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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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Smile "Didn't you see our first movie? We drive..." An August 2012 TR The new TR is up!!!

Let me set the scene for you...
The Muppets are going to get the gang all back together and put on a big show to raise $10,000,000 to save the Muppet Studios from the evil Tex Richman who wants all of the oil under the Muppet Studios. So when Walter pretty much dies because he just met Kermit, he asks how they are all going to get the gang back together, and Kermits response is...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yys636ZzbK8

So thats what my mom and I did. No, not to find the Muppets to raise $10,000,000. I mean, we drove. To the happiest place on earth.

This probably isnt even making any sense.

Anyways, yes we drove the awful 22 hour drive to Walt Disney World. So that sentence pretty much gives it away that our drive to Disney was awful, and that we may never do it again. But was it worth it? Of course! I mean, we got to spend a week at Disney, so I will do whatever it takes to get time there. Even if it means being bored in the car and listening to my mom talk like shes from the south.

And you are probably wondering who my mom and I are by now.

Well then lets get to the introductions!

The name is Meg.

Disney pretty much takes up my whole life. Oh, and fangirling over my favorite bands, but thats another story.
I have been going to Walt Disney World since I was two and have been going back almost every year since. I have also been to Disneyland once when I was 5 or 6. I refuse to go someplace else on vacation. If we arent going to someplace that is WDW or involves Disney, I wont go.

I am very into reading about Walt Disneys life, Imagineering, and details and secrets about the parks.

My dream is to be an Imagineer and I am dying to do the College Program when that time rolls around.

Other obsessions of mine include the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Muppets, Winnie the Pooh, music, and playing the guitar.
And you are probably thinking by now that I am weird. Why yes, yes I am (and no I do not watch Phineas and Ferb.)

And let me introduce my partner in crime!

(that gives away one of our ADRs...)

I will call her Mum throughout this TR (and my future ones...) but her real name is Melissa, or you might know her as melmar136 here on the DIS!
She is seriously the best mom ever and does so much for me, like bring me to Disney every year (thank God!) and gets me front row seats for concerts.
She has been to WDW about 25 times and to Disneyland once.

Now you might want to know some details about this trip. So you already know we drove (from Massachusetts). We left on the 9th and got to Orlando on the 11th, and went to Disney from the 12-19th.
We stayed at three resorts this trip!
The Beach Club from the 12-15th.
The Wilderness Lodge from the 15-19th.
And last but not least, Old Key West from the 19-20th.
Thank God we have DVC because I am such the resort snob and plus the deluxe hotels are just beautiful.

We also became AP holders because we will be taking 3 trips in one year (yay!) and we got Tables in Wonderland.

This sure was one crazy trip packed with DISmeets, a tour, a very special dining experience, and a ton more!

I will also be posting pictures from my Instagram and tweets from this trip (that will be in this font).

Are you guys ready?

I think I am!

Well get comfortable, grab some popcorn, have a nice cold soda, sit back, and get ready to experience this exciting journey!

Table of Contents

Disney on Ice! Part 1
Disney on Ice! Part 2
Disney on Ice! Part 3
GKTW New England DISmeet!
My Haunted Mansion room!

August 8 and 9th, 2012
The Beginning of our 22 Hour Journey

August 10th, 2012
On a Mission to Find Chicken

August 11th, 2012
This place is a DUMP
It's only $9 so I HAVE to get it!

August 12th, 2012
Let's shop till we drop!
Off to our villa!
Making a run off property and then we are BACK! And we saw some cows.
The case of the missing Oreo Bon Bons
I die on Main Street USA.
I get stuck in jail with Zurg
Storybook Circus, HERE I COME!
"When you wish upon a star..."
"I am brave! I'm not a chicken!

August 13th, 2012
A morning of awesomeness.
A trip to Heaven
Mary, Mousekears, and Mickey Mouse
Garden Grove!
I basically rant about stupid people for most of this update...
We forget Muppet Vision 3D is 3D
"5...4...3...2...1..." AAAHHHHHH!!!

