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Old 11-03-2012, 06:58 PM   #1
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I need to sell a kidney... but I'm going! - London & DLP October 2012

Pre Trippie
The Wedding
The Spends
The Food - London
The Food - Paris
The Surprise
The Plan

Day 1 - London - Part 1
Day 1 - London - Part 2
Day 2 - The Wedding
Day 3 - London - Part 1
Day 3 - London - Part 2
Day 4 - DLP - Part 1
Day 4 - DLP - Part 2
Day 5 - DLP - Part 1
Day 5 - DLP - Part 2
Day 6 - DLP & Paris - Part 1
Day 6 - DLP & Paris - Part 2
Day 6 - DLP & Paris - Part 3
Day 7 - DLP - Part 1
Day 7 - DLP - Part 2
Day 7 - DLP - Part 3
Day 8 - DLP - Part 1
Day 8 - DLP - Part 2

I've been lurking on this forum for a while now researching my WDW holiday this coming april so I thought I'd pluck up the courage and actually start contributing!

A Little DLP History
Weve been the DLP twice before. Once in 2006 for my 21st birthday when Adam took me as a surprise. We only spent a day at Disney and only visited the Magic Kingdom. Id never done Disney before, hadnt joined the Dibb and quite frankly was so overwhelmed by the whole experience Ive completely forgotten most of it.

Heres a piccie from Paris (that is the eiffle tower and not blackpool tower in the background, honest)

we were young, I was blonde and Adam was hairy, those were good times.

Older and wiser , in October 2010AD (After Dibb) we visited again, this time as a break from the gruelling task of planning our 2011 wedding.

This time we did things properly and stayed onsite at Hotel New York with half board for 4 nights, this trip was just Disney, apart from a single day in Paris, and we had a fabulous time, far better than I was expecting if Im being honest!

Present Day
This trip was not planned. We had already booked to go to Florida in April 2013 after digging deep in the finances and I had come to terms, just, with the fact that this was to be my first totally Disney free year since 2008, but then an email arrived&

Since booking our 2010 trip I was always getting emails through from DLP and I have no idea why this one caught my eye but it did. I think it may have been the 50% in the subject line, who knows. So I sent it to Adam

(que fifty shades of grey style email conversation minus smut)

Hannah: Look what I just got in my inbox :P

Seconds later&

Adam: Youre funny, not a chance

Hannah: :*(

No reply

Hannah: but its 50% off!!

No reply

And that was it, until 4 days later, on the LAST day of booking while enjoying morning coffee

Adam (with cunning smile): You know those 50% off dates are just after we are in London, how much is the Eurostar from there do you think?

Hannah: no answer&. to busy booting up the computer buying eurostar tickets, calling Disney and warming up the laminator!!

Well ok I wasnt THAT quick off the mark, we did check the finances first as is only sensible but within an hour wed worked out that we could cut our stay in London short and visit DLP instead for LESS than staying in London would cost, all wed have to do was pay extra for the eurostar and sell a kidney. With a little encouragement from other dibbers in a similar situation and a call to the boss to secure the time off we were booked!

No Disney free year, Hurrah!

Let the planning commence!

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Old 11-03-2012, 06:59 PM   #2
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The Wedding
The wedding takes place in a lovely church in hampstead followed by a reception at St Stephens

Here it is normally

And here it is in full on wedding mode

Stunning isn't it!

A LOVE weddings, I loved planning my own wedding and I love working in the industry now so to say I am excited is probably a bit of an understatement ;P
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Old 11-03-2012, 06:59 PM   #3
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The Spends
We weren't planning on this DLP trip and quite frankly with saving for florida we can't afford it but disney and their pesky 50% sale got the better of us as you know.

4 nights in a standard Sequoia Lodge room with DDP plus came to £803.40 (EEEK!)
Adding eurostar to that for a further £89 and that was our pockets well and truly empty!

For london club card points have been our saviour, we are using them for all the london meals, tower of london entrance fee and a river cruise so we can visit greenwich.

