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"Can Two Thrill Ride Junkies Love Disneyworld" - COMPLETED 4/24 Page 2

Quick Start - Introductions

The Coach:

My name is Jon and I am the main planner of this trip, as I have the personality of an organizer. My wife and family would say that statement is much too generous. They would say I am an excessive planner. I more like to take the historical quote to heart that says, Failure to plan is planning to fail. I for one dont want to fail at anything in life and if I am going to do something I am going to do it well. When we decided to go to Disney World I decided we were going to get the most out of our vacation and thus the planning began. I would title myself The Coach. I have most of the traditional characteristics of a coach, but you will find that out as we go.

I am 26 years old and am a high school science teacher. My favorite class to teach is Physics, and one of the greatest things I get to do is use theme park rides (especially) roller coasters to teach these great concepts of motion, energy, momentum, and rotation. We take a trip to a Six Flags amusement park each year to ride roller coasters and measure velocity, acceleration and those neat kinds of things. In addition to this, I also teach a course in Chemistry and a course in Environmental Science. I have also taught Honors Biology in past years. I am just a lover of all things science. I am also the Head Boys Track and Field Coach at our high school and Assistant Football Coach. I love teaching, coaching, and making a difference in young peoples lives. I also enjoy golfing, reading, and traveling with my beautiful wife.

The Counselor:

The other member of the trip is my wonderful wife April. April is a school teacher in her own right as well as a head girls basketball coach. This is the first year we have both been in education, thus the title of this set of posts. I would title April The Counselor. She is entering her first year as a school counselor this coming fall. She has worked on her masters degree for three years to gain a counselor job and she is extremely excited about it. As a matter of fact we are both still on school, April finishing up her masters by adding certification in school psychology, while I am working on my masters in Education Administration. April has the best spirit of any person I have ever met, and I am truly the luckiest man on the earth. Or in my Coach terms, I really out-kicked my coverage when I found April.

April is actually the person who got me liking roller coasters, while on our honeymoon in Orlando, three years ago. Yes, this trip will kind of be like a 3rd anniversary trip for us, although not over the exact dates of our wedding. All while I was growing up I would never ride roller coasters, at least not any of the fun ones. On our honeymoon though April made me feel bad because she was going to have to ride on her own. She got me onto Dueling Dragons on our first day at Universal Islands of Adventure (by telling me there was only one loop&She lied!) and I have loved them ever since.

About Us

We are not necessarily Disney Addicts (at least not yet), but we are what I would call theme park junkies. Any time we take a vacation it usually centers on a theme park. Neither of us has ever stayed on site at Disney World, although we have both been three times in our lifetime. Our latest visit was together in 2008, on our honeymoon. We stayed close to Universal and did that several days, but did come and tour EPCOT one day. I absolutely loved EPCOT and its science/educational value. I am very much looking forward to this again this summer, especially going to TGM way. We arrived around 10 AM and rode some rides, but were not willing wait in line for Soarin and Test Track. This year we will ride both of those&multiple times. We love traveling, mainly because we get to spend time together. Now, we are going to take advantage of us both being public school teachers and getting a wonderful summer break to do the thing we love together, travel.

Thanks, if you read this. I am long winded, I apologize in advance for this, but I hope you enjoy reading about our trip.

Up Next: - "This is the longest drive of my life"[/COLOR]

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 (Monday) - "This is the longest drive of my life"
Chapter 2 (Tuesday - Part A) - "The full body scanner....really"
Chapter 2 (Tuesday - Part B) - "Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take you to...Caribbean Beach Resort"
Chapter 3 (Wednesday - Part A) - "Will these little girls ever quit stepping on my feet...oh wait, it's the Dad"
Chapter 3 (Wednesday - Part B) - "Will the food be this good all week?"
Chapter 3 (Wednesday - Part C) - What is wrong with that monorail?"
Chapter 4 (Thursday - Part A) - "Yes! We are the 3rd person at the turnstile.....oh crap!"
Chapter 4 (Thursday - Part B) - "What do you mean I can't go that way?"
Chapter 5 (Friday - Part A) - "Two parks and a mid-day break - This is going to be a long day!"
Chapter 5 (Friday - Part B) - "You want to go where...NOW?"
Chapter 5 (Friday - Part C) - "We better be sleeping in tomorrow!"
Chapter 6 (Saturday) - "Does this dessert rival the Dole Whip?"
Chapter 7 (Sunday - Part A) - "April...The bag just got really light."
Chapter 7 (Sunday - Part B) - "Is BBQ really that good at Disney World?"
Chapter 7 (Sunday - Part C) - "$8.50 for that? Really? It better be good!"
Chapter 8 (Monday) - "The most anticipated ADR of the trip!"
Chapter 9 (Tuesday - Part A) - "Finally, we get to use our ponchos."
Chapter 9 (Tueday - Part B) - "Can you really rest on your last day?"
Chapter 9 (Tuesday - Part C) - "April...I can't believe I kept this secret, but..."
Chapter 10 (Wednesday) - "Oh what a sad day...heading home."
Chapter 11 (Wrap Up and Favorites) - "Can two thrill ride junkies love Disney World - The Final Verdict"