August 14th, 2012
Mum and I turn into penguins...
Our World Showcase adventures start...
iPads, also known as my biggest pet peeve
Lizards, Fastpasses, and churros! OH MY!
More Disney craziness written by yours truely.
Our nasty dinner and we almost witness a death occur on Main Street USA
Ending the night with the best firework show ever

August 16th, 2012
We head out into the African savannah...
We move on into Asia...
Our lunch at Yak & Yeti
We find out that dinosaurs speak Italian
A chapter that includes another ridiculous redneck ride photo of moi
Leaving AK/Arriving at the Contemporary
...And our tour continues of the MK resorts!
The best meal of the whole trip. Just kidding.
I realize what I had been missing out on for all of these years
A limo almost loses a passenger at Disney
The Magic Kingdom is under attack...well not really.
We watch the Big Bear Tambourine and I get a Dole Roll
"Soarin', flyin', there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach..."
I become the Teenage Kid Pusher Downer of Epcot
Meeting Henry and pick a pearl!
Karamell Kuche aka HEAVEN!
Via Napoli
Meeting Duffy the Demon Disney Bear...and Kyle

August 19th, 2012
I find out that I'm married to Hercules
A not so busy morning in Fantasyland
I am reunited with the old monorail voice guy!
The fun begins at Old Key West
Our last night in Disney hanging with CMs

August 21st, 2012

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cool can't wait to read all about your adventure
Simply having a wonderful christmas time!!

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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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Originally Posted by cheekypoppins View Post
cool can't wait to read all about your adventure
to my first reader! So happy to have you here!

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Totes Mcgoats
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Ooh I'm in!
My TR heavily features the insane drive there too.
That long in a car can be brutal!
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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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Originally Posted by Aussiesalad View Post
Ooh I'm in!
My TR heavily features the insane drive there too.
That long in a car can be brutal!
I will have to check out your TR!
22 hours in a car is just not fun.
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I'm in, can't wait to read all about it and see pictures!!! Yay!!!
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Life is what happens in between trips to WDW
Those "flying cookies" flying through space can be seen
I'm hoping that the little guy likes them!
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I'm in to get all caught up! We were there the same time as you- the 13th to the 19th!
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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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Originally Posted by cheekypoppins View Post
I so want a dolewhip right about now!!!! Love the castle pic with the pink lighting it looks like the water is pink so cool!!!
I could so go for a dole whip too! So refreshing.

Originally Posted by ireneryan View Post
I can't wait to see that little orange bird too!!! And the castle pink is perfect. Great pictures!!
The Orange Bird is the cutest thing ever. I love him so much.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by tinkgurl View Post
I'm in to get all caught up! We were there the same time as you- the 13th to the 19th!
Oh awesome! I hope you had a good trip!
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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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A morning of awesomeness.

August 13th, 2012

6am came so fast. It felt like we just went to bed. Oh wait we did less than 5 hours before. THERE IS NO SLEEPING IN DISNEY.

I got out of bed at 6:30. I just wanted to sleep but we had big doings that morning. I finally dragged myself out of bed and Mum was getting ready. I checked up on all my social medias and then put on Stacey so Mum could enjoy some wonderful TV while I was in the shower. I know she enjoyed it.

We were all ready by 7:25. We were doing good this trip!

Before we headed out, we had to take some door pictures, which we only did this one morning…

I am SUCH a Disney tourist. Like, seriously.

We were going to drive to the Magic Kingdom that morning so we headed to the parking lot. The bus stop is right next to the parking lot and there was an MK bus pulling right up when we were going over to our car. So we decided to just hop on and we were the only other family on the bus. The other family concluded of the mother and the father of course, a little girl probably around 3, and twins that were about 9 months old. And this was their first time in Disney, AND their first park day. The little girl was dressed up as Cinderella since they were going to Cinderella’s Royal Table for breakfast. (1st timers making ADRs! Me likey). She was adorable and the twins were too cute. Once we got to the Magic Kingdom we helped them unload some of their stuff of the bus since they had bottles, strollers, etc. so we took some of it and put it on the sidewalk for them. I hope they had a good day!