The rest of our spends will come from the £80 I've managed to get from ebay sales ;P

We also plan on ordering some euros to pickup while in london as they seem to have better rates down there.
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Old 11-03-2012, 07:00 PM   #4
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The Food - London
As this is a budget trip all of the food is coming courtesy of telco club card vouchers ;P

Strada - Heddon Street

Prezzo - Belsize Park

Ortega - Ledenhall Market

Ok so they are all chain restaurants, a usual no no for us but needs must on our budget and we aren't in london for the food on this occasion ;p
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Old 11-03-2012, 07:01 PM   #5
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The Food - Disney & Paris
I've now made all of my ADR's so I can now share my foodie plan

We couldn't agree on ADR's this time, we knew we didn't want to do exactly the same ones and so only repeated on Cafe Mickey as we think that's a must. To go with that we have booked:

The Manhattan - Not sure what the set menu is but may go off plan here
Hunters Grill - I know this place gets mixed reviews but we've never done a DLP buffet before and as this is in our hotel we thought we'd give it a go.
The Steakhouse - Again mixed reviews but this is one we didn't get chance to do last time so we are going to give it a go.

For Paris we haven't decided, we are thinking a nice bistro and have a list of a few recommendations from friends, dibbers and trip advisor. We are just going to see which one we are nearest to when we get hungry and go with that!
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Old 11-03-2012, 07:02 PM   #6
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The Surprise
I always try and plan surprises for Adam and then cave and end up telling him about them, I can't help myself, he hates surprises and I like sharing the excitement before hand. HOWEVER on this occasion I have remained tight lipped, I know he's started reading my trippies now so I will remain tight lipped until the big event ;P
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Old 11-03-2012, 07:37 PM   #7
Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through...
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Great TR- I love it! All your pictures are fabulous!

As for Tesco Clubcard- we are well accustomed to using those too! They are pretty handy, right?! Great for Xmas presents too.

I love how you've combined London with France- two of my favourite places!

You are so lucky going to WDW and DLP- WDW is expensive enough. But I was horrified when a three night break at Davy Crockett Ranch and tickets came to about £3000 for our family! That's £1000 a night! Eeeek.

Looking forward to hearing more

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Mum to Belle
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Loving your TR!

I just read it from the start and it did make me chuckle...

Looks like you had fun in London and that is a STUNNING wedding venue!

I am very appreciative of all the food photos - thank you for sharing! Gordon Ramsey's looks good value and I would have been having the beef & mash too - yummy! (I sympathise with the wardrobe issue with your DH, mine would be the same, jeans & T-shirt...!)

I think you must have had one of the rooms in SL which will be the new "special" rooms from next year - lucky, lucky girl!!!

We haven't eaten in Hunters Grill but have tried Beaver Creek Tavern twice which we loved. You have the starter & dessert buffet but you order your main off a menu so you get a "real meal" IYKWIM!

Looking forward to day two...
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Day 5

With a 7am breakfast slot we were again up at insane o’clock. But there was one small problem, I just couldn’t move, so we didn’t make it down to breakfast until 7.15am, standards were slipping already! It didn’t really make a difference, the breakfast room was very quiet so we took our time while I devoured 6 pastries (yes. SIX!), several hot choccies and managed to make 4 cheese rolls, which somehow made it into the plastic bag in my bum bag…oops!

Despite carrying the weight of all those pastries we made a brisk exit towards MK, anxious to get there for 8am. We shouldn’t have bothered. It was us and one other English family, the Europeans don’t really ‘do’ mornings it appears!

It was so early it was still dark!

It was worth the pain of an early rise though, we made it to main street before anyone else so we managed to get a few empty main street shots

They were cast members so they don’t count ;P

With so few people to race to the rides we decided to check out the new ghost details around main street. I especially liked the opera singing ghost you can hear opposite Walt’s

They were certainly more ‘disney’ than the pumpkin men, I always found those a little sinister, especially the ones up by the mansion

Firstly we headed to buzz to wake up a little. Being first through the gates we were escorted by a crewman to our ship with an official salute and a cheery ‘welcome space rangers!’

Adam won, as usual.

Next up was Space Mountain, a head banger as usual.

