told him he wasn't smiling very well (which he wasn't. Normally he has a great smile, see earlier pictures). He of course disagreed. I think we had some cranky going on.

DS6 kind of got himself together

The boys in the porthole. this point I noticed that the flash gave me a ghost image. How cool I thought. Why not be artsy!

DS10 and his reflection

DS6 and his reflection

DS10 and baby-cakes and their reflections

I think you get the idea

sorry about all the pictures. I'm going to have to split this thing into 5 posts probably. You see, I write it all out, then copy it into Word (let it correct my horrific spelling), and then paste back a little at a time. It's a good idea for all you aspiring trip report writers!

As you already know, we had Palo that night...but we did need to feed the we went back to another torture with our server. I believe we were in Parrot Cay, my least favorite restaurant. Though others in our party would disagree.

DS10 and DNS11 looking great!

DND8 and DS6 looking good too. Note the hair. DND8 spent quite the amount of time on the island getting her hair done. It had to be painful. But then again, that's why I'm not a woman...i could never take the pain!

DW and DNW looking pretty

The Men. Need I say more?

All of us together

We finished dinner...took the kids back so they could change and it was up to the sports deck for 3 of them...and DS6 went to the lab. We had decided before the cruise that we would let DS10 and DNS11 check themselves in and out of their group. They had some strict rules...they were to page us with where they were going if they left...and if they left that spot they were to go back to the room and write on the board where they were going next. The rule was that if we went to where they said they were and they were not there...they would lose privileges. We also gave some other rules (no elevator and no running). We just didn't want our kids to get that bad reputation that some kids get onboard.

With the kids all checked in it was time for Palo! I love Palo. The food, the's worth every extra penny it costs. We had Lara from England as our server. At first she wasn't that great, but she warmed up VERY quickly...and we really enjoyed her. She shared a lot of stories about the crew and their various celebrations. Her group would have a Christmas party in Palo...they would rearrange things so they could have a good time...and of course that was all after the guests go to sleep (for the most part), so midnight, 1 or 2am! I can only imagine how tired they must be. Her stories were great...and I love to hear about how the crew live. I honestly thing they should do a tour down in the crew sections. Naturally they would never do this...and it would be inconvenient to the crew so I understand that...but I do find it interesting!

So no food pictures...we did that the last time...but not this time!

DW and I had Calamari (yum), and I also had the Tuna. Both were unbelievable. The Tuna I wasn't sure about. It was sliced really, really thin and had lemon over it. It tasted so good. Dw and I both had the Filet Mignon...also excellent. We all had the chocolate soufflé. I also had the Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato and split tiramisu with DNW. Yeah, I ate like a pig. But what else do you do at Palo's???

At the end Lara brought over a plate with "Happy Birthday" written on it in chocolate.

We stole the plate back to our room to take a picture.

This was a surprise to all of us. I HAD called and put on our reservation that we would want to celebrate DW's birthday (which is on 12/29) on Christmas night. Obviously Palo saw that and decided to join in...which was pretty cool.

So that ended our first time to Palo on the cruise (we had Brunch the next morning (whoa...that's a lot of eating). We headed back to change because we wanted to go see the hypnotist. DS10 and DNS11 were back in the cabins. DS10 wanted to go watch Sunday Night football on the big screen so we told him he could do that. DS11 was tired and didn't want to go. This would be Nick's first adventure on his own. I figured he was ready for it.

We went and checked on DS6 in the club (the moved at some point). He looked like he was having fun so we didn't disturb him. We went to check to see that DS10 was settled on-deck and talked with him for a bit. Since he was alone we decided to get him an arcade card. We gave that to him to play with a bit...he was very excited about that (we don't do the arcade thing in this was a treat).

We met in Diversions to play cards for a bit with DN's. Hearts is our game...we play it Friday Nights frequently when at gets quite competitive. Hard to believe I know.

Then it was on to the show in Rockin' Bar D. The last time we cruised we never did any of the adult things (well, ok, I think we did one, but that was it.). this time we were determined to do some of that stuff. They had the band on when we arrived at 10. We saw 15 minutes of that and then it was time for the hypnotist. I can't remember his name, and just searched around to try to find our cruise stuff to see who it was. But no luck. Hopefully one of the folks who was also on the cruise can enlighten my brain as DW didn't write it down!

The show was great. He was funny..and got about 10 folks on stage to be hypnotized. Throughout the program he would have them do different things. I don't want to go into too much detail in case you have the chance to see it live. DW and I disagreed on if the people were truly hypnotized...and we would get more details on that later in the cruise (there I go again). Either way I found it very entertaining and very funny, so I can't complain. He was going to do a family show later in the cruise...and we knew we would be going to that!

The show ended at 11...time to gather the kids. We went and got DS6 who had fallen fast asleep in the club on a mat. He gets this cute confused look when you wake him up from a deep sleep...and he did that here. We carried him back. I went up to find Nick. He ended up on the sports deck playing dodgeball in the dark. It looked like he was having a great time. I let him finish the game...and then we headed back to bed.

Our towel animal for the night.

That's it for today...whew!

next up: Chapter 7: Day at sea!

until then...go make someone's day!
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