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Old 12-16-2012, 01:05 AM   #1
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The Absolutely Amazing, Magical Christmas Adventure!

We're baaack!

It was a an amazing eight days full of new experiences and shared joy. We connected with old friends and met new ones along the way. This was one of the best trips we've ever had to the magic kingdom, but not because of the rides or souvenirs. What made it magical was our appreciation of the time together in a place full of Christmas cheer.

Travel dates: December 6th - 13th, 2012
Travel method: Alaska Airlines, shuttles, and various cabs
Accommodations: Doubletree in Culver City (1 night), and Paradise Pier Hotel (6 nights)
Ages Represented in Group: 18-over 60
Disney Resort Experience Represented in Group: Novice to DLR Veteran
Cast of characters: Me (41), DD (18), DMOM(She asked me not to say), Various friends

As promised, I will be sharing our experience with you. The DIS has been a wonderful source of information as we planned for this trip. I figured I should contribute by providing our experiences.

I will be posting as much information as I can remember. This will likely be a photo-heavy report. I didn't take as many pictures as I usually would, but there are plenty to help tell the tale of an Ultimate Christmas Adventure! :-)

Here's how it'll be broken down:

  • The Day Before
  • Day One: Art in Los Angeles
  • Day Two: Thoughtful Tolerance
  • Day Three: We Made it to DLR!
  • Day Four: Mom Finally Arrived!
  • Day Five: Lunch at the Club
  • Day Six: Security, Tour, and New Friends
  • Day Seven: At Last, Time for Rides!
  • Day Eight: Our Final Day
  • Final Reflections
As some of you know, a lot of things changed over our 2 years of planning. If you don't know what I'm talking about and would like to view my Pre-Trip report, It's available here: http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3006849

We've been on many DL trips, and each time I vow to complete a trip report since many of your reports help me in the planning stages. Every year (until now) I dropped the ball. That won't happen this year! I will finish this trip report! I'll be including the many many good details as well as the few bad ones. I hope you enjoy!
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Old 12-16-2012, 01:19 AM   #2
Friendly Neighborhood Disney Fanatic!
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The Day Before

The Plan:
We wanted to get to get to bed by 8PM so we could get up at 4AM well rested and ready to go.

What Happened:
Even though we started the packing process a week early, the last minute details always seem to pile up and hit on the last day. We woke early to get it all done, hoping to be finished by noon. DD did a few loads of laundry so we could pack those last minute clothing items. I went to the bank to get cash, purchased almost forgotten supplies. Though we didn't make that noon deadline, we were making great progress, so I decided to go to the ceramic studio to glaze a couple of pieces I made the week before.

When I got home at 7, we ate, finished laundry, and straightened DD's hair. It was 10:30 when we finally headed to bed. I was so excited, it took me almost two hours to fall asleep.

Day One: Art in Los Angeles

The Plan:
Wake up at 4AM to make our 6:30 flight. After landing at LAX, we were going to take the hotel shuttle, check in, and catch a cab to LACMA. From there we wanted to have lunch at Farmer's market, and dinner somewhere in LA.

What Happened:
I woke at 3 feeling sick, but felt a little better by 3:30 when I woke DD. Motivated by excitement and anticipation, we were on the road by 4:15 armed with wide smiles and adrenaline. We made a quick detour to a truck stop for a fruit snack. We made it to the airport with time to spare.

Security was very easy! The new scanners make it possible for DD to help me get into the machine without my cane. After the 3 second scan, she was able to step back into the machine to help me back to the wheelchair. Fifteen minutes after we got through security, we were able to board the plane. I must say it was the smallest plane I've ever boarded! With only 75 seats, it was less than half the size of the ones we'd ridden in the past. Even though the seats could not recline, DD and I managed to sleep through most of the trip. We woke to watch the sunrise over a bed of clouds. It was so beautiful! I wish we had a picture!

I hadn't been through LAX in about 10 years. I must say it is much better than I remembered! We got off the plane and someone was waiting to push my wheelchair while DD handled the luggage. While I was being wheeled, I was looking at all of the directional signs they are much more 'user friendly' than they were 10 years before. By 8:45 we were curbside, waiting for the shuttle. Our wait was only 15 minutes.

There was no line for hotel check-in since it was only 9:30 AM. We were surprised to find out the room was ready! The room was fine, though not as nice as other Doubletree locations I've visited in the past. The lobby was beautiful, but in the room there was peeling wallpaper and a leaky shower. Not terrible, but not great. Sorry, no pictures yet.

