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Old 12-17-2007, 07:57 PM   #1
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A Very Merry Magical DW Christmas - POR 12/7/07 to 12/13/07

This will DEFINITELY be more of a PHOTO RECAP since I like to tell stories with pictures!! I have about 2,000 pictures so be prepared to see a bunch of them!!!

The Camera:
Nikon D40X
At first, I debated on whether to bring it or my Kodak camera but I read a few reviews on it here and decided to just go for it-bring the Nikon along and leave the video camera at home! BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!! So thank you to everyone here who helped to formulate an opinion and helped me decided to bring my Nikon to the World!!

The Characters:
My Dad - DAD (Grumpy)
My Mom - MOM (Dopey)
My Husband - DH (Donald)
Me - As Myself (don't have a name)

The Purpose of the trip:
My Parent's 30th Anniversary. See, my DH and I got married on April 7 of this year. My parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary was only 12 days before our wedding. We weren't able to celebrate for them as I would have liked so I felt guilty and decided to do something big in Disney World for them! I had all kinds of fun surprises planned!!!

The Dates:
December 6, 2007 - December 13, 2007

The Resort:
Port Orleans Riverside - Magnolia Terrace area

Day 1 - December 6, 2007

Work ended at noon for me that day as it always does. I was too excited all day that I could hardly concentrate!!!! I was about to embark for one of the most exciting trips of my life!!! My first Disney World Christmas!!

I got home from work and was sad because my precious little puppy was about to leave me. We had to board all of our dogs up at a local groom and board. I had until 2:45 p.m. to get her there, though and I was enjoying every last minute with my sweet little puppy!! I decided to try and finish packing and who do you think decided to help me as well?!

Silly puppy dog! I picked her up and moved her out of my suitcase so I could shut it and zip it up and where did she go?!

Into our overnight bag for New Orleans that night! Poor thing new I was leaving and she wanted to come along!!

This is the bag that I made for my parents. The plan was to give it to them on Thursday night in the hotel in New Orleans. I got it ready and put it in our overnight bag as well!!

In the middle of all of this, I received a phone call from my dad asking me if I was ready to bring the dogs over. I was supposed to not only bring Pixie but also my parent's two dogs as well (my parents were both supposed to work until 4 p.m. that day). It was only around 1 p.m. at this time and as sad as it was, I decided to go ahead and get it over with. I got all of Pixie's stuff together and headed over to my dad's house to meet up with him.

These are my parent's dogs ... Lucy and Maggie. If I were to bring all three dogs by myself as originally planned, I would have had to make 3 trips! So I'm glad my dad decided to help me out a bit!!

When we got inside, Maggie started FREAKING out because she's stayed there before! She knew she was about to get left so she kept hiding under the bench under my dad's legs. Poor baby girl. She ended up cooperating with us, though and went on inside with Leslie.

I realized that I had forgotten Pixie's shot records at home so I had to make a trip back to get them. After I harped and harped on my mom to make sure she had all of it together and what do I do?! I leave the papers at home!!

I took Pixie back with me, though...

Us in the car on the way back to Leslie's.

After I got Pixie taken care of, I arrived back home and was BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait for DH to get home...he was the only one we were waiting on! My parents both got off of work early so we were all ready to go!!

Like I said.....I was bored out of my mind!!

Our luggage all packed and ready to go!

My parents arrived at my house before DH did! Guess they were just as anxious as I was to get on the road and begin our trip!!

As soon as DH got home, he changed from his work clothes and we were ready to hit the road!!

ALL of our luggage stuffed into the back of my dad's Trailblazer!!

Coming up....TRAFFIC JAM!?! Are we going to find our hotel? Did my parents like their 1st surprise?! We'll see!!!! :P

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Old 12-17-2007, 07:59 PM   #2
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December 6, 2007 continued......travelling to New Orleans

We stopped on the way at a restaurant called Cajun Tales. This is important in the story because it's what made my mom sick. I had a catfish PoBoy and LOVED it but apparently the Shrimp and Okra Gumbo wasn't that great....

Anyway, moving on!

DH and I watching Pirates 3 on our new Portable DVD player---hoping to make the time go by faster! I look like crap.... :laugh3:

My mom gets cold and it was rather chilly in the Trailblazer so DOPEY HEAD puts on her GLOVES and her JACKET HAT! I told her that was worthy of a picture...she of course didn't want to take one but it was still hilarious! :laugh3:

After a little while, we had stopped....why? TRAFFIC JAM in Baton Rouge, LA! Uuuuugh! We were stopped for like 30 minutes just inching along. I HATE that! I was ready to get to New Orleans!

