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Old 02-13-2009, 07:39 AM   #1
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Eat And Ride, A March 2009 Excursion

Cast Of Characters

The "Adults"

Your humble correspondent, aged 38, making his 3rd full trip to WDW. (Not including a 1-day Epcot trip in the mid 80's) and DW, (DISboards member DRS_Are_Best), aged 3x, making her 4th trip to WDW.

We're both tall, pooh-sized people (though we've lost a combined nearly 200 pounds in the last 13 months!) who both love Disney movies and parks.

The Critters

DS3 (back), who will be turning 4 just a few weeks after we return. He was with us on our last trip, at age 13 months. A huge Wall-E, Cars, and Little Einsteins fan.

The twins, DD2 and DS2. They just turned 2 in January, so they are at that dangerous "mobile yet not herdable" stage. This will be their first trip.


We booked Port Orleans Riverside from March 15 to March 22 using the 4/3 special. In the past, we've gone in May, after spring break and before Memorial Day, so March will be different for us. The $200 gift card and the fact that we just didn't want to wait two more months (we need a vacation!) were the deciders.

This is also our first time staying on-site. Basically, the rationale was, if we ever want to stay on-site, doing it before we have to pay for the twins would be a good idea!

Likewise, we're splurging on deluxe dining. Part of it is the "do it while we can" mentality, but honestly, I look at how the critters deal with meals, and since we want to keep them on close to a normal schedule, if we tried to do a lot of CS mid-day, that means going at peak times, waiting in lines, trying to find tables and high chairs, and still managing to take over an hour to eat. Better to just plan that in, for the most part, and enjoy a more relaxed environment.

Besides, DW and I are experienced cruisers, and we know from experience that we like to eat big when we're outside and active all week. On top of all that, between the 2 adult and 1 kid's meal, we should be able to feed the five of us quite comfortably.

So, we book this trip about a week before Thanksgiving (almost exactly 120 days out). Port Orleans Riverside was the natural choice for fitting 5 into a single room, and the resort certainly looks nice.

Park Planning

Thanks to the advice from these boards, and our past experience at having a hard time just getting a table as a "walk in", we knew to book ADRs right away. We studied the menus (at allears.net) and got a general idea of what we wanted to do.

With the kids, we really wanted to go for a character meal every day. Since the kids eat breakfast after I've left for work during the week, DW lets them watch TV (usually Blue's Clues) to keep the distracted long enough for her to actually make breakfast, clean up, get everything together for wherever they're going that day, etc. The point is, they're used to "entertainment" at breakfast, and since we've certainly got the meal credits to burn, why not?

So, what's the #1 character meal to book? CRT, of course. At 120 days out, we had no chance at all to get in, but DW tried anyway. And got it. Not an ideal time (later than we'd like), but we're not complaining!

And that pretty much set the framework of the schedule for the parks. We figured 6 park days (we changed this later, see below) and that we'd do MK 3 times, so we'd stagger the other parks in between MK days. Since the CRT reservation was for Friday, that made our MK days Monday/Wednesday/Friday. The next step was filling in the breakfast ADRs for the other park days, which led to Epcot on Thursday, DHS on Tuesday, and AK on Saturday. The character breakfasts were rounded out by Chef Mickey's on Monday and Crystal Palace on Wednesday.

With 3 full MK days, we have the luxury of pacing ourselves in the MK specifically. While we will have a general "park plan" for each day, we're certainly not gong to be on a tight schedule, outside of any ADRs. Originally, we had planned on not doing a park on our departure day (Sunday), but we changed our minds and decided to do a MK morning, and leave after lunch.

