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AAshleySEG 07-20-2014 11:15 AM

Course by Course, One By One, 'Til You Shout "Enough I'm Done" Sept 2014 TR LINK!!!

I know what you are thinking! Another Pre-Trip Report from AAshleySEG!! We just can't help ourselves, we are totally obsessively addicted to Disney World! So yes, you get another PTR! This trip is going to be centered around...can you guess from the title?? Food!!! You can't go to Disney World without at least sampling a few of the thousands of options they have!!

Don't get me wrong we are planning lots of other fun activities as well, but I'm not joking, when I say we are planning on eating...A LOT...on this one! So if you are brave enough to follow us along again, please do!! And hey, if you are lurking.. just say Hi! I love to talk to everyone!! So when is this trip you ask?? Well let me give you some details!

Wednesday September 17 - Sunday September 21, 2014

Who is going??? Well as usual, it will be myself, Andrea (hanging on to 29 with all of my might until October), and my Disney Husband Jeremy! Ths photo was from our 7th Anniversary Vacation in June of this year!

We are going to be staying at one of our favorite resorts on property! Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, with our DVC Points! So, do you think you can handle it?? If you can stay tuned! All will be revealed with time! Hopefully, you won't have to shout, "Enough I'm Done!" :rotfl2:

Wednesday September 17, 2014 - Preliminary Plans!
Thursday September 18, 2014 - Preliminary Plans!
Friday September 19, 2014 - Preliminary Plans!
Food & Wine Festival Food To Eat List!
Saturday September 20, 2014 - Preliminary Plans!
Trip Budget! Can We Stay Within It This Time??

Poor Unfortunate Souls - Our Night at Villains Unleashed!

Walt Disney World Food at Home Countdown!!
15 Days To Go - Shrimp Tacos from Mexico!
14 Days To Go - Beef with Chimichurri from Argentina!
12 Days To Go - Maleficent Cupcake from Villains Unleashed!
10 Days To Go - Summer Herb Brioche from Victoria & Albert's!
8 Days To Go - Spiced Pumpkin Waffle Sundae from Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!
7 Days To Go - Pain & Panic Punch from Villains Unleashed
5 Days To Go - Potato Leek Soup from Be Our Guest!
2 Days To Go - Lemon Curd with Blueberry Compote - 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival!

Interested in reading more about us or some of our other adventures? I have links in my signature and for those who can't see them on devices, I will add links here!! Thanks for reading along!!

Disney Wonder to Alaska Trip Report June 2012

7th Anniversary Trip to Walt Disney World June 2014

Harambe Nights, Frozen Summer Fun & More PTR July 2014!

Raven0207 07-22-2014 04:34 PM

Wait which trip is this one ? Oh yeah I remember ! This one was planned for a special reason. Definitely can't wait to go !

AAshleySEG 08-02-2014 06:49 PM

First Day Preliminary Plans!
So if you know me, and have read one of my Pre-Trip reports before, I change plans quite frequently! It is a really bad habit that I can't seem to break! I am one of the most indecisive people on the planet and can talk myself into something one minute and the next think it is a terrible idea! So keep that in mind, when I say preliminary, it probably and more than likely WILL change...:goodvibes

Wednesday September 17, 2014!

So as per usual, Jeremy is going to try and leave work early, and he probably will leave earlier than I think! We may try to get on the road at about 9:00am or so! On our last trip we ate at this really great place I found on Yelp called Landolfi's Italian Bakery! At the moment, we are planning on eating there again!

The pizza there was fantastic!! Although this time though we may split a dessert, because they were HUGE!! Once we leave there instead of stopping in Charleston we are thinking about going to explore the Golden Isles Area of Georgia! We stay at a hotel for the night in that vicinity each trip! The hotel is already booked, and ready to go for when we get there that night!

For dinner that night, I will be using Yelp once again to try and decide on something! It may be take-out, some type of quick service eat-in place, or even a sit-down type dinner, really not sure at this point! Besides, if I give everything away, you won't need to read my Trip Report right??

After dinner we may explore a little more, or head back to the hotel for bed! Never really know, this is a little more unplanned than normal, we have not had a chance to really explore a new destination lately, so we are going to see where the road takes us!

Stay tuned for my next day, our first at Walt Disney World for this trip!:cheer2:

AAshleySEG 08-05-2014 12:37 PM

Day 2 Preliminary Plans!!
Preliminary Plans for Thursday September 18, 2014!

At the moment, this day has quite a bit going on! Our first stop as per usualy will be for breakfast, any guesses where that may be??

What can I say we are addicted, moving on! We will be driving the remainder of the way to WDW! Depending on what time we get in the vicinity we may go ahead and check in first before we head out like we did this past trip! We are staying at our go to resort once again! Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village! Eventually we are going to be staying at different resorts! We also have active reservations at Saratoga Springs and Wilderness Lodge, so you should see those in the future!