Finally in the distance, we saw our hotel (of course this was taken the following morning...hence the daylight!) :laugh3: We stayed at the Comfort Inn and Suites - New Orleans Airport (even though it really isn't at the airport..don't know why they call it that!) We arrived around 11:30 p.m. and we were all EXHUASTED!

My mom and I waiting to get into our room!

DH waiting to get inside

Our room! It was super nice! This was also the same hotel that we had stayed at on our way to Disney World in April for our Honeymoon!!

The bathroom...hehe!

It even had a microwave!

About to give my parent's their bag...I was so excited, can you tell?! Hah!

My parent's were like....what?!?!

My mom was SO amazed that I was able to get their names on their shirts! "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!", she asked me! :laugh3:

We didn't stay up talking for long, though! In just a few short hours, we would begin our journey to Disney World and we all wanted to be well rested for the trip! I couldn't sleep very well, though....excitement was heavy on my mind!!!

Coming up....Breakfast, my mom is SICK!? WHAT!?, the plane ride, and finally DISNEY!!
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Old 12-17-2007, 08:03 PM   #3
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December 7, 2007 - DISNEY WORLD DAY!!!

The following morning, we woke up to the alarm buzzing at a very early 6:45 a.m.! This is vacation! Since when do people wake up this early on vacation, huh?! Well we did...1 bathroom, 4 people, 1 hour before we had to be at the airport!

As we are all getting out of bed, my mom is laying there kind of groggy. I asked her what was wrong and she said she felt nauseated. Uhoh. I offered her two "Pepto Pills" (since I'm the walking Pharmacy and all ) but she didn't want them.

DH and I got up, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat breakfast!

The breakfast was decent...DH had muffins, eggs, and sausage. Heck it was FREE no complaining!! Hehe!!

I had a bowl of Raisin Bran. Yum yum! Sorry I'm not all bright eyed and bushy tailed! I was still exhausted from waking up so early!! Phew!

As DH started eating his "EGGS" :quotes:, we noticed how funny they look! Are those really eggs?! Hmm...I guess the world will never know! Needless to say, they ended up in the trash! Hehe!

I got a little picture happy at this point! I took a picture of the lobby tree! I couldn't help it! I was too excited to see DW trees and when I saw this one I was like, "ooh pretty!!"

Anyway, before too long, we had departed for the airport. It's nice because the airport wasn't too far from our hotel (I did that on purpose!)!! Just a little short ride and we were there!

I knew once I saw those lamposts, the airport wasn't too far away!!

Sure enough, I looked to my right and what did I see??

The New Orleans International Airport!!

We finally found a place to park...and I took a picture of the sign!! ESPECIALLY since DH and my last trip (our Honeymoon) when we forgot where we parked and spent an HOUR in the WRONG garage looking for our stinkin car!!!!

We got our luggage and we were off!

HEY that's MY luggage that they are just walking away from! Gee thanks guys!!

The inside of the airport! Too cool!!

At this point, my mom had to take a V.B. (Vomit Break). Grosse I know so that's why I'm going to call them V.B.'s from now on! We stopped to wait on her and when she returned, I offered her Pepto Pills again! This time, she took them!!

Me and DH in the NO Airport!

Once again....a little picture happy! I have NO idea what this statue is but I thought it was cool looking!!

Gotta love that N'awlins Jazz!!


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Old 12-17-2007, 08:06 PM   #4
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We finally made our way over to check in. The guy here at the Delta Check In center was INCREDIBLY nice. VERY surprising to me for the New Orleans Airport since ALL I HAVE EVER MET there was rude people! He really really really made the start of our trip great! He saw our bags and said, "Aaah so you're going to see the Mouse himself, eh?" I wonder if he ever worked for Disney? I even thanked him for being so great and so helpful! I think I embarrased him but seriously...he was SO NICE! I felt like the Pixie Dust had started and we weren't even in Disney yet!!!

We made it through security THIS TIME WITH NO MISHAPS THANK GOODNESS (see Honeymoon TR )...and moved on to find our gate!

This time, my mom stopped again for another V.B. (even after the Pepto!)!! Poor thing! She thinks it was the Shrimp from the night before in her Shrimp and Okra Gumbo. She said they weren't too fresh looking. If I were her, I wouldn't ever eat Shrimp again!!

