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sonofanarchy 06-17-2014 09:04 PM

Reality starting to set in
Our trip is just about 2 weeks away. Not worried about our first week at Universal, since we're staying on-site and lines won't be an issue. But Disney is another issue, one that I've been fearing for some time. Here's the situation along with problems:

-Myself - I have a herniated disc in my back that is pushing against one of my lower nerves. This makes it impossible for me to stand in the same place for more than about 5 minutes. Walking is fine. I also suffer from a panic disorder. Medication is able to keep this under control most of the time.
-My wife - No problems.
-Mother-in-law - 67 years old, heart condition, fibromyalgia, uses ECV.
-13 year old son - Severe anxiety disorder. His reactions range from lashing out to fits of terror. Rare that this happens, but stress amplifies.
-7 year old twin - No problems.
-7 year old twin - Epilepsy. Can only spend about 4-5 hours outside in the heat at one time. Medicine causes extreme angst, tantrums.

In the past, we've been able to WDW with the GAC. With the DAS, I'm afraid this trip will be a disaster. Let's face it - There are no short lines in July. We all know how the new system works, so no need to get into that. Between the lot of us, I'm just starting to realize, this trip is pretty much just going to be a waste of money and very frustrating for all of us. I know I'm in no different a situation than many others. Just curious - Has anyone else just thrown the towel in and accepted that WDW is no longer an option?

OurBigTrip 06-17-2014 10:16 PM

If you go into it with the attitude that it will be a disaster, it most certainly will be.

I suggest that you spend the next two weeks looking at crowd calenders, considering when you can utilize rope drop and planning your FP+ so that you can utilize them in conjunction with the DAS.

LockShockBarrel 06-18-2014 12:22 AM

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

To be frank my first though reading your post is if you know the potential hazards of going in July, why would you choose to?

sonofanarchy 06-18-2014 01:05 AM


Originally Posted by LockShockBarrel (Post 51672812)
Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

To be frank my first though reading your post is if you know the potential hazards of going in July, why would you choose to?

Well Frank, July or nothing. Between school and work schedules, July is our only option. Been that way for the past 7 years.

sonofanarchy 06-18-2014 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by OurBigTrip (Post 51672192)
If you go into it with the attitude that it will be a disaster, it most certainly will be.

I suggest that you spend the next two weeks looking at crowd calenders, considering when you can utilize rope drop and planning your FP+ so that you can utilize them in conjunction with the DAS.

Already done that.

lwyrwood 06-18-2014 01:24 AM

I'm sure lots of people have thrown in the towel for one reason or another. Though they might not be on the Dis. If this is your last trip to WDW, I hope you and your family are able to make the best of it.

Btw, I have suffered from sciatica pain off and on this year. Though my problem has been not being able to sit or walk very long. I was getting very afraid that it would ruin my September trip to WDW. Thankfully, I now have a med that is helping with the pain. Not sure how things will go at WDW but I'm more than excited to be going and will have as much fun as my body will let me! :yay:

OurBigTrip 06-18-2014 03:28 AM


Originally Posted by sonofanarchy (Post 51672930)
Already done that.

If that's the case, then there is no reason why you should expect that your trip will be a waste.

goofieslonglostsis 06-18-2014 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by OurBigTrip
If you go into it with the attitude that it will be a disaster, it most certainly will be.

Amen! While not allmighty, there is a huge power within how we view, word and label things. Expecting troubles raises the chances sure enough one will find they experience troubles. Same with the old " waste not looking at what is not, but focus on what is".

I know some find it lame but it does work. So for instance in this situation spotlight away from disaster, away from believe "das equals worse" and on
- what is possible (made up out of actual abilities of the individuals, realistic plans and working with the tools available)
- relabelling. It is not realistic to go into a situation with new factors (for instance altered abilities or altered system like from gac to das") and expecting the same outcome. That old label of what was succes will much easier be not achieved if not relabeled to fit new reality.
- realism. How much of the disaster-thinking is factual and how much disorder speaking? Knowing which is which will make it possible to not only get a realistic picture but also to work on issues that might require them

-reevaluate, constantly. So what if a panic attack happens? I know, feels like the end of the world during. But; you've proven to survive. It might mean the end of the day. So be it. Lets say it happens 3 times during a weeks trip. Shame, but that means 4 whole days with none. 3 other days in which you can add to the succeslist what you have done. Be realistic in what you expect of yourself and of what you view as a good moment.
- the physical; nobodies hobby to say the very least but you are one in busloads of folks whove done wdw that way. Realistic expectations, built in rest where need be, using your knowledge in your favour by ultimate usage of tools offered and always having moving space in line so no standing still. Benefit of groups; someone in front and someone behind you that leaves a small distance in between et voila; moving space. Plus most lines arent standstill but move along very slowly.

