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An Updated Summary

Originally Posted by vcgirl925 View Post
Thank to Shellybelly for compiling her list, i just took it and added the rest of the posts.

Campfire Sing-Along with Chip & Dale & outdoor movie at the Fort Wilderness Campground. It is free and allot of fun. Here's a link with good information:

The Garden Grove Cafe at the Swan Hotel in the Epcot Resort Area (Saturday & Sunday only) has weekend character meals featuring Goofy & Pluto. They do not accept advance reservations for this meal. They start serving breakfast at 6:30AM but characters are present only from 8:00AM to 11:00AM. Buffet & ala carte menu options available. It is $18.99 per adult / $11.99 per child. This restaurant is not owned by Disney and does not participate in the Disney dining plan

if you're staying at the Wilderness Lodge; ask at check in about being a flag family. You get to go up on the roof and help with the flags in the morning. You cannot ask until you checking in, so don't try to call ahead.

The Singing in the Rain umbrella is in the Streets of America section of MGM, facing the new Stunt Car show area. It's a really cute photo op. Umbrella-it's behind the streets of America, across from LMA. Near herbie. when you stand under the umbrella, it triggers 'rain' that falls down over the umbrella

Haunted Pirate Cruise a few weeks ago...
Here is the info:
ages 5-12,
8:15pm - 10:00pm from Polynesian Marina
dates: October 8, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30 & 31
paraphrasing, cruise the haunted islands/marinas, hear ghost stories along the way, play games, and maybe win prizes, each child receives Mickey pirate ears & a pirate name, Halloween candy, and they get to watch HalloWishes from the ship, costumes encouraged, sneakers & socks required

When your in line for Indiana Jones you go past a well, I think to the right of the entrance. If you pull on the rope you'll hear someone down in the well..

the ring in the concrete at the end of Haunted Mansion.

this isn't something you'll see but if your at the Animal Kingdom and there's a long line to get in try going through the Rainforest Cafe. There's a park entrance at the rear of the gift shop.

electrical water pageant, is an under-advertised treasure-You can catch it around the seven seas lagoon usually an hour before Wishes See: http://allears.net/tp/ewp.htm

bikes can be rented at many of the resorts

AKL has night viewing of the animals with night vision. The kids got a kick out of this..... they also have lit up paths outside and it makes for a very romantic after dinner walk with a loved one

In the afternoon at MGM when the lines are long ... hang out on Sunset and catch the atmosphere characters OMG they are hysterical!!!! It's fun to interact with them, especially the tourist "couple"... I forget their names but they will gab with you and is all I can say

I didn't see the Cinderella fountain secret posted so I will add that... if you bow down before her fountain (around back of the castle while going up the ramp) you can see the crown on her head "magically appear" my kids get a kick out of this even though its just an illusion

most (if not all) of the shops will ship what you buy to your house. That way you don't have to lug it around all week and try to travel home with extra luggage! When I did it, they didn't charge me any service charge ... just the cost of the postage but I am not sure if this was a regular thing or I just got lucky!

AKL has a children’s story time in the lobby every evening

SILLY but you can get a wakeup call from Mickey if your staying on the property... its only a recording but make sure to have your kids answer the phone!!!! The little ones eyes light up like magic when they hear Mickey calling them

This one is for guys only. At AK at Raffiki Planet Watch in the men's room where all the animal faces are, you can take a Whiz Quiz. While standing at the urinal there's a few questions about other animals' bathroom habits. You have to wash your hands to get the answers. It's not that big a deal, but it's different.

Port Orleans Riverside offers the Bayou Pirate Cruise - formerly called the Sassagoula River Adventure Cruise . Children travel along the Sassagoula River to learn the "Jester's" way of life. Along the way they explore the Sassagoula River and finally meet the character known as the Jester. The cruise is held Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. for children ages 4-12. Cost is $28.17 plus tax per child. Call 407-WDW-PLAY to make reservations

Mickey's Backyard BBQ isn't a very highly advertised dinner. We had a GREAT time the last time we went!! Every time I say we went to Mickey's BBQ no one seems to know anything about it.

When you buy tickets to Mickey's Christmas Party, you can book a dinner ADR even if it is more than 180 days before your check-in day. I actually booked an ADR back in early May for a day in December so I am sure it can be done. I even booked at CRT. We later canceled it in favor of lunch, but it can be done. Wish I would have known that last trip!!!