While we were waiting, I found our flight on the Departures screen and it said "On Time"!!! I had my dad pose for a picture!! See our flight there??

We made our way to our gate...finally....and sat down to wait for the plane.

DH and I.

My mom felt like CRAP-OLA so I told her to lay down on the floor. I think I gave her my Baggallini to rest her head on.

Before we knew it, our plane was pulling up!!! YAY it's ALMOST time to board! I text'd a DIS friend to tell her to PRAY... I'm kinda scured of flying!!

I saw this Jet Blue plane out there, too! I've heard great things about Jet Blue....lots of leg room, comfy seats, flat screen tv's at everyone's chair...is this true? Anyone ever flown Jet Blue before?? I checked but there's no flights from NO to MCO unfortunately!!

My mom and dad checking their boarding passes....

...making our way through the terminal.....

..........finding our seats.........

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved seeing the ground from the plane and how high we were flying! It was awesome!! Last time I flew, it was so cloudy that I couldn't see anything below us! This time, I saw a lot!!!

Soarin above the clouds! Well not quite but close!!

We received a "snack" while on the plane. Not "real" food but then from what I've heard from some of you guys, it isn't real food anyway!!

I opted for cheese and crackers and a water! Hehe!!

Before too long, we had arrived!!!! The Orlando Airport!! Yay!!!!!!!!

I turned around to see this........

Hehe they were faking it but that guy in the background cracks me up with his "sympathetic" look!!! I heard that my mom had another V.B. on the plane.....poor thing! I just wanted her to feel better and QUICK!! We were almost in Disney!!!

Up next....Magical Express, a few stops, then finally Port Orleans Riverside!!

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Sounds good so far except for the VB's.
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December 7, 2007 Continued - DISNEY WORLD DAY!!!

We arrived at the Orlando airport and BOY was I EVER excited!!!! I was so ready to EXPLORE everything!! I love it when you have time to just sit back and take everything in. That's how I wanted this trip to be....not too rushed but not too boring, either!!

I saw this tree and was amazed. WE DO NOT have ANYTHING that big in my home town!

DH and I got a little closer to take a picture together in front of the tree! I did know that at Disney World, these sized trees were all over the place, also...I couldn't wait to see them all! And this one didn't even have ornaments on it!!

I called this the "Mini-Monorail"....... We had to board it in order to get to the main terminal/baggage claim/Magical Express, etc.

As we walked into the main part of the airport, I saw another tree....a very large open room that let a lot of light in! So pretty!!

I looked over to my left and what did I see?!?


We didn't waste any time in the "EarPort" though because we were ready to get to Riverside!

I just think this is silly!!

We made the very LONG trek to Magical Express. For our last trip (1st time doing Magical Express), it took us FOREVER to find it, even with our map that was included with our boarding passes. This time though, Jason remembered how to get there (THANK GOODNESS) so there wasn't as much confusion trying to figure out where to go!

The line for Magical Express was MASSIVE!! On our drive back home, our bus driver told us that the day we returned to the airport was a "slow day" for them - only 14,000 people to transport back and forth! He then said that the upcoming weekend would be BUSY because they had almost 28,000 people to transport back and forth!!! Anyway, my dad and I waited in line while my mom and DH sat in chairs in the lobby waiting for us.

I wanted that guy to check us in! He would put this Mickey Mouse glove on his hand everytime he was open and he would wave for someone to come to his spot! I just KNEW that he had the MAGICAL LIMO waiting for us somewhere among the tons of busses outside. HOWEVER, as much as I wished and wished, it didn't come true. I ended up checking in with this woman who never mentioned a Limo. *SIGH*

You even get the RED CARPET treatment with Magical Express! Once you are all checked in, you get your party back together and cross over the red carpet.....all together now......"OOOOOOOOOOOH".

Then you get hurded like a bunch of cattle into your "appropriate" resort line!

DH standing in our line which was short compared to the ALL STAR line!! See it to the left?? It would take a couple of busses to board all of those people!!

Here's a few busses waiting on passengers. I was hoping we'd get aboard a Disney Bus but unfortunately, we landed a MEARS bus. Not a big deal however, on the MEARS busses, you don't get to watch the cute little movie on your way to your resort like you do on the other Disney Busses. *SIGH once again*

DH and I on board waiting to go!! Now I'm not complaining about Magical Express by ANY means! I love the service....have never had ANY problems and will do it again and again as long as Disney offers it! It's very convenient on our part to not have to rent a car or anything like that!!

