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toyman70 10-04-2005 08:27 AM

We just got back from 6 nights at Pop Century on the free dining plan.
All I can say is FAb-u-lous !!!
Little prolog:
Me-Jason 34 my 8th trip to WDW. I have 70 Disney restaurants under my belt.
Wife- Patty 25 her 5th trip. NEVER ate at any sit down restaurants EVER, what a shame.
Married 3 years and this is our first Disney trip together. So I had to let her eat around the world.
This is the first time I had used any dining plan. Food was in abundance.
Since the plan was free for us it was well worth it (when is free food not).

Now go grab your favorite snack, loosen your belts, fetch a bib and let’s get your eat on!!!!


C.S. = Counter service
T.S. = Table service
Paid cash= means I paid cash for that item and did not use any credits.
All snacks will be pictured together at the end of the reports. I will not list them the days they are eaten (to much eating going on to remember where and when).

DAY 1 9/18/05
Cantina san angel – 1 C.S. credit
combo platter:
Thoughts: not bad but nothing special.filling

Sci-Fi dine in – 2 T.S. credits
bacon cheeseburger:
BLT soup:
onion rings:
cookie & cream shake:
apple crisp:
moon pie:
Rating:very good
Thoughts:I like the burgers here alot.the onion rings are great.desserts are OK
nothing special.shake was awesome

DAY 2 9/19
Lunch 1:
Cosmic Ray’s – 1 C.S. credit- we split this meal
double cheeseburger & fries:
carrot cake:
Thoughts:a filling counter service.decent carrot cake

Lunch 2:
Flame Tree BBQ – 1 C.S. credit – we split this also
onion rings:
chocolate cake:
Thoughts:the ribs were perfect,beans sweet and tender,corn juicy,cake rich &
moist,onoin rings super.I highly recommend this place.Plus it's only a counter service.I paid cash for the onion rings

Le’Cellier – 2 T.S. credits
cheese soup:
shrimp cocktail:
bread sticks:
glazed filet & cheese mashed potatoes:
N.Y. strip & rosted potatoes:
fruit cobbler:
club cake:
free aniversary choc.mouse:
Thoughts:everything was perfect.pretzel bread was so good.ny strip not as good as filet.

toyman70 10-04-2005 08:28 AM

DAY 3 9/20
Lunch 1:
Richter burgers - cash out of pocket
double cheeseburger & fries:
Rating:not bad
Thoughts:little over priced,freshly cooked.

Lunch 2:
Beaches & Cream – cash out of pocket-split meal
Burger & onion rings:
no way jose:
Thoughts:I love the burger & onion rings here.juicy and tasty.icecream is awesome of course

O’Hana’s – 2 T.S. credits
pina colada & strawberry daq.:
sweet & sour shrimp:
mixed veggies:
dipping sauces:
meats on a skewers:
scalloped potatoes:
honey corriander wings:
fried wontons & shrimp wontons:
bread pudding w/banana foster sauce & vanilla icecream:

Rating:soooooo good
Thoughts:One of our favorite meals.We never ate here before but the menu
was incredible.The potatoes are like crack,you can't stop eating them.
the meats were juicy.The shrimp wantons were awesome.Salad is plain,nothing special.bread pudding,the BEST!!!!!! I love this place.
Only complaint is we were sitting next to the fire pit and the singer was right there and the coconut races & hula hooping got on my nerves.My wife didin't mind though.Highly recommend this place.
DAY 4 9/21
50’s Prime Time Café – cash out of pocket – split meal
fried chicken w/mashed potatoes & greenbeans:
Rating:very good
Thoughts:just like homemade.Good mom interaction.very quick service.15 min.
between getting seated and walking out the door.Love the theming.

Concourse Steakhouse – 2 T.S. credits
rolls & butter:
shrimp cocktail:
filet & mashed potatoes:
peach & blueberry cobbler w/vanilla icecream:
chocolate cake:
Rating:very good
Thoughts:everything was great.The strip steak was a little tough ( the only picture I forgot to take)the desserts were very good.

toyman70 10-04-2005 08:30 AM

DAY 5 9/22
Wolfgang Puck – 2 C.S. credit
rosemary chicken w/garlic butter mashed potatoes:
pepp. pizza:
choc.chip cookie:
Thoughts:the food is so good here.everything was cooked to order.the potatoes were the best.desserts were also very good.A great counter service.