Before bringing our suitcases in, we did a bedbug check all was good. The beds were comfortable, and that's all that really mattered. The lack of sleep was catching up to us, so we tried to lay down for a nap. Unfortunately excitement prevailed and we gave up the effort a half hour later. We got up and headed across the street for some food.

We settled on a Mexican restaurant Viva Fresh. It was okay. We ate then called a taxi to take us to LACMA. More on Los Angeles Taxi drivers later.

LACMA was wonderful! We only made it to the contemporary, Baroque/Roman and Japanese sections. We honestly could have explored this wonderful museum for three days without any boredom. DD really enjoyed seeing works by Degas, Picasso, and Monet. We stumbled upon a special presentation, discussing a Baroque still-life painting. Being an artist herself, she thoroughly enjoyed the discussion.

Here are pictures of a couple of DD's favorite sculptures:

We toured for three hours before exhaustion started catching up to us. We didn't want to spend the money on another taxi to go back for a rest, so we settled on going outside for some air. DD pushed my chair up the road where we saw an enormous line of food trucks. For some reason we were humored by the sheer number and variety of outdoor food vendors in one area. (Sleep deprivation makes everything funnier!)

We wandered down the street and stumbled upon the La Brea Tar Pits. How did I not know it was that close? It was a nice surprise. We walked through the outdoor exhibits, but opted not to go on the paid tour. Instead we read and saw what we could before heading back to the museum.

We stayed another couple of hours before getting hungry again. We decided to catch a ride to Farmer's Market and The Grove. I could have spent a bundle in a little market in the original Farmer's Market! They had a wonderful selection of vinegars, oils, and cheeses I would have loved to bring home, but with heightened airport security, I couldn't think of a way to get them home safely.

We had fun wandering around, taking in the sights.

We had a hard time deciding what we wanted to eat. After wandering for an hour or so, we settled on something generic Cheesecake Factory. It was alright nothing special. After dinner, we shopped for a bit and ended up in Barnes and Noble. We are both avid readers, so bookstores and libraries are always a nice place to be. We wandered around for a while. Each of us bought a journal and set of pens. Dennis Leary was having a book signing upstairs, but we decided we didn't want to be out that late. We tried calling a cab, but the dispatcher didn't know where the Grove or Barnes and Noble were. While I asked an employee for an address, she hung up on me. The store was getting crowded, and we needed water bottles, so we headed across the street to the CVS. Funny enough, the dispatcher was able to find us there. We headed back to the room and were in bed watching TV by 7:30. Right before falling asleep, we received a text from our friends we were supposed to meet the next day. One of them had a job interview, so they would meet us for breakfast and skip the museum. Though I'd hoped for more time with them, I was happy we'd meet over breakfast and that she'd have the chance at a new job.

A quick side note: I was quite surprised by the taxi drivers in LA. The drivers didn't seem to know where anything was! I found myself looking up and explaining directions all of the time. It was certainly different than the drivers in NYC and SF! It all worked out though! We were both very happy with the first day of our trip!
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Day Two: Thoughtful Tolerance

The Plan:
On this day, we wanted to get up by 9:30 and have breakfast in the hotel before meeting friends at MoT. We were going to eat lunch around the museum. After we finished our tour, we were going to take a cab to the hotel to pick up the luggage and take their shuttle back to the airport. There we would jump on the Disneyland Express and go to PPH. After our arrival on property, we would have dinner in DTD, upgrade our tickets to APs, and pick up our PhotoPass Plus card and lanyard. We planned to get to bed early so we'd be ready for our first full day at DLR!

What Happened:
We had a wonderfully restful sleep the night before, and woke up by seven. Our friends weren't due to arrive until 9, so we were able to take our time getting ready. On our way to the restaurant, we dropped our bags with the front desk. Breakfast was wonderful! We hadn't seen these friends for 10 years, but chatted as if no time had passed. It was hard saying goodbye, but we were very grateful when the offered to let us stay with them in their Anaheim home the next time we were in So Cal.

We took another crazy taxi ride to MoT. We were very moved by the exhibits. My only complaint would be how quickly we had to jump from section to section. It would be nice if they allowed a little more time so we could slow down and really take in the details. Just like the day before, we weren't able to see all that the museum had to offer, but were really grateful to see what we could. We ended the session by listening to a speaker – a reformed skinhead – who shared how he went down the wrong path, and how he was able to distance himself from that life to now work with MoT to promote tolerance. The visit to MoT prompted a very productive conversation between DD and I.

