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Old 05-30-2011, 04:34 PM   #1
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Suzy and Perla's guide to skipping lines and pursuing magic:

My name is Perla and I love all things Disney. Well... maybe not ALL things. I mean the Country Bears movie and pretty much any Disney sequel are very stupid. And I refuse to decorate my house in Disney, though my vehicle has 5 Mickey heads on it and a bumper sticker that says "My other car is a monorail." So maybe I should just say, "I love Disney a whole lot." Not nearly as dramatic, but certainly more accurate.

This trip report is actually a continuation of my Year of Disney trip report trilogy. It started out all one, but ended up being ridiculously full of Disney stuff so we broke it up.

Trip One was in September and was broken up into 4 days with my sister, mother, 3 year old daughter, and 2 year old nephew at Port Orleans Riverside. This was free dining and awesome. Then the rest of my family came, my dh, 9 year old & 8 year old daughters, we switched rooms at POR and had 4 more amazing days. This was on kids go free promotion. I bought AP's for the 5 of us on this trip, leaving us with a free 5 day kid ticket and a free 5 day adult ticket. And 5 annual passes. Sweet!

Trip One and a half was in November when my sister, Suzy, also quite famous in these parts, went with her family of six in November to the Poly for a DREAM vacation (free dining promotion) and ended by buying AP's too.

We then used those AP's in March for parts of 9 amazing days, 4 nights camping at Fort Wilderness, 3 nights at the Dolphin. It was super great. Trip Two was an amazing adventure.

And now in just two weeks: TRIP THREE!!! Yup, we have annual passes and we know how to use them!

So before I drop you into all the details of our amazing 2 weeks summer Disney/beach trip extravaganza, the CAST!!!

We are basically 2 families, with a few bonus people.

Here is the Perla clan:

I've decided to use the Wiki definitions of our personalities since I chose our names specifically for the purpose of our matching personalities. Edited, for brevity and for the traits they have most in common, of course.

Donald: Donald's dominant personality trait is his short temper and, in contrast, his positive look on life. Many Donald shorts start with Donald in a happy mood, without a care in the world, until something comes and spoils his day. Donald has proven that he is a Jack of all Trades. Among his personality traits is his stubbornness and commitment.

Perla: ME! One of two, so this will be repeated under Suzy. Two female mice that help Cinderella get ready in the mornings and lead the rest of the female mice to make Cinderella's dress. Though they're both portrayed as kind and helpful, Suzy is seen as being more reserved and calm; Perla is seen as having more sass and is a bit forceful.

Mulan: Mulan is kind, bold, self-reliant, strong-hearted and shows little interest in romance. She is clumsy, outspoken, tomboyish and independent. Early in the first film she is very insecure and self-loathing, thinking that she will only continue to dishonor her family. As the story continues she starts to gain confidence in herself and after saving China, she finally sees herself as the person she always wanted to be, having brought honor to her family and country.

Ariel: She is very kind and lovely, although often naive, and overwhelmed by her emotions, which tends to get her in trouble.

Boo: Boo is a young, naive, curious girl. (Sorry, not a lot on Wiki about her. This definition cracked me up a bit since have you ever met a 3-4 year who isn't naive?)

So that is the Perla clan.

Now introducing the Suzy clan:

Milo: A linguist and cartographer who has studied the Atlantean culture and learned to translate the Atlantean language. He is logical-minded, brave, timid, and always tries to do the right thing. (I just have to add that our Milo is NOT a linguist nor a cartographer but he is a studious, master of the English language. Also, he isn't timid. I don't even understand how you can BE brave and timid at the same time so ignore the word timid.)

Suzy: Two female mice that help Cinderella get ready in the mornings and lead the rest of the female mice to make Cinderella's dress. Though they're both portrayed as kind and helpful, Suzy is seen as being more reserved and calm; Perla is seen as having more sass and is a bit forceful.

Prince Charming (just called Charming): I've given up trying to find a Wiki definition as Prince Charming is too generic. But you all KNOW what this name means. And all that you imagine, that is what our very own Charming is. Kind, helpful, handsome, confident, not afraid to be a hero.

Buzz: Famed Space Ranger known for heroism and bravery. Buzz is a stickler for procedure, but will tell a cover story if he needs to. However, he has little people skills, and at times displays a lack of common sense.