The "Candy Lady" in Japan appears about three times a day Monday through Thursday. She makes beautiful rice starch candy suckers in the shape of just about any animal that you request. She picks children or adults that are standing quietly, not acting up. She will make about 4-5 suckers each session. The times are on the Epcot schedule that you receive when you enter the park.

There is also a "Story Lady" that will tell a story and use adults and children from the audience to play the parts of the characters in her story. My daughter participated in both and received a button from the "Story Lady" and a sucker from the "Candy Lady" in the shape of a pink flamingo. And the best part about it is that IT'S ALL FREE!!!!!.

pin trading. They loved it and we had a blast watching them trade for a pin and then trade that one for a different one. CMs with a green (?) lanyard can only trade with kids under 12, I think. If you are looking for "good" pins, morning is the best.

downtown disney, and there is a store there you can buy Mr. Potato(cant spell sorry, get it from my father) parts and pieces. I know the price has gone up in the few years, but you can buy a cardboard box similar to a happy meal, and whatever parts you can squeeze in the box you get to keep for the flat rate, usually 20$. They change the parts out each year, so always new stuff. One tip, open mr. potato and stuff pieces in him, or dont have him at all, and just get pieces. Mickey mouse ears, minni parts, etc for him/her.

The barber shop in the MK has a special for "first haircuts."
After the haircut, DS received a Mickey ears hat that said "first haircut," a certificate commemorating the occasion, and Mom got a few locks of DS's hair in a tissue

there is a rope drop right at 10 a.m. outside of Toontown, and Goofy will be waiting at his roller coaster to ride as well as Minnie and/or Mickey to give a personal tour of their houses. There's usally a character or two from the Judge's Tent that will walk with the kids to their particular line in the tent.

Club Cool in Epcot. Found near Innoventions it's basically a advertising for Coca-Cola but it is set up with coke products from around the world. Sample cups are next to soda fountains for you to taste-test.

first person down the slide at the Boardwalk pool becomes "clown for the day". They receive a certificate, a clown wig, big clown glasses, and a bag of small trinkets.

something similar to this at the WL, but it wasn't the first person down the pool.
The slide opens at 10a. We were at the pool earlier than that. The lifeguard asked DS5 is he wanted to be sheriff for the day. They gave him a badge a cowboy hat, photo and certificate. He was allowed to be the first one down the slide "to make sure it was save from the bad guys", then when he lands in the water, give the thumbs up sign, the life guards blow their whistles and say "slide's safe everyone". Then the slide is open for the day. DS was also in charge of making sure no one was running on the deck

They do a flag lowering ceremony 5:00 PM
and if a guest is a veteran then you can inquire at guest services to do this. I would suggest going early in the trip and asking about it. DH did this (He is Army) and it is a great ceremony.

We have gotten lucky a couple of times and come across a ton of characters at the "teardrop" area in the Magic Kingdom. It's an area by the train station in Toontown. It's kind of hidden but if you are riding the train, you pass by it right before the train stops in Toontown. (I think it might be a smoking area?) Anyway, we think they might be doing some kind of market research or something because what appear to be cast members in business casual clothing escorting the characters out and take pictures. Last time we found it there was a cast member videotaping. You can really get a ton of pictures with all kinds of characters, some of which are rare, with little to no wait (unless, of course, the train has just let out!) Some examples of characters we have gotten are: Pinocchio and Gepetto, Darkwing Duck and Launchpad, the three mice from Cinderella, Friar Tuck, Rafiki, Dopey, and several others. You can't ask about it at guest services b/c it's supposedly "unscheduled" but we came across it around 2. If you're in Toontown, doesn't hurt to stop by.

Not sure if they still do this but they used to have a hoedown featuring Brer Rabbit (my favorite in case you can't tell from my avatar!!!!) and the Country Bears where they do the hokey pokey, and some other things. While I will take any chance just to see my fave in "person", last time we came across this we got to participate (thank you wedding ears!!!) I got to square dance with Brer Rabbit! I think this occurred between 4:30 and 5 in the stretch of Frontierland where the parade first comes out. Fun to watch, even more fun to participate.