For the last five years, I've been in and out of a wheelchair. I've noticed how differently people treat me when I can't walk. While some people treat me the same regardless of how I get around, many people either treat me with pity or like a piece of furniture. I'm not feeling sorry for myself here, just an observation. With group tours, I often can't see a thing, so I've learned to soak things in by listening. At MoT, we were pleasantly surprised by the class of teens that were in our group. Instead of crowding us out, they made a real effort to help clear a space so I could be where I could actually see. They did this without any prompting. I was touched by their kindness ~ it's nice to see such a nice group of teens! There was no pity, no dismissiveness, just kindness. We made sure to speak to their teacher after the tour to let her know how wonderful they were. She beamed with pride. DD overheard her talking to them while we were leaving – she was showering them with praise.

When we left the museum, we braved another harrowing ride in a taxi to get back to the hotel to pick up our luggage. Our timing was perfect! Just as we pulled up, they were loading a shuttle that was heading to the airport. The driver kindly got our luggage from the desk. When we arrived under the green sign, the DLE was already there. DD and I loaded onto the bus. We left five minutes later. Though we stopped at 6 other terminals, DD and I ended up being the only passengers. What wonderful timing!

Our DLE driver was very funny! His jokes were definitely more 'mature', so my guess is he has a different set of jokes when little kids are within ear shot. Near the end of the ride, he started challenging us with Disney trivia. He obviously didn't know how Disney-savvy his passengers were! He stumped us on a few, but we managed to stump him with even more. I offered to send him more trivia via email so he could expand his challenges on future rides, and he gladly accepted.

We had another stroke of luck when we arrived at PPH – no waiting to check in! We were in room 616, which had a partial low view of DCA. The staff was wonderful! There was a slight mix-up with the groceries. The bell staff forgot to refrigerate the cold items, which left us with bad lunch meat and yogurt. Without me even asking, they credited my room account for the amount of the spoiled food.

We did another bed-bug check, and the room was perfectly clean. It took us around 30 minutes to unpack and get organized. I'm so glad we brought a door shoe hanger - It made for much less clutter with three women sharing the room. We absolutely loved PPH! The rooms were bigger than GCH, seemed to be quieter. The only downside (though not a big deal for us), was the elevator shuffle. As reported by other trip-reporters, it took a while to find a spot in an elevator first thing in the morning and later in the evening. It was only really a problem for us that Saturday. Other days were were coming and going at off hours, so access was pretty easy. I would advise anyone who tours the parks commando style (open-close), that they give themselves extra time to get downstairs.

Once we were unpacked and settled, we checked with Bell Services to see if my scooter might have arrived early. They weren't able to find it, so we headed to DTD with DD pushing my wheelchair. My pain level was manageable, so I thought about trying to just walk with the cane, but DD reminded me that we were there for quite a few days and pushing it now could potentially ruin the rest of the trip. Common sense prevailed, and I let her guide me instead.

We had grumbling tummies. We couldn't figure out why we were SO HUNGRY, until we remembered we'd skipped lunch. We settled on Jazz Kitchen. My stomach was still a little sensitive, so instead of getting big meals, we ordered a few appetizers That really did the trick! Not only did we save quite a bit of money, we had more than enough to satisfy our hunger.

After eating, we headed to the ticket booth to upgrade to Annual Passes. Once again, we had no wait! I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of waiting on this trip so far! The upgrade process was much easier than it was when we had passes in '07. I like that they can renew the same pass now instead of having to get new ones every year.

We headed into DCA. I have to admit, it was odd not to take our first steps into DL. Given the time of day, I decided it'd be better to head to the other park instead of spending the first hour winding around Candlelight crowds. BVS is just awesome! The flow from land to land seems much more fluid. The original entry wasn't nearly as immersive or steeped in Disney history. That first night, DD kept saying “IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!” It became a running theme. I had to giggle when she repeated that phrase over and over throughout the whole trip! I teared up, so happy to be there. I felt so silly, tears rolling down my cheeks looking at every new special detail added to the once-disappointing park.

For the first time in decades, I found myself completely disoriented in a Disney park! I couldn't figure out where anything was. That first night was all about getting a lay of the land and getting our PP+. A nice cast member directed us to the camera shop where once again we found very little wait time. Next we were off to see Carsland for the first time. WOW! I'm glad Disney is back to it's awe-inspiring theming! We went up and down the street, just soaking it all in. Oddly enough, I didn't feel the need to take a ton of pictures – I was too busy just being enveloped in the Disney magic.

