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Annie&Hallie'sMom 03-07-2003 08:43 AM

Do We Want to do a "Coordinated" Care Package "Exchange" To Our Service People
I know there was some talk of this a few days back (and I've been crazed this week and not as active here as I would like to be). And I'd be more than happy to coordinate, but I only have 2 names of servicemen and what seemed like a lot of interest.

Now this doesn't have to be coordinated. And I don't have to be involved (because I don't know anyone in the service).

But if this is something a group would like to do, I'd be happy to "collect" names and addresses of service people and then "assign" a Diser to do a care package (or packages).

So it's up to you all...

PRINCESS VIJA 03-07-2003 08:46 AM

I vote for a coordintated exchange. That way no-one would be missed. We would love to help out the soldiers.

jamsmom 03-07-2003 08:58 AM

ME!! ME!!! I want to "adopt" a soldier.

Annie&Hallie'sMom- I also sent you a PM :)

Annie&Hallie'sMom 03-07-2003 09:06 AM

Ok, ok! But I need names/addresses of service people! Just PM or email me and I'll get a list together. Right now I only have two names and unless that changes, Keli's daughter's boyfriend Titus is going to be the receipient of a heck of a lot of mail! :)

Lanshark 03-07-2003 10:24 AM

I would also love to send a package to someone. It would be nice if we could "spread" to love to several service people.

delswife 03-07-2003 10:35 AM

These threads are making me cry! Please include me in the exchange, my son serves in the Air Force, but for now in Texas. I would be more than happy to adopt a DIS family member.
Just alittle story from a military mom:
When 9/11 happened, my son had just turned 17. This is a kid that was like any normal boy, hanging out with friends, doing 'OK' in school, goofing off alot, missing curfew, and so on.. 9/11 changed him. I mean REALLY changed him.. He kept telling me, 'I am going to take care of this' and started looking in the military.
His grades in school dramaticly changed, he was working very hard, doing extra credit, blowing off his friends to study.(SO unlike him) When he joined he was still 17, and I had to sign papers giving him permission to join and for the military to test him. He did so well, he could join anywhere he wanted to.
I'll be honest here, I cried for days and days! I am a very overprotective mom and to think of my baby off fighting in a war was (is) terrifing to me. He's still my baby!
He told me he HAD to do it, he had to do something for the families of 9/11 and he has to do something for America. This is what he can do. He can fight. He can defend us. This is his desteny. I am so proud of him, and proud of the other 'boys' that felt they just had to do something. God bless these kids!
I am now proud of DIS members who took time out to care about 'our' kids. Because they all are!

nativetxn 03-07-2003 11:51 AM

delswife, that is an awesome story. I'm so proud of your son. I'm proud of all of our service people.

I want to send a care package but I don't know anyone in the military anymore.

glo 03-07-2003 12:36 PM

I am already sending one out this weekend. I will try to send one out once a month til they are home, and would like different addresses to send them to. I am in, if it is done :)

DMickey28 03-07-2003 12:42 PM

me me me! I tried to get a solider to adopt through another organization but I can't because there are so many of us!

Anything I can do to help....

grinningghost 03-07-2003 12:49 PM

Count me in! The only person I know in the military is my cousin. But he's here in the USA. I'd like to send something to one of our brave service people. Let me know when/what/how, etc. :D

Annie&Hallie'sMom 03-07-2003 02:50 PM

Ok, we're now up to 4 military names! Woo Hoo! Let's get some more names and I'll start "doling" 'em out so that we can send over some care!

Chrissi Pooh 03-07-2003 03:19 PM

Probably a silly question but.....What kinds of things are you all sending????

I would like to help!!!

worm761 03-07-2003 03:50 PM

chrissi pooh~ here is a website with a list of ideas of things to send.

CourtasanSatine 03-07-2003 04:01 PM

Shoot me a PM with the needed info(who to send stuff to and that sort of thing if I join forces with people)

crazyme5kids 03-07-2003 04:05 PM

I would like to send a package to someone too! Just let me know who and where!

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