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dansdad 06-02-2014 07:16 PM

The New Caribbean Beach FAQ Part VII
I would like to thank safetymom for over seeing the previous CBR PAQ Threads. I just hope I can do our favorite moderate resort justice!

Breaking News!!!
CBR is currently undergoing a room refurbishment. Except for the Pirate Themed rooms and King rooms, the refurb will include the long awaited Queen beds. There is now confirmation of Murphy Beds being installed in some of the rooms which will up the occupancy from 4 to 5. The rooms with the Murphy beds are mixed in with non Murphy bed rooms in every village completed so far. So far the entire Village of Jamaica has been completed and housing guests. They have now started on Aruba. Logically, that would mean that Barbados will be next followed by Martinique and then Trinidad North. More updates to follow as more guests report back.

Pics of refurbed rooms

Also check out pages 71 and 72 for posts by phillipsjp2003 with some more great pics!
Photo courtesy of Mickeystoontown


Welcome to the CBR FAQ's Part VII.

Please sit back, kick your shoes off and enjoy reading about CBR. If you have any questions we will be glad to answer them. There are many friendly and knowledgeable people who hang out here.
I know these resort FAQ Threads get very long and it may seem like a chore to find the answer to what you are looking for. I will do my best to keep as much pertinent information on the first page. So if you are new to CBR, please read the first page. If after doing that you still have questions, fire away!

Phone: 407-934-3400 – Please note this number will not get you directly to CBR, it will get you to a Call Center.

For Shipping Packages:
900 Cayman Way
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Mailing Address For USPS deliveries:
Post Office Box 10,000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000
(If you use this address, items will go to a central hub and then distributed to the resort)

How to contact Guest Relations:

Caribbean Beach has free wi fi at Shutters, Old Port Royale Food Court, Goombay Games, Calypso Trading Post and the Straw Market and the resort rooms.

CBR opened Oct. 1988. The resort is arranged around a 42 acre lake. The size of the resort is 200 acres and has 2,112 guest rooms.

Where can I find a map of CBR?

The Villages:
There are 6 villages at CBR.
Trinidad North- 192 Rooms - Terra Cotta, Bronze, Green color scheme
Trinidad South - 384 Pirate Themed Rooms Terra Cotta, Bronze, Green color scheme
Martinique - 384 Rooms - Sea Blue, Red/Pink Trim color scheme
Barbados - 384 Rooms - Salmon, Pink/Teal color scheme
Aruba - 384 Rooms - Pink Purple with Teal Roofs color scheme
Jamaica- 384 Rooms- Yellow, Blue
From the Martinique Courtyard - Courtesy of Toffeewoffy
Jamaica Courtesy of mickeystoontown
Jamaica 45

Bedding:Two Double beds, refurb to queens currently underway, are in each room except rooms with king beds. Rollaways $15.00 plus tax. Pack-n-Play available on request (under 3 years)

Each village has its own pool.

Rooms can accommodate up to 4 people. There is a curtain between the room and the sink area. Coffeepots, full size ironing boards and irons, hair dryer are provided. Mickey bar soap and shampoo is provided daily.
They are all 2 story buildings. They have no elevators. They also now have refrigerators in every room.

Preferred locations
Martinique it will be buildings 24, 25, 26. In Trinidad North it will be 31,32,33. The additional charge will be $15 per night.

How do I check in at CBR? Where can I buy tickets?

You will need to stop at the guard shack before entering CBR. Be sure to have your room confirmation and a Photo ID to show the guard. He will direct you to the Customs House. There is a guest services window in the Customs house. They can help with information, priority seatings, ticket information.

If arriving via Disney’s Magical Express you will be dropped off at the Custom House. After you check in, you have a couple of choices to get to your room. If you have your luggage with you, you can have Bell Services take you and your luggage to your room. If your luggage will be delivered to your room by Magical Express you can either walk to your room or take the internal shuttle to your village. To the right of the check in desk there is a side door that leads directly to the Internal Shuttle bus stop.