We usually do this a good few times in the morning but I hadn’t built up sufficient roller coaster brain to deal with doing it more than twice so it was on to fantasy land.

still looks amazing in the morning gloom.

I asked Adam to take a piccie of me and the castle, can you spot me…

There’s I am

I wanted this pic for my wall at work but it looks a bit grim. I’ll have to go back with my mickey ears when it’s sunny to do a better one.

First up was the carousel, I know this is just like any other carousel but somehow you just can’t get away with riding one anywhere but at Disney. I LOVED it.

Adam wasn’t so keen teehee :P I don't know what his problem was, I let him sit on a 'manly' horse :D

It was starting to drizzle a little so we headed over to the teacups and some cover. It was still very quiet so we managed two rounds on this, we got a little queasy.

Still raining we headed to snow white followed by Pinocchio. I really HATE the trees in the snow white ride, they scare me to death. How kids don’t all come off this screaming their heads off I don’t know!

The rain was a little heavy now so we took refuge in the castle.

The park was opening to regular guests, so we had a nosy in the shop.

This was here in 2010, I wonder why nobody has bought it yet?

Once the rain had cleared we decided to head out to visit the studios as they were due to open in 30 minutes. We did stop to visit an old friend though

I think he may have also had some work done for the 20th anniversary, the lighting was certainly better.

We arrived at the studios to find that the gates were already open. Great, that didn’t bode well for the crush queue!

As it happened it wasn’t to bad at 25 minutes so we decided to wait it out.

We ended up waiting with an English family with two young children. The little lad was still recovering for a ride on the parachutes and was a little wary. He kept asking would he get wet, it which his mother’s response was “maybe a little”. She’s also told him it was just going to “twist around a bit”. Somehow I gathered from this that it may have been their first time on crush because “twist around a bit” is the biggest understatement ever used to describe this ride. I wanted to say something, really I did…. But the need to see the aftermath was to great so I kept quiet, I know, I’m evil…

On leaving the ride I made Adam hang around a bit just so I could see how it had gone. Well there they were, all of them wide eyed and stunned, even the dad! The little lads face was brilliant though, full quivering lip and shakes, almost cruel to laugh really. I think he was to shocked to cry and it wasn’t until he was outside in the clear light of day when he started screaming, clearly scared by the experience… we left them to it, character building I say.

Entertainment for the morning over we headed over to toy story playland. The parachutes were down, again (shocker!), so we decided on a few rides on RC Racer

We preferred it at the back, much longer sense of weightlessness we thought.

Next we fitted in a few rides on rock and roller coaster and tower of terror.

On the way out we noticed Armageddon was open, for some reason I thought this was a sit down affair, probably getting confused with similar rides in orlando. Standing was agony! But I still managed to get through the intro bit with Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP) before getting into the ‘set’. Guess who had joined us? Our friends from crush of course! Along with a Spanish family with two young children who started screaming the minute we entered… this was NOT going to be pretty. Sure enough the explosions, wind and fire caused a sufficient level of emotional scaring to both families and we all left in a crowd of tears and screams. Not Disney at it’s most child friendly I’ll admit but fun all the same!

A quick glance at the board showed crush at 15 mins, well it would be rude not to. So we fitted in two rides with crush and squeeze before making for the exits.

We made sort work of the cheese sandwiches on our way over to magic kingdom, not wanting to stop for lunch today.
Current: April 2013 - Food Report
Current: April 2013 - Our Last Hurrah
Trippie: DLP & London October 2013

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A quick inspection of the boards showed that today was a quiet one

Having done Fantasyland and Discoveryland that morning we headed first to big thunder mountain. Grabbing a fastpass before joining the queue.

We fell into the usual pattern here, riding big thunder mountain, grabbing a fast pass, before heading off to ride something else during the wait. It wasn’t great on the legs all this running around. By 4ish we were pooped. Having not paid for lunch today (naughty naughty!) we headed to the bakery on main street and grabbed a hot drink, cookie and a doughnut. We caught this cute little show on the way

WDW main street bakery this was not, my cookie tasted of absolutely nothing, completely rubbish. I had wanted to try the ‘anniversary’ cake but despite walking into every counter service that afternoon I hadn’t seen it once ☹

Rubbish cookie and vastly over priced hot drinks (ok so it was 3 euros which doesn’t sound bad but it was the nasty stuff you get from hospital waiting rooms for 60p! yuk!) we sat for a while deciding what to do next…. BTM obviously! Can you tell we love this ride?

