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Mykelogan 06-20-2005 02:25 PM

Mike' Make Over Madness!
(Been trying to post this for a few hours... this attempt number 10 or so... the universe is against me! hehe)

Hi all!

I just wrote a huge introductory entry here for my brandspanking new journal and hit "submit post"... "error with messageboard!" It disappeared and was not posted. Was it a sign? Had I said too much??? I hope not! I will do my best to recreate the poignant and humorous introduction but I make no promises... :flower:

The main point of my posting this journal is to create some accountability for myself as I attempt to make better choices in my life. I know that the choices I have made before are what have made me end up weighing this much and feeling this way. How much do I weigh? Not quite ready to air that bit of dirty laundry here yet. How do I feel? well I am a relatively happy guy, who finds more and more that he cannot do the things he used to or the things most folks take for granted due to a variety of things, but mostly due to what I put in mouth and how little I move my body. I am sure I will share more of the instances that have brought me to where I am right now in this journal over the days to come but for now I want to focus on what my next steps are. Of course I make the decision to make changes right after doing my grocery shopping, not being able to afford tossing it all and starting over I am going to use this week as a transition in terms of my eating. One of the biggest changes I need to make is my soda consumption. I do feel that at times I single handedly keep the Coca-Cola corporation in business! hehe As far as following an eating plan, I am looking towards one that I have had great success with before, the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. Focusing on controlled carb intake and more complex carbs always seems to work for my body. Though I have had success with WW too years ago, my body at times seems as good at losing as it obviously is at gaining! As far as movement goes, I am working on getting my summer membership to the rec center on campus, primarily for the pool. I love to swim and will begin doing so regularly. I should know wednesday if I can get a free membership, if not i will be paying. I will also be walking outside. I can't go far without a rest yet but I will be working on it! So with all of that said, my goals for this week are:

(1) Watch my portions as I go through this last few days before starting CAD in earnest.
(2) Use this week to ween myself off the Coke! Come Sunday it will be off limits! (Prepare yourselves for all the extra soda in the markets!)
(3) Get myself set up to swim at the rec center!
(4) Start walking. Shoot for a total of thirty minutes walking total, regardless of the breaks necessary!
(5) Start using this journal regularly!

That is all for now! Thanks to everyone who is posting their efforts already, you are inspiring!

Mike :Pinkbounc

pearlieq 06-20-2005 02:31 PM

Welcome to WISH!!! :wave: Glad you decided to join in on the fun!

Journaling is such a big help--it really helps you make better choices about what you eat.

Congrats to you for kicking the soda habit! I can now count on one hand the number of times I've had sugar soda in the 3 months and it makes a big difference! Water is best, of course, but if you need a change, Diet Sierra Mist is very good, as are the light/low carb juices they have now. If you're really in a bind, Diet Coke with Splenda tastes a lot like "real" coke and may get you through a craving!

You're doing a good thing for yourself here. One step at a time!!! You can do it! :cheer2:

Lesli54 06-20-2005 02:43 PM

Hi Mike! :wave:

Journaling is the first step in sticking to whatever lifestyle changes you want to make for yourself. This is a journey. There will be good days and some bad days (but the good always out weighs the bad), but just knowing that you have to journal what you are doing and be honest with yourself keeps you committed. At least it does me. ;)

Starting with portion control and kicking the soda habit is a great way to begin. You will be amazed at what that alone will do.

If you ever need to talk or need some inspiration, just come back, we have lots of motivation and support to give. ::MickeyMo ::MickeyMo

Mykelogan 06-20-2005 03:06 PM

Thank you so much perlieq & Lesli54! Your words of encouragement are very much appreciated! :flower:


joelyfaithsmommy 06-20-2005 03:25 PM

Hi Mike!!! WELCOME :flower:

WELCOME :cool1:

WELCOME!!!! :teeth:

I am dw to "4gator" aka "Jeff" aka "Gator Guy" name is Jen--nice to meet you! :teeth:

We're all here to support and encourage each other, so jump right in, begin to post, and HANG ON FOR A GREAT WEIGHT LOSS RIDE!!!

Jen :)

Mykelogan 06-20-2005 09:01 PM

Hi Jen!
Thanks so much for the welcome and congrats on your loss so far! :flower:
I am ready for this ride to begin!


goldcupmom 06-20-2005 09:21 PM

welcome, Mike!

It sounds like you are ready for a change, not a quick fix. You've certainly come to the right place. This is an incredibly supportive group and VERY inspirational!

Cutting back the sodas & the excess consumption will work wonders!

Lots of luck! I probably won't be back until after my trip, but I'll bet I'll see a BIG change in your journal!

Mykelogan 06-20-2005 09:43 PM

Thanks Julie!! Very nice of you to come by my journal with a trip so close! Hope that you have a blast at the World, tell Mickey I said hello! :goodvibes


NYcpa 06-20-2005 09:48 PM

Mike - Good luck on your journey to become healthier. you have come to the right place. Everyone is so supportive of your efforts. Take it one day at a time. One bad day does not spell failure, just start fresh the next day.

You may want to join some of the exercise challenges. They keep you motivated to keep moving and reach the goal you pick.

Continue journaling and you will succeed in your pursuits.

Mykelogan 06-20-2005 10:01 PM

Thank you NYcpa! I have just been getting to read the exercise challenge threads and they look very interesting. Once I get myself going I am sure I will jump right in! :goodvibes


toystoryduo 06-21-2005 08:32 AM

Hi Mike and Welcome to WISH Journaling! :wave2:

"WISH"ing you the very best on your new journey to a healthier you! ::yes:: Remember to take your journey one step at a time and you'll do great! :teeth: Go Mike! :cheer2: Go Mike! Go! Go! Go Mike Go! :cheer2:

Have a great Tuesday! :sunny:

Mykelogan 06-21-2005 11:19 AM

Thank you Tracy! What a nice way to start the day! :cool1:


joelyfaithsmommy 06-21-2005 11:25 AM

Mike, I dont' know if you read it in my journal, but thought I'd mention I was a coca cola addict!!! I drank wayyyy too much of it, and also coffee...on May 19th I quit COLD TURKEY...had a very bad headache started on day 3 and lasted til day 6...however since then I've been great...because I no longer drink those things it's easier to get my water in as you can do it!!!! Give up the soft drinks and make your life easier and your body happier!!! :flower:

Jen :)

keenercam 06-21-2005 02:38 PM

Hi, Mike! Welcome to WISH and the world of WISH journaling. I am sure you will find, like I have, that the support here is invaluable. :goodvibes Everyone is so great about providing support :grouphug: and celebrating accomplishments :banana: and helping to get each other moving when we might otherwise want to sit still. :cool1:

Looking forward to sharing your progress! Here's to a great, productive, LOSING summer! :teeth:

Mykelogan 06-21-2005 08:01 PM

Jen - I am dreading that headache's arrival but I know it will be a good thing! The last time I tried to stop the Cola, I got weak after I missed the caffeine/sugar rush, not gonna do that this time!!! :goodvibes

Cam - Thanks for the welcome and congrats on your great success so far!

Mike :flower:

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