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Cool -- can't wait to hear which WDW ones are your favorites! Hope you got some pics...!

Two moms get away to act like teenagers...or do they? http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2739158
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Trip Report - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Monday

“This is the longest drive of my life!”

Well, if you read the trip report all we had to do on this day was get ourselves to Dallas as we were flying out from DFW on Tuesday morning. Now, I can say this was one of the dumbest ideas we have ever had, but it turned out okay and it was really the best option we had with my wife having to go to her summer master’s class on Monday evening (which is one hour in the opposite direction of Dallas). We hit the road around 11:30 PM….yes, you read that correctly. It was barely Monday still when we hit the road and by the time we left the OKC metropolitan area it was Tuesday morning.

WARNING – Random Meaningless Information Update (A fact you might need to know someday if you are on a trivia game show) – Oklahoma City is the largest city in the United States in size. We live on the north side of the city and had to drive all the way through it to be heading south to Dallas. So it was 12:30 or so by the time we left the south edge in Norman.

Back to the reporting…now we were very excited to be going to Disney and thus the name of this chapter “this is the longest drive of my life”. I kept telling myself we were getting closer to the hotel, but the anticipation had my brain playing tricks on me and I was wondering if we would ever make it. I have driven to the DFW area many, many times in my life, but this seemed like the longest trip of them all. We arrived at our hotel just one mile from the DFW airport at 2:30 AM, we actually made great time despite my brain tricks, but we should have as there was no one else dumb enough to be on the road at that hour. I checked in quickly for our park, stay, and fly package and filled out the paperwork so we could leave our car at the hotel for the week. The desk clerk asked me if we needed a wake-up call and I said 5:30 AM please….and then he looked at me like I had misspoke. I assured him I had stated that correctly and then he proceeded to look at me like I was an idiot. He finally understood….we were going to Disneyworld….and put our wake-up call in the computer and then wrote our names down for the 6:00 AM shuttle to the airport.

BTW: Pictures will be along tomorrow. April wouldn’t let me take any pictures of us at 2:30 AM when we got to the hotel. Go figure!

Up Next: “The Full Body Scanner…Really”
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YIPE!! With only 3 hours of sleep, maybe you could have forgone the hotel and just went straight to the airport and slept in a chair? Just kidding, but I bet you CRASHED when you got to the room.

At least you'll have some time to sleep on the plane, right? This is what I always tell myself, and never do.

Two moms get away to act like teenagers...or do they? http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2739158
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Sounds very tiring so far. We tried taking a redeye flight on our trip in 2009, so I know all about that kind of tired.

Hope you were at least able to sleep on the plane!
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Originally Posted by SimmerBaggins View Post
YIPE!! With only 3 hours of sleep, maybe you could have forgone the hotel and just went straight to the airport and slept in a chair? Just kidding, but I bet you CRASHED when you got to the room.

At least you'll have some time to sleep on the plane, right? This is what I always tell myself, and never do.
Yes, we would definately gone straight to the airport, but we got to stay and park at the hotel for just $79. That is about $40 less than parking the car at on a lot for 9 days. So we figured we'd get 3 hours of sleep out of it! Yes, we crashed...it was 3 good hours of sleep.

And yes, I always say we can sleep on the plane too but I never do.

Originally Posted by DisDreamz View Post
Sounds very tiring so far. We tried taking a redeye flight on our trip in 2009, so I know all about that kind of tired.

