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SueM in MN 10-08-2005 02:14 PM

A reminder about the disABILITIES Board
This is one of the saddest posts I have ever read on this board
The thread that this post was copied from has been deleted, so this quote is all that's left of the thread.

Originally Posted by kimarina
Earning My Ears

Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 1
amazingly sad
Wow, I just came on here because I was told it was a great place to get helpful hints re: Disney wish trips.

We are going to GKTW soon, as a wish for my son who has cancer.

I cant believe that when I came on here, I saw fighting re: who's child is more sick....or who deserves MAW, or whatever it is you are all fighting about. Sorry, I didnt pay attention to who said what....but do think the woman with the child with autism was rudely attacked.

I have worked with children with varieties of the Autism Spectrum Disorder, and MANY have life threatening seizures.....just an FYI for those keeping track of which childhood illness is worse.....

None of us DESERVES a is a kind gesture from a charity....if that charity wants to make children happy.....even those who dont have a "life threatening illness"....that is their choice.

Yikes....bad taste in my mouth on this first visit to this forum....I will keep reading, and hopefully find kinder people with some helpful info.


I'm very sad that someone who came here looking for help, instead saw nastyness. I'm especially sad that someone's first post was to say something that shouldn't need saying on this board - why, in heaven's name would we, of all people be fighting over disabilities?

To kim, I apologize for the not so nice things you've seen. That is not how it's supposed to be. That's not how it usually is.

This board is a HELP/TIPS Board.

People with all sorts of disabilities (permanent or temporary) are welcome here.

Just like the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), there is no requirement that anyone "prove" their disability.

I am a nurse and it's in my nature to figure things out and try to help people. I started coming to the DIS Boards a long time ago to just to find out what nights the light parade would be going on at MK.
I saw a place where I could share some things I knew about WDW that could help other people with disabilities have an easier time at WDW. As I shared, some other people felt comfortable sharing too. Sometimes the regular boards were not a good place for this, because those of us with disabilities were attacked or felt lost in all the other questions.
This board grew out of that sharing.

Some disABILITIES Board posters have come recently, but there are a lot of frequent posters who have been here since this board began. Many have put a lot of time and effort into using what they know to help other people.

Sometimes people come to share their own experiences, to share joy or sorrow or to vent, but no one comes here expecting to be pulled down.

This board was begun as a safe haven; a place where anyone could ask anything (how many places can you find 3 pages on what to do about children who smear feces?) without fear of attack or ridicule.

For those of us who care about this board, it is our home and we want it to stay a welcoming haven for guests to visit.

PS. No debating allowed. If you want to affirm that we have kind, helpful people on this board, please do.
If you want to debate or fight, please find another home.

eternaldisneyfan 10-08-2005 05:46 PM

I second this :)
Here, here! Thank you for stepping up and saying something!


Joanna71985 10-08-2005 06:46 PM

AMEN!! We shouldn't be fighting on these boards, especially over something like whose child is sicker. We should be helping each other, not biting each other's heads off. So please, let's try to control ourselves (this goes for me too).

Meezers 10-08-2005 07:05 PM

Thank You

kimarina 10-09-2005 01:14 AM

Im glad that got cleared up :grouphug:

Back to why I came here, and hoping someone can direct me....

My family (DS aged 4 [5 in 11 days] with cancer, DD aged 2.5, hubby and I) is going on a wish trip to FLA in a few weeks. We are going to Give Kids the World, although we live in S. CA and go to DL on a regular basis. We picked GKTW because we have heard that the village itself is amazing.

We only have about 4 days (when you cut out travel time)..and dont have time to see everything, I am trying to find the best way to spend our time. Things to consider, are that my children are young, and short 39" and 35", and that will limit what they can "ride".

I have heard that one of the parks has a super hero area...I think my son would love that. Also, the animal kingdom sounds fun.....I am interested in Epcot (different countries)....

Any tips on "must see" stuff for young kids is appreciated....anything that they already have at DL we can skip....

Thanks in advance!

eternaldisneyfan 10-09-2005 01:27 AM

WDW vs. DL
I've been to both. I went on my wish trip to WDW and stayed at GKTW (a while back-later returned to WDW). I would be glad to make you a personalized list and show you where the attractions at DL & CA are at WDW. Also the parts of GKTW that I wouldn't miss and wish I would've done more of. Feel free to PM me. :)


roseprincess 10-09-2005 09:52 AM

Hi Kim- :wave:

What I have read on these boards about GKTW, there are alot of extra activites that go on at GKTW that young kids love so much, that it is hard to get to the actual Disney parks. For example,Barney day, Christmas and Santa Claus day, or something like that. My dd went on her wish trip last yr, but we stayed somewhere alternate than GKTW, so we didn't do the GKTW experience. What I have read on these boards is that there is some kind of schedule at GKTW that lists these certain activites. You can probably read back a few months of threads on this board about other people's wish trips at GKTW that explain all the info I mentioned.