We checked our bags and then a CM asked us what we were at MK for. They were just letting all of the breakfast people in so we followed that crowd to get to City Hall.

Early morning in the Magic Kingdom. Waiting for our tour to begin...

That’s right guys! We were going on a tour! I was so excited. It was my first Disney tour. It was Mum’s second since she had done Keys to the Kingdom a while ago.

We went into City Hall and checked in and got our name tags that we could keep. And there was only two for our tour, which we thought was very weird.

Our tour guide Roy came up to us and introduced himself and told us it would only be the two of us! He said we could take a water inside of City Hall to take with us and we would meet again in front of City Hall in 15 minutes so we could use the bathroom and such. I just wanted to take pictures!

If only Main Street could be that empty all the time… It was so weird to see it so dead! I loved it!

We met back up at City Hall and Roy handed us our earpiece and showed us how to put it on. He introduced us to another CM, Andrea, who would be tagging along with us. She must have been training or something.

Now a few months ago I think I was reading something on the DIS and someone mentioned a tour called Marceline to MK. I just HAD to look it up and I did and told Mum that I really wanted to do it so she booked it for us for that morning. And it wasn’t that bad of a price!

We made our way down Main Street and Roy started talking about Walt’s life and his early childhood.

Roy pointed out a few details on Main Street like how the lamp posts start as gas and then go into electric, and as we went down Main Street. It was like we were traveling ahead in time with the lamp posts and getting later into Walt’s life. We were just walking down the middle of Main Street USA with no one around hearing about Walt’s life. What more could you possibly ask for?

Once we got to the Hub, we went into Liberty Square. And let me remind you, the park wasn’t even open yet. So Roy had to unlatch a rope and I felt like a VIP. CMs were walking around in Haunted Mansion costumes and I was freaking out inside. Like, can this be real?

Roy was saying how Walt wanted something in Disneyland that was kind of like Liberty Square in WDW today. Except it would be like a Main Street, which I thought was very cool.

I was so excited when Roy told us we were going on the Haunted Mansion next. We would be the only guests on the ride and I was PUMPED. We walked through the interactive queue (why wouldn’t we?!) and stopped at the busts. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, these are them.

(picture brought to you by Google since I don’t feel like searching for my picture of them right now)

I knew they had a story behind them but I never knew what it was and Roy told us.

So if you look at the busts, they each have a name. So start with the bust that says Uncle Jacob and read his story. It says something like he died from poison. Now look at the other busts and their stories and above them, they have a little picture. So by looking at the pictures, you will find out who killed Uncle Jacob, and then you read their story and then find out who killed them from the other busts’ pictures that are left. It might sound confusing as you read this but once you actually look at all of them, it’s easier to understand!

From what Roy was telling us, they all wanted this fortune. So they killed off one another and then there was one left who supposedly burned the house down. You will see her in the ride (she is in a portrait). I’ll give you a hint who it is. The person who gets the fortune has three match sticks in her hair (you will have to peek behind a bust.) And I’m not telling you which one it is!

Mum and I thought that story was so cool and it’s crazy how the Imagineers came up with that.

We walked through the queue and Roy pointed out some Imagineer tributes and such.

And you know that bookcase that has the books popping out? Well it has a secret message on both sides. The front side says something like “Welcome foolish mortals…”

Roy also showed us Madame Leota’a “ring.” I saw a picture of it but I wasn’t sure where it was. Good thing for Roy!

(it’s behind a trash can in the queue)

Then it was time to ride the Haunted Mansion. Only the four of us!

So you know how there’s a CM that lets you into the stretching room? Well this CM let us in and while the ghost host introduces himself and such, this CM got right behind me and just stood there. And I had NO clue. And this guy was SO into character. So once the doors opened up, I looked behind me and I screamed. Thank you lovely CM for scaring the crap out of me! Mum said “You are gooood!”