Hope you were at least able to sleep on the plane!
Yes, tiring, but we would get rest on the plane. April slept on the flight, but I can never seem to fall asleep on those things.
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Chapter 5 – Friday Part B

Chapter 5 – Friday Part B

“You want to go where?...NOW?”

Where I left off we had five FP’s in hand for MK rides and it was about 11:00 AM. This was aided by MK moving the opening time to 8:00 for this day. We were ready for our break, but were making a pit stop at…

Yes, that’s right. We were stopping at Animal Kingdom. Why you say? And that happened to be the same question April asked me. Well, we were getting out of MK about 1½ hours before when I thought we would and I had a science teacher urge to feed. I had wanted to take in the Rafiki’s Planet Watch area at AK, but just was not going to find time on our full AK day so we decided to head their now.

We hopped on the monorail at 11:10 and were getting on a bus to AK at the TTC by 11:30. Our plan was simple. Take the train to Rafiki’s, explore that area, possibly take in the Pangani Trail to see the Gorillas and then head to our break. Well, as we were heading to the train I spotted Kilimanjaro Safaris with a 45 minute stand by wait, but a FP return time of 1:05, which was about 1 hour and 10 minutes later. Well I knew Rafiki’s and the trail would take us that long so we grabbed a FP, what the heck, a bonus ride on the Safari would be nice.

We took the train the Rafiki’s, which is just odd with the whole riding sideways thing. I didn’t like it. We then got off and made our way up the trails to the main building because it was far to hot to hang around outside. The building was very neat, educational, and as a science guy I enjoyed it. I don’t know that it has much to give to the regular guest though. I enjoyed looking around, but can see how a lot of people skip this area.

We went back and toured the Pangani Trail and took some pictures. I think all of these are on the trail, but some could be mixed in hear that were taken at other spots.

Then we went and used our Safari FP. Our driver was just ok this time. I will elaborate when it comes to our full AK day on Sunday!

The last picture there is my absolute favorite animal, an Okapi. Just think it is really cool looking for some reason. It is part giraffe (the head), part horse (the body), and part zebra (the legs).

Well, that was it for our 2 hour detour to Animal Kingdom. We got on a bus for Caribbean Beach at 1:40 and were resting in the room by about 2:25 or so. We hit the pool, had a snack in the food court of a mini pizza that was really good and of course some more Caribbean Jerk chips.

Up Next: “We better be sleeping in tomorrow!”

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Chapter 5 - Friday Part C

Chapter 5 – Friday Part C

“We better be sleeping in tomorrow!”

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool and relaxing in the room. I think I may have even taken a nap although I am not much of a nap person. I knew we would need it since the plan called for us staying late at Magic Kingdom, which was open until 2:00 am tonight.

At about 7:45 we got on a bus back to the Magic Kingdom. We did not spend much time taking pictures tonight, so I apologize in advance about the lack of pictures in the post. Other than the Wishes pictures later we didn’t take many tonight.

If you can’t remember here are the FP’s we were holding at the time from the morning:
Space x 3
Splash Mtn.

As if we needed more we got a Splash FP at 8:10 with a RT of 9:30 pm. At 8:15 we rode BTMRR with our FP from the morning and then Splash with our FP from the morning. At 8:40 we headed over and rode Space with a FP. I love Space Mountain! Then at 9:10 we did the Carousel of Progress. A neat attraction when you think of its history, but not overly exciting by any means.

At 9:30 we made our biggest mistake of the trip: Stitches Great Escape. I don’t want to influence others to not ride this, but in our opinion it was by far the worst ride at Disney World. I don’t know what they were thinking on this one???

At 10:00 we found a table and settled in to watch Wishes from behind the Castle by Dumbo. Not the greatest view, but we didn’t have to wait at all, save a seat, or fight the crowds. Here are some pictures from where we were.

After Wishes was over we rode Snow White as we knew it would probably be closed before we came back again. A neat little classic ride. We then made our way over to Frontier Land and watched the Country Bear Jamboree. This was one of my only memories of coming to Magic Kingdom as a child. It is funny how we remember only certain things from our childhood, but this theatre and the entire show was exactly like it was in my memory. I could remember almost nothing else from Magic Kingdom, but I remembered the Country Bear Jamboree.