Our plan is to head over to Downtown Disney for lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express, I was reading MarbleBob's TR and they had some pizzas there, I totally wanted one after I saw that! So that is where we are planning on heading for lunch! We may walk around a bit and look through some shops as we make our way over to Ghirardelli for a dessert to share!

When we are done with food, the afternoon plan is to go over to Disneyquest and play around for a few hours! It has been a little while since we have been to DQ and it is high time we go again! Gosh darn it! We always have a blast when we are there, so this will be the perfect opportunity to go again!

For dinner there is a new Quick Service at DTD that just opened a few months ago called The Smokehouse, it is over at House of Blues and since we are going to be right across from there at DisneyQuest, we are gonna go over there for a quick little dinner!

For dessert, thanks to MarbleBob again...he is showing me all sort of things! We are planning on hopping over to Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary Resort to get some cupcakes!! We love cupcakes, and since this trip is about food, well we are totally going to eat them!

After we eat our cupcakes, we are planning on taking the Monorail over to Magic Kingdom for a few rides to cap off the night!

For Fastpasses as of today 8/5/14, we have the following:
6:10-7:10 Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
7:20-8:20 Space Mountain
8:20-9:20 Splash Mountain

I figured it wouldn't matter if my hair got wet at night since no one could really see it anyways!! After those rides it should be about time to head back to the resort for a little sleepy time! :cloud9:

dreamerchic33 08-06-2014 06:01 PM

Hey again! Joining in!
Sounds like you have great plans! Looking forward to hearing more!

AAshleySEG 08-06-2014 07:20 PM


Originally Posted by dreamerchic33 (Post 52024076)
Hey again! Joining in!
Sounds like you have great plans! Looking forward to hearing more!

Awesome! Thanks for coming over here too!! I was just coming over here to add some more notes for the next day! :cheer2:

AAshleySEG 08-06-2014 08:07 PM

Friday September 19, 2014
Preliminary Plans for Friday September 19, 2014!

Today is the day!! The Food & Wine Festival Officially Begins!! We are so excited, Fall at the Walt Disney World Resort is my absolute FAVORITE time of year!! If I could only have one trip per year, it would either be in Sept, Oct, or Nov! The decor, the events, I love it all!

This morning we are going to start our day off having a quick little breakfast at Seasons in The Land Pavilion at EPCOT! I don't want to eat too much because I am saving room for my long list of things I want to try at the Festival! Our first FP+ is from 9:40-10:40 at the EPCOT character spot! Then promptly at 10:40, we have a FP+ window that starts at Test Track! As soon as we are done riding the Food & Wine Festival will begin over in the World Showcase!

This was a photo I took of Jeremy from the 2011 Food & Wine Festival!!

I am going to do a completely separate post about what things I am going to try this year, so look out for that VERY...I mean...VEEERRY soon!

We are going to hang out around World Showcase until around 2:00 at which time we have a FP+ for Journey Into Imagination with Figment, I know we won't need it, but hey! It is Jeremy's favorite ride, and besides I bet the CMs are excited when people make Fastpasses for Figment! Either that or they will think to themselves that we are morons for making one for it...HAHA :rotfl2:

As soon as we are done riding with Figment, it will be time for us to head back to the resort to get ready and dressed in our costumes for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!!

This is us at the 2011 MNSSHP!

Here is a photo of Jeremy and Dan from the 2012 MNSSHP! I can't find one of me, I was Vanellope, and they were of course Felix and Ralph!

Here we are last year as the Blue & Red Umbrella from the PIXAR short!

I still have not decided what we are going to be this year, we are still discussing! I better hurry though, we don't have much time to figure it out! This year since we will have Memory Maker, my focus will be on getting character photos! With our friends we normally just do trick-or-treating, ride a few things, then watch the parade and fireworks! But I really want to see the characters this time around, maybe hit up the new Villains Dance Party!!

Oh and we musn't forget the FOOD! Hopefully they will have that amazingly delicious Pumpkin Waffle Sundae at Sleepy Hollow!! It was soo good! We will also be on the lookout for the special cupcakes!! I will of course budget accordingly!! Gotta love snacks!! Especially the dessert kind!

That sounds like an AWESOME day right!! I can't wait!!

Teetah 08-06-2014 09:50 PM

YAY FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!! I will never say "Enough I'm Done" to PTRs...ESPECIALLY F&W ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're going to Panera on your way down? No way. I'm shocked. :duck:

dreamerchic33 08-06-2014 10:15 PM

Sounds like another perfect day!!
I adore fall at Disney, too!
I wish we could go every October and then every December..