Also, on your child's wish trip at GKTW, you will get passes to Sea World and Universal Studios/IOA.
When we went to IOA(Island of Adventure) last yr, we only went to the Dr.
Suess area, for lack of time that day. It was a fun area for smaller kids. The have a few different Dr. Suess rides and a water play area. Maybe check that area out if you are Dr. Suess fans. They also had a Dr. Suess character there
to take pictures with.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

Rosemarie :flower:

michelle9343 10-09-2005 10:02 AM

Thanks :sunny:
I hope your DS has a wonderful wish trip. I have never stayed at GKTW but have a freind staying this week.One tip is if your DS needs a quick break or rest and you dont want to leave the park ,the fist aid station at each disney parks are wonderful. I use them to give mt DD age 7 a break from the heat or to change her diaper(to big to change on a changing table). The nurses are wonderful .When is your trip?

kaytieeldr 10-09-2005 02:06 PM

Hi, Kim. I know four days isn't nearly enough to see Walt Disney World, but the Super Hero area your son might like is actually at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Tough choice, I know :( but you'd probably be better off sticking with Disney. I know there's a meet & greet area with Buzz Lightyear and Stitch at the Magic Kingdom - I guess Buzz is sort of a Superhero, no?

Your kids will be able to ride most of the attractions at WDW - anything without a height restriction.

You can probably (try to) skip several of the attractions in FantasyLand, since they're also at DL; and as much as we all like Soarin', you have the original out there so you can skip that at Epcot. You don't say when you're going - or if you did, I missed it - but there's the Living Seas in Epcot, and Universe of Energy, and Journey Into Imagination & Honey I Shrunk the Audience, all in FutureWorld. World Showcase is gorgeous, but there's not that much to "do" for the kids. A couple of boat rides, movies in a few countries, the fantastic but probably too-long show in the American Adventure... but there's LOTS of street entertainment you'll all enjoy.

The Safari in Animal Kingdom is amazing, don't miss that, just remember to keep your kids seated and away from the outside seats. If your kids want to see some smaller animals close up, don't miss Rafiki's Planet Watch. The train for this is to the left after you exit the Safari. The Lion King show is fantastic as well - bright, colorful, upbeat, very popular. Kali River Rapids, I think both your kids are tall enough but I'm not 100% sure about your daughter.

Poohnatic 10-09-2005 10:33 PM

Welcome, Kim!

Sorry, I don't venture over to DISabilities as much as I once did.

Our first trip with my kids was when they were just turned 5 and 21 months. Things that we enjoyed from that trip, that weren't impacted by height:

Magic Kingdom:
Peter Pan's Flight
Tiki Room
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin
Tomorrowland Transit Authority (to this day, they have to go on several times!)
Goofy's Barnstormer
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
It's a Small World
country bears

MGM Studios:
Playhouse disney
Little Mermaid
Muppetvision 3D
Indiana Jones

Epcot the first trip was mostly what DH and I liked, but they loved Living with the Land, Imagination and the Universe of Energy, Spaceship Earth and Mexico's El Rio Del Tiempo. They sat through the movies for Canada and France without complaint, probably because there was a lot to see-and snack breaks throughout the day. If the Living Seas is reopened before you get there, we find we can easily spend two hours over there!

Animal Kingdom:
Festival of the Lion King
All of Dinoland, USA except Dinosaur (still have problems with that one)
Kilimanjaro Safari
just recently saw Tarzan Rocks and both boys loved it.

Four days is not enough time to do it all-so pick and choose what you want to do. If you skip a park, or do half and half, you might be better off. I'd suggest getting a Birnbaum guide or going to Deb Will's has an awesome site, and she just published a book for special needs travelers "PassPorter's Walt Disnehy World for your Special Needs". My wonderful SIL bought two copies (one for us) and we're rather impressed by this book. If you don't want to purchase one, since you're doing the one trip, perhaps your local library might have a copy to borrow.

It's funny, there are things we ONLY did that first trip, but my now 6 year old will ask to go back to the petting zoo at WDW.

I hope your trip is everything your Make a Wish child has dreamed.


mommie2angels 10-09-2005 11:30 PM

Kim, our dd age 7 (cancer) made her trip to GKTW last Oct. I would be glad to answer any questions I can or help in any way. I have extra maps if that would possibly help you plan your trip. If you would like me to mail those to you just send me a PM.

We love WDW but also had great experiences at Universal and Island of Adventures. I guess it just depends on which characters your DS likes best. There are a lot of wonderful things to do at GKTW too.

TiggerCate 10-10-2005 12:21 AM

I agree that it's very sad. Thanks for posting this.

Kim, have a magical time! I have no advice, since I am also a Disneyland veteran and have never been to WDW!

spotdog 10-10-2005 10:52 PM

I just wanted to encourage you to keep returning to this forum. This is a welcoming place, with encouragement and useful suggestions, whether your challenge is physical, mental or emotional.

If your child likes superheroes don't miss Buzz Lightyear's ride at MK. Even if you can't spin alot it is still fun to try to "remove" the bad guys. There are many things at the MK which are different from Disneyland.

Animal Kingdom is my new favorite, though. The safari ride and the Lion King show are the best. If you like dinosaurs be sure to visit that area. The Dinosaur ride is scary though, even for those who are tall enough.

DutchsMommy 10-13-2005 07:52 PM


You might want to check out the Power Rangers in MGM if DS likes they. They are actually the 4 rangers who come out (music blaring in their "power ranger mobile") near the Stunt Sow/NY streetscape at MGM. Your son (or anyone in your family ;) ) can meet them individually and there are plenty of photo ops. Also, there is a great playground at MGM, if everyone is feeling up to it, which is based on Honey I shrunk the Kids and it has huge spiderwebs, water shooting cans of play-doh etc etc. HTH :wizard:

lewdyan1 10-13-2005 09:54 PM

:grouphug: Welcome! :goodvibes

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