We then used a Splash FP that we got earlier and took a few pictures in Frontierland. The first one is a far off shot of the castle.

It was 11:50 and we headed over and watched the Hall of Presidents show in Liberty Square. This was actually one of my biggest surprises at Disney World. I loved this and found it extremely moving. More so our founding fathers than our current leaders, but it was really cool nonetheless. I would highly recommend this attraction.

At 12:20 we made our way down and had a “midnight snack”. What is the best midnight snack at Disney World???


It was awesome as usual. At 12:35 we headed over and used another Space FP. This is the hardest ride to take a bag on because of the small leg area. Almost every other ride is easy with a bag, this one is a bit difficult though. We went over the Buzz at 1:00 and I enjoyed another victory. I love these type of rides, but April is so competitive I can’t hardly get her to go on them because she doesn’t want to lose. I always say let’s just play this round for fun, but she is too competitive for that as well. At 1:10 we headed over and used our final Space FP. I just couldn’t let those go. Awesome ride again. Then we headed for the exit. There was almost no one left this night in Magic Kingdom. We had opened the park at 8:00 AM, but left at about 1:40 before the 2:00 AM closing. The secret this day was our 6 hour break at the resort in the middle of the day. That break works wonders, but all of you know that!!

We were at the bus stop by 1:45 and back at CBR by around 2:05 or so. A long but good day. April made the statement at some point that “we better be sleeping in tomorrow” and we were!

Up Next: “Does this dessert rival the Dole Whip?”

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Chapter 7 - Sunday Part A

Chapter 7  Sunday Part A

April&The bag just got really light.

We were at the bus stop by 8:00 waiting for a bus to Animal Kingdom and one arrive at 8:05. After a pit stop at Blizzard Beach we arrived at Animal Kingdom at around 8:35. We were only in line for about 5 minutes when the turnstiles opened at 8:40. At 9:00 I made the long walk for an Everest FP. Well, the throng of people got there and&.the FP machines wouldnt work. A cast member ran around like a chicken with his head cut off for a few minutes before a manager of some sort showed up, hit a button the back room and they started spitting out FPs. I was not happy, but April was waiting for me by the entrance and we rode Everest with about a 5 minute wait. This ride was AWESOME! We love coasters and this one is really cool, especially the big drop.

At 9:30 we ride the Safari stand by with a wait time of 10 minutes. Our driver was so much better today and I think there is truth to the tip of going on the Safari earlier in the day. It seemed to be a much better experience. Here are some of our pictures.

The giraffes were certainly the highlight of our safari as we had to stop and wait for them to cross the road. This was really cool and just made me think: Where else can you have this experience but Disney World?

After the Safari we stopped back by at 10:20 to pick up another Everest FP with a RT of 11:50. We then went down and rode Dinosaur with a 5 minute wait. April didnt love this ride, but I really enjoyed it. Again I am a science guy, love dinosaurs, and really love Jurassic park so this is right up my alley. It is a little rough, but a really cool experience to me. It was at this point after the ride that we headed over the watch the Nemo show. As we were walking I looked at April and said, April&The bag just got really light. We looked back and bottom had fallen out of our bag and all of our stuff was laying on the ground in Dinoland. We put the things back in the bag and I had to carry it from the bottom from then on so nothing would fall out. We would mess with finding a new one at Downtown Disney that night.

Up Next: Is BBQ really that good at Disney World?

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Chapter 7 – Sunday Part C

Chapter 7  Sunday Part C

$8.50 for that? Really? It better be good!

We spent about an hour is all relaxing in the room before heading to Downtown Disney. The plan was for us to have dinner at Earl of Sandwich and then just shop for some souvenirs and hang out. We did have a mission to find a new park bag since the bottom fell out of ours in Animal Kingdom earlier that day. Little did we know the search at Downtown Disney would last forever!

We got on a Downtown Disney bus at 5:15 after waiting only about 5 minutes. We went right to Earl of Sandwich so we could get there as early in the dinner rush as we could. We still had to sit at a table outside. It was fairly hot this day and I dont really like to eat outside when it is hot, but the food was excellent. All of the reviews were correct. Best value at Disney World. I think I had the Italian sandwich while April had her favorite, the BLT.