The park was so quiet today that there was a cast member handing out fast passes instead of you using the machine. I think they do this to run a few off so the time slots change. Anyway, the wait was 60 minutes so we headed to the haunted mansion.

On the way over to adventureland to fill in the rest of the 60 minute wait Adam had a call of nature, so I waited by BTM for him. I noticed the cast member had gone and the machines were back in action. And then I realised, the fast passes I had weren’t from my tickets, the machine had no idea I even HAD the two I carried in my pocket. So quickly I rushed to the machines, feeling ever so slightly naughty… I was about to CHEAT THE SYSTEM, I looked over my shoulder, and grabbed two more fastpasses… for exactly the same time frame as the other 2 I had. Brilliant!

It’s the little things ☺

If the cast member taking the tickets noticed us using the tickets in quick succession she didn’t say anything. The people in the main queue did seem to notice though as we were given some rather steely glares.

By now it was getting on for 7pm and it was starting to go dark. We weren’t watching dreams tonight, instead planning on riding BTM in the dark for as long as possible.

Still using fast passes we managed this a few times, only having to join the main queue a few times. On one of these occasions we were met with our only experience of queue jumpers the whole trip. Chain smoking the whole way through the queue (the fact that the whole place was made of wood didn’t seem to bother them) we quickly identified them as being A: German and B: chavs. I have no idea what the german equivalent is of a chav but the velour tracksuits and all in one hoodie uniforms seem to span across to mainland Europe. No sooner had we reached the main building than they were over the barrier and shooting down the fastpass line, this really is the worst fast pass queue for this. Really they should take the tickets near the stairs as CM’s at loading have no visibility higher up, in fact I’m surprised so few people actually do jump over to be honest.

We had a dinner reservation at 9.30 so we rode BTM in the dark for as long as we dared before making an exit. We headed round the back of the new gardeners hut and realised you got quite a good view from there of dreams, something to consider tomorrow I thought!

We headed back to the hotel to put on something a little smarter before heading over to Hotel New York. We’d stayed here in 2010 so it was nice to visit again. I checked the shop in the lobby to see if they still had the figurine I wanted. Before the trip I told myself that if they still had it, it would be fate and I would buy it. Alas it was sold.

This is it

one day maybe….

We were 30 minutes early so we headed over to the bar to try a cocktail. I had something, which I can’t remember the name of, I think it was liberty bell, it was one of the ones you could only get at Hotel New York though.

Adam has a tendency on these occasions to go wild and order incredibly expensive girlie cocktails. I think it’s safe to say on this occasion he outdid himself

Still he was happy and the “light and colours” cocktail appeared to get lots of admiring glances as it changed colour.

The snacks weren’t bad here either and we gladly finished off all the nuts and olives.

Still a little early but not wishing to drop another week wages on more cocktails we headed over to the Manhattan restaurant.

We checked in and the CM seemed rather puzzled on where to put us, ooo it must be busy I thought, not so, there were 4 other tables seated! I realised later it was because they had already set most of the restaurant up for breakfast! I had heard that there is often live piano music here but alas not tonight.

Our waiter came over and asked if we were on the meal plan. I explained we were but may not use it. This confused him no end, especially the notion of ‘face value’, turns out that means nothing in French so I was really struggling. Eventually we convinced him to give us both menus and that seemed to make more sense to everyone involved!

I had originally wanted to try the gourmet burger on the more expensive set menu but as we were going to Annette’s for lunch tomorrow I decided to give it a miss and stuck with the set menu. Adam on the other hand went with the burger.