Some folks do not like the fact that the Check-in/Check-out area is in a separate building from the food court, gift shop, etc. I actually find this to be a good thing. By having this in a separate building, it keeps the food court area less congested and chaotic. There is no reason to go to the Custom House other than to Check-In or Check-Out. There is a Concierge Desk near the food court that can handle anything that the front desk would.
Inside the Custom House - Courtesy of mickeystoontown
Inside the Custom House - Courtesy of mickeystoontown
Inside the Custom House - Courtesy of mickeystoontown

How far is it to walk around the lake?

The distance around the lake is 1.4 miles. It is great for walking or jogging.

What is the island in the middle of the lake?

The island is called Caribbean Cay(used to be called Parrot Cay). It has several play areas for kids and some tucked away romantic benches for adults. There are bridges that connect the island to the mainland. It is great to walk around the island and enjoy the views.

Can you swim in the lake?

No. Swimming is not allowed in any of the lakes on WDW property. You may play on the beaches, but no swimming in the lake.

dansdad 06-02-2014 07:19 PM

The Nemo Rooms

The guest rooms at CBR are the largest of the Moderates at 340 sq. ft as opposed to 314 sq. ft. There is a Cuisinart 2-Cup pod type coffee maker in the room. I will get a picture shortly.

The TVs have HDMI, Component and Composite connections that are accessible.

This is how the Nemo themed rooms currently look. I will update once pictures of the refurbished rooms come in.

The bedspread is now gone and turned into a runner.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of Toffeewoffy
Courtesy of mickeystoontown
Courtesy of mickeystoontown
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
As you can see here, the beds are on a pedestal so no storage under the bed.
Courtesy of safetymom.
We have found that with the fridges located inside a cabinet, there is not enough air flow to properly cool. We have started leaving the cabinet door open when leaving the room. When doing this, we sometimes can get the water bottles in the back to freeze. The new fridges may be more efficient, but if you feel the fridge is not cold enough try leaving the cabinet door open.
Courtesy of Mickeystoowtown
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtey of Toffeewoffy
Courtesy of safetymom.

dansdad 06-02-2014 07:20 PM

The Pirate Themed Rooms

The Pirate Themed Rooms are all located in Trinidad South. Trinidad South is the furthest Village from Old Port Royale and the feature pool. Even at a relaxed pace it is about 8-10 minute walk from the furthest point of Trinidad South to Old Port Royale. I timed this while stopping to take pictures along the way. Trinidad South has its own quiet pool and bus stop so you will be very close to both of those.

These pictures were taken of a handicapped accessible room so the bathroom in a standard Pirate Themed Room will be different.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.

dansdad 06-02-2014 07:21 PM

Pirate Themed Feature Pool

All of the Disney resorts have started closing the main feature pools and hot tubs once the lifeguards go off duty. This was sort of the rule before, but as long as you were quiet you were fine. CBR has a gate around the Pirate Pool and is locked once the lifeguards are gone. Currently, the Pirate Pool is open from 9AM until 11PM. Those hours are subject to change during the winter months.

Pool use is for registered guests of CBR and DVC members. During peak occupancy times, DVC members may not be allowed to use the pool.

Pools are heated to approximately 82 degrees at all Walt Disney World Resorts.

For safety, diaper-age children must wear plastic pants or swim diapers.

There is a large bin of life jackets that can be used by guests free of charge.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Towels are provided at the Pirate pool.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.

There are 2 hot tubs.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.

There are 2 slides.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.

There is a children’s splash area for guests under 48”.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.

There are locker rooms with showers at the Pirate Pool.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.
Courtesy of safetymom.

The Banana Cabana

A nice place to get a tropical drink while relaxing at the pool. Sorry, the only picture I had is from early morning when it's closed.

dansdad 06-02-2014 07:22 PM

The quiet pools.