For some reason I have no more pictures of our time at Downtown Disney. Dont know why? We then headed through many of the stores on our way to the main stop, World of Disney. We bought some souvenirs for us and others in our family.

After shopping some we headed over to Ghiardellis for dessert and found all of the sundaes were $8.50. Wow, that was almost double the cost of my dinner at Earl of Sandwich. All I told April was it had better be good for $8.50, although how can you mess up ice cream, chocolate, and caramel. I think I got the peanut butter sundae and April had the butterscotch one. Yes these were really good, dont know if they were $8.50 good, but hey were at Disney, enjoy it!

Now in the midst of all this we were still searching for a new park bag and were having no luck. As large as World of Disney is there was not a bag that was the correct size except one that I think cost like $85 for some reason. We walked all the way down by the movie theatre and stopped in every store looking for a bag, still not finding one. There were a couple of stores back up by Earls that we had missed so we decided to walk back up that way and check them out. Well, the last store that we had not been in, I think it is called Disney Trends had a bag that wasnt perfect, but April liked it and said she could use it once we got home as well. So we bought it. We were tired at this point from all of our shopping&.and eating&.that we forgot to even take a picture of the new bag.

We went to the bus stop at 8:00 and waited about 30 minutes. Again, this was our bad bus karma day. Finally the bus came at about 8:30 and we went on to the next DD stop, but that is where they change drivers and our bus was making a switch. I have my CDL to drive a school bus so I know a pre-trip and post-trip inspection must take place, but I wish there was a way that it didnt have to take 15 minutes when they switch drivers. For those of you planning a trip the bus service to Downtown Disney is much sketchier than to the theme parks. We had very few waits of more than 10 minutes to get to a theme park during the week, but our one DD trip had a very long wait.

We got back about 9:00, went to bed and got ready for a big rope drop on Monday.

Up Next: The most anticipated ADR of the trip!

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Chapter 8 – Monday

Just for the record, if anyone is still reading after 9 months, I am kicking the trip report into high gear. I should be done in the next few days. I finished writing the entire report yesterday as we are on spring break here so I have had to go to work at the school. Enjoy!

Chapter 8  Monday

The most anticipated ADR of the trip!

Well with only two park days left we decided that today would be a fairly relaxing day as Tuesday was going to be pretty long. We were spending today at Epcot. We were going to be there for rope drop so that we could ride Soarin and Test Track, but we planned to leave the park after our 1:15 lunch reservation to just relax for the rest of the day. We got to the bus stop at 8:00 and a bus pulled up at 8:05. After making our way to the park and walking to the front gate it was about 8:25 when we got to a turnstile. I didnt write it down, but I think they started letting people inside around 8:50, at which point we went and got a spot right on the rope on the right side of Spaceship Earth.

At 9:00 I joined the fray once again and was kind of worried about this rope drop dash since Soarin is kind of hard to get into being downstairs in The Land, but I managed to be the first person to a machine and secured a return time of 9:42 AM. We got in line at 9:05 AM and rode Soarin. I failed to write down how long we waited, but I know we arrived at Test Track at 9:30 AM, so it was probably around 18-20 minutes to ride. We did the single rider and walked onto the ride. When we got off we got a FP for Test Track for later. This was at 9:45 and we got a RT of 11:15 AM. At this point we were able to slow the pace a little and take some pictures.

We also headed inside Innoventions at this point. I think we played the fire safety game. It was pretty cool. We really just looked around and wasted some time. At about 11:00 we headed over and had a snack at Sunshine Seasons since our lunch reservation wasnt until 1:15 PM. AT 11:20 we rode Soarin with our FP. We then made our way over at noon and used our Test Track FP.

I love these two rides. Test Track is really cool how they put you through the actual driving tests. Also, the amount of detail at Soarin is great, although it would be nice to have an updated ride movie somewhere else.

At 12:15 we went over and rode Spaceship Earth with a wait time of about 5 minutes. At 1:00 we went and checked in at the ADR we had been looking forward to ever since I snagged the reservation at the four month mark. Guess where? See if you can tell from the following picture right outside the entrance&&&..