We got into our doombuggy and it felt so weird to be the only ones on the ride. Mum and I sat in one doombuggy and Roy and Andrea sat in one behind us.

It was kind of hard to hear Roy point out stuff on the ride because your Ghost Host was talking right by your ear. I had to turn my earpiece up very loud to be able to hear Roy.

You guys know that room with the portraits of the bride and the groom and the groom’s head gets chopped off each time and she gets a new husband? Well Roy also pointed out that she gets another pearl necklace in each portrait!

So when you into the grim griming ghost scene, you see the dog on your right with the caretaker. Well Roy said that CMs put food on the ground for the dog to “eat” sometimes and you might see some every once in a while.

We got off the Haunted Mansion and went into Fantasyland.

The park was now open so I didn’t feel quite like a VIP anymore.

So right by it’s a small world, they are building some new bathroom (exciting I know!) and there was a door there. Roy told us they were building new bathrooms but I heard a rumor that a new Tangled area will go there. I wonder if it’s true or not!

Anyways, Roy said “I almost forgot!” The he unlatched the door and said we were going backstage on the Haunted Mansion. I pretty much died right then and there in the middle of Fanstayland.

Now I felt like a VIP again! Other people were staring at us and wondering what we were doing. Oh you know, going backstage on a really awesome ride. No big deal or anything.

Guys were working on the bathrooms (or something…) and running around. I felt so weird just walkin’ through and seeing construction going on right next to me.

The back of the Haunted Mansion look just like a plain white building and NOTHING like the front of it. So we walked in to this door and inside was a small room. Roy explained what we were going to do and to be quiet and to follow him with his flashlight. He shut off the lights and turned his flashlight on and put it on the floor. We had to follow this long piece on yellow tape on the floor. Now what we were we doing exactly? We were going to check out the Pepper’s Ghost affect in the ballroom scene! I was trying not to squeal because people on the doombuggies would hear me. I looked back at Mum and we both smiled at each other. We couldn’t believe this was happening!

So once we got into the ballroom scene, we had to stay behind a piece of tape so people that were on the Haunted Mansion couldn’t see us.

So the effect that they use in the ballroom scene to make it look like ghosts are in there is called the Pepper’s Ghost. Basically all it is is using glass and audio animatronics. The “ghosts” you are seeing are actually just reflections of the animatronics. And the reason you are on the second level in the ballroom on your doombuggy is because then you would see the animatronics if you were on the first level.

So when we went back there, we saw all of the animatronics. They have huge pieces of glass in front of them to make the reflection. It was pretty crazy!

Roy explained how they do it all and pointed out these lights above us and he told us they were doombuggies going over our heads.

So he turned the flashlight back on and we walked back to the room we came from.

It was SUCH a cool experience and I am so lucky to have seen that.

We headed back out through the construction and back into Fantasyland.

We made our way down to Pooh, but before that, we talked about New Fantasyland and what they would have and such. So Roy asked us if we knew anything that would be there and I started listing off stuff like a crazy person. It’s not like I read the Disney Parks blog or anything everyday…

We all walked through the queue and we only waited for a few minutes to get on. Sadly, were like any other ordinary guests (well not really…) so we had to wait. So sad I know. But we did get on quick! Mum and I sat in the front and Andrea and Roy sat behind us.

Roy pointed out the picture of Owl and Mr. Toad handing the deed over. Also, if you are on the right side, look at the floor and there are pictures of characters from Mr. Toad.

Once we got off, we talked about special effects that were similar on Pooh and the Haunted Mansion.

Now I am a VERY big fan of Imagineer tributes and old attraction tributes and Roy pointed one out in the treehouse in front of Pooh. If you go inside (if you can fit in that tiny little door that’s built for 3 year olds), look above the door and you will see a tribute engraved for and old attraction…any guesses??? Well I’ll just tell you. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea!

We took a little 5 minute break and we used the bathroom right next to the Cheshire Café. Once we got out, we talked to Roy for a bit about his jobs at the parks. He has worked at Guest Relations and just started on tours a few years ago. He said he had to do all his own research for the Marceline to MK tour!

