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PigSoldier 01-05-2005 01:10 PM

How About Some Introductions?
I'm Suzi, 19, studying music at the University of Southampton, in the south of England, but originally from London.

I'm a big Disney nut (although that probably goes without saying, what with me posting on a board for college-age Disney fans. But I digress :rolleyes: ), particularly the animated films (I'm the only person I've ever met who cries EVERY TIME at the end of Beauty and the Beast :rolleyes: ). I've been to WDW 3 times, DLP a whole lot more, and I'm planning my first ever trip to DL for next March.

I'm a major film buff, and love just about any kind of music.

'Twould be nice to hear from everyone else here, find out who everyone is! :)

Linxzy 01-05-2005 01:26 PM

I'm Mayleen, 21, studying biomedical sciences at the Interamerican University in Puerto Rico. This will be my last semester.

I'm another disney nut. Have gone to WDW about 9 times. Was going to be on the CP(fall 2003), but because of personal issues and school, couldn't go. :guilty:

Love music, almost any type. Watch way to much tv.

JCTigger 01-05-2005 01:43 PM

My name is Jill I'm 22 years old and a History major at Middlesex College about 45 mins north of Boston I was in the college program Feb-Aug 2001 i worked on big thunder mountain in WDW. Without the everyday that I would go to the parks to play while I worked there I've been to the World about 50 or so times (at least once a year since I was 2)

PrincessCandaceMarie 01-05-2005 01:47 PM

Hey Everyone ~ I'm Candy (Princess Candace Marie to the others lol) and I'm a student at the Art Institute....(studying animation)....I love WDW too..been going since I lived in Cape Coral, FL; and hope to meet other people here!

chadfromdallas 01-05-2005 02:12 PM

Hola all, names Chad( :D )

I'm just your average 20 year old Disney/motorcycle enthusiasts working on my second year at the University of North Texas(Denton, Texas) towards a masters in accounting.

I've been going to Disney World since I was an infant with my parents and had my first solo experience not too long ago. :cool1:

SDAngel101 01-05-2005 02:29 PM

Hi I'm Maggie a 19 year old 2nd year at Cal Poly Pomona (Pomona, California). I'm studying Sociology with no partictular option in mind. I have only been to WDW once, but I have been to DL many of times. I'm a member of the Theta Omega chapter of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha. I love to dance, go horseback riding, go swimming at the beach or a pool, and I love to meet new people.

Razor Roman 01-05-2005 02:33 PM

Howdy.. I'm Roman. I just turned 26, so technically I'm a grown up now.

I don't go to college any more, but I did graduate from The College of New Jersey, and I am currently a full time employee there... does that count?

Anyway, I did the Disney College Program a long time ago! (Spring 99!) And would be happy to answer any questions or chat with anyone who is interested in the CP.

wdwgirl03 01-05-2005 02:40 PM

Hi, everyone! I'm Sarah and I'm a sophomore at Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) majoring in elementary education and English. I'm a HUGE Disney fan- I've been to Disney World 8 times and will be heading down for my 9th visit in March and just returned from my first trip to Disneyland. I like most sports, mainly soccer and volleyball. I look forward to talking to you guys. :D

IloveDMB 01-05-2005 02:43 PM

Hi all! My name is Traci. I graduated from Stockton College (NJ) in May and am currently a part time banquet server. I was supposed to do the college program this past fall but for personal reasons, could not go. I was disappointed, but everything happens for a reason, you know?

My next trip to Disney is in April to see my little sister's marching band in the parade at Magic Kingdom.

princesstommi 01-05-2005 02:51 PM

Hi! I guess I'm a grown-up like Roman. But, I'm going back to school! I'm 26, got my undergraduate degree in Business Administration - Marketing from Colorado State University. I've just started working on my MBA with a conc. in Accounting.

I did the College Program in Fall 2000. And it was the best semester I've ever had!!! I'd love to chat or answer questions about my program. I'm sure it's changed a little by now though.

I worked at MGM in merchandise around the main entrance (Oscar's, Crossroads, Sid's, Package Pickup, etc). I loved it!!! I met my DH that semester, and we hope to move back there in a couple of years when we are both done (or at least he's done) with school.

Simba 01-05-2005 03:10 PM

Hey Everyone!!! My name is TJ and I'm a Junior at Central Michigan University. I'm majoring in Accounting and love all kinds of sports. I'm a student assistant coach for the Men's basketball team.
I'll be going on my 20th WDW vacation on April 5th of this year. I've been pretty much once a year since i was born.

teh fish 01-05-2005 03:18 PM

Jeff, 22, majoring in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism with concentration in Tourism and Business Management with a concentration in Supply chain/Operation management at NC State University. Two more years to go b/c of a major switch junior year.

I do theatre and enjoy working on computers.

Garden Stater 01-05-2005 03:49 PM

hey, i'm amy and i'm majoring in recreation, park, and tourism management at penn state. i was accepted into the wdwcp for spring advantage '05 (for merchandise) but i turned it down because i didn't think it was the best idea for me to do it as a freshman. i hope to interview again in two years and actually get to go!


phisigprincess 01-05-2005 03:57 PM

Hi, I'm Sarah. :) I'm 23 and just graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania a couple of days ago. Now I'm unemployed and desparately searching for a job in public relations or development.

I got engaged in Disneyworld (behind Cinderella's Castle) on Dec. 16, 2003. We're getting married on June 17, 2006 but not at Disney. I'm certainly getting Disney involved in the wedding! Mickey and Minnie are already our caketopper! :)

I'm (shocked face!) in love with all things Disney. Other people call it a sick obsession, people on the DIS call it normal. ;) I have a dance minor, I'm auditioning for a dance team in Pittsburgh soon, I'm a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, I love Colin Firth... hmm... I'm sure there's lots of other random things. For now, hi to everyone!! :)

Erinappler 01-05-2005 04:03 PM

Former CP'er
Hey guys, my name is Erin. Im 22, from NY. I did the college program spring of '03 and it was a great experience. I did recreation at the All Stars Resorts and lived in Chatam. I'd definitely recommend doing the program if you can!! It was an awesome time. :flower: :flower1:

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