If you guessed Le Cellier. You are correct! We split the cheddar cheese soup appetizer and it definitely lived up to the reputation; especially when you eat it with the pretzel bread. I would highly recommend it as an appetizer. I ordered the New York Strip steak and it was excellent. April, who normally likes steak, just wanted a burger for some reason, but she talked about that burger for weeks. She loved it. It had some sort of BBQ element that I cant remember at this point, but I had a bite (or two!) and it was very good. We also shared a Crème Brule for dessert and again, we were not disappointed. Looking back Le Cellier was excellent. If I were on the dining plan thought I would definitely go at lunch for 1 credit. Im not sure it is worth the 2 credits for dinner though.

After dinner I promptly suspended taking notes for the day. I guess I was just a little tired at this point. I know we just went back and relaxed at the resort, swam, had dinner in the food court, and I know for sure we watched IllumiNations from by the pool at CBR. You cant see everything, but it was a nice ending to the evening as we were able to just walk back to our room and get to bed about 9:30. Although I did suspend taking notes I decided to become a photographer at this point and get some pictures of our resort. I will leave you with those.

Up Next: Finally, we get to use our ponchos.

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Chapter 9 - Tuesday Part A

Chapter 9  Tuesday Part A

Finally, we get to use our ponchos.

On our last park day we had made a small switch to our itinerary. We had already done most everything we wanted to at Magic Kingdom so we decided to switch to Hollywood Studios to get some more thrills rides in. We were skipping Toy Story this day and heading straight to RnR. We caught a bus to Hollywood Studios at 8:00 AM and after they opened the turnstiles we got a spot right on the rope to the right side.

Here are a couple of pics from our spot:

This is a very easy rope drop since 99.987% of everyone else was heading to Toy Story. We went and got RnR FP with a return time of 9:40. We then rode stand by with a wait time of about 5 minutes. I then rode Tower of Terror after waiting about 10 minutes. April did not want to ride with me as she is not a big fan of those drop rides. I am not either at say a Six Flags where everything is exposed, but ToT did not bother me any. In fact, I loved it. This ride was themed so well and the buildup was almost as good as the thrill rush itself.

AT 9:40 we got another FP for RnR as that was our main mission for the day. We then rode RnR with our FP from earlier. At 10:40 we got in line for Voyage of the Little Mermaid. This is DWs favorite Disney movie from her childhood and still and so we wanted to get this done since we missed it on our other HS day. It was better than I expected and DW loved it, not surprisingly. At 11:15 we got a FP for Star Tours and then rode standby with a WT of 10 minutes.

Then at 11:45 we headed into Backlot Express for some lunch. I had a burger and April had a chicken sandwich I think. Typical quick service meal as it was nothing special, but enjoyable as we got a table indoors out of the heat and humidity. Yes, we were finally feeling the Florida humidity and rain might be coming.

At 12:20 we hurried over and got a seat for Beauty and the Beast, another one of DWs favorite movies. The show was at 12:45 and was really good. During the show the rain started and so we were very thankful that the show was done in a covered outdoor theatre. After the show though there was actually a little excitement that we finally get to use the ponchos. We had been carrying them all week and finally get to used them.

With ponchos on, and camera put away so it wouldnt get wet&sorry!, we headed to use our FPs at RnR and ST. We enjoyed one last ride on each of these before saying goodbye to HS. The rain stopped as we were leaving the park and we went and caught a boat to the Beach Club for a visit to one of our must dos on this trip&.Beaches and Cream and to try and get some rest before our last night at Magic Kingdom and a surprise for April.

Up Next: Can you really rest on your last day?

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Chapter 9 – Tuesday Part B

Chapter 9  Tuesday Part B

Can you really rest on your last day?

We got to the Beach Club at around 2:30 and had to find Beaches and Cream. We finally did and then decided on what kind of ice cream we wanted to go.

I know we both got shakes, but cant remember what kind. We took them and found a table on the sidewalk overlooking the pool area at the Beach Club. It was a nice little bit of relaxing, but once those cold shakes were gone it got a little hot. We went in and found some nice big chairs in the Beach Club lobby to relax in for a while. I dont think we fell asleep, but the rest was sure nice. At about 3:30 I think we went over and explored the Boardwalk area a little bit and even went inside the ESPN Club and watched some TV and had an appetizer. Just a little bit more resting time. But we finally decided we couldnt rest on our last day at Disney so we went ahead about an hour before we had planned and found a bus to Magic Kingdom.