ADR List

This list is more or less final, although we will still look to shift a couple of the earlier seatings to 6 PM or later, and we wouldn't mind dropping our Rose & Crown in favor of Le Cellier if an opening occurs...
  • Sunday (arrival)
    • Dinner - Boatwright's
  • Monday (MK)
    • Breakfast - Chef Mickey's
    • Lunch - (Open) [likely Columbia Harbor House]
    • Dinner - Wolfgang Puck Cafe
  • Tuesday (DHS)
    • Breakfast - Playhouse Disney at Hollywood & Vine
    • Lunch - Mama Melrose
    • Dinner - Sci-Fi Dine In
  • Wednesday (MK)
    • Breakfast - Crystal Palace
    • Lunch - Liberty Tree Tavern
    • Dinner - Kona Cafe [Added 2/25]
  • Thursday (Epcot)
    • Breakfast - Princess Breakfast at Akerhaus
    • Lunch - Coral Reef
    • Dinner - Rose & Crown
  • Friday (MK)
    • Breakfast - CRT
    • Lunch - (Open) [either skip or share a CS at Cosmic Ray's]
    • Dinner - Tony's Town Square
  • Saturday (AK)
    • Breakfast - Donald's Safari at Tusker House
    • Lunch - (Open) [maybe Pizzafari or Y&Y counter service]
    • Dinner - Hoop-De-Doo Revue
  • Sunday (MK/departure)
    • Breakfast - (Open) [snack credits at POR/POFQ most likely]
    • Lunch - Crystal Palace

Comments: 4 of the 6 character meals are in parks before opening (H&V, CP, Akerhaus, TH), as such, skipping AM EMH makes a lot of sense. We'll get there early, have a good parking place, eat, interact, and still be one of the first ones in the park afterward (less so for Akerhaus).

We hadn't really planned on doing CP twice. The character breakfast was booked first, and the final day lunch was a late addition -- we figured a buffet was the best chance to make sure all three critters got a decent meal before we hit the road.

With the exception of Hollywood & Vine, which we've done for dinner (twice), we have never eaten at any of these restaurants before; even the CS choices will be new for us (except the possibility of Cosmic Ray's or Casey's in the MK).

Friday and Saturday feature early dinners, so we're (the adults, that is) either going to skip lunch and just have snacks, or we'll get one lunch and split it. If we find ourselves hungrier than that, we can always pay one CS meal OOP.

Next Up: Pre-Trip Preparation and General Touring Strategy
Life is short. Eat dessert first.

March 2009: Port Orleans Riverside ( Trip Report -- Dining Report ) -- May 2006: Vacation Village timeshare -- May 2002: Orange Lake timeshare

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Old 02-13-2009, 08:04 AM   #2
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Trip Planning

We're driving from Maryland, which allows us to pack more of our own gear, without worrying about airline restrictions and hauling a bunch of stuff through the airport.

After a poor job preparing for Thanksgiving week travel (I forgot to pack the twins' booster seats and the diapers!) I made a pledge to be better prepared in the future. To this end, in January I began to compile a thorough packing and loading list, to ensure we have everything we want to have, and to use as a checklist before departure. My expectation was to continue refining the list until the end of February, and then start the actual packing (for the things that could be packed in advance) over the two weeks prior to departure.

Main Pre-Trip Goals
  • Finish packing/loading lists by February 28. Begin packing, marking off the checklists as items are added, that same weekend, caching completed bags, etc., in an out-of-the way spot in the house's main level.
  • Completely empty and clean the SUV prior to final loading. Some items (such as strollers) can be loaded early, although they may need to be shifted around for final loading.
  • The night before departure, load all items (excepting those needing to be “last minute”) – use a strategy that will allow easiest access to items needed on the road and at the hotel stop on the way down, leaving resort supplies and most suitcases (minus the “hotel bag”) in the less accessible areas.

For The Car...

It's going to be a long drive, and the kids will probably spend most of the time either napping or watching DVDs, so I plan on making some travel DVDs to use on the drive. The plan is to use dual-layer discs and a bit of lossiness in compression (since we're talking about low-end 7” screens anyway) to get 4-5 hours on a disc, so we don't have to swap discs as often. We'll be primarily pulling TV shows from the Playhouse Disney, Noggin, and PBS programming, with a few Disney movies thrown into the mix (hooray for the DVD recorder hooked up to the TiVo at home!), with each disc containing a variety of programming to avoid us in the from seat going nuts from hearing, say, Bob The Builder for 3-4 hours at a time. (As the critters are too young for headphones.)

Strollers... Yes, Two

We'll be taking two strollers – a double jogger for the twins and a single stroller for DS3. Since we will have our car anyway, we'll be driving to the parks, so we can take more sturdy models. (Extra good, because we're tall people and umbrella strollers tend to be too low.)


I ordered miltary-style "dog tags" for the critters. Each has the child's name and the cell phone numbers for DW and myself. We will attach these to the children in a way that will be hard for them to remove it (luggage-tag length chains looped through a belt buckle will work great!) each day.

As per other advice, get a fresh picture each day on the digital camera and each cell phone of each child, so if they do get lost, it will be easy to remember what they're wearing.

Pin Trading

We decided to get into pin trading this time around, and bought a lot of 30 pins (10 each for myself, DW, and DS3) from eBay. I'll randomly allocate them, and let DS3 practice trading with myself and DW for the pins he likes. DW also managed to win a pin in the "What Will You Celebrate" sweepstakes.

Also off of eBay, I picked up three neck wallets w/ lanyards to serve both for pin trading and also to carry KTTW cards and other miscellaneous small items. DS3 will be allowed to wear his at times, though it will likely be kept in a backpack most of the time

(Up Next: Two Days in an SUV)
Life is short. Eat dessert first.

March 2009: Port Orleans Riverside ( Trip Report -- Dining Report ) -- May 2006: Vacation Village timeshare -- May 2002: Orange Lake timeshare
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Old 02-13-2009, 08:10 AM   #3
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Travel From Maryland To Florida

The plan is to get the kids to bed as early as possible the night before we leave; ideally, they should be allowed to wake up on their own. We will rouse them only if necessary, but they're generally early risers anyway.

DW and I to wake up early (with the alarm clock) to finish last-minute packing and loading items. DS3 and DS2 are likely to wake up during this and DS3 is generally a light sleeper after 5 AM. By 7:15 or so, rouse any child still asleep (unlikely), get them dressed and fed quickly, and be on the road no later than 8 AM.

In general, the Day 1 drive strategy is to put as many miles down as possible at a time, stopping only for meal and snack breaks. DS3 has gotten pretty good about potty stops and not needing us to stop on the road except at normal break times; DD2 and DS2 are still in diapers. By the “book”, it's 14 hours to Orlando, and the hotel we've booked is at the 9½ hour mark.

Traveling with small kids will probably make this closer to 11 hours.

Check in to the hotel, get all the beds set up, and let the kids wind down for sleep. In the morning, get everyone fed, let them have some fun at the (indoor) pool, and then get everyone into dry clothes and on the road before 10 AM. Stop once for lunch and pray that the kids nap the rest of the way. Day 2 is 4½ hours by the “book”, and we plan only a single lunch stop, so 5 hours is not unreasonable of an estimate.

That should get us to POR in the 3PM to 4PM timeframe.

Arrival, At Last!

I will drop DW and the kids off at Old Man Island so that they can burn off some energy at the playground while I check in and drive off to the room to unload and set up. (If online check-in is working properly before we go, this should be easy.)

I will then meet them at the playground (or wherever they've gone off to – DW and I both will have our cell phones) until it is time for our dinner ADR at Boatwright's. Since it's Sunday, Old Man Island will have the nighttime campfire activity that we can join after dinner if the weather cooperates and everyone is feeling up to it (we can have them box up dessert so we can take it over to the campfire), and then we'll try to turn in early since tomorrow will be an early day.

(Up Next: Park Day 1)
Life is short. Eat dessert first.

March 2009: Port Orleans Riverside ( Trip Report -- Dining Report ) -- May 2006: Vacation Village timeshare -- May 2002: Orange Lake timeshare

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Old 02-13-2009, 08:11 AM   #4
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Park Day 1 (Monday)

Our breakfast ADR is for Chef Mickey's, at 7:45. While we could do Epcot or Magic Kingdom after that, MK seems like the best choice to start the little ones at, so this will be a MK day.

Rouse everyone early – in time to leave POR no later than 7 AM. We'll drive to the TTC and take the resort monorail to Contemporary, then monorail to the park after breakfast. We'll likely miss rope drop, but we want to take it easy anyway.

