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Dan Murphy 06-08-2001 12:13 AM

Sylvia sent this to me shortly after we met here on the DIS. Guess we hit it off pretty well early on. :D Nick is about 6 1/2 now, she sent this to me about 15 months ago, not sure how old he was in this picture. Nicks dog, Cougar, a Malamute, is on the right, and Cougar's daughter, Tyree, who lives with some other folks, is on the left. I often commented to Sylvia what a heartbreaker Nick was going to be when he grew up. She agreed, LOL. :D I did have the opportunity to say hi to Nick a few times over the past months. A real nice boy. God bless you, Nick, your mom will be missed. :(

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Goofball 06-08-2001 12:16 AM

What a precious child! I pray that God will bless and keep Nick always.

DonnaS 06-08-2001 12:16 AM


words fail me now....

What a gorgeous boy with gorgeous blue eyes. I hope he is able to find comfort in this difficult time for him and his family.

Deb in IA 06-08-2001 12:18 AM

Arrrgh, the tears are pouring now . . .
when I think of what that sweet child must be going through . . .
:( :( :( :(

Beanie 06-08-2001 12:18 AM

I am at a loss for words...Nick is just so precious...My heart is just so heavy tonight....I pray for Nick and the entire family...

BambiTamby 06-08-2001 12:19 AM

Thanks Dan!
God bless Nick!

He will forever be on my prayer list.

Buckalew 06-08-2001 12:20 AM

He is precious.

I'm sorry...

December99 06-08-2001 12:21 AM

We lost a wonderful woman in our church and school in August. She had 3 wonderful daughter's...6th grade, 3rd grade, and kindergarten. When I see them I think about what she is going to miss but what she is going to help guide them through. This mothers day I saw them in church and it broke my heart to know that they weren't going to be waking up and doing something special with their mom....

Nick...I hope that you can remember your mom brave little sweety!! I know those girls have been the bravest little girls I've seen in a long time..and they have a lot of faith in God.

glo 06-08-2001 12:22 AM

through tears.........
words just aren't coming. God Bless Nick and his family through this very difficult time.

Felicia 06-08-2001 12:23 AM

Oh my....what a darling little boy and you see why Sylvia was proud of her "old" screen name..NicksMom. It was a job title she was proud of.

Nick will be on mind for a long time...such a shame this child lost his mom at his age. We know you will be watching closly over him Sylvia...

teri 06-08-2001 12:26 AM

precious. our prayers are with him.

Disneyfrek 06-08-2001 12:28 AM

Oh, what a precious little boy. Much too young to lose his mom. It just breaks my heart.

bsnyder 06-08-2001 12:29 AM

Thanks for sharing this, Dan.

Tonight has put so much in perspective for me.

klombar 06-08-2001 12:34 AM

ok I'm crying now
I did not know her but I can feel what a lose this is. It is a sad day. I'm gonna go hug my wife and kids now.

daddysmouse 06-08-2001 12:36 AM

What sweet little boy! Now he has the most qualified Guardian Angel watching over him. God bless him and keep him.

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