This may be a random question, but how do you get your curls to stay in the heat???? Mine fall out in a minute flat lol

AAshleySEG 08-07-2014 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by Teetah (Post 52025601)
YAY FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!! I will never say "Enough I'm Done" to PTRs...ESPECIALLY F&W ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're going to Panera on your way down? No way. I'm shocked. :duck:

Yeah, I can't wait for Food & Wine!! I think we are gonna actually be able to hit it 3 times this year with our dates!! The first weekend it is open, when we go on my birthday trip, and the last day of it too! :woohoo:

One of these days we aren't going to go to Panera and everyone will be like what??? But you always go there! Who are you people!

Glad you are tagging along on this one!! :goodvibes

AAshleySEG 08-07-2014 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by dreamerchic33 (Post 52025773)
Sounds like another perfect day!!
I adore fall at Disney, too!
I wish we could go every October and then every December..

This may be a random question, but how do you get your curls to stay in the heat???? Mine fall out in a minute flat lol

Hmm, curls. I am not sure what I do that makes them stay? Umm, I guess I can tell you my process and then that may help? :thumbsup2

I don't wash or dry my hair the day it is getting curled, so I would usually do it the night before and let it dry naturally overnight. Which is why a lot of the time I sleep with a towel on my pillow...LOL But then I just section it off, do like a row then spray after the row is completed. I also leave the iron on the curls for like 15-20 seconds, which to me sounds like a really long time, not sure if it is or not? But then once my whole head is done I do another spray. I use Loreal Elnett Satin, Extra Strong Hold, with UV Filter for Color-Treated Hair! It is my favorite hairspray because it "says" that it has humidity protection in it? Don't know how that works but it seems to work for me, so I am going to believe it! :dance3: Hope that helps!!

AAshleySEG 08-10-2014 01:45 PM

Food & Wine Preliminary Food Selections!!
Oh My Gosh! Food & Wine Festival Time! I wanted to take the opportunity in this post to write out a list of what things we want to have while we are there on our first F&W Trip this year!! We are only going to have one afternoon on this first one, but we are planning on spending from 11:00-2:00 in World Showcase sampling some yummy things on the VERY FIRST day of this year's festival!! So, I guess I am just write these out in alphabetical order, since the map hasn't been shown yet, But this is what we are considering getting from each of the spots!!
I took this photo I think back at the 2012 Festival , for the life of me I can't find the photos from 2013? I can find them from previous years, but oh well, I will look sometime! So I have a few food photos, but a lot of the ones I had aren't on the menus anymore! :sad: I am sad that they took a lot of my favorites away, even one of my favorite booths is gone this year! :sad::sad::sad:

I am going to put an * beside a dish that we have had previously, which means if we are getting it again, it is definitely worth it!! At least some of the things that we have really enjoyed before are back!!


Mocequa de pescado: Regal Springs premium tilapia with coconut lime sauce and steamed rice!

* Crispy pork belly with black beans, tomato and cilantro! OMG, we have had this one before, and it was the bomb!! Yummmmmmmy!!!


* Seared rainbow trout with bacon, frisee and maple Minus 8 Vinaigrette, can't find a photo of this one, because I think we had it last year, but definitely want it again!

*“Le Cellier” wild mushroom beef filet mignon with truffle butter sauce! If you aren't too big on truffles then this isn't for you, because it is VERY present! I really like this one, it isn't Jeremy's favorite but, it is still on my list of things to get!


*Mongolian beef in a steamed bun with chili mayo, ok this one! If it is in a Chinese Steamed Bun like when I had it the first two years it will be AWESOME! But if they just put it in a regular steamed "hot dog" type bun...then we are going to pass it up!

Desserts & Champagne:

Dessert Trio: Passion fruit coconut creamsicle, blueberry lime cheesecake roll and chocolate espresso opera cake

Farm Fresh: New Booth!

Nueske’s® Pepper Bacon hash with sweet corn, potatoes, hollandaise and pickled jalapeños

Griddled “yard bird” with braised greens


Crème brûlée caramel fleur de sel: Sea salt caramel crème brûlée topped with caramelized sugar

France has a few honorable mentions! Only because we don't have too much time, here are there are a lot of new things I want to try! So, since I can't eat everything, some of it will have to be reserved for the next two trips! With that in mind, I am going to mention that 9 out of 10 times, I would totally also get - Tartelette aux escargots: Escargot tart with garlic, spinach, bacon and parmesan! I am one of those strange people that actually like Escargot! But hey, even Jeremy likes them, when they are prepared correctly!

Also going to mention that they totally took away the Chocolate Milk Creme Brulee, they did replace it with another one which we are going to try, but it was one of the yummiest things at the festival, so I hope the other one will live up to it! Moving on!


*Schinkennudeln: Pasta gratin with ham and cheese. This totally looks like a dish of mush, but oh my is it good! If you are into cheesy, ham, noodle casserole type things! I didn't notice many people getting it when we were there, but I am definitely going to be getting it again!