Before too long, we were OFF!!

"Oooh look! There's a SIGN!!"


Getting closer! By this time, I was practically jumping up and down in my seat. YES like a 2 year old. Sorry I can't help it!!!!

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!! I could not get a decent picture of that darn sign!

Almost to POR!

But before there, just a few stops along the way!!

Coming up next....Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, Port Orleans French Quarter, and then RIVERSIDE!!!!
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Friday, December 7th, 2007 (again!!)

First stop on Magical Express....

Old Key West! SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!! My dad was eager to see these resorts (even if was just from the bus) because he's interested in a DVC membership....**crossing fingers**

Sorry this picture is kind of funky!! I think this scenary...when you're driving into OKW and you've just passed the trees....then all of a sudden, you see this amazing golf course, a little river, and wonderful artchitecture.....it's so very BEAUTIFUL!!! This picture certianly doesn't do justice! My camera isn't as cooperative as I like it to be!!

Almost there!!

My first sight of Disney Resort Christmas decorations! I was in love!!!

Next Stop:

Saratoga Springs!!

Once again, beautiful grounds, beautiful resort!!

Third Stop:

Port Orleans French Quarter!

So very pretty!! I love the rail work....it reminds me of home!!

Since we went the BACK way to Riverside (like usual....I've NEVER seen the "real" entrance sign, by the way!), this is the best picture of anything "sign related" that I could get!!

The bridge to the Sassagoula River!!

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!! ---me doing the happy dance!!

The decorations were amazing...as I had hoped!!

The lobby was incredible!! (This is a picture of the ceiling by the way!) We checked in and were told that our rooms were not yet ready!! (It was about 2:30 p.m. at this point) Grrrr....no rooms...no place to put all of the crap that I was carrying!!! Oh well. Anyway, the Cast Member at the front desk gave us our baskets from the Disney Florist and I asked him for Happy Anniversary pins for my parents (they were further down the line checking in). He gave them to us and we kept the fruit basket hidden from my parents by putting it on a seat in the lobby and standing in front of it!!

Here it is! That thing was HEAVY!!!

We gave them their pins first....which they LOVED!!

Then the fruit basket!! They were so surprised! This is the point where my dad was like, "Ok all of this needs to quit!" ((HE HATES a lot of attention on himself so I guess he was kind of embarrased!)) However, he had NO idea what all the week had instore!!!

The amazing Christmas tree in our lobby right as you walk in!!

That's when we began the long (or not so long) trek to our room!!!

The boat launch

I just love this building and decided to take a picture of it! At the time, I didn't know that we'd be staying in it!!

YES!!! WE ARE staying in Magnolia Terrace!!!!!!!

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As we walked through Magnolia Terrace, we saw a TON of rooms/windows/doors, etc decorated with CHEERLEADER type things...posters, pictures, etc. WHAT?!?! THEY ARE HERE, TOO!?!?!? ((That's the exact thought that ran through my mind!!)) OH GREAT! I quickly text'd another DIS friend to MAKE SURE that Pop Warner week was OVER on Friday!! She re-assured me that it was!!

We got to my parent's room and I got busy deocrating their door and window, as well!! Most of this stuff, I got from the DISign board!

Their window.....

Another view of their window....

We dropped all of our stuff off at my parent's room and decided to head over to the Riverside Mill to eat lunch. I warned everyone not to get too full, though! In just a few short hours, we'd have supper at the Garden Grill!!

The Riverside Mill. As we were walking over the bridge, we saw this middle school aged basket ball team walking towards us (I'm assuming they were going to the swimming pool). All of a sudden, they started doing this thing.........Someone would say, "Harold in the house?" and everyone would reply, "Yeeeeeeeeep" ((VERY LOUDLY)). "Jackson in the house?" "YEEEEEEEEEEEP". They kept it going and going and going.....it was AWFUL!!! I thought, "I remember POR being QUIET- people QUIET!!" I couldn't wait for them to LEAVE!!!!!

I had fun taking pictures of the wheel!!

Newly re-modeled inside!!!

FOOD PICTURES............