To start I had the pumpkin soup with beetroot crisps and chestnut muffins

The chestnut muffins were lovely as were the beetroot crisps, although they were chewy not crispy. The soup was also nice but it was EXACTLY the same as the one from hunter’s grill the night before! Kinda looses it’s ‘specialness’ when you’ve been spooning it out of a vat the night before :/

Adam ordered the "Little Italy" platter described as “a selection of antipasti”

Now we eat A LOT of antipasti, and usually this would be a selection of meats, cheese, olives and sometimes pickled veg.

This is not what he got. EVERY OTHER THING was a pickle vegetable, the only piece of meat being a small piece of ham wrapped around ricotta, which would have been fine, had it not been swimming in oil. There was also a token prawn sitting on some salad, again drowned in oil. Sorry I realise I’m going overboard on this dish, but seriously? Awful!

Luckily the mains were much better!

Adam’s burger was huge!!

he’d asked for the sauce on the side so that came in a little pot. Probably for the best, I can see it being rather messy with all that poured over it! He said it was amazing but only managed half.

I ordered the maple syrup glazed chicken.

Again yummy, the chicken being the star of the dish (thankfully!). The only let down was the mash, I love mash, but this was more crush potatoes masquerading as mash, it was so lumpy and dry! Still after some further mashing and mixed with some sauce it was ok.

It was round about now that my eyes started drooping, and I noticed Adam doing the same. We were shattered, there in body but certainly not in mind, and despite the mains being yummy I just wanted my bed!

We managed to get through dessert, although we only really picked at it.

Adam had the crumble

which was more tinned fruit with some crumbs on top. Tart and not good, it needed ice cream, custard, just SOMETHING with it, but instead it came with 3 rather random chocolate chip cookies. Now I don’t know about you but I can’t see how they go with crumble?

I went for the Lemon tart with fruit minestrone.

I ate all the minestrone (diced fruit), but picked at the tart, it was your usual pre prepped variety, again same as the one at the buffet yesterday.

Overall the food was a mixed bag, being one of the more expensive restaurants I was expecting more but only the mains delivered. We would go back next time, we’d just pick different things (the salad looked nice!)

Eyes only half open we paid the extra 9 euros and left, I don’t know now we made it back to our room, but we did…. 7am brekkie tomorrow!
Current: April 2013 - Food Report
Current: April 2013 - Our Last Hurrah
Trippie: DLP & London October 2013

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Originally Posted by Mum to Belle View Post
Loving your TR!

I just read it from the start and it did make me chuckle...

Looks like you had fun in London and that is a STUNNING wedding venue!

I am very appreciative of all the food photos - thank you for sharing! Gordon Ramsey's looks good value and I would have been having the beef & mash too - yummy! (I sympathise with the wardrobe issue with your DH, mine would be the same, jeans & T-shirt...!)

I think you must have had one of the rooms in SL which will be the new "special" rooms from next year - lucky, lucky girl!!!

We haven't eaten in Hunters Grill but have tried Beaver Creek Tavern twice which we loved. You have the starter & dessert buffet but you order your main off a menu so you get a "real meal" IYKWIM!

Looking forward to day two...
thanks for reading!

ooo a "special room" yes I don't think we'll be getting that one next year once it becomes club level
Current: April 2013 - Food Report
Current: April 2013 - Our Last Hurrah
Trippie: DLP & London October 2013

Previous Trips: DLP 2006 (off site) WDW 2009 (POR & enclave suites) DLP 2010 (HNY) California 2011(off site) DLP 2012 (SL)
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I'm really enjoying your TR! I was in London this past June and looking at your pics brought back some wonderful memories.

I'm heading to DLP in June 2013. Thank for all the pics and the food reviews!

Kristen Happy DVC owner: BWV & HHI
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Day 6

We woke up several times in the night as it was absolutely lashing it down, but luckily come the morning the skies were looking clearer. We were a little late down for breakfast again but it was still rather quiet so no big deal. There was no covert roll snatching today as we had plans to eat at annette’s for lunch.

We pretty much repeated yesterday’s routine today but again despite getting to the studios for 9.30ish we still didn’t get there first and had a bit of a queue for crush. No biggie though we still managed two rides before the wait hit an unbearable 25 minutes.