Took this picture on the way to the Boardwalk:

While on the bus to the Magic Kingdom we saw a family heading back from there that had two extra Buzz FPs that they gave us. This was just one of those little pieces of Disney Magic so thank you to whoever that was! We walked in and went right over and got a Space FP at 4:55 with a RT of 7:45 PM. There was another round of rain about to come through so we headed over the Mickeys Philharmagic to stay inside. What a great show that features some great Disney music and characters. We really enjoyed this one. When we came out it was still raining a little so we put on our ponchos and headed over and watched the Country Bears Jamboree. Then we headed over and rode Pirates with a 10 minute wait time. Then at 6:40 we rode Haunted Mansion one last time and waited about 20 minutes for that one. At 7:05 we headed over and pulled a FP for Splash Mountain. Then we were going to get some dinner and I was going to reveal the SURPRISE to April!

Up Next: April&I cant believe I kept this secret, but&

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Chapter 9 – Tuesday Part C

Chapter 9  Tuesday Part C

April&I cant believe I kept this secret, but&

We headed over the Pecos Bills for dinner and this was maybe my favorite counter service meal of the trip. I love the fixins bar. The food is good and it is in the air conditioning as well which always helps. I think we split the pulled pork sandwich and fries. I convinced April to split a meal&or vice versa is how it usually works. Then it was time to reveal the surprise.

The backstory: I had looked for a Dessert Party reservation after we booked the trip, but it was way before they open up those dates. I had the idea though to tell April I didnt get the reservation and until this night at Pecos Bills she still thought the same.

The excitement on her face when I told her that we had a Dessert Party reservation at 9:00 was priceless. It was worth the entire trip just to see her expression at that moment. Brownie points for me!!!

After dinner we headed over and caught the Hall of Presidents show and this was AWESOME. I dont know how anyone could sleep through this. I had goosebumps throughout a lot of the show. I wont mention which president I did fall asleep during, but for the rest of the show I was very interested. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who goes to this park. In my opinion it is a must do attraction.

At 8:40 we used the Buzz FPs that were given to us and then I grabbed us a Space FP before heading to our Dessert Party reservation. At 9:05 we showed up for our reservation and helped ourselves to the buffet. This was a great experience that we will definitely do again. We jumped up about 9:50 and got a great spot right at the rail to watch Wishes. Here are some of the pictures of desserts, the parade from a distance, the castle, and the fireworks.

After the fireworks we were down to our last couple of hours in the Magic Kingdom, but we were going to make it worthwhile. We rode the TTA at 10:25 and kind of let the MK clear out after the fireworks. At 10:55 it started to rain just a little again and we ended up riding Pirates one last time. At 11:10 I had to have one last Dole Whip as a farewell to Disney World and it was excellent again. At 11:25 we rode BTMRR walk on and were planning to use our Splash FP, but it was broken down. I guess we would have to take a trip back to ride Splash. We worked our way back around the park and used our Space FP and did some other things, but I didnt write much down. We had been up for about 17 hours at this point. At about 12:30 we left the park for the final time and after being up for almost 19 hours what did we do? We ran to catch the CBR bus that was waiting. We made it, but I think April beat me and told the driver to wait as I was dragging at that point. But all in all a great last day at Disney World.

Up Next: Oh what a sad day&heading home.

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Chapters 10 and 11

Chapter 10 - Wednesday

“Oh what a sad day…heading home.”

We woke up on our departure day at about 9:00 and packed things up and got ready to head out. At about 10:45 we got on a bus to Epcot as we wanted to have a farewell monorail ride on our last morning as we had some time to kill. We rode the monorail to MK and got back to the CBR food court at about 12:30 and had some lunch. We caught the ME to the airport at about 2:15 and had a pretty un-eventful day traveling home. Flight to Denver and then back to Dallas. We did have to stop and get a hotel once landing in Dallas at 11:30 PM. We just were too tired to drive the 3 and a half hours back to Oklahoma City. So we actually drove in Thursday morning and then slept some more probably!

Thanks for reading along. I will probably be starting a PTR soon. We are in the process of adopting a baby boy. He was born on April 3rd and so we are going to be planning a trip around next June and I am ready to get the planning underway. Is it too early to be planning 14 months out? I guess I just need something to look forward to.
I will have one final post to share some of our favorites during this trip and the things we enjoyed the most.