Since it was starting to get a little hot out, we went into Cosmic Rays and we sat at the back of the restaurant. There was no one in there since it was only like 10:30.
Roy talked a lot about Walt’s ideas for Epcot and just a little more about his life. He also talked about the 1964-1965 World Fair and asked if we knew what Walt brought to that World Fair for attractions that were in WDW today. I knew Carousel of Progress and it’s a small world, but I couldn’t remember for the life of me what the other attraction was. It was called the Magic Skyway. You basically rode on this little car and you traveled through to time from the caveman era to the 1960s and you saw how cars came to be over time. Roy said there was also a huge model of Walt’s Epcot at the top of the building.

We went onto the Peoplemover next.

Roy pointed out the “chocolate chip cookie” meteors, which I have heard about. They really do look like chocolate chip cookies!

I was talking to Roy about how I want to work for Disney and be an Imagineer and he started telling me about how D23 is such a great way to go to Disney events and meet all kinds of people and I was like “Oh really?” I was trying to be nice about it because I’m already a D23 member so I didn’t want to say like “I know all about D23 already!” So I just kind of nodded my head and smiled.

Roy pointed out a Hidden Mickey on the Peoplemover too. Hint: it’s on a belt!

We got off and our next (and last) stop was the Carousel of Progress. And we got a whole theater to ourselves! We had to wait a few minutes so we watched the video outside. We talked about the Sherman brothers (since they are in the video) and talked about a lot of their famous songs. And Roy said to pay attention to the lyrics of “A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” during the show.

We got in in no time and we sat at the very front. I took my mouse ears off just in case if Roy and Andrea couldn’t see.

Roy said that people have said that the robin in the first scene in the window was the robin in Mary Poppins. I wonder if that is true!

He also pointed out how when you go to the next scene, the music changes every time with the instruments that were popular in that period. You can definitely tell!

After we were done, we stepped outside of the theater and Roy said “So…what do you think about the lyrics?” I wasn’t so sure, and Mum was the same. I never really paid attention and didn’t even realize what the WHOLE song is about. It’s about Walt! “Man has a dream, and that’s the start. He follows his dream with mind and heart. And when it becomes a reality, it’s a dream come true, for you and me!” (now I have it stuck in my head). I never even realized that AT ALL before. Roy said that is why the Sherman Brother wrote the song. I thought that was a great way to end the tour. Like, it just all wrapped up with that one song, and I felt like…I don’t know. I just can’t explain how I felt. Every time I listen to that song now, I smile. I don’t know why. Maybe because Walt was like the most amazing person on this Earth or what. I just love the way the tour ended.

We thanked Roy and went on our way.

I would totally recommend the Marceline to MK tour. I absolutely LOVED it, and Mum did too. I am pretty sure it is ages 12 and up, so if your kids aren’t old enough for the Keys, then do this one for right now. Like I have said in this update, you get to do tons of cool experiences and it was A LOT of fun!

We headed towards the Hub

Those umbrellas <3

We walked around for a bit and looked at the character statues which I love so much.

I love you Walt and my favorite little mouse <3

We were hungry so we headed towards Main Street. What would we do after that amazing morning? And the big question was, what would we EAT?!
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That tour sounded awesome and so cool that it was a private tour for just you and your Mum!
And just to impress you, I wanted to let you know that this is a first trip to WDW for us and we made ADR's!!! Yay!! I cannot wait for November a minute longer!!!
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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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Originally Posted by ireneryan View Post
That tour sounded awesome and so cool that it was a private tour for just you and your Mum!
And just to impress you, I wanted to let you know that this is a first trip to WDW for us and we made ADR's!!! Yay!! I cannot wait for November a minute longer!!!
It was awesome! I loved that it was a private tour for us.
I AM SO PROUD. Sometimes people have no clue about ADRs AT ALL, especially first timers, but I am so happy you made some. I can't wait to hear all about your trip!
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Oh my gosh! Your tour sounds awesome!! There are so many 'secrets' throughout the parks, it is amazing!! How cool that you had a private tour!! It was just like being a VIP!!