WL has a "Flag Family" that goes to the roof of the building and raises the flag in the early morning. If you are staying there, you ask at the desk

We are having dinner in Epcot at the Coral Reef and we made arrangements for a diver to hold up a sign in the water. Also a special menu with his photos on it

Outside the Indiana Jones show at MGM there is what looks like a dig site/deep well with a sign that says " Do not pull the rope"
Pull The Rope!!

pearl- again, you can do this in a few other places in WDW, I think theres a kiosk on the Boardwalk and another in DownTown Disney (where I got mine) you select an oyster, they have you ring a bell and everyone around says "Aloha" to welcome the pearl into the world on its "birthday" they you can see what you get, you could luck out and even get a black pearl. I used the pearl from the oyster I selected, but you dont have to, you can choose a different pearl. I think my pendent cost about $150 with setting and thin chain. You can also purchase jewelry from the kiosks, all from pearls. These are mikimoto pearls (thats what they told us) earings, rings, necklaces, pendents, etc price ranges according to what you pick.

They give the "old" flowers in the arrangements in the GF lobby away on the day they put the fresh out. I think this is on Tuesday morning. All you have to do is be there.

you can ride up front with the driver on the monorail. My dd thought this was fantastic and got a certificate/ card to proove she "drove"

the Pirate Cruises from GF, B&Yclub and....some other resort that escapes me right now! And for only $35 it really strikes me as one of the more reasonable offering at WDW. my DS loved it!

the "How to Draw" class at the end of the animation tour at MGM. It's only 10 mins, but again, my DS loved it, his favorite thing at MGM!

Illuminations cruises from the Yacht Beach Marina

not sure if they still do it but they used to hide paint brushes on Tom Sawyer Island and if you were the first to find them in the a.m. you got a special fast pass or something.

Keys to the Kingdom tour at the MK. You do pay extra for it, but it is abot a 4-5 hour tour and you see a lot of behind the scenes stuff and get alot of interesting information.

Magic Kingdom - Get a milkshake (ok so its not free but still) at Pinnoccio Village Haus, and check out the cool, dishwasher safe cup it comes in. We use them at home and LOVE THEM

Go into (and I mean deep into) Exposition Hall. If you follow it around it will put you into a large, lit movie theatre with Mickey Mouse cartoons running all day, and cool cardboard cutouts to pose with. Its almost always completley empty.

Animal Kingdom - Take time to talk to the people who work there. They are full of interesting stories, and facts. Animal Kingdom is my favorite slow down park.

The buses - Ask the bus driver if they have any of the tradeable bus cards!

-Animal Kingdom Lodge offers several free programs that are really geared at adults and older children: They give a guided tour of the hotel's African art collection at 2 PM, a Culinary Tour of Africa at 4 (in which you get to meet the chefs at Jiko and Boma, and eat free samples! Great if you want to learn more about the food before you actually eat there), and a Cultural Safari at 9 PM led by an African cast member, who tells you about their homeland.

-Wilderness Lodge has a free tour Wednesdays-Sundays at 9 AM, that tells you how the hotel was built and a little about the architecture. Ranger Stan is a fountain of Disney knowledge!

-If you're a Walt Disney buff, go to the Iron Spike Room at the Wilderness Lodge villas. There, they have two train cars from Walt's personal backyard railroad.

-Get to the MK early, by 8:40 AM, to see the Opening Ceremony. This is not advertised in any of Disney's materials that I've seen--it is a very Disney way to start your day. Also, there are many Streetmosphere characters that wander around Main Street during the day--they are never advertised. One day the Mayor sat down right next to us at Casey's and started talking to us about how he was running for reelection. Many times you will run into the Dapper Dans, riding in the back of the first horse-drawn trolleys of the morning and serenading the passengers.

-Get a hot dog and listen to the ragtime pianist at Casey's Corner.

Ride the surrey bike rides at WL and the BW.

The photographers told me that they do "magical" pictures. For example, they took a picture of my daughter, and when I looked at the print she is holding tinkerbell.

I don't know if this happens every night, but at the AKL they have a parade for the kids through the lobby at 8pm. The kids get to pick out an instrument from the gift shop and they march around playing drums and then get a certificate.

World of Disney in Downtown Disney in March of this year, a little girl who had the first appointment at the BippityBoppityBoutique got to open the store at 9:30am.

talking trashcan at electric umbrella

Carriage rides at WL, POR and SSR are also fun. I think the cost is now $35 plus tip. Very romantic.

There are also hay rides in a wagon at FW.

We have done the Pirate Cruise from the Grand Floridian--it's $29.00 per kid and well worth it on a non-park day.