Every village has its own quiet pool. There are no towels or life jackets available at the quiet pools. The quiet pools are swim at your own risk.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.

There are laundry facilities at all the quiet pools. Your Magic Band will get you access to the laundry room 24 hours a day.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.

Currently the machines take quarters only. There are change machines in each laundry room, but do sometimes run out of change.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.

There are laundry supplies available in each laundry room at a premium.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.

There are 10 washers and 12 dryers.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.

dansdad 06-02-2014 07:23 PM

Old Port Royale
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.

Old Port Royale, affectionately known as OPR, is where the action is.


A table service restaurant. In 2012 Shutters got a new head chef and reviews have been very good since then. Shutters is only open for dinner and does take Advanced Dinner Reservations. We have not had any issues getting seated within 15 minutes without an ADR.

Dinner and Kids Dinner menus:

Grab N Go Market
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.

Food Court

The food court has 6 different stations that all serve different items. Everyone can go to a different station and get what they want, then you can all meet at the cash registers in the middle and settle up.
The handmade potato chips are fantastic. They also sell a kids meal that is served in a sand bucket that the kids can use on the beaches.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Toffeewoffy
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.
Courtesy of Mickeystoontown.

The following are all courtesy of mickeystoontown.

Decaffinated coffee dispensers which are near the end of the long condiment/microwave/mug wash counter:

Microwave available for guests' use:


Condiments and toasters:

Toasters, condiments and the mug wash sink at the end of the counter:

Gold Peak Tea

Coffee dispensers to the left of the Gold Peak tea:

Drink selections:

dansdad 06-02-2014 07:24 PM

Recreation and Activities

Unfortunately, in what I feel is a very shortsighted decision, the Boat Rentals are no longer offered at any of the Moderate resorts. The official word is that there was not enough interest to keep them going. If you are bothered by this and are so inclined, please make your opinion known during your next stay. Boat rentals are still active at the Deluxe resorts.
Marina Without the Boats - Courtesy of mickeystoontown

Nightly Marshmallow Roast

On one of the beaches by the Pirate Pool (I am waiting for confirmation of which one) there is a marshmallow roast. This is a nice activity and the CMs that run it are usually full of awesome WDW trivia and lore. The marshmallows and roasting sticks are provided free of charge. If you want to make S’mores you will have to bring your own Graham Crackers and Hershey Bars. Both of these can be purchases in the Gift Shop at not too big of a mark up. The start time will vary by time of year and will be listed on the monthly Activity Sheet you will get upon checking in.

Here's the Activities Calendar for July.

Nightly Movies Under The Stars

Movies are played nightly in the courtyard next to the Pirate Pool. Starting times change as the time of sunset changes. They usually start 90 minutes after the Marshmallow roasting starts. The time and movie listings will be in the Activity Sheet provided upon checking in. The movies change monthly. Here are the movies for June.

8:30PM - By the Feature Pool
Sunday - Cinderella (see our Princess Page)
Monday - The Emperor's New Groove
Tuesday - Frozen
Wednesday - Teen Beach Movie
Thursday - Wreck-It Ralph
Friday - Finding Nemo
Saturday - The Muppets

Caribbean Cay

The island in the middle of the lake is called Caribbean Cay.
Courtesy of mickeystoontown

There is a nice children’s play area located there.

There are also children’s play areas on every village beach.

Guided Fishing Excursions

As of now, fishing excursions can still be booked at CBR. Up to 5 guests included in the below prices:
2 hour trip 7AM or 10AM departure $270
2 hour trip afternoon departure $235
4 hour trip 7AM or 10AM departure $455
Courtesy of Sparkly

dansdad 06-02-2014 08:25 PM


The only mode of Disney transportation to the parks or Downtown Disney are buses. Every village has its own bus stop and there is one at OPR. That makes for 7 bus stops within CBR. The order of pick up or drop off depends on which entrance the bus driver uses. If the bus comes in the side entrance the order is:

Trinidad North
Trinidad South

If the bus comes in the main entrance the order is:

Trinidad North
Trinidad South

The entire loop takes approximately 7-9 minutes from pick up until you are leaving CBR. Below are approximate travel times in minutes to the parks:

Magic Kingdom 17-19
Epcot 7-9
Hollywood Studios 6-8
Animal Kingdom 9-11
Blizzard Beach 7-9
Typhoon Lagoon 6-8
Downtown Disney 7-9

Internal Bus

There is an internal bus that continuously does a loop around the property. It stops at the 7 bus stop listed above plus stops at the Custom House. Luggage is not allowed on the Internal Buses although carry on bags are fine. If you need assistance getting your luggage from your room to the Custom House to catch the Magical Express call Bell Services. I like to call them the night before and setup a time. They will transport you and your luggage to the Custom House. If when you check in you have all your luggage with you, Bell Services will take you and your luggage to your room from the Custom House.

Early AM ADRs

The buses start rolling at 6:30AM to accommodate early ADRs at the parks. These buses do not run as often as they do normally. Instead of a bus coming about every 20 minutes, I have found these early AM buses come about every 30 minutes. When we have early ADRs we are at our bus stop 60-75 minutes prior to our ADR and we have never missed one.
If we have an early ADR at another resort, we prefer to take a taxi. By going from resort to resort via Disney transportation you need to go from CBR to a park then from that park to the other resort. That’s just too much when trying to get somewhere quickly in my opinion. I don’t think we’ve paid more than $19 including tip to go anywhere from CBR.

I have found this map to be very useful when trying to navigate WDW as a whole. You can click on the map to enlarge it.

dansdad 06-02-2014 08:25 PM

The Gift Shop

The following pictures were taken in the resort store and represent some of the items considered as snack options on the dining plan:
All Courtesy of mickeystoontown

The Arcade
Courtesy of mickeystoontown

Concierge Desk

There is a Concierge Desk at OPR. Because of this, there is no need to go to the Custom House for anything other than checking in or out of CBR. If you have any issues, I recommend not using the “Front Desk” button on your room phone. That will only get you to a call center most likely not even located on property. This is true at all WDW resorts. They still might be able to help you, but it usually is not a very quick process. The Concierge Desk can assist you much quicker than calling the “Front Desk”.

dansdad 06-02-2014 09:08 PM

Online Check In

Once you are 60 days out from your arrival date, you will get notification in your MDE account that you are able to do Online Check In. You are not really checking in when you go through the Online Check In process. They really should call it Online Preregistration as that is what you are actually doing. You are verifying your personal information, adding a Credit Card for charging back to your room and you can also add 2 room requests. Below are the first 2 screens you come to. The first one allows you to inform them of your estimated arrival time and departure times.

This page lists the options available for room requests.

Both the above are courtesy of Princess Nikki

If what you want to request is not one of the options, I recommend calling and adding your room requests to your reservation. You can do this anytime from the day you book up until about 4-5 days prior to your arrival. All rooms are assigned 2-3 days out, so you want to have your requests listed before then.

dansdad 06-02-2014 09:13 PM

Pics and/or details of items I am hoping to get from the awesome DIS members:

Pics of the Arcade
Pics of the Gift Shop
Pics and location of the fire pit
Pics of the play areas on the beaches
Pics of the outdoor movie area

Any of the above you guys can provide would be great. Either send a PM or email me at


dansdad 06-02-2014 10:19 PM

Beach Bum's Roll Call ~ Who will be staying at CBR and when.