My mom and I each got a Turkey Sandwhich as an entree. For dessert, I got a Mickey Magic Bar....which really WAS pure magic when you bit into it!!!! And for a drink, I got a water. Boring water..... :laugh3: You wanna know the REAL reason I got a water? Because I wanted to put the bottle on my Baggallini!!!! I'm a dork! :P


DH got a "Make your own Pasta" and it was fantastic! The funnest...(no that's not a word)...the BEST part is that you could watch them make it!!!! It was awesome!! He also had a Yogurt Parfait for dessert!

Right before supper, my mom took another VB even though she did admit to feeling better!!

However, she decided that she could not eat one bite of her Turkey sandwhich (she had gotten a fruit cup for dessert and ate most of that) and decided to lay down (it was not crowded in here at all!!).

After we finished eating, we decided to call from my parent's room to see if ours was ready!! YES finally!! We were told that our room number was 8767. WHAT?! I had asked for ADJOINING rooms with my parents!! Their room number was 8501!! Oh well...guess that didn't work! We gathered all of our stuff up and set out to find our room. This took FOREVER, seriously! The layout of that building was kind of crazy and we walked all over the place before we found our room!!!

Here's a few shots from our room!

There was even a towel animal waiting on us when we arrived!!

The sinks....I missed a shot of the toilet/bathtub....but those look like they do in the All-Star resorts so no biggie!!

Close up on the towel animal and our gift basket!!

ALL of our snacks from the basket (half of which we did not eat, thank you!!)

Our room door

Our window!!

After we finished getting everything organized, we called my mom and dad who told us to meet them at their room. Their room was on the way to the East Depot Bus Stop (so no big deal). When we got there, we told them that we were going to head over to Epcot to snoop around and then wait for our ADR's which were at 7 p.m. (By this time, it was almost 5 p.m.). They agreed and then my mom said for us to go on and she was going to lay down and sleep. Ugh can you imagine being SO SICK in Disney that all you want to do is lay down and sleep?! I felt so bad for her! Sooo....my dad decided to stay back with her and sent us on our way. I was sad about going without them but whatever.

As we were walking toward the bus stop, I snapped a few pictures. At this point, we walked the wrong way and ended up going half way around the world to find the bus stop!! We finally figured out how to get there without walking all over the place!!

A Riverside Sunset! Pure MAGIC!!

Up next.........EPCOT!!
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Enjoying your TR so far but I can't view most
of the pics for some reason!!! Ready
for more more more!!
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I'm liking your report and your pictures! We just took our first Christmastime trip to WDW too and really loved it! All of those big trees were just amazing weren't they? We did some resort hopping and were wowed by the gingerbread concoctions as well. Thankfully we were leaving as the Pop Warner crowd was arriving!
Funny but we celebrated my parents' 40th anniversary today...we are thinking about taking them on an upcoming WDW trip. This past trip we had my SIL and MIL with us to celebrate my MIL's retirement.
I feel so badly for your mom - I hope that she was feeling better by GG time! (this is a long time fave on our WDW restaurant list)
Me DH DS(10) DS(7) DDoggy(11)

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Originally Posted by sharonW View Post
Enjoying your TR so far but I can't view most
of the pics for some reason!!! Ready
for more more more!!
Hmmm...I'm not sure why the pictures aren't working! I can see them ok! Silly computers...who knows!! Thanks for reading!!
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Originally Posted by MeLaNie9 View Post
I'm liking your report and your pictures! We just took our first Christmastime trip to WDW too and really loved it! All of those big trees were just amazing weren't they? We did some resort hopping and were wowed by the gingerbread concoctions as well. Thankfully we were leaving as the Pop Warner crowd was arriving!
Funny but we celebrated my parents' 40th anniversary today...we are thinking about taking them on an upcoming WDW trip. This past trip we had my SIL and MIL with us to celebrate my MIL's retirement.
I feel so badly for your mom - I hope that she was feeling better by GG time! (this is a long time fave on our WDW restaurant list)
Thank you very much!! The trees really WERE amazing! I loved them!! You should take them for their Anniversary! My parents loved it and had a great time!!! Oh yes the GG is an absolute MUST!!
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YET AGAIN...December 7, 2007 (am I EVER going to finish up this day?!) :laugh3:

DH and I headed for the bus stop to Epcot. My mom and dad promised to be there for Garden Grill reservations. My mom BETTER be there! I made these reservations for HER since the GG is her favorite restaurant!!!!