There were no ‘virgin’ riders at tower of terror today, which was a little disappointing. Although a slogan on a young Spanish boys T-Shirt had us both in stitches. I don’t know if it’s a band or he thought it meant something else but the words “Sit on a happy face” should NEVER be on a child T-shirt :P

By 11ish we were getting peckish so we headed out of the parks towards annette’s Adam did suggest we eat somewhere else since he had eaten a burger last night, but when I pointed out that this was exactly why I HADN’T had a burger last night he soon gave in ;P

Being early we were soon seated. I love the food here but we never seem to come when there’s an ‘atmosphere’ we even managed to get the only server not on rollers which was a little disappointing ☹

I ordered the strawberry milkshake

and Adam had the oreo cookie milkshake

We didn’t bother with starters or desserts knowing we’d be full so we just had burgers.

I had the onion burger

and I think Adam’s was the rock n roll burger

Both were yummy as always and we left completely stuffed.

Instead of returning to the parks the plan today was the head to central Paris so we headed over to the train station. After a little fiddling with the ticket machines we purchased our two mobilis tickets and were on our way.

We had one of the lovely new trains on the way out which was nice since it displayed all the stops so we could see where we were headed.

On our last visited we’d got off at Auber but this time we decided to try stopping at Châtelet - Les Halles instead for a change of scenery.

Now it’s worth pointing out here that it was around this time that I realised that my phone had no battery and so we were completely mapless. This is always a trying situation for any couple so lets just say that after a few minor disagreements and several “I told you so’s” we eventually reach this.

This wasn’t our final destination but considering we were heading to Notre dame and that’s in the centre of the seine it wasn’t a bad start :P

It’s hard to believe but we got a bit lost on the island. In fact the only reason we knew where to go was to follow the groups of asian tourists! In our defence this area is rather built up and quite a lot of the government buildings nearby are rather high!

Finally we made it

Every time we’d been here in the past there had been a large queue so we’ve never been inside. Noticing that on this occasion there wasn’t we decided to head straight in.

Now being of a non religious persuasion I don’t go into many churches but this place is a must do. Despite my beliefs there really is just ‘something’ about this place, in the peace and the calm away from the city, you just feel it. You’re not allowed to use flash inside for obvious reason but I managed to get a few shots of the windows

This bit is currently under restoration so I got some shots while it was all light up as well

we headed back outside and as it had just started spitting with rain a large queue had now formed so we had been lucky!

The plan was the head over to the Eiffel Tower but without my phone or a map as backup we were a little lost! I knew we had to be on the south side of the river though from memory so we headed over, planning to walk west along it until we saw a station.

I remember from a previous visit coming this way. There’s lots of lovely stalls setup along the way selling old copies of vogue and reproductions of famous and not so famous paintings.

Eventually we came across a station, Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame. I find the paris metro a lot more complicated than London or New York as they have several different types of trains using the same station which causes confusion. Using the station map however we managed to work out we could catch the RER C (yellow line) to Champ de Mars - Tour Eiffel which was only a short walk from the tower itself. With our Mobilis Ticket covering the journey we hopped on.

From looking at the map outside the station I worked out we needed to walk in a generally north east direction so off we went. We walked though a market area dedicated to selling plants. They had lots of lemon trees and thanks to the rain shower (which was ongoing) you could smell the ripe citrus in the air. We soon reached a large government building and I was getting a little worried we’d gone too far, but we turned the corner and BOOM, there it was

now I know that doesn’t look hard to miss, but it was!

The rain choose this moment to get a little heavier so we sat on the floor under the tower for a little while, looking at the plans and information for the new level they are building up there.
Current: April 2013 - Food Report
Current: April 2013 - Our Last Hurrah
Trippie: DLP & London October 2013

Previous Trips: DLP 2006 (off site) WDW 2009 (POR & enclave suites) DLP 2010 (HNY) California 2011(off site) DLP 2012 (SL)
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Day 7 - Part 1

We woke to the sound of rain ☹ in fact we woke several times to the sound of rain during the night, it hadn’t stopped since yesterday!