PrincePrincess 17-24
jeg721 17-27
disfan4life1 18-27
Mommy Poppins 18-27
funhouse8 27 - Aug. 11

baileysmommy06 3-10
scousemouse09 3-18
coloredimage 4-11
BrerRabbit66 11-22
Parker Clan 13-19
2012DisneyWorldBride 15-18
tleager 16 -?
fripouns 16-23
AnOtHeRdIsNeYfReAk 16-24
Sunday 17-27
new york 1 19-26
Hockeyfan17 19-26
Dimples1973ca 19-30
mom2taylorandemily 21-26
mblondie0509 24-31
nmpd 25-30
gigglz32 28-31
Grmnshplvr 28 - Sept 2
kitty2kidz 30 - Sept 7
Trina0981 31- Sept. 6
lheav09 31- Sept. 6
bethlumino 31 - Sept. 7
Zuesesmom 31- Sept. 8

drgnfly30 1-5
naruto 2-10
Shih-Tzu 3-10
ssommerville 3-13
tinawv 5-13
tmdgrl825 6-13
EeyoreFan19 6-14
Princess Nikki 7-13
LoJoDisney 8-14
julieb5 9-16
Clarf 12-17
Mikeyr71 13-21
lafemmega 14-19
sassysuejones 14-20
erinmarie2224 15-20
SGMCO 16-24
kimieko 16-22
erin2470 18-24
DLM462 18-28
BrownMomma7 19-24
LoveSplashMountain 19-27
smidgy 19-27
MmmSuite 19-27
MagicEars 19-28
sewmess 20-27
laurasmom 20-27
leosmom08 20-27
heathjh 20-28
sbarisch 20-28
wdw4rfam 20-30
SunnyDey 21-26
Kayteemcg 21-27
dreamit 25-Oct 4
AKFrieze 25-Oct 4
Meldev 26-Oct 3
TheGreatGafsby 26 - Oct. 3
Lovedisney2008 26 - Oct. 3
2girlsmomma 26 - Oct. 4
gordon8219 26 - Oct. 7
stretch828 27 - Oct. 4
MegEliz 27 - Oct 9
daisy 'n Donald 28 - Oct. 3
JamieLM 28 - Oct. 5
MsMinnieMouse246 29-Oct. 9
pkelly6 29 - Oct. 4
Jupiter&Wolfe 30 - Oct. 4
Honeystar120608 30 - Oct. 7
Kevinisagirl 30 - Oct. 11
wdwmaw 30 - Oct. 12

mandis77 1-8
Brassy5000 1-8
pirate 1-11
Chaitali 2-7
HatBoxHaint 2-9
DancinDaisyDuck 5-9
my2ms0205 9-14
MnMMouse 9-23
jjharts 15-20
DisPrncess19 17-24
DisPrncess19 17=24
mandy321 18-25
SarBear 19-24
CantSwim63 23-28
MOdisneymom 24-30
amandaleigh2 25 - Nov 1
Donald - my hero 25 - Nov 8
Mikeyjtecumseh 26-30
kelly3927 26 - Nov 3
P'colaBeachBum 28-30
GoOfyInDisNEy 28 - Oct. 4
Gottahavemorecowbell 28 - Nov 6
mparadis718 30 - Nov 6
tanyali26 31- Nov 7
patClairesmom 31- Nov 8

Grandmaof2 1-8
fiestymama 1-8
Daly 1-9
gr8tdame 1-15
summersun47 3-17
jeg721 6-22
WDW1st-timers 7-23
firegurl 8-15
Betsyboo75 8-16
kristinesgeorge 9-16
Cindyrella8129 11-18
lilkimmyk 12-19
BStew 12-17
k3mommy 12-22
madoucemie 13-20
bluesky481 13-23
VDrolet 14-20
Mbuksa 14-24
tinamariec 14-23
JacknDawn4ever 15-22
Happy Mama Shel 15-23
jlmatheo 15-23
Gwhitten98 15-23
bcalloway 16-22
disneyseniors 18-26
Jellybass 20-27
tiggore91 20-29
afinnteach 22-20
nikkij 22-27
mevelandry 24-27
catbertdave99 29- Dec 4

katyj26 3-10
WhoDat09 12-17
Kenai1972 11-17
AmyKat 12-17
TinkLovinMomma 12-19
sisterteacher 12-19
Orph 12-19
huