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Dan Murphy 10-17-2005 09:45 PM

Why she runs...... *update, page 3*
As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We all seem to have a cause we lean to and embrace; I guess with Marie now a 7 year breast cancer survivor (she just got her annual 'OK' from her oncologist about a week ago :goodvibes), this is a cause I embrace. I know many other here do also. If you ever want to stop and meet some neat ladies, stop by and say hello to the folks on the DIS Breast Cancer Survivors - GAGWTA! thread.

I watched the show Dateline yesterday. Breast cancer survivor, Melissa Etheridge, was one of the guests, discussing confronting, head on, her battle with the beast. It was a wonderful show, about a real fighter of a lady, one who tells it like it is.

She spoke of a song she wrote, I Run for Life, which almost sounds like an anthem of courage and fight against a disease that so many have not given in to. I downloaded the song from the Ford sponsored breast cancer awareness site, using their iTunes link, and added it to the DIS Breast Cancer Survivors - GAGWTA! thread for the ladies there. I thought it might be good to share here too, on the regular part of the CB, others might benefit from it also.

These are the lyrics, very, very moving. :goodvibes And a link to listen while you read...............

I Run For Life ---click for sound

It's been years since they told her about it
The darkness her body possessed
And the scars are still there in the mirror
Everyday that she gets herself dressed
Though the pain is miles and miles behind her
And the fear is now a docile beast
If you ask her why she is still running
She'll tell you it makes her complete

I run for hope
I run to feel
I run for the truth
For all that is real
I run for your mother your sister your wife
I run for you and me my friend I run for life

It's a blur since they told me about it
How the darkness had taken its toll
And they cut into my skin and they cut into my body
But they will never get a piece of my soul
And now I'm still learning the lesson
To waken when I hear the call
And if you ask me why I am still running
I'll tell you I run for us all


And someday if they tell you about it
If the darkness knocks on your door
Remember her remember me
We will be running as we have before
Running for answers
Running for more

And THAT is why she runs............


(Note, this is a 2005 thread, updated 2014. And Marie is still doing great, 16 years.)

Mom2Ashli 10-17-2005 09:56 PM

That is GREAT!!

Thanks for sharing Dan.

MinnieM3 10-17-2005 10:09 PM

Thanks Dan. :flower:

Alicnwondrln 10-17-2005 10:10 PM

i saw that on Tv last night
she is a strong woman :grouphug:

Louise-Montreal 10-17-2005 10:17 PM

You're awesome, Dan. Thanks for the info and the links. :flower:

Judy from Boise 10-17-2005 10:19 PM

congratulations to you and marie both ! :) :)

Alicnwondrln 10-17-2005 10:42 PM

bump :grouphug:

Pea-n-Me 10-17-2005 10:45 PM

Thank you, Dan, and congratulations and hugs to Marie!! :cheer2: :cheer2:

Dan Murphy 10-18-2005 12:18 PM

A bump for the daytime folks. And thanks for your good wishes for Marie.

ead79 10-18-2005 12:23 PM

Thanks for sharing this, Dan. Congratulations to Marie on 7 years! I think that breast cancer awareness/research is such a worthy cause. Here in GA they have breast cancer license plates that go to fund research—I’ve got one on my car. A worthy cause indeed.

MsDisney23 10-18-2005 12:28 PM

Dan so very happy to hear that Marie got such a wonderful report! I saw that on TV myself, I have always been a huge fan of Melissa. As you may recall Lauren my dd had a scare this month, all check out to be ok with her. However as a Mom I can tell you how scared I was for my only daughter and to the rest of the woman who have and still are dealing with this issue!

Thamks so much for reminding so many of us of this important issue! :goodvibes

Again Dan another "Great" Thread!

Planogirl 10-18-2005 12:30 PM

A big congratulations to Marie!!! Thanks also for reminding us. We always need to keep this foremost in our thoughts.

Poohbear123 10-18-2005 12:45 PM

Congrats to Marie.
:Pinkbounc And thanks Dan for posting this! :goodvibes I went for my 6 month mammo it was OK and don't have to go back till NEXT October! :banana:

bjgrazi 10-18-2005 12:51 PM

Dan, I'm so glad Marie had a good check-up.

This past Sunday my daughter and I did our first annual walk for breast cancer. It's something that we promsied each other we'd do together each year.

I have so much admiration for the survivors.

Laurajean1014 10-18-2005 12:55 PM

Great News, Marie...
Dan, Thank you..............I run for life, too. :)

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