Chapter 11 – Wrap Up and Favorites

“Can two thrill ride junkies love Disney World? – The Final Verdict”

For the last entry I would like to share some of the things April and I liked the best throughout our time at Disney World. So without further delay, here we go:

Favorite Attraction at Animal Kingdom
1st – Jon (Expedition Everest), April (Kilimanjaro Safari)
2nd – Jon (Kilimanjaro Safari), April (Expedition Everest)
3rd – Jon and April (Festival of the Lion King)
4th – Jon (Dinosaur), April (Finding Nemo)
5th – Jon (Finding Nemo), April (Wildlife Express Train)

Favorite Attraction at Hollywood Studios
1st – Jon and April (Rock ‘n Roller Coaster)
2nd – Jon (Tower of Terror), April (Voyage of the Little Mermaid)
3rd – Jon and April (Star Tours)
4th – Jon (Toy Story), April (Beauty and the Beast)
5th – Jon (Beauty and the Beast), April (Toy Story)

Favorite Attraction at Epcot
1st – Jon and April (Test Track)
2nd – Jon and April (Soarin’)
3rd – Jon (Spaceship Earth), April (American Adventure)
4th – Jon (Living with the Land), April (Nemo)
5th – Jon (American Adventure), April (Spaceship Earth)

Favorite Attraction at Magic Kingdom
1st – Jon and April (Space Mountain)
2nd – Jon (Splash Mountain), April (Big Thunder Mountain)
3rd – Jon (Big Thunder Mountain), April (Mickey’s Philharmagic)
4th – Jon and April (Hall of Presidents)
5th – Jon (Haunted Mansion), April (Peter Pan)

Best Non Ride Attraction in All Parks
1st – Jon and April (Festival of the Lion King)
2nd – Jon (Hall of Presidents), April (Voyage of the Little Mermaid)
3rd – Jon (Mickey’s Philharmagic), April (Finding Nemo)
4th – Jon (Beauty and the Beast), April (Mickey’s Philharmagic)
5th – Jon (Finding Nemo), April (Hall of Presidents)

Best Nighttime Show
1st – Jon and April (Fantasmic!)
2nd – Jon (IllumiNations), April (Wishes)
3rd – Jon (Wishes), April (IllumiNations)

Best Overall Attraction in All Parks
1st – Jon (Expedition Everest), April (Rock ‘n Roller Coaster)
2nd – Jon (Rock ‘n Roller Coaster), April (Kilimanjaro Safari)
3rd – Jon (Space Mountain), April (Test Track)
4th – Jon (Splash Mountain), April (Expedition Everest)
5th – Jon (Test Track), April (Festival of the Lion King)

Best Table Service Restaurant
1st – Jon (Kona Café), April (Le Cellier)
2nd – Jon (Le Cellier), April (Kona Café)
3rd – Jon and April (Wishes Dessert party)
4th – Jon (Hollywood and Vine), April (San Angel Inn)
5th – Jon (San Angel Inn), April (Hollywood and Vine)

Best Quick Service Restaurant
1st – Jon (Earl of Sandwich), April (Old Port Royale Pizza Shop)
2nd – Jon (Pecos Bills), April (Old Port Royal Deli)
3rd – Jon (Flame Tree BBQ), April (Corn Dog – No Specific Place???)
4th – Jon (Old Port Royale Deli), April (Earl of Sandwich)
5th – Jon (Old Port Royale Pizza Shop), April (Flame Tree BBQ)

Best Snacks/Desserts
1st – Jon (Dole Whip), April (Napoleon at Bakery in France)
2nd – Jon (Napoleon at Bakery in France), April (Sundae at Ghiardelli’s in DD)
3rd – Jon (Egg Rolls at Yak and Yeti QS), April (Caribbean Jerk Chips at Food Court)
4th – Jon (Caribbean Jerk Chips at Food Court), April (Dole Whip)
5th – Jon (Sundae at Ghiardelli’s in DD), April (Shake at Beaches and Cream)

The final verdict: Yes, Two thrill ride junkies can love Disney World. April and I had the most unbelievable vacation of our marriage and we will definitely be making a return trip, hopefully with children next time. Thanks for reading. We will be back!

Follow this link to my PTR once it becomes active.

June 2013 PTR
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