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Kermit 07-11-2001 11:35 PM

Prayer and pixie dust requests--Updated May 2
Pray for Tiger Fan (Lisa) as she battles breast cancer.

Please pray for Franw's son. He's a 35-year-old father to three and is suffering from an illness that could require a kidney transplant.

The purpose of this list is to provide a way to print a list of all current prayer and pixie dust requests. We encourage you to continue posting new threads for prayers and pixie dust. If you have a request, please PM me.

If your request is on this list, please don't forget to keep us updated. To remove your request, just send another PM.

cotye 07-12-2001 12:01 AM

Thanks for the list. Saying a prayer for everyone on the list.

WDWfanatic288 07-12-2001 12:04 AM

this is a great idea!!

I just said a prayer for all of yall and Im gonna keep yall in my thoughts.

glo 07-12-2001 12:07 AM

I will keep everyone listed in my thoughts and prayers.

KimRaye 07-12-2001 12:17 AM

This is Wonderful! Thanks kermit!

PD & Prayers to all on the list!

bashful64 07-12-2001 01:21 AM

adding my prayers and PD for those on the list

Teejay32 07-12-2001 02:31 AM

This is so nice Kermit. :D

Dan Murphy 07-12-2001 02:52 AM

Thank you, Kermit. Looking forward to helping you make this a success.

My prayers for those needing them here.

Big Dude 07-12-2001 06:45 AM

Thank you Kermit. It will be much easier praying for the many who are in need of it because of this thread. I know it will be a lot of work, but it seems you are drumming up quite a bit of support. Don't be afraid to ask if/when you need some help.

Prayers going up for those on the list and some not on the list also.

Adam aka Big Dude

raammartin 07-12-2001 07:19 AM

<center>~*~*~*~*~Pixie Dust and Prayers to them all~*~*~*~*~</center>

stamper 07-12-2001 07:33 AM

Great idea! Will be praying!!

Robinrs 07-12-2001 08:55 AM


Thank you, Kermit, for taking on this daunting task! God will bless you for it!

Barb 07-12-2001 11:35 AM

What a wonderful idea, Kermit. I'm always missing someone's request or coming in after the fact. This helps me to know who's in need of extra help and prayers. :D I'll be sure to keep all concerned in my thoughts and prayers.

luvstiggertoo 07-12-2001 12:06 PM

This is such a wonderful idea. Thank you Kermit for taking this on.

I will keep all of these folks and their families in my prayers and add a special blessing for you Kermit.

Goofball 07-12-2001 03:39 PM

What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for taking this on, Kermit! I will keep everyone on this list in my prayers.

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