Freebies: the Kidcot stations to make masks; and waking up tinkerbell at the Tinkerbell Treasures gift shop in MK. Be the first kid there to ask and they let your child use a wand to "wake up" Tink, complete with sound effects. Then they gave both our kids certificates and Tink stickers.

You can try riding a Segway in innoventions west, (Epcot). you need to be at least 16 and under 250 lbs for it. what i've heard is it starts at 1 pm.

Not Free but Unique as far as I know

at the gift shop for "journey into imagination" you can get a photo done where they will superimpose Disney Characters with you in the photo. You can have the Seven Dwarves with you in a photo for example. It's the only place I have see that offered. Pictures looked very cool to me. I forget the price, but I don't think it was much more than a "normal" Disney photo.

A fine bit of Aloha -
Many evenings in the Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian there is live Hawaiian guitar and vocal music. It is a lovely respite from a busy day, and a great place to spend a few rainy hours. It is in the open upstairs area of the GCH next to Ohana and children are welcome. When I was there in January there was even Hula with the music Wednesdays at 8:00 pm. A local Hula Halau (school) rehearses at the Polynesian on Wednesdays, and then comes up and dances for an hour or so.
We used a snack credit for Rootbeer Floats in Camp Minnie Mickey at AK and got a spoon straw with Safari Pluto hanging on it. It was great added bonus to our treat- the float was good too!

SNACK CREDITS CAN BE USED AT GOOFY'S CANDY COMPANY, and I'm not talking about the $4 and under snacks throughout the store--I'm talking about the SLUSHIES! We always take our cups back each trip for the $3 refills, but last time, the CM said we could use our snack credits! We were so excited! Everyone filled up with their daily snack credit!


Taken from allears.net article – http://allears.net/tp/treasures.htm

Treasure: Roy Disney Statue
Location: Magic Kingdom Town Square
You may have walked past it many times without realizing it's there. In the center of the Town Square, near the flagpole is a statue of Roy Disney. Roy is sitting on a bench. There is room for a guest or two, especially if you want to have your picture taken with Roy. Many guests are unfortunately unaware of this tribute to Walt's brother. They may not even be aware of his contribution to the development and success of Walt Disney World. This lesser-known Disney is quite unheralded. What I like most about this treasure is that it recognizes the other Disney responsible for WDW.

Treasure: The Talking Trashcan
Location: Tomorrowland (just outside Mickey's Star Traders)
Like Animal Kingdom's Talking Palm Tree, who you will meet later in this article, this unheralded treasure brings delight to the children who are fortunate to be in this area of Tomorrowland when Mr. Trashcan is out and about. This talkative refuse container sometimes wanders into stores but mostly he stays outside and talks and sometimes follows guests, especially children, as they wander through Tomorrowland. Personally I find it more entertaining for adults to watch as this mobile chattering trashcan amazes the children as he interacts and chats with them. The next time you are in Tomorrowland and especially just outside Mickey's Star Traders, look for a crowd of children talking to a very mobile trashcan. You will be entertained.

Treasure: Crystal Maker
Location: Crystal Arts Building on Main Street USA
There are many artisans throughout Walt Disney World... some would best call them craftsmen. I remember the first time I took my family to Walt Disney World and my son could not take his eyes off the cast member creating a crystal masterpiece from behind a glass barrier. My son's eyes were glued as he watched a clump of glass slowly transform into a flying elephant. To this day I make at least one trip to the Crystal Arts Building not just to see crystal being made but to imagine my 10 year old son standing next to me with his eyes wide in amazement at the craft being displayed.

Treasure: Leapfrog Fountains
Location: Future World's Imagination Pavilion
To the left of the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience attraction are Future World's Leapfrog Fountains. This group of fountains offers guests a very unique look at how water can be made to appear to "leap" from fountain to fountain. On a warm day you can sit and enjoy the amused guests, especially children, revel at the unusual fountains and catch a welcomed shower. We don't hear much about these fountains, but they are a joy to watch, or is it the joy of the children that is so much fun to watch? When in Epcot and I want to hear children laughing my first thought is to visit the Leapfrog Fountains.