In the park, we'll start in Fantasyland, trying the kids out on the Carousel, It's A Small World, and maybe Dumbo, Pooh, and Peter Pan as they get the hang of things. Mixed in with that, we'll let them have some play time in Toontown or at Pooh's Playful Spot.

Time permitting, we'll let DS3 have his trial roller coaster ride on Goofy's Barnstormer; I don't expect any problems, though.

Lunch will likely be at Columbia Harbor House or maybe the Plaza Restaurant if we can do a walk-up; we'll play this by ear.

After lunch, we'll see if the twins will take to napping in their stroller – this will be an important benchmark for the rest of the week!

In any event, we'll leave mid-afternoon (earlier if the twins need a nap!) and head back to POR to catch the water taxi to DTD. Depending on when we get there, we'll spend some time shopping before our dinner ADR at Wolfgang Puck Cafe, and maybe a little more afterward before taking the water taxi back to the resort and calling it a night.

(Up Next: DS3 In DHS Hog Heaven)
Life is short. Eat dessert first.

March 2009: Port Orleans Riverside ( Trip Report -- Dining Report ) -- May 2006: Vacation Village timeshare -- May 2002: Orange Lake timeshare
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Old 02-13-2009, 08:16 AM   #5
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Park Day 2 (Tuesday)

DHS day – pre-open breakfast ADR at Hollywood & Vine; DS3 loves “pat pat” (Little Einsteins), and we've kept this character meal a surprise from him to see his reaction. After breakfast, it's time to move quickly to Toy Story mania to get fast passes (and ride standby if the wait isn't too long!). Based on how that goes, we'll try to hit the shows in the back (Little Mermaid and Playhouse Disney) around our fast pass time, and then head off to the Honey I Shrunk The Playground area and Muppets 3-D (along with the Cars meet-and-greet!).

Lunch will be an ADR at Mama Melrose, since we plan on being right near there anyway, and the nearby counter service option is pizza – might as well just build a “break” into the day for the kids and have something a little more upscale (even if it winds up just being pizza after all).

Post-lunch, we'll see about letting DW do ToT and maybe catch the Beauty and the Beast show. American Idol is a possibility, as well, though unlikely. Other rides/shows will be fit in based on how well we are doing, and what the kids are up for. There's a good chance we'll want to do the Playhouse Disney show a second time.

Dinner at Sci-Fi Dine In, and then maybe one more thing before park closing (not likely), or just head back to the resort.

(Up Next: Back to the MK with Pooh and Friends)
Life is short. Eat dessert first.

March 2009: Port Orleans Riverside ( Trip Report -- Dining Report ) -- May 2006: Vacation Village timeshare -- May 2002: Orange Lake timeshare
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Old 02-13-2009, 08:19 AM   #6
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Park Day 3 (Wednesday)

Back to the Magic Kingdom. Pre-open ADR at Crystal Palace, and then try to tackle Adventureland and Fronteirland, with a lunch ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern. Hopefully the critters will nap a bit, allowing us to hang out all afternoon on a leisurely pace. Off to an early dinner at Kona, and then back to the resort from there.

Park Day 4 (Thursday)

Epcot – Princess Breakfast before park open. (We would have liked this to be further away from our CRT day, but we'll take the ADRs when we can get them!) We'll be getting back to Future World an hour after rope drop, so playing fast pass strategy here will be necessary. General plan: standby and rider swap on test Track while the waiting parent takes DS2 and DD2 on a walk to get fast passes for Soarin'; may want to grab fast passes for Mission: Space first, depending on the length of the return window, but that's a ride we can pass on if necessary. We'll work in some “downtime” activities such as The Land, Innoventions, and Spaceship Earth to entertain the critters around Mom & Dad (and DS3) doing other rides.

Lunch ADR at Coral Reef (try to do The Seas and Turtle Talk either before or right after), and then finish up any remaining Future World activities quickly to allow for the twins (and maybe DS3) to fall asleep as we push the strollers around World Showcase. Dinner ADR at Rose & Crown, and then call it a night.

(Up Next: The Castle!)
Life is short. Eat dessert first.

March 2009: Port Orleans Riverside ( Trip Report -- Dining Report ) -- May 2006: Vacation Village timeshare -- May 2002: Orange Lake timeshare

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