Berliner: Yeast doughnut filled with apricot jam. This is the new dessert for Germany, seriously why did they take away the Apple Strudel!! I mean, come on, it is one of the best desserts ever! I guess I am going to have to make one at home, I have the festival cookbooks from each year that we went, and luckily the recipe for it is in there! I am however, looking forward to trying this new one!


*Kālua pork slider with sweet and sour Dole® Pineapple chutney and spicy mayonnaise, yum, yum, and a little more yum! Last year the bun was just so soft and delicious!


Ravioli alla caprese: Cheese ravioli, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil!

Filetto di pollo, con funghi al marsala: Chicken tenderloin, cremini mushrooms, marsala sauce and ciabatta bread!

*Cannoli al cioccolato: Chocolate-covered cannoli filled with sweet ricotta, chocolate and candied fruit! This is such a good cannoli! We both Love it!


*Shrimp taco: Fried shrimp, pickled habanero pepper and onions on a flour tortilla - We have had the Shrimp Taco every year, and every year they seem to change it a little bit! Here is a photo of the one from 2012!

Sweet corn cheese cake

New Zealand:

*Venison sausage with pickled mushrooms, baby arugula and black currant reduction - Tried this last year! This was the bomb! Definitely one of my favorites from the festival last year!

Patagonia: (Some of the same dishes as the Argentina booth from previous years which is now gone this year)

*Grilled beef skewer with chimichurri sauce and boniato purée! I make this at home sometimes, really easy and flavorful dish!

Roasted Verlasso salmon with quinoa salad and arugula chimichurri!

Puerto Rico:

Ensalada de carrucho: Caribbean conch salad with onion, tomato and cilantro!


*Vegetarian haggis with neeps and tatties: Griddled vegetable cake with rutabaga and mashed potatoes! Yum, Yum, Yum!!! This may not sound appetizing, but when I think of the festival last year, this one sticks out in my brain! Definitely want to try it again!

Fresh potato pancake with smoked Scottish salmon and herb sour cream!

So if you have been keeping count, I think that is 23 things to try! That sounds like a HECK of a lot to eat in 3 we may or may not get to try everything we have listed, basically it just depends if we are planning to be in a food coma later! I have not quite decided how I am going to narrow down what to get and what to skip over, but at least this is a start! I did give up on trying to eat something at every single booth like I normally do, but I will still probably go by and get the stamps! I love that passport, it is so fun! This time, since I am doing a TR and Video though, I should have plenty of yummy food to look at when we get back home!! :hyper:

Teetah 08-11-2014 11:14 AM

That is SO much to try in such a short time! But, I have faith! ;)

I will totally be comparing my wish list to what you have tried before. This year is my first time at F&W, so I am so excited to see your recommendations! And on the Schinkennudeln - The Hubs will LOVE that, I'm sure, so I am adding it to the list! Also, they have cookbooks??? That may be my one souvenir...we dont' do tons of those, but I might have to do that! Any idea how much they were?

AAshleySEG 08-11-2014 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by Teetah (Post 52054607)
That is SO much to try in such a short time! But, I have faith! ;)

I will totally be comparing my wish list to what you have tried before. This year is my first time at F&W, so I am so excited to see your recommendations! And on the Schinkennudeln - The Hubs will LOVE that, I'm sure, so I am adding it to the list! Also, they have cookbooks??? That may be my one souvenir...we dont' do tons of those, but I might have to do that! Any idea how much they were?

I think that the cookbooks were somewhere between $11.95-14.95? Not 100% sure, but I will put in in my TR when I get back since we are going the first weekend, I will also let you know what recipes are in it! I have the cookbooks all the way back to 2009!

You are going to love Food & Wine! At least I hope so, my absolute favorite thing to do at Walt Disney World! I look forward to it every year! We usually don't get souvenirs either, but I do like the festival cookbook! SO many fun recipes from all over the world! We can have our own F&W Festival at home with it! :cool1:

MidnightParade 08-11-2014 11:09 PM

Umm, I'm sorry when did you start this?! July 20th?! How am I only knowing about this now?! Did you link it in your other report and I somehow missed it?!!! Gah!!! So unacceptable for me to have missed!! (I blame Jeremy though, I'm sure its somehow his fault! :thumbsup2)

Food & Wine!! weeeeeeeeeeee!!!! /airplanearms

I missed the Schinkennudeln on my list but I do have Nudel Gratin noted for the Simmerfest quick service and they may a little somewhat similar?

We have some of the same! Oh man, it is allot of food! And I can't wait! Gonna start stretching out the stomach a week before vacation starts, just to be ready for it!! lol, that sounds kinda awful but I don't care, I'm on a Disney vacation!! :goodvibes

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