Earl of sandwich - paid out of pocket
The original (roast beef,chedder cheese,horseradish sauce):
Thoughts:nothing that special.The bread was good though

Whispering Canyon Café – 2 T.S. credits
Corn bread:
bottomless shakes (vanilla and black & white):
soda with long straw:
steak,mashed taters,corn,onion rings:
glazed porkchops,roasted taters,green beans:
banana dustbowl:
caramel apple pie with vanilla icecream:
Thoughts:very loud,but fun.Food was great but SOOOO filling.The steak was a
little tough.desserts were very good.we love this place.

toyman70 10-04-2005 08:30 AM

DAY 6 9/23
Coronado Springs Pepper Market – 2 C.S. credit
smoothies (strawberry & mango):
chinese combo platter:
chedder bacon burger & fries:
oatmeal cookie:
banana nut muffin:
Rating: poor
Thoughts:food was not good here at all.the desserts were the only good thing
here.they only let you get cookies or muffins for the dining plan.
They also allowed smoothies as drinks.Skip this place,what a waste of credits.

Mama Melrose – 2 T.S. credits
caprino cheese & bread:
chicken parm:
chocolate pudding cake:
coffee tartufo:

Rating:OK nothing special
Thoughts: pizza was good (small) caprino cheese was very good (like french bread pizza) chick parm not so good (a bad as olive garden) desserts very good but small

toyman70 10-04-2005 08:32 AM

DAY 7 9/24 (final day)
Boma – cash out of pocket
frunch juice:
omelete (swiss,chedder,bacon,peppers):
french toast & bacon:
sticky nut bun,blueberry muffin,cinn.roll:
waffle,banana nut bread,seasoned potatoes:
Thoughts:the quality is good but not worth the money.

Epcot U.K. -cash out of pocket
fish & chips:

everything Pop -cash out of pocket
double cheeseburger w/fries:
Thoughts:I love the food court here good food.

everything Pop - 1 C.S. credit
moms night out-fried chicken,mashed taters,green beans,roll:
lunar cheesecake:
Rating:very very good
Thoughts:love the chicken

Total for ALL foods $888.84 ( we spent about $100 in cash for stuff)

toyman70 10-04-2005 08:33 AM

Here are some snacks and misc. food pic's

wife eating icecream cookie sandwich-1 snack credit:

everything POP
double cheeseburger w/cheese fries & twinkie tiramisu-1 c.s. credit:
very tasty

waffle,bacon,sausage-1 c.s. credit
tied dyed cheesecake:
it was all good!

Port orleans-paid cash
So good

MGM-ABC commissary-1 c.s. credit
cheeseburger w/fries & mac.nut tart:
tart was good ,burger OK

boardwalk bakery-cash

choc.frozen banana-1 snack credit:

Epcot- japan - cash

DTD goofy's candy -cash
carrot cake cookie:

german choc.chip cookie:
both were very good

itzakadoozie - 1 snack credit:

main street icecream shop-cash
choc.chip cookie w/van icecream:

main street bakery-cash
apple turnover:

french toast loaf:
so good it hurts

zebra domes:

Popcorn-1 snack credit:


CamColt 10-04-2005 11:15 AM

Thanks for posting! Im starving!!! :teeth:

Wendaeh 10-04-2005 12:55 PM

Thanks for posting all the pics and reviews!

Can't wait to try those potatoes at 'Ohana (like crack, huh :rotfl2: )

Those frozen bananas are right up my alley as a snack -- where did you get them?


MinnieM21 10-04-2005 12:59 PM

Fantastic pictures and review! :sunny: Thank you so much for sharing. I'm getting so excited for my trip! :cool1:

PattiPB 10-04-2005 01:25 PM

Thank you for taking such time to post!

I can't wait to show DH what we can do if we use our credits well. Now I'm headed to the kitchen...

eeyore7567 10-04-2005 01:57 PM

How were the Fish and Chips at Epcot? We ended up skipping that and headed somewhere else in the World Showcase.

Kinley'sMom 10-04-2005 02:02 PM

Now I'm starving! :banana: Thanks for sharing the pics and reviews. I can't wait until our trip in April!

robinb 10-04-2005 02:20 PM

Oh man! I'm stuffed just seeing all that great food :). Thanks for all the great pictures!

disneyjunkie 10-04-2005 02:37 PM

Wow, those pictures are great.

Thanks for sharing.

ladyjayhawk 10-04-2005 03:54 PM

YUM!!!!!! Thank you!! :)

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