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PrincessTrisha 12-06-2005 02:08 PM

Delectable Dining Reviews; Disney Dining Plan
Delectable Dining Reviews; Disney Dining Plan – Nov. 27th to Dec. 3rd

The Cast:
Me: I was the payer/planner so the choices where to eat were mostly mine. I love food and am okay with a little spice and I am a big fan of shrimp.
Mom: Doesn’t like spice at all (she’s a mild salsa kind of lady), and is not a fan of huge chunks of beef.
Dad: Loves huge chunks of beef and chocolate cake. He’s a quantity over quality kind of guy.
Jenna: She’s 11 and seemed miserable the entire trip. She loves steak and any dessert but hates any orange cheese with a passion. Not a big fan kid’s menus so was pleased about the dining plan and getting steak at almost every meal.

Sunday Nov. 27th

Dinner – 4:30pm – Planet Hollywood

Our ADR had been for 4pm but because the dip at the front desk of AKL put only three keys in the envelope (she left out the 4th) we had to go back and were late getting to the restaurant which was not a problem.

This was my mom’s one choice of where to eat. She really likes this restaurant and let me say from the get go, it did not disappoint!

We used 3 dining credits and paid OOP for a kid’s meal (which I did not make Jenna eat). I had asked about just sharing 3 dining credits but the waitress was unfamiliar with the dining plan but offered a kid’s menu for Jenna so it worked out fine. Btw, this was the waitresses only downfall as service was excellent, glasses were readily refilled, dirty plates taken away quickly, and she returned many times to ensure that everything was acceptable. She made appropriate recommendations and was very pleasant.

We started with:

Tostadas – Filled with bbq chicken and smothered with cheese served with salsa and sour cream.
Potato Skins – filled with bacon, cheese and bbq sauce served with sour cream on the side.
Capt Crunch Chicken fingers – big pieces of white meat chicken coated with a crunchy sweat coating.

All three were very good and they were large servings. The chicken fingers were amazingly good – everything was hot and fresh. I told the waitress we were sharing them around so she brought small plates out to make it easier.

For entrees:

2 x 14 oz Rib eye Steaks served with French fries and green beans. (One for Dad and one for Jenna)
1x BBQ ribs served with French fries and coleslaw. (Mom and I ended up sharing)
1 x kid’s chicken finger meal (I ate the fries but the chicken fingers came back with us to the fridge)

The steaks were cooked exactly to order (medium and medium well). They were large and tender and rated 2nd best of the trip. The fries were hot and crispy but the green beans were a little blah but I expect that of American vegetables served in restaurants.

The BBQ ribs were fall off the bone fantastic. My mom found them a little spicy but they were mild. It was a full rack and they just seemed to go on and on. Everyone tried some and we all agreed that they were good – not fatty and very tender.

The chicken fingers were good reheated in the microwave at the Mara the next morning. :oP


2 x Strawberry Cheesecake
1 x Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

The cheesecake set the bar for all the others to follow and honestly, none quite lived up to this one. It was super creamy and had fresh strawberries and sauce on top. The chocolate cake the right mix of cake and icing and the ice cream was very rich and creamy (some of the best we’ve ever had). The desserts were all huge – I think the piece of chocolate cake was about a ¼ of a round cake.

3 x diet cokes (2 without ice and 1 with – you will notice a pattern as the reviews progress)
1 large chocolate milk (for Jenna)

3 Table Service credits used – Total cost would have been: $137.27
OOP kid’s meal with large chocolate milk $10.33 + $10 extra tip

PrincessTrisha 12-06-2005 02:09 PM

Monday Nov. 28th

Breakfast – 7:30am – In the room
Leftover steak and chicken fingers in the room – oh and we each had a Dunkin donut we had purchased just before our arrival in Orlando.

Lunch – 50’s Primetime Diner – 3pm

I had originally scheduled this for dinner however, we had stopped for Mickey ice cream bars earlier and basically just kept going on rides and shows and never stopped for lunch. Our ADR had been for 5pm but they were very accommodating letting us in around 3pm.

Here the waitress had no problem letting us share 3 table service credits between the four of us. Mom Cindy was okay but definitely spent more time with the tables around us than she did with us. We had to ask for refills and the plates from our starters stayed on the table after our entrees were served. I don’t think this had anything to do with being on the dining plan though, because most of the other tables around us were on the plan as well.

For starters:

Boursin Fried Cheese – creamy deep fried cheese served with crispy bread and grapes.
Seafood dip – Trout and salmon blended with mayo and spices served with thin hard cracker style bread.
Shrimp cocktail – cold shrimp served with cocktail sauce.

The fried cheese was really good. It was very different than anything we have had before. It was sort of like a deep fried cheese ball. The seafood dip was my favourite. It was very smooth and had a nice fish flavor – almost like a fancy salmon salad. The only disappointment was the accompanying bread – it was too hard for my liking and a flakier cracker would have been a better addition. The shrimp were, well shrimp. Nothing special but still good.

For entrees:

Meatloaf – Giant chuck of meatloaf served with creamy mashed potatoes and sauté green beans.
Fried chicken – Half a chicken dipped in coating and fried to a golden brown. Also served with mashed potatoes and sauté green beans.
Chicken Pot Pie – Flaky puff pastry served with chunky chicken stew (with fresh broccoli) in gravy.

When we were seated the greeter noticed that we originally had an ADR for dinner and asked if we wanted the dinner menu instead of the lunch menu. I said lunch would be fine and she suggested the chicken pot pie (served only at lunch). I am not a big fan of stew or gravy but I ordered it anyway. It was really tasty. The puff pastry was very flaky and the stew softened it up nicely. The large chunks of broccoli were a pleasant surprise and they were cooked perfectly – firm but not crunchy. The meatloaf was good (my dad and Jenna ate all of it). My mom and Jenna also shared the fried chicken and it too was devoured. My dad had some of my chicken pot pie and he agreed that it was great. I could not believe the big chunks of white meat! As always, the mashed potatoes and green beans were good.


Dad’s super sundae – a brownie covered with ice cream, whipped cream and assorted toppings (this was perfect for my dad, everything he loves was on it).
Snickers cheesecake – a round cheesecake served with fudge sauce and crackerjacks.
S’mores – a layer of graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallows.

The sundae was huge and another patron came up and asked what it was so he too could order it. No complaints on that one for sure. The cheesecake was good (but we had been spoiled by the one at Planet Hollywood already). My favourite part was the fudge sauce with the crackerjacks – an amazing combination! Jenna had wanted the S'mores but only ate about three bites before attacking my dad’s sundae. They were okay but a little too well done on top.


3 x diet cokes (2 without ice and 1 with)
1 Mickey’s be bop drink with glowing ice cube (paid out of pocket around $7)

3 Table Service credits used – Total cost would have been: $99.97
OOP Glow drink - $7

Dinner – 8pm – The Mara

Fantasmic got rained out so we headed back to the hotel and had dinner. I had bought the refillable mugs the day we arrived so we got bottled drinks to take back to the room.


Double Cheeseburger with salad
Tandoori Chicken Pizza with salad
Hot turkey sub with mozzarella cheese with salad


1 pkg of zebra domes and chocolate mousse
1 cheesecake
1 apple dessert


2 bottled orange juice
1 bottled ice tea

Total cost: 3 CS credits – would have been $49.82

I was surprised by how good everything was. It all tasted fresh and was served piping hot. We really didn’t like the zebra domes all that much though and we never did eat the cheesecake (it sat in the fridge all week). It was convenient and I would eat here again.

PrincessTrisha 12-06-2005 02:10 PM

Tuesday Nov. 29th

Breakfast – 7:30am – Ohana’s

The food was brought in a large silver platter along with a plate of fruit and a basket of sweet rolls.

The sweet rolls were nice – there was a cinnamon raisin one, a pineapple one and some biscuits.

The fruit was fresh and ripe.

There were Mickey waffles, potatoes, bacon, sausage and eggs. The eggs were too runny for my taste but we requested and received a fresh cooked plate of “dry” eggs which were perfectly cooked. The waffles and potatoes were definite favourites.

There was also coffee and orange juice. The coffee was weak but that is expected but the OJ was cold and sweet (but it did have pulp).

I paid out of pocket for this one – it came to $76.64 plus I left a $12 tip. They take your pictures at the beginning and I ended up buying those as well. There were two large pictures, two wallets, a keychain and a magnet for $25 plus tax.

Without a child I doubt I would do this one again. While it was nice, I could think of a lot better things to spend $90 on. Btw, stitch did not make it to breakfast until we were leaving and then they had people lined up to meet him in the lobby area of the restaurant. Lilo, Mickey and Pluto were great though and we saw each character twice.

Lunch – 1:45pm – Peco’s Bills

We were very go, go, go this morning and didn’t realize the time. Because we had dinner reservations at the Castle for 4:20pm we (well I) decided to split 2 counter service meals between the four of us.


2 double bacon cheeseburgers with fries (we each had half a bun with a burger patty on it – my dad and I had the sides with the cheese and Jenna and my mom had the sides with the bacon).


2 Peanut Butter mousse brownies


2 diet cokes (one with ice; one without)

Total cost: 2 CS credits – would have been $25.80

The burgers were good and the topping bar was amazing! Fried mushroom and onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato and of course that yummy cheese sauce! This really hit the spot and kept us going until dinner. There was plenty of inside seating and the table and restrooms were very clean.

Dinner – 4:20 – Cinderella’s Royal Table

When we were being seated the hostess asked if I would like a kid’s menu for Jenna so I said yes (so again we would use only 3 credits). The waitress was really wonderful and we all got the Mickey straws in our drinks. She was very accommodating and helpful and very pleasant.


2 x Shrimp cocktails – Jumbo shrimp served with swirls of cocktail sauce.
1 x Caesar salad – very large (I had ordered it simply for Jenna but it was so large and the waitress brought two plates so I had some as well. Thankfully it was light on the dressing which I prefer)


Filet of beef with seasonal vegetables and a side of mashed potatoes.
King cut prime rib with root mashed potatoes
Lamb shank with root mashed potatoes
Kid’s chicken strip meal

I don’t recall asking for the potatoes but they were a welcome side since Jenna got fruit with the chicken strips. Jenna ate the filet; I had the vegetables and some of my mom’s lamb. My dad had the prime rib which he gave me a few bites of. The food was all very good especially the root mashed potatoes. The 2 chicken strips were huge and they again went back to the fridge with us (along with a bunch of the pretzel bread rolls at the waitress’s suggestion). My mom liked the lamb but said it was just too big for one person.


Crown Sundae – Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and Mickey head sprinkles with a dark chocolate crown.
Key lime Crème Brulee served with a graham biscotti and a dark chocolate crown.
Chocolate cake with whipped cream and a dark chocolate crown.

The waitress had added the chocolate crowns to each of the desserts and brought out a separate plate for me with one on it as well which was a very nice touch. Jenna had the ice cream and three of the chocolate crowns. My mom and I shared the brulee and my dad had the chocolate cake. His only complaint was that there was too much fudge icing and not enough cake.


3 diet cokes (2 without ice, 1 with)
1 Sprite

3 Table Service credits used – Total cost would have been: $141.13
OOP kid’s Chicken strip meal - $6.39 with $10 extra tip

PrincessTrisha 12-06-2005 02:11 PM

Wednesday Nov. 30th

Skipped breakfast as this was sleep in day because we went to the Christmas party last night.

Lunch – 11:30am – Earl of Sandwich


1 Full Montague without the cheese
1 chicken Florentine


White cake cupcakes with lots of icing and sprinkles


2 fountain pops

Total: 2 CS credits – would have been $16.80

I will agree that this tasted really good however, we had to go back to the hotel about 1 ½ later because both my mom and I were sick to our stomachs. That is all I will say about this place.

Dinner – 8:30pm – Concourse Steakhouse


Scallops – 3 large sauté scallops
Lobster Bisque – creamy soup with chunks of lobster
Honey Garlic Wings – crispy wings with a sweet sauce

We really enjoyed the wings and the lobster bisque. The scallops were only so-so, kind of bland really.


14oz Rib eye Steak served with giant onion rings (for Dad of course!)
7oz filet mignon with parmesan mashed potatoes (for Jenna)
Penne Pasta with shrimp (mom and I shared)

My dad didn’t really enjoy the steak – it was cooked right but he said it was very mediocre. Jenna just shrugged her shoulders when I asked about her steak so I took a piece and it was good. The pasta was a nice change and the shrimp were large and firm.


Chocolate cake
2 x snickers cheesecake

This is where the meal really fell down. The cake was awful – it was a piece of plain cake with the icing in a little swirl on the side. They had no more of the other cheesecake that you see in the pictures with the contemporary symbol done in chocolate. I can honestly say that we only ate a couple of bites of the desserts and not because we were too full.


3 diet cokes (2 no ice, 1 ice)
1 Smoothie (for Jenna)

This was the first place that a server had offered any kind of specialty drink. Jenna ordered one but I can’t remember which kind and I paid for my diet coke out of pocket.

3 Table Service credits used – Total cost would have been: $145.53
OOP diet coke with a small extra tip $5

I know that this place has been a favourite of the boards lately but it was a very forgettable meal for us.

PrincessTrisha 12-06-2005 02:12 PM

Thursday Dec. 1st

We were supposed to eat at Ohana’s tonight but I was not in the mood for a buffet. I called Disney dining from our room and was able to get an ADR for Alfredo’s for 6:15pm.

Breakfast – 7:30am – The Mara


Breakfast Pizza
Breakfast Platter
Mickey waffle with Bacon


1 OJ
1 Apple juice
1 Ice tea (bottled)

Total cost: 2 CS credits – would have been $26

The breakfast pizza was really good – it had cheese, eggs, ham and peppers on it. The crust was nice and crispy and it was made fresh. The breakfast platter was okay but I would not get it again as they just scoop precooked food onto the plate. The waffle was again made fresh and we had a choice of bacon, sausage or fruit on top.

Lunch – 12:30pm – Tusker House


½ Rotisserie Chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans
Salmon with rice and green beans
Fried chicken sandwich with steak fries


Chocolate cake
Carrot cake


2 diet cokes (1 with and 1 without ice)
1 sprite

Cost: 2 CS credits – would have been $42.82

Except for the fact that you have to go up and get the food yourself you would never know that this was a counter service restaurant. We had a “trainee” at the cash and she gave us large pops (which was nice) while it seemed everyone around us got just the medium size. The food was so good and I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. The fried chicken sandwich was huge and the steak fries were thick cut. The roasted chicken was perfect and the salmon was flaky. The only thing we didn’t enjoy was the rice.

Dinner – 6:15pm – Alfredo’s

I know that reviews have been mixed but we had a very good experience here.


Fettuccini alfredo
Caesar salad
Tomatoes and Mozzarella

In hindsight, I should have ordered 2 fettuccini’s instead of the tomatoes and mozzarella as the fettuccini was amazing but the other was only okay. The calamari came in a huge pile and the salad was large as well.


Fettuccine alla Vodka con Gamberoni (shrimp pasta with a peppery tomato cream vodka sauce)
2 x Filetto di Bue al Gorgonzola (steak and potatoes)
Specialita del Giorno (which was salmon with a lemon sauce)

When the steaks came out the one was way over cooked and the other was cooked right but cold. We waived down a manager and the steaks were taken away and not 5 mins later replaced with new perfect steaks. The manager and the waiter must have apologized 10 times. As I expressed to the manager, I understand that mistakes happen, all I wanted was it rectified quickly which they did so I was very happy. The pasta was so good, I even pushed aside some of the shrimp to be able to finish it (don’t worry about those shrimp my friends, my dad was there to finish them off). My mom’s salmon was so tender and the lemon sauce was just heavenly.


2 Dessert sampler platters – these were the only let down of the meal. While all of the items were okay, nothing really stood out.


3 diet cokes (2 no ice, 1 ice)
1 ice tea

Total – 4 TS credits used – would have cost $223.05

A fine meal and if we go on the dining plan again, it will certainly be a stop for us. :earboy2:

PrincessTrisha 12-06-2005 02:13 PM

Friday Dec 2nd

Breakfast – 8:20am – 1900 Park Fare

This buffet was really good. There was a huge selection of foods and the omelet station was a nice touch. We saw Pooh, Tigger and the Mad Hatter – Alice was not there yet (not even before we left!). This is one that I might consider doing again even without a child with me.

Total – 4 TS credits – would have been $92.29

Lunch – none because we were so full from breakfast and I wanted to make sure to have room for dinner so we settled for ice cream instead.

Dinner – 6:40pm – Le Cellier

This was a favourite of ours from last time and it was a pleasure to go back (especially since we are Canadians – our pride just swells).


Shrimp Cocktail
Beef Kabob
Cheese Platter
Candies Salmon


2 x Mushroom Filets
1 x regular filet
1 x 14oz New York strip steak (with mashed potatoes)


2 x chocolate cakes
1 x maple crème brulee
1 x apple cobbler

Drinks – need I say it?

3 diet cokes
1 sprite

Total – 4 TS credits used – cost would have been $232.85

We were offered smoothies here as well but none of us had one. We shared around the appetizers which were all good but I don’t think I would get the cheese platter again as it was a little strange for me. The steaks were out of this world and the absolute best this trip. The mushroom risotto was so good we got the recipe. The desserts didn’t disappoint although I found the cobbler to be super sweet. It was truly a superb meal which could never be outdone. Oh, and Triplefigs was sitting behind our table and we spoke just before they were leaving. Her kids really are sweet and adorable! :earsboy: :earsboy: :earsgirl:

PrincessTrisha 12-06-2005 02:13 PM

Saturday Dec 3rd

This was our last day. We had not repacked a thing so we decided to forgo the parks, pack up and do a little more shopping. We skipped breakfast and had lunch at Pop Century (we are thinking of staying there for part of the trip next time)

Lunch – 11:30am – Pop Century Food Court


3 x Chicken Alfredo
1 x chicken fingers


3 x lunar cheesecake
1 x chocolate cake


2 bottles diet coke
1 cranberry juice
1 ice tea

Total $58.12 – 4 CS credits

The chicken Alfredo was really good. It is a huge deep fried chicken breast with pasta and white sauce. The desserts were good for counter service.

We had 7 leftover CS credits and 11 snack credits so we got:

2 x Chef Salads
3 x Deli Subs
2 x Turkey and bacon sandwiches

3 x lunar cheesecake
3 x chocolate cakes
1 x carrot cake

5 x bottled diet coke
2 x bottled ice tea

9 x Mickey rice krispie treats
2 x Cheddar and sour cream chips

I am sorry but I did not remember to look at the total when this was rung up but I know it was well over $100 for the counter service and around $30 for the snacks.

All in all, the dining plan was great. By sharing we ended up with the right amount of food and it allowed us an extra character breakfast. By just using our table service credits we spent more than what the plan cost me. If it is available and fits with our plans, I could definitely see using it again.

DaisyGirlAllTheWay 12-06-2005 02:20 PM

Thank you so much for the reviews! They were awesome! :)

GeorgiaAristocat 12-06-2005 02:40 PM

Excellent reviews - Thanks so much.

I have to agree with you about the Mushroom filet at Le Cell - it was also our favorite of the trip. I am such a light eater, though, and the risotto so rich that I could easily share this with my husband or Mom.

It was also wonderful to read about you sharing with your Mom most of the trip. We're taking my Mom with us next year, and I think we'll end up sharing when possible also, and perhaps fit in an extra TS that way!

3princesses4us 12-06-2005 02:43 PM

Great descriptions, thanks for all the details!

JustInLouisville 12-06-2005 02:50 PM

Wow - great review! Many thanks for putting it in all one thread.

Ain't nothing like leftover steak for b'fast! MMMMMM!

ufgator 12-06-2005 03:13 PM

Thanks for the reviews! Thanks for providing a lot of details.

Minniespal 12-06-2005 03:26 PM

Really enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for posting.

FSUGrad97 12-06-2005 05:14 PM

I totally agree with you about 1900 Park Fare and Tusker House! We were there around the same time you were (Dec. 1-4), too!

WAHMto5 12-06-2005 05:41 PM

One of the best reviews I have read!! Thanks for all the great info!!

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