Still, we were in Disney, and we had to make the most of it!

I had hoped that an evening hung up in the bathroom would have meant dry jeans and jumpers, it didn’t, we were soggy before we’d even left our room! My shoes were an equally soggy story ☹

Still convinced that things would clear up soon we headed down to breakfast to eat our body weight in pastries. No plastic bags to stash cheesy rolls in today, we were going to sample some more Disney counter service delights!

We didn’t waste long on breakfast, eager to get cracking on our last full day in the parks. I have to admit though that even my resolved started to falter on reaching the hotel entrance, yep, still bucketing it down. Now with hindsight, sitting in the warmth of my livingroom back in the UK, we should have packed it in and either gone to check out the hotel pool or gone back to the room to sit it out on the balcony. But at the time anything other than EMH seemed like a waste and so leaving the sensible people back in the lobby we headed out.

After 10 seconds we were soaked, and pretty much from that point on it could have rained all it liked, I was as wet as I was ever going to be, which with no coat and an absorbent hoodie was VERY soggy indeed.

We managed buzz and space mountain before I realised the error of my ways. Yes we were making the most of our time here but were we having fun? the short answer was no.

It was around this time that I realised my feet were soaking, which considering I was wearing boots wasn’t promising. I discovered a hole in my sole and that was the last straw for me. I convinced Adam that if we could just head back to the hotel so I could sort my feet out I could deal with the rest of the sogginess. He wasn’t pleased and so in stoney silence we marched back to the hotel.

Now again here was my ideal moment to suggest we pack it in until later and go swimming instead… but I didn’t. Instead, on realising that my ballet pumps were going to be even worse at keeping rain out and that I only had one pair of dry socks left I had to get creative. On went the dry socks… followed by a sandwich bag on each foot… then my wet socks and finally my holey boots again! Sweaty? Yes, but more importantly dry!

Dry feet I was much happier so off we went, again in the rain, this time heading for the studios as it was now 9.45

We finally made our first rope drop at the studios and in we went following everyone else towards crush, where we stood, for 15 minutes, IN THE RAIN!! until they let us into the loading area. It was round about now, stood in a big queue, completely sodden, that I actually admitted to myself that I was officially insane, this was stupid and in no way fun, but it was a bit late to change our minds now wasn’t it.

We managed crush three times, noticing the second time that the rain was now nothing more than a light drizzle, TYPICAL!!

Taking advantage of the now clear skies we headed off to get our fill of TOT, RNR and RC Racer.

The plan was to head over to MK for lunch and then spend the afternoon there as I really wanted to find the anniversary cake somewhere.

As it happened on our way through Studio 1 we saw I could get it from the counter service there instead. Adam just wanted nuggets so ordered everything separately. I on the other hand was starving and grumpy so I ordered the anniversary meal deal.

This meant a HUGE burger, HUGE drink, fries and the all-important cake!

I love the ‘stamp’ on top of the burger

Adam’s looked rather sad in comparison, with his 4 nuggets and fries

Adam’s only cost 3 euros less than mine so it goes to show what good value the meal deals are in comparison, although I admit it’s still expensive.

I wanted to save the cake until later but Adam was still hungry after his four nuggets so we shared it.

I already knew this thing was tiny after reading about it in geoffa’s trippie but it was by far the nicest dessert we had the whole time so I wasn’t complaining about the size!

We left the studios as the sound track to harry potter started playing… we weren’t the only ones to find this odd, a few people commented on it on the way out!

The weather was now GLOURIOUS, see, NO SLEEVES!!

With 45 minutes to go we decided to settle down at a good spot to watch the parade, it also gave us chance to enjoy the sunshine and dry off fully

We took it in turns to leave our spot and do some shopping. Adam came back on the last trip with some yummy mickey shaped marshmallows dipped in chocolate, no pictures but they were large so we shared one and kept the other.

As expected just before the start of the show a group of Spanish turned up and sat in front of us, now that didn’t bother me, we were at the back so we could lean, we expect it. What did get on my wick was their decision to park their buggy RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, they could have placed it anywhere along that stretch, but no in front of us it was!! Grrrr. My steely glare ensured the father of the group knew my displeasure and they soon moved it to a more suitable position.