We decided we needed to hop onto a ride. I knew after watching the racers that I wouldn't be able to ride that, and Mater's was also not a good one with all of that whipping around. We settled on LFT. Now I've read a LOT of negative reviews of this ride, but I actually loved it! DD and I giggled the entire time! It quickly became her favorite. The HA loading was impressive, as was the queue theming. We were happy it was our first ride of the trip.

After a bit more wandering, we left the park at 10:45. On the way back to the hotel, we grabbed Jamba Juice. When we entered the lobby, a bell service cast member stopped us to tell us there was a slight mistake. The scooter had in fact been dropped off earlier that day. No problem! We took the scooter up to the room so we could charge it overnight.

We were sound asleep by 12:30.
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Here are some pictures of our room:

Here is the room service menu for those who are interested:

Here's an interesting note left on the bed. I guess people steal the pillows too much:

The tree in the lobby:

I'm still uploading photos. More trip report in a day or two!
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Day Three: We Made it to DLR!

The Plan: Wake up at 6AM (what were we thinking??). Go to the Storyteller's character breakfast, then head to Disneyland. Mom was due to arrive at the hotel around 11. We would get her settled and head to our WOC lunch at WCT. We planned to meet up with a new friend in the afternoon. We wanted to squeeze in a Bill Hill show before having dinner at Cafe Orleans. We'd end the night by seeing the 9:00 WOC show, and then get to bed early!!

What Happened: After a long, happy, and productive Friday, Saturday turned out to be just as eventful. The alarm went off at 6AM and we had to drag ourselves out of bed. My pain level was high, and my body was very swollen, but it still felt somewhat manageable. We headed out just in time to play “will we ever find an elevator” with the dozens of other families trying to get downstairs. It was no problem though – we made it to the restaurant only five minutes late. We were so happy to be at DISNEYLAND that it didn't sour our mood.

Storytellers was a good choice. We chose to order from the menu. I had the California omelet, and DD had huevos rancheros. Both were delicious. The characters were a lot of fun, but more subdued than they are at other character meals. We had fun watching the British family sitting at the table next to us. The kids were so excited, yet patient and polite!

We hadn't been to DL yet, so we decided to spend an hour or so in the magic kingdom before meeting mom. We rode Peter Pan (I had forgotten how bumpy the start and end of the ride was!), Alice, and Buzz. We also visited Pixie Hollow. We'd never been to that part of the park before, and were pleasantly surprised at how well it is themed! The cast member controlling the line was wonderful with the little ones! She truly added to the magic in that attraction. We used our PP+ to get some fantastic pictures of DD with Tink and her friend.

As we were leaving the Hollow, we got a call from mom. She was on the bus and would soon be at the hotel. As we headed toward the exit, we saw the Dapper Dans! Now I'm a complete Disney nut, but somehow had never seen them before. They are so talented! I love barbershop quartet groups, and the Dan's did not disappoint. From now on, they are a must-see group for us.

We got to the hotel a couple of minutes after mom arrived. DD and I were so excited for her to arrive. Sure, we live near her and see her all of the time, but this was different; we were about to share our favorite place in the world with her. I couldn't wait to show her everything that was special about DLR. DD and mom went up to the room so she could unpack, and I stayed down in the lobby to listen to carolers.

When they came back downstairs, we headed to DCA through the GCH entrance. I know, it isn't the best first exposure to the parks, but we were running a bit late and needed to get to WCT for our WOC lunch. We managed to arrive a couple of minutes early and were seated right away. We all started with the Italian Wedding Soup (yum!). I had the chicken sandwich, DD had the chicken salad, and mom had the shrimp salad. We each enjoyed our meals. It was a little pricey, but I wanted to be sure we had a decent view of the show.

We had planned to meet a new friend after lunch, but I accidentally left her number at home. With really poor cell reception, I couldn't even look it up! Hopefully we'll be able to connect next fall when we attempt to go back to the resort.

Now, I must admit on previous trips, we've been in a big hurry to get to the rides every day. This trip was different. None of us seemed rushed at all! We were just enjoying everything we did without worrying too much about how much we crammed into the day. I like this way of touring the parks! I was far less stressed and had a lot more patience in general. By taking it slow, we noticed so many little details we have always missed in the past. That being said, we decided to hit some rides after lunch.

We headed to TSMM where there was a 45 minute wait. We decided to stick it out since it'd been 3 years since we'd been on this ride. On previous visits it'd been closed. Mom rode in her own car, and DD and I rode in a car together. DD soundly kicked my butt! Despite my embarrassing score, it was a fun ride! Much to my surprise, DD talked mom into taking a trip on Screamin'! I promised her I wouldn't share the ride photo on the boards, but I can honestly say it was the funniest picture I'd ever seen! Her hair was standing straight up, her face was sheet white, and her mouth was formed into a blood-curdling scream! I was laughing so hard people started staring. I couldn't help it though – it was just priceless!

To get back at me (all in good fun), she and DD talked me into riding Mickey's Fun Wheel. We were in a stationary gondola, but I was still terrified! I've always been afraid of what I call “wheels of death”, but agreed to go anyway. If she did something that terrified her, I had to have my turn to be scared. DD and mom had a great time laughing at me clutching the sides of the cage while they rocked it back and forth. I made it through, but really thought I'd be sick! I am so weird! I was a huge roller coaster junkie in my youth, but am afraid of a slow spinning wheel. Go figure.

Look how high that thing is!

This is my family laughing at me:

From there we headed over to GRR. It's one I can't ride, so I went shopping in the little store and waited for them to finish. They came back completely soaked! I had to hand it to mom – she sure was being a good sport! We went back to the room so they could change into dry clothes. It was just too cold outside to walk around wet. We toyed with the idea of taking a nap, but only had an hour before our Cafe Orleans reservations.

As always we enjoyed our meals. Mom had the chicken gumbo crepes. She gave me a taste and I loved it! It's a must-order on future trips. DD and I split the pork loin. It was good, but we've had better. We all shared an order of Pommes Frites. I'm not a french fry fan, but I just love these things! We wandered around the shops around the restaurant for a bit before heading to WOC.

Now we've never seen WOC because the cramped standing-room only viewing scared me a bit. We almost went a few years ago, but that is when they had all of the handicapped viewing in the back. I have to say they seemed to have their act together this year! We had AMAZING spots to watch the show! Other than a light pole, there was nothing blocking our view. I'm glad we brought ponchos – I put one over the scooter to protect the motor. We got a little wet, but not too bad. The show was awesome! I don't know what I expected, and it was better than I thought. We were all very happy we had a chance to see the show from such a wonderful vantage point.

After the show, we thought about doing more rides but both mom and I were exhausted. DD didn't want to hang out alone, so we all went back to the hotel. We got to the room at 10:30 and were sound asleep by 11. I was startled awake by a text at 11:30, letting us know that my high school friend and his partner would have to cancel our meet-up the next day because of a work conflict. I was disappointed, but knew if we didn't see him this time, we would the next time we were in town.
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Day Four: The Speed Bump

The Plan:
On Sunday, we were planning to meet a high school friend of mine and his partner for a Minnie and Friends breakfast, followed by hanging out in Disneyland. In the early afternoon, our friends would need to head home and we would go to the hotel for lunch and a nap. After a rest, we'd meet two other friends for dinner in DTD. We'd finish the evening with dessert seating for Fantasmic and watch the fireworks from our seats.

What Happened:
When the alarm went off at 7, mom and I were still exhausted. We thought about canceling the breakfast, but eventually dismissed that idea since the meals were already paid for. My pain level was increasing by the minute, but I was determined to go and have a good time. DD and I are very close, so she could see through my bad acting. She made a point of helping me dodge bumps from other people as we made our way to the restaurant. We arrived right at 8 and were seated right away. I wasn't sure how mom would like the character meals.

As usual, M&F was a big hit! The characters are always so playful there! Chip was quite mischievous, as was Captain Hook. The Captain spent a lot of time startling cast members, which was good for a laugh. The made to order omelets were a hit, and we all liked the fruit offerings. We're not big breakfast eaters, but did eat quite a bit that morning.

After breakfast, we headed to Tomorrowland. Mom and DD rode Star Tours and Space Mountain. The picture was hysterical! I wish I could show it to you, but again I promised not to post it anywhere. She enjoyed both rides, but didn't feel the need to ride them again. Next, we all road BLAB, and my daughter beat me soundly. We headed into Fantasyland where mom and DD rode Nemo. Mom and I watched DD ride the Tea Cups before we all road Peter Pan.

About this time, my back spasms got much worse. Even driving the scooter was excruciatingly painful. I lied and told them I wanted to do a bit of shopping while they rode the rest of the Fantasyland rides. They did them all which gave me a bit of time to take some pain meds and relax for a little while. Mom came with me to pick up the Fantasmic and tour tickets while DD rode the Fantasyland rides again. The pain got much worse, so we sent a text to DD to let her know we'd be heading back to the room. DD wasn't far behind. Within an hour, we were all sound asleep.

The alarm woke us at two. Though I felt rested, the pain only got worse. Trying to keep up with them, even on the scooter, seemed impossible. Since the scooter had jerky starts and stops no matter what the speed setting, I wrestled with how I was going to make it through the rest of the day. I also had a new symptom – my legs and hands were VERY swollen. So swollen, in fact, the skin felt stretched to the limit.

I decided to continue with the scooter. We left the room to meet our friends. When the elevator hit the first floor, the door opened and they were standing right there! We made our way to the lounge in PPH. Mom and DD had FastPasses for Indy, so they left while I visited with my friends. Once again it was as if time stood still! I hadn't seen them in two years, but it was as if no time had passed. Before we knew it, it was time to head to Naples for our reservations. The whole time I tried to hide how much pain I was in. By the time we got to the restaurant, I knew I couldn't hide it anymore. Getting to the table was so painful, I had DD drive the scooter back to the room and pick up my manual wheelchair. That way I didn't have to transfer in and out of chairs all evening.

I'm eternally grateful we were among good friends. I found myself tearing up every time I shifted in my chair. They were willing to just sit and chat instead of wander through DTD. I tell you, having a chronic illness really shows you who your friends are! Many people don't know how to be around pain and illness, but these two didn't treat me any differently or head to the hills. They were more than happy to modify plans without making me feel guilty. I truly love them for that!

By seven, we needed to part ways so mom, DD and I could line up to choose our Fantasmic seats. Thankfully DD and mom took turns pushing the chair. It helped to be able to sit perfectly still and elevate my legs (adjustable wheelchair legs). By staying so still, the pain became more manageable. When we got to the podium at 7:30, there were already 10-15 people in front of us. Many of them ended up being for the second show. We had a nice time chatting with the Australian family behind us in line, so time passed quickly.

When it was time to take our seats, I found I couldn't transfer into a regular chair. The seating area was a bit cramped, so I struggled to make the chair fit. A wonderful cast member watched my struggle and came up with a plan to make us more comfortable. He guided us to a roped off area behind the VIP section. We had the whole section to ourselves! It was dead-center! There were no people around to bump me, and the view was incredible. KUDOS to a quick thinking cast member! We were sure to tip him as well as the CM who served us throughout the show.

We all enjoyed the show. There was something odd about Murphy though – she showed up later than usual. It was a little odd, but still made a great impression on mom. We each only ate a couple of items in the dessert box. We ended up taking it back to the room, but never finished all of the treats. We stayed in our spots to watch the fireworks.
After the show and fireworks, everyone decided it was time for bed. We noticed pirates was walk-on, so mom and DD took a trip around the bayou. We decided not to exit down Main Street to avoid the post fireworks and post Candlelight crowds. We circled in front of the castle and down through Tomorrowland to catch the monorail. We got back to the hotel at 10. Since no early meals were planned, we set the alarm for 10AM. By 11, we were all snoring.

Would the pain continue on Monday? Would I have to cancel Club 33? Stay tuned....
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I think a blog is a fabulous idea....they also are therapeutic (like doing trip reports).
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I think a blog is a fabulous idea....they also are therapeutic (like doing trip reports).
That's what I'm thinking. I also think it's really important to face challenges with a good state of mind. If we can laugh and create memories in the midst of doctors, hospitals and scary treatments, we're doing okay. I'm sure I can't be the only one who searches for the good in tough times!

For some reason, I'm thinking of this title..... Magical, Medicinal MICKEY!

HAHA, who knows?

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Loved your report. We went right before Christmas for our first time to DLR and reading about your adventures made me feel like I was back again. I am sorry for your troubles with your autoimmune condition. I have undifferentiated connective tissue disorder myself. I know how Disney magic can make everything better. You have a wonderful daughter to travel with. Enjoy your trips this year. Every trip is special.
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Joe Rohde is so cool!
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Question Dle

Hi! I am planning my first Disneyland trip with a few nights in LA. I have been trying to figure out how to get from LAX to Hollywood then to DLH. I figured we could take DLE from airport to Hollywood and from DLH back to airport but wasn't sure how to get from hotel to hotel other than taxi. I had not considered DLE. So it will take you back to LAX then off to Disneyland? How much time did that take? How much did it cost for 3 transfers? Sorry for all the questions. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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