Das stop me? No. I was there during the switch, few days of gac and 3 weeks new system. Lots of tweaking out still going on and no fp+ yet for those of us not in the trial. At that time, I could sit a max of 30 minutes, yet unable to walk, stand or anything other but use my powerchair. More didnt just equal pain or fatigue but permanent decrease in physical abilities. Anyone can do the math: interesting to ride one ride in a day. Which I knew coming into it. I knew my waits would be worse and much worse at some rides because I need the accessible ride vehicle and thus would be faced with too long waits. So be it! Sure it was a bummer sometimes if that was caused not by others in front riding and needing said vehicle but by others using it after waiting in alterned line, not needing said vehicle but cms working not loading them into the regilar also available vehicles. But; it is what it is. That day would not equal fail or disaster but neutral. Within the new system and better streamlining I soon noticed a difference; my odds of riding encreased big time. Still no where near 100% but thats unrealistic imho.

Given my set of very complcated needs (sitting max is one of the easier ones), I found it very impressive what they were able to offer me. So much so, that we're carefully toying with the idea of another stay, allthough since fully bedridden. And if I can pinpoint why? I am very carefull in how I label, word and view. Realistic in expectations, both in what is a success and when to draw a line. Makes life a whole lot more fun with the same factual abilities. Only you can decide where which lines run. But if I were you, Ild invest in some rethinking of how you view, label and expect. What is realistic for you in wdw in july? Where need be get some therapy focussed on how to make it best possible within the boundaries of panic disorder. Obviously treatment is important but having tools that make you feel more "equipt" to do wdw will help a lot in the meantime. Then regroup and see how the scale falls for your family.

By the way; are you aware of certain pain meds in some indivividuals causing or increasing issues like panic etc? Keeping a close eye on this could be very beneficial to prevent prolongued unneeded worsening. Seek specialised help if finding it difficult to manage yourself (whether being difficult to tell what is what or for instance difficulty in finding the right pain treatment for you)

Aristomommy 06-18-2014 10:37 AM

Since you are going at rope drop an have FP+ set up, you should be able to utilize the DAS in combination successfully. Some parks (like MK) have many air conditioned spots to cool off. Many of the high capacity shows will give you a break too when needed. We weren't able to do it all and going in with that expectation was the best thing ever. I highly recommend using your FPs once an hour after the first hour the park opens. It really helped us and when our daughter was done (after about 4 hours) I could go back with her and others could stay and ride other rides in regular lines

Coonhound 06-19-2014 07:36 AM

If you're already sure disney will be a waste of time and money, who not spend the extra time at universal, or somewhere else?
I think with a positive attitude, a commitment to making it work, and a LOT of planning, you can make disney work!!
But, if you're already feeling like it's a waste then just go somewhere're spending too much money to have a bad time and not enjoy the trip, so if universal is easier on you then why not just spend more time there where you know you will have fun and not have to stress?

Aliceacc 06-19-2014 07:45 AM

There are PLENTY of short lines in July!!!!

As teachers, we only go over the summer. And in my past 3 trips, I've waited only ONCE in a line of more than 20 minutes.

Get to the parks for rope drop. Have a plan-- know which rides you want, and in what order. Have your FP's set for late morning, once the crowds start to build. If you've done your homework well, you will have already done a lot by that point.

Then LEAVE. Before any tantrums, before any anxiety, before anyone starts not having a great time. Go back to your resort and enjoy that part of your vacation. Swim, shop, relax.

Return for dinner and a more relaxed style of touring for the evening.

Or, plan B: Plan for a much shorter WDW stay, and increase your time at Universal.

mistysue 06-19-2014 08:50 AM

Have you selected FP+ yet?
I would seek out 3 in a row 1st thing in the morning. Or maybe start them 1 hour after park open. Then arrive at rope drop, get your first DAS time before going for your first FP, or get a DAS time for something with long waits 1st thing, then ride a couple things with no or very little wait. If you can get your FP+'s for long line rides, you can use DAS for medium wait lines and get a time before going for your FP+ so that once you get off the FP+ ride you can use your DAS return.
Honestly you shouldn't be stuck standing or in the heat for long if you make a mental list of priority DAS return time rides. Try to pick up DAS times on your way TO a place, so you can go eat/bathroom/shop/ride something else and then it's ready when you are.

EskiLvr 06-19-2014 09:48 PM

For What It's Worth...
We just got back from 10 nights at the House of the Mouse. I can honestly say that DH and I (and our kids) were shocked - in a good way - at the wait times for the rides. FP+ really does seem to have helped to cut down on wait times across the board, which was very appreciated. (DS1 is deaf in one ear and has overly sensitive hearing in the other - he really doesn't enjoy being trapped in large noisy spaces of extended periods of time, but his hearing issues have never been considered to be GAC-worthy in the past).

The My Disney Experience app was very helpful (and up to date) with keeping us updated on what the various wait times were as well.

Hoping that you have an absolutely wonderful vacation!

Planogirl 06-19-2014 11:28 PM

I think that one thing that might help is for your group to split up from time to time. Let some leave to rest and cool down while others do something else. I think that larger groups with so many different needs might just lead to more stress as time goes on if everyone doesn't get time to decompress.

I hope that you post your experiences. I respect your thoughts on all of this and I hope that you'll share. I also hope that your trip is nice and not too much of a struggle.

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