McQueen: McQueen is young, selfish, and arrogant, over-confident that he can win the Piston Cup on his own, without help from any pit crew. However, he is also something of a perfectionist, and will not cease to get something done right even if it wasn't in his best interest to indulge in it in the first place.

Jack-Jack: Initially believed to be the only family member without any powers, he manifests a multitude of superhuman abilities at the end of the film, most of which involve some form of shapeshifting. (Also, he's the youngest of the Parr's. And in our Jack the shapeshifting isn't literal, it is the figurative capability of becoming a character, like he IS Indiana Jones or Captain Jack Sparrow and 100% becomes that person down to getting VERY angry when we call him his "normal" given name.)

Finally, we are adding three people to this TR. Two, have been in my TR before. Generally referred to as Mom and Dad. Yes, I know I got VERY creative in those two names. They are Suzy and my parents. And they aren't going to Disney, just on the beach part.

And we are adding a new friend. This introduction page actually got completely stopped due to my trying to figure out what to name her. I'll just be blunt, she is black making Tiana seem the obvious choice. And my family seems pretty determined. But I didn't choose the other names based on external things. Like Suzy and I, for example are not actually mice. And McQueen is not a car. So it bothered me that my friend is an opera singer and laid back and Tiana is VERY into food and quite intense. To be honest, my friend has more in common with Prince Naveen than Tiana. But that just seems confusing.

When all was said and done I think I've settled on naming her Esmerelda. In real life we shorten her name often and just like I often call Jack-Jack simple Jack, I think I will call her Emmy. Here is her wiki definition:

Esmerelda: She is a fearless and streetwise gypsy with a heart of gold (and is very capable of defending herself). She's also able to look beyond physical appearances. Esmeralda is a wonderful heroine whose greatest wish is to see outcasts like Quasimodo and her fellow gypsies be accepted into society and be treated as people.

And here is a photo of her holding a wet and muddy Boo last summer on a trip we took to NYC and upstate NY:

It's not the best photo in the world of her, but it was the first one I found.

In addition to knowing the cast, you also need to know the basic plan. We intend on staying in a house in Windsor Hills called Disneyliscious. It is paid for! Woot woot! for six nights.

And a beach house for the following 7 nights on Daytona Beach.

Coming up next: How a plan was born. How a friend got invited. How excited are we?
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It was a popular place after partying on Saturday nights
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I'm in!

Jill in CO
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I'm finally near the beginning of a pre-trip report! Woo hoo! Hello Suzy, Perla and the other cast members!
Woo Hoo! Did the Dopey 2014! Disney is THE BEST PLACE to do your first fun Marathon!!!
In fact, loved it so much that I'm Dopey again in 2015!!!!
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I know how to plan a trip to Disney, but how did you find a house to rent in Daytona?
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Originally Posted by jedijill View Post
I'm in!

Jill in CO
Originally Posted by WalkingintheFog View Post
I'm finally near the beginning of a pre-trip report! Woo hoo! Hello Suzy, Perla and the other cast members!
Woohoo!!! First two to join the party.

Originally Posted by OhMari View Post
I know how to plan a trip to Disney, but how did you find a house to rent in Daytona?
I rent the huge majority of our houses off www.vrbo.com. I search in the general area and any that meet my minimum requirements I email and ask them what kind of deal they can cut me. Then we choose based on amenities and price. I've been doing it for years and have never been cheated nor disappointed. Here is our Daytona place:

It is ocean front and we emailed TONS of places up and down the coast from South Carolina on down. It was by far and away the best deal for peak season oceanfront.
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houseful of boys
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Woohoo!!Suzy checking in. We leave in under two weeks! Seems like our March trip was just yesterday and we get to go again! I annual passes.
Me DH DS (17) DS (14) DS (10) DS (6)

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A trip is born

Part of original plan, when we started discussing our year of Disney last spring (after my other vacation plans fell through) was to do a post-school trip. Our kids are already out of school but Milo has to finish teaching and so it was to be mid-June. I would have preferred the slower early June but I take what I can get.