Looking forward to more of your adventures!!

Sept. 2012 TR: It's a Jungle Out There!!!http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2989662
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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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Originally Posted by ShortStuff View Post
Oh my gosh! Your tour sounds awesome!! There are so many 'secrets' throughout the parks, it is amazing!! How cool that you had a private tour!! It was just like being a VIP!!

Looking forward to more of your adventures!!
I love all of the "secrets." It's one of my favorite things about the parks.
It really was like we were VIPs!
Trust me, you have A TON more to look foreard to in this TR!
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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
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This will be my last update up until possibly the weekend because I have a really busy week. A concert tomorrow night, Disney on Ice on Friday, a birthday party, AND a DISmeet! So I will try to fit in an update or two at the end of the week. And here is the next update right now! Enjoy!


A trip to Heaven

We decided to go to the Main Street Bakery for lunch. Scratch that. We decided to go to Heaven for lunch. That sounds more like it!

The line was very short so we got all of our food quickly.

Mum and I both got ham and cheese sandwiches.

There was like 20 pieces of ham in that thing! I could hardly get my mouth around it. But it was very good!

For dessert I got a chocolate croissant, which became a recurring theme on this trip. I pretty much got one every day. But they are just SO good. They are heaven I’m telling you.


Mum didn’t get dessert at Heaven (don’t ask me why). She said she wanted something but wasn’t sure what. So I told her about the iced coffee float at Auntie Gravity’s so she wanted to get one.

She said it was very good but there was too much vanilla ice cream in it.

I got a strawberry banana smoothie which I liked a lot. It was great for such a hot day!

I drank my delicious smoothie while I wrote in my journal.

Where we sat was right next to Mickey’s Star Traders and all we could hear was Mickey saying “it’s out of this world!*Mickey laugh*” I couldn’t take it anymore. I mean they play it every 2 seconds from the Peoplemover. Hearing him say that once is enough but when you are sitting there for about a half hour, you are about to lose your mind! So I wrote as fast as my little hands could so I wouldn’t have to hear it any longer. Then add screaming children and you’ll be all set!

After losing my mind, we made our way out of the land of tomorrow.

The Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! parade was going on in the Hub so we stopped to watch. I was trying not to have a dance party because of the Hannah Montana music they were playing. I used to have all of the Hannah Montana CDs when I was little. I probably still have them actually.

Here are a few pictures I took of the parade.

I love how I mostly got pictures of every character’s side or back or they are are blurry. Whatevs.

After moving, shaking, and celebrating, we walked down Main Street and went into a few stores. While we were in one store, a very monumental moment happened in my life. I BOUGHT MY FIRST DOONEY. I felt like such a big girl buying myself my own little Dooney wristlet.
I am so in love with the pattern I got. I saw it so many places online and I just fell in love with it. I NEEDED TO HAVE IT. I was debating at first but I was like forget it, I have over $400 to spend (yeeeaaahhh…) so I am just getting it because I love it so much!

So this is the one I decided on.

The front.

And the back.


I mean just look at this stuff!

It’s my FAR my favorite pattern.

After I got my Dooney and shipped it back to the Beach Club, I looked around for a bit.

I love this <3

We went back out on Main Street and the Dapper Dans were out!

I just love them so much.

We went back into the Disney art store and looked around.

I wish I could buy that whole store.

Then we went to Heaven. No not back to the Main Street Bakery. THE CONFECTIONARY. NOMS NOMS NOMS. I could not work in there because I would become fat. It’s not even funny. The smell + all the yummy sweets = a recipe for disaster. All I would do is eat…oh wait I do that anyways, but it would just be insane!

Just look at all of this!

I could never have this job.

After drooling so much to almost flood the confectionary, we went into the Chapeau to buy something else…
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That sandwich was huge, and yummy! Nice update...shopping, and eating, and Main St. Bakery and the Confectionary, and a Dooney.... all at WDW....our favorite things!
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