Treasure: Friendship Boats
Location: World Showcase Lagoon
Walt Disney World Transportation to many guests consists of buses and monorails. However there is one other mode of travel that does more than get you from point A to point B. I'm talking about the boats of Walt Disney World, but especially the friendship boats at Epcot that are often overlooked by guests as an alternative way of getting to and from World Showcase. The boats are available at World Showcase Plaza as well as Germany and Italy. You can ride either inside or outside the boat and the gentle ride often gives you a chance to relax from the hustle and bustle of your everyday touring.

Treasure: Epcot Tribute Museum
Location: Behind Club Cool
Unfortunately this may be a temporary treasure. Behind Club Cool there is an area devoted to the history of Epcot. In this area you can see models of many of the original Epcot pavilions, a promotional video for the opening of Epcot, and some exhibits of pavilions past and present. It is an extremely pleasant and nostalgic look at the beginning of Epcot and my fear is that this treasure will not be around for long. If you are a fan of Epcot and especially a former Epcot attraction known as Horizons, this treasure is for you.

Disney's Hollywood Studios
Treasure: Streetmosphere a.k.a Citizens of Hollywood
Location: Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd.
First-time visitors to this theme park may not be aware that throughout the day they may find themselves face to face with a movie starlet, a janitor, a taxi driver, or a movie director. These cast members interact with each other and park guests and over the years have developed some very entertaining skits. Guests should embrace these moments as the cast members are there to entertain and any interaction that guests partake with Streetmosphere can only result in laughter and a good time. I was recently visited by one such cast member while dining at the Brown Derby. This visit enriched my dining experience because it was an unexpected delight.

Treasure: Indiana Jones Set
Location: To the right of the Indiana Jones Outpost
As you walk past the Prime Time Cafe and the Indiana Jones Outpost you will see, tucked away in a corner, a display of props used in the "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade" movie. You will recognize the vehicles and especially that famous tank. Unless you happen to attend the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and exit to the left you may never even know this exhibit is there. It has been there for a long time and the overgrowth may hide some of the vehicles... but they are there. This is also a quiet area tucked away in a corner of the Hollywood Studios theme park. Enjoy it.

Treasure: Ewok Village
Location: Star Tours
During the day there is a lot of activity in this area of the Star Tours attraction. However, if you are fortunate to be in this portion of Disney's Hollywood Studios after dark you may want to hang around and listen to the sounds of the Ewoks. That's right. If you can visit Star Tours in the evening, hopefully after the attraction has closed. Notice the Ewok hut? Notice the flickering light? Be still. Notice the sounds of the Ewok chatter? Nice touch by the Imagineers wouldn't you say?

Disney's Animal Kingdom
Treasure: Discovery Island Trails
Location: Base of the Tree of Life
Honestly, whenever I'm in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park I always try to get to these trails to see if I can catch a glimpse of yet another animal carved into the Tree of Life and also to notice if other guests are enjoying this little treasure. Far often I find myself all alone walking these trails, which really aren't that unheralded yet are much ignored. This is another example of how theme park headliner attractions take away from the other wonderful aspects that make a theme park whole. Guests in their hurry to ride Expedition Everest or Kilimanjaro Safari or Dinosaur scurry past the Tree of Life and in some cases cross it off their list of things to see.
If you walk around the base of The Tree of Life you will find many extraordinary animal representations carved into this structure. Look for the owl, the scorpion, the gorilla, and especially the six-foot rabbit.

Treasure: Goofy and Friends Fishing
Location: Camp Minnie-Mickey
As you walk toward Camp Minnie-Mickey you may not notice the old watering hole where you will see fisherman Goofy and some of his closest friends enjoying a lazy fishing trip. Look for this watering hole just after crossing the large bridge that brings you to Camp Minnie-Mickey. It's one of those places where you just may find yourself relaxing along with Goofy.

Treasure: DiVine
Location: Asia
There are some very talented people working at Walt Disney World. You can find one of these talented cast members in the Asia portion of Disney's Animal Kingdom. As you walk through Asia you may think that your eyes are deceiving you. They aren't. If you are lucky you may see DiVine, a cast member who you would swear is a walking vine. DiVine is often found up against a building and moves ever so slightly, if at all. The talent of this cast member brings smiles to the guests, especially the children. How do you know it's DiVine and not a regular plant? Easy, she has to open her eyes sometimes, doesn't she?

Treasure: Talking Palm Tree
Location: Between bag check and the turnstiles
Just after bag check and before you approach the turnstile area you may notice a very mobile palm tree conversing with guests, especially children. This unheralded treasure introduces young guests into the environment upon which they are about to enter. The fascination on the face of the children as this tree (commonly known as Wes Palm) converses with them is priceless. The adults can have fun trying to figure out how the tree works. If you look very carefully around you the answer will appear.
Of course if you've already seen his cousin the talking trashcan in Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland then you may already know how this tree interacts with everyone.

Treasure: Trail's End
Location: Fort Wilderness
Trail's End is one of those places most guests never see because it is off the beaten path. Located in Fort Wilderness, Trail's End is next to Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue's Pioneer Hall. Trail's End offers its patrons the absolute best value for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Trail's End is the perfect escape from the madness of the theme parks at midday.
Afterward you can stroll over to the General Store and check out the goods before returning to the rest of your day at the Magic Kingdom or somewhere else.

Treasure: Sunset Point
Location: Polynesian Resort
This area is found behind the Tokelau Longhouse. It is marked by a long walkway out to a point surrounded by several palm trees. This is an outstanding location from which to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks or just to enjoy a quiet moment and watch the ferry boats travel across the seven Seas Lagoon. It's one of the most romantic spots in Walt Disney World.

Treasure: Generation Gap Bridge
Location: Pop Century Resort
This is one of my favorite places to just sit and think. It is most comforting either very late at night or in the pre-dawn hours when there is nary another person around. The bridge is lit in part by signs depicting the decades in fonts associated with each decade. If you walk to the end of the bridge and sit down and listen, you can hear the water softly lapping against the bridge footings or hear the ducks out for a swim.

Treasure: Sassagoula River
Location: Port Orleans French Quarter/Riverside
Again this is one of those places best saved for the early mornings or late evenings. The walkways along the edge of this river are winding and offer guests the opportunity for a quiet leisurely stroll after perhaps a day of trudging through the parks. The Sassagoula walkway is my favorite jogging path in Walt Disney World. I find it most calming at night when day is done and most of the guests are tucked in their beds.

When you buy stuff be sure to check to see if you get free VMK cards with the purchase. You can check the VMK boards here on DIS for a complete list of where to get them but a few places is buying a poster size picture at splash mountain, candy in the candy store at Frontier land, and Mickey ears at the hat shop just to the right of the candy shop when you enter mainstreet (not sure if this one is still going, it was for when you buy golden Mickey ears but that was a year or so ago).

Oh, you can also get VMK rare cards by purchasing special packs of pins in Frontier land (other places too I think).
The lighting of the tiki torches at the Poly each night? It's free and not advertised.....

What about Whispering Canyon Cafe? I didn't even find out about this restaurant until our last trip....It's not the restaurant that's a secret.....it's what happens inside! I had no idea! Also, at some of the restaurants, you can order a kid's drink - comes in a nice Peter Pan plastic cup w/ a light up tinker bell clipped to the straw. I don't think the drink was included in the DDP but it was a nice souvenir & the drink was really good. :-)

one thing that may be here that I just haven't gotten to is this one...
my husband just called me from WDW (he is there on a father-son trip) with his 7 year old. they were on the train, all the way in the back and his son got to call "all aboard" and what ever else it is they do when you are riding. he got to do it at all the stops all the way around the park and got a certificate saying he was conductor for a day or something like that. he told my husband that it was the best ride he's ever been on I'm not sure if it does, but if you go into the shop and you peek through the key hole in the bureau you will see a quick flash of light...and Tink! One of the DIS'ers has a photo of this.

Too many to read, but one of my favorites is to grab a beer, find a place to sit in the Garden behind the pubs in Epcot Great Britain and listen to the Beatles tribute band. They are very good but play a very short set.

This year I plan on taking my dad to Beaches & Cream for a "kitchen sink" sundae. I can't imagine the look on his face when he sees it! Welcome! The Kitchen Sink is a "larger than life" sundae at Beaches n' Cream ice cream parlor at the Yacht/Beach Club. It has Something like 10 scoops of ice cream, a whole can of whipped cream, oreo cookies, nuts, peanut sauce, a whole banana and so much more. The best part is is comes in a bowl that looks like a kitchen sink. http://www.disboards.com/showpost.ph...postcount=1720

I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but you can lounge on a beach chair and watch a movie on the Beach Club resort at night. We were fortunate to discover this as our pontoon was returning from our Illuminations cruise. Our driver said it was open to all and that they sometimes make smores there.
What a special treat it was to relax while our kids watched "Toy Story" and build sand castles! In AKL last year we sat round the mud pit fire outside while Willie who was on one of the college exchange programmes gold folk stories from his home land of Namibia - he was in traditional dress and got us all saying hello and where we were from etc in Namibian!