Queue lots of parade pics!

Current: April 2013 - Food Report
Current: April 2013 - Our Last Hurrah
Trippie: DLP & London October 2013

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Overall a nice little parade, I loved the additions of the floating fairies and the princess carriages.

Parade over we headed to the hub to check out the castle in the sunshine

We planned to stay here for the rest of the day so we spent the afternoon working our way through all the rides one final time and took some photos along the way

I love that last pick, anyone who says DLP is looking shabby and needs a lick of paint should take a look at that pirate ship, it’s STUNNING

Not wanting to ruin a fantastic tradition once we’d done everything a few times over we headed off to big thunder mountain to ride it again and again until it got dark, creatures of habit that we are!

We were going to cut it fine to catch Disney dreams again so we hung out behind the gardeners hut, in the spot we’d noticed a few days ago, so we had a quick getaway through liberty arcade.

In fact the view wasn’t half bad!

Once the final fireworks went off but before the ‘end’ we set off at a speedy pace towards the exit, on looking back I could see the hoards catching us up so we sped up a little and reached Café mickeys to be first in line! 2 minutes later and that queue was HUGE so we timed it just right!

On entering I was a little let down to see we were being seated in the conservatory. We’d not been in here before but it felt instantly a little ‘out of it’.

There were only 4 other occupied tables in here but it soon filled up!

Our waiter soon arrived and knowing pretty much what we wanted we ordered drinks and food straight away.

We were surprised to see our starters arrive with our drinks. I know it’s soup but it takes longer than that to microwave it!

Knowing this it wasn’t surprising to see that the soup had a ‘skin’ and was luke warm, it had obviously sat a while :/

Still it was tasty and eeyore came along to make up for a disappointing start

It was around this time when we noticed the stereotypical ‘embarrassing brit on holiday’ they were what I imagine the cast of towie to be like, but with less charm and fewer manners. The woman was in the process of complaining loudly to a cast member that her and her son had only seen 1 character the whole time they had been there (which judging by the number of empty wine bottles on the table was a LONG time). The cast member did what I expect all cast members in this situation do, shrugged. This didn’t help and now whenever a character entered the conservatory she shouted across the whole restaurant at them and when that didn’t get the characters attention she got up and dragged the character to her son, regardless of whether that character was with another family or not. And of course everyone of them had to partake in singing happy birthday to her son and sign and wait for LOTS of pictures

I thought things couldn’t get anymore embarrassing for them and brits on holiday in general until the son announced he needed a wee, pulled his pants down and crouched, I’m sure some of you parents out there will think nothing of this, but he wasn’t a toddler :/ I would have been mortified, they didn’t even seem to noticed or care ☹

Anyway I’m waffling…

We did managed to grab goofy before our mains arrived

Mains were a steak for Adam

and the turkey for me

Both were nice but I couldn’t finish the pasta, the cheese was just too overpowering.

Pluto arrived just before Adam finished his steak so he missed out

Onto desserts!

I had the apple pie and Adam had the profiterole

Adam's was nice but mine was a little soggy.

After the desserts the main man arrived!

We weren’t rushed to leave so we spent time looking into the main dining room watching the character interaction.

The table next to us had a little boy asleep on his chair, they tried to wake him up when Minnie arrived but he was fast asleep so instead Minnie lay down on the chair next to him and stroked his head. It made a lovely picture but I’m glad he didn’t wake up, he would have had the shock of his life!

Just as we were leaving we saw eeyore grab a little girl, wrap her up in his arms and roll around on the floor, she loved it and it was cute to watch.

All in all we enjoyed it, not as much as last time but we enjoyed it all the same. We would much prefer to be upstairs again next time though
Current: April 2013 - Food Report
Current: April 2013 - Our Last Hurrah
Trippie: DLP & London October 2013

Previous Trips: DLP 2006 (off site) WDW 2009 (POR & enclave suites) DLP 2010 (HNY) California 2011(off site) DLP 2012 (SL)
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