So anyway, as we were approaching the bus stop, we saw an Epcot bus waiting however, we were too slow and didn't make it in time to catch a ride. We sat down and waited. Then we waited some more. Aaaaand waited some more! Now I remember hearing that Disney Transportation would come every 15 minutes! Well we saw tons of other busses but NO Epcot bus!! Literally, we waited at least 30 minutes. Little did we know, this would be the start to a looooooooong week of waiting for busses, riding busses, then waiting some more.

Well, after talking to my dad twice on the cell (he was trying to find our room because he wanted to see the decorations), the bus FINALLY pulled up. There must have only been one Epcot bus running that day for POFQ and POR. Silly silly people. That makes no sense.

Anyway, we finally arrived in Epcot. We grabbed park maps and were on our way!

"Ooh look! There's a Photo Pass Photographer! GOTTA STOP...I already bought the CD!!" :laugh3:

And since I haven't sent off for that CD yet, I'm moving on (don't have the pictures back)...........

This was my first sighting of the newly refurbished ball without the stars/wand/etc. on it! How amazing!! THIS is how I remember it looking when we went in 1999!! Simply breathtaking!

After our pictures with the Photo Pass people, we walked around and saw this!

Another Photo Pass opportunity!

This trip, I wanted to be brave and do a few different things. Things I've never done before at Disney.....attractions I haven't yet seen! Well, the first stop in Epcot was of course, Club Cool.

Every time I've been to Disney, this spot has been closed! It's my perfect opportunity! I finally get to try the "Beloved" BEVERLY!!

Errrr....ummm.....rather, I'll let DH try it first. AND without warning at that. Shame on me, yes...shame shame! :laugh3:

I couldn't take the picture I was laughing so hard at his facial expressions. He of course smelled the beverage first, then the said, "I see that camera up to your face....this can't be good!" :laugh3:

MY TURN! Ewwweewww the AFTER TASTE! That one single sip gave me the chills it was so nasty!! Eww I don't even want to think about it!

We tried a few other drinks....and I took a picture so I can always remember what I drinks I tried!

We made our way around Future World trying to figure out what to do! I didn't want to do anything without my parents because I had no idea what time they'd arrive and I didn't want to be M.I.A. when that happened. As we approached the gateway to World Showcase, we saw a HUGE crowd. I quickly looked at my times guide and saw that there would be a tree lighting ceremony in 10 minutes! Woohooo! I didn't know that they did this in Epcot....let's go see what it's all about!!

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We stood in a massive crowd...kind of hard to see. But anyway, this guy and girl came out of one of the presents and started talking (to open the show!).

Mickey and all his friends soon joined them on stage! They basically were talking about how different countries celebrate the holidays and then they sang songs from each country. It was very neat!

Can't leave out Santa Goofy!!!

As the "tree" lighting began, all of the lights above our heads started to blink bright and beautiful colors! Sorry this one's blurry! The lights were moving too fast and my camera couldn't keep up! Hah!

It was beautiful!! All of the colors.....absolutely amazing!!

They then dimmed the lights above us for the tree lighting.

I thought this was the neatest thing!! I love Disney at Christmas time!!!!

The angel at the top of the tree!!!

After it was over, we walked closer to see the "presents" and the ornaments on the tree! I thought it was neat how this tree was decorated with...of course...items from different countries! The presents were this way, too!

After a look at the tree, we headed over to Innoventions to see the lights in the ground!

I've loved these lights ever since I found out about them!!

As soon as we realized that it was Extra Magic Hours night, we got in line for a bracelet. I think we found the LONGEST line we could possibly find. It wrapped around the front of Innoventions down the pathway pretty far out. It didn't take long to get a bracelet though! As we were standing in line, guess who we got a phone call from?!

My parents!! My mom had taken a 2 hour nap, was totally refreshed, and was feeling 100% BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy for her!!

I told them to get in a line for an EMH bracelet also. We thought we'd be waiting for them for a while but my dad said that there was NO LINE where he stood and they were able to get their bracelets right away. Once again, my luck!

With time to spare before dinner, we headed over to the Seas.

My parents remember this when it was the OLD attraction where you sat in the seat for the ride and you basically "rode" through the aquarium. I remember that too and always wondered why it was closed! But anyway, we hopped on Nemo in a Clam Mobile and took a spin around Nemo's World!!

Up next.........The Garden Grill and Extra Magic Hours!!
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Great TR! I am planning a surprise 60th Birthday Trip for my parents next December so I can't wait to hear how your trip goes (and maybe "borrow" some ideas - LOL!)
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