Then, we went up to the shop and everyone was invited to take in instrument (yes, the ones that are for sale) and join him in a parade round the reception!

Was a blast singing "We are in Africa, we are in Africa" in a long line round the reception hall whilst banging on our drums etc! Then, Willie burst into what I presume was his "national dance" - think tribal rain dance type thing! and then we went off again!!

There is a store in DTD Marketplace -- the general merchandise/giftshop that is closest to the bus stops -- that has a postage meter so you can send something that is specially postmarked from WDW (maybe the resorts do this as well?). They have a good selection of postcards, so you can write and send it right there. The very nice CM has a zip code directory in case you need help with that.

This past Friday, I bought an Animal Kingdom postcard for my DD who is at summer camp, and wrote a little note that said "this card may give you a clue about something we will do before school starts." The surprise is that we are staying at AKL for the first time the weekend before school begins here, and I have kept it a secret until now. :

Free Autographed Pics of Characters
Send a request for a pic of your favorite character to:
The Walt Disney Company
Attn: Fan Mail Dept
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, Ca 91521
Allow 4-6 weeks to arrive. A great way to announce your trip, or just get them excited before it arrives.

Magic Kingdom:
1) Talking Goofy bench by Tony's
2) Take pictures in Town Hall (movie scenes)
3) Wake up Tinkerbell
4) Talking Trashcan in Tomorrowland

1) Do the Hokey Pokey at Sunshine Seasons
2) Look for the Living Statue in France

Downtown Disney:
1) Buy a Lego advent calendar at the Lego Store
2) Cool off with the dancing fountains
3) Pin Trading - Pin Ball machine where you win a pin

At AK, late in the morning, after getting off KRR and having a ice cream before going into Maharajah Jungle Trek we saw some CMs off to the (left)side. They approached my DD8 and asked if she wanted to play a recycling game. She did. They tried to get other guests to play but no one else would. So my DSis and I played too. Basically we threw empty plastic bottle into a basket. The one with the most in won. But then we were all given special Disney recycling pins and a certificate. They called it Recycle Basketbottle and the certificate was presented by the DAK Custodial Team.

After we were finished other people wanted to play (I think they saw us get our special pins, etc.) but the DAK staff said they were done for now.

So if you are walking by and see some CM's with some empty plastic bottles and a basket go on over and play. You'll get a really nice pin and a personalized certificate.
I removed some things (plastic robot, adventurer's club etc.) that no longer exist.

Here are a couple of additions:

Bob Jackson – a piano player - does a family friendly show at the Port Orleans Riverside resort in the River Roost lounge. There are sing-alongs, boogie-woogie and ragtime music. You can see his schedule at: http://yehaabob.com/Page5.asp

The Beach Club resort & All-Star Music resort now offer poolside movies in the evening. See: http://www.*********************.com...doormovie.html

Campfire on de’ Bayou – Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Enjoy a special storytime and campfire Sing-Along near Port Orleans Riverside’s Ol” Man Island Fishin’ Hole . This special event is only offered on Thursday & Sunday nights from 6:30 – 8:00PM from Oct. 31, 2008-March 2009. Cost: free. S’mores kits can be purchased for $7.00. No reservations required.

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Thank you! That's awesome!
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Can't Believe It

First, THANK YOU to ajcolorado for updating the list. I was actually going to find some time this weekend to do it myself.

Second, It's been over a year since I first started this topic, and I can't believe how mush it has taken off! There are SO MANY GREAT ideas on there. Without the help of our DisBoards-ers it would have never happened! So THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted!

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FYI-We were there at the end of August and in MK at Pinocchio's there is no longer the milkshake. Needless to say we were bummed because we were looking forward to that and it was a great way to use a snack credit.
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Originally Posted by matt&jakesmom View Post
FYI-We were there at the end of August and in MK at Pinocchio's there is no longer the milkshake. Needless to say we were bummed because we were looking forward to that and it was a great way to use a snack credit.
is it possible that they just took it off the menu during "free dining"? I've heard they do this with certain items...maybe somebody can verify if it is back on the menu
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Originally Posted by eeyoresnr View Post
is it possible that they just took it off the menu during "free dining"? I've heard they do this with certain items...maybe somebody can verify if it is back on the menu
Well, I will have to chime in here and give a bit of an OT response.

Pin.'s has always been my place to dine for CS when in MK, so as usual, I made my way over there last month.

To my shock and dismay, the whole menu was horrible!!! I wanted what I normally get there--a great sandwich for lunch!

All they had were typical amusement part-type fare--YUCK! I was so disappointed...

I had to walk all the way to Columbia Harbor House for a big tuna sandwich! YUM!!!

So, it's not JUST the milkshakes that have disappeared there!
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I was told there is a store where if you are the first to ask if Tinkerbell is let out, you get to open the box and off she goes. Is this true? If it is, what store is it. I would love to get to do this with my kiddo's.
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Originally Posted by rbramblett View Post
I was told there is a store where if you are the first to ask if Tinkerbell is let out, you get to open the box and off she goes. Is this true? If it is, what store is it. I would love to get to do this with my kiddo's.
I think it's Tinkerbell's Treasures Shop in Fantasyland. Good luck!!
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Originally Posted by rbramblett View Post
I was told there is a store where if you are the first to ask if Tinkerbell is let out, you get to open the box and off she goes. Is this true? If it is, what store is it. I would love to get to do this with my kiddo's.
I'm pretty sure they don't do this anymore.
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Originally Posted by rbramblett View Post
I was told there is a store where if you are the first to ask if Tinkerbell is let out, you get to open the box and off she goes. Is this true? If it is, what store is it. I would love to get to do this with my kiddo's.

It's Tinkerbell's Treasures in the MK, just behind the castle, near the entrance to Cindy's Table. You say "wake up tinkerbell" and they flip the switch and the music starts playing along with Tink now flying around the room--lights and sound effects, no visual Tink except the lights. Then you are given a magic moments certificate. (these are easy to come by, we got one playing tic tac toe with the cashier at BUZZ Lightyear SR Spin.)

Personally, we did this via a little bit of creative cast member hook up in June of 08, and I can say without a doubt that Kevin is right about this. He says something to the effect of "this is something that has taken on a life of it's own on the boards and people make a huge deal about something that is not a big deal."

I wouldn't waste my time. And It would be MUCH easier to be first in line at Dumbo, Space Mountain, or any big attraction that to be first at Tinkerbell's. It is truly a race, and you better have your running shoes on. We were at the rope drop for this and there were like 4 families we overheard talking about it. Probably more further back.

If you happen to wander in and don't hear Tink, then ask, but I'd get in line for Dumbo or watch the ladies making Rice Krispie Mickeys in the bake shop before I did this EVER again.

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Originally Posted by rbramblett View Post
I was told there is a store where if you are the first to ask if Tinkerbell is let out, you get to open the box and off she goes. Is this true? If it is, what store is it. I would love to get to do this with my kiddo's.
That is Tinkerbell's Treasures, in Fantasyland.
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They don't always choose the first child there either. We were there a few months ago and my DD was the first child in the store for Tink. The CMs waited until about 10 little girls were there, and then picked one to do the honors. My DD was quited bummed.

That said, another woman waiting for the rope to drop at the Castle (so her DD could ride Dumbo, LOL) that morning said they come to WDW often, and that the Moms can be horrible - running over kids and elbowing them out of the way so that they can get there first to let Tink out. Maybe that is why the CM's don't always choose the first child there.

ETA: I just read Rob's post and agree - it's not that big of a deal. When my DD saw what "waking Tink up" entailed, she realized she didn't miss much. I reinforced that idea, plus the fact that she was *first* even if she wasn't chosen, and other exciting things would happen on the trip. After 10 minutes she was fine and never mentioned it the rest of the trip!

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Originally Posted by CoPirate View Post

The buses - Ask the bus driver if they have any of the tradeable bus cards! Theyre so cute! And I almost have an entire set.

Thats all ive got for now!
can't believe i haven't seen this thread before

what are these cards? do you have a pic of them?
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Do all bus drivers carry them or just certain buses and certain drivers?

Originally Posted by Kurby View Post
can't believe i haven't seen this thread before

what are these cards? do you have a pic of them?
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[QUOTE=cmm;18486495]personalized menu for FREE at Coral ReefQUOTE]

how do you get a personalized menu? do you have to pre-order it?

I'd love one for my daughter.
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