Once the dates were chosen we wanted to do a different trip than the other 2, making all three trips totally different experiences. We also thought I could donate my extra ticket (I gave the kid one to Suzy for Jack-Jack on their November trip) and invite someone to go along basically for free if we rented a house.

At first, we chose a family that never gets to do anything like this as the father has health problems and limited funds. We decided we would contribute for the rest of their tickets and invited them. But after MUCH family discussion on their part, they turned down our offer. They just felt health wise it might set them back and might not be worth it in the long run.

So then we invited my best friend in the world (other than those already in this TR) who actually had been to WDW with us before. But through much confusion and discussion and trauma, that didn't work out either.

Then Donald, who had been saying this for a bit, INSISTED that we take Esmerelda. Suzy and Milo know her, but not as well as us. So they just weren't sure. But in the interim of Donald mentioning it the first time and bringing it up months later she had begun going to Suzy and Milo's once a week to take guitar lessons from Milo and as they got to know her better they realized it was a genius plan.

Part of the genius is that Charming will be old enough to perform on American Idol at DHS this trip. But since he is only 14 it would be better if a true adult were with him. Milo could do it as he is an experienced performer and musician. However, what if Milo won and Charming didn't? That would be AWFUL! So what if Esmerelda were to come with us and audition with him? She is a trained opera singer.

And thus, a person was chosen. And finally we got someone to say yes to a free WDW trip. You wouldn't think it would be that hard, would ya?

Emmy is THRILLED. Seriously, beyond excited. She went to Disney World when she was two. And even though she said she doesn't like any thrill rides she is going to everything as she feels it would be a crying shame to go to WDW and not ride Tower of Terror and all the rest it has to offer. There is only one thing which we agree to differ on for the time being. She is TERRIFIED of characters. Yup, just like Boo a few years ago. That afraid.

She goes with us from time to time to the local college ball games and FREAKS out when the mascot comes over. We've told her she doesn't have to go up to them but Boo will have to meet some. She really is afraid she may not even be able to see them. How can she see Fantasmic? We've assured her no character will touch you if you do not want to be touched but I have this vision of one of those pop-up parades they have at MK now and Woody coming over to high five Jack-Jack and her just having a Boo like melt-down. Oh dear. She's 27, by the way. So you can imagine the scene of her running down Main Street screaming with a parade of characters chasing her.

I already gave you tips with her name and that she can sing really well. The other things to say about her is she has an amazing sense of humor. I got her giggling at a wedding last night by talking to this 25 year old guy about training bras and 13 year old girls starting their periods. He blushed BIG time and the rest of the conversation she kept giggling. She'd pull it together and contribute to the conversation and then suddenly, minutes later burst into hysterical laughter and choke out, "Training bras, you just walked up and started talking about training bras."

Things like that just crack her up. The bizarreness of the human condition.

She is up for absolutely anything. She and I have run a few races together. She loves healthy food and exercise but isn't uncool about it. And a really important thing is, she loves our kids. All seven.

Once it was decided that she would go, we had a lot to discuss. Most importantly was matching t-shirts. I was really afraid this would be a big deal. It takes a special kind of person to want to go with a family of 11 and match them in their super dorky tshirts.

But I explained my main worry. We're all white. She's black. We're all in matching tshirts. She's not. What are the chances that the people in charge of rides are going to think she is with us? We'll go to the front, hand in our FP's. All get arranged and she'll be left behind. Or my worst fear is that someone will think she is trying to take one of our kids.

This is not unfounded either. Donald was in Lowe's a few months ago with Boo. Emmy saw Boo before she saw Donald and was like, "Hey, Boo, what's up?" Boo goes up to her and takes her hand to show her something. and a lady in the aisle called security. So Donald made a big show of his love for Esmerelda and walked off with her. But if she is in matching tshirts, then all the trouble will go away as it will be quite obvious the kids belong with her.

Anyway, I thought it would be a hard sell. So I broached the subject carefully. And she immediately said, "Let me see them." So we went downstairs. She loved them. Discussed how to make hers done at a different time match. And then she spent an hour designing a special one for the 10 of us to wear while she and Charming do AI to support them.

It was then I knew, she was the perfect choice.

Woohoo! Team Esmerelda. We get to introduce a newbie to the glories of WDW. Should it be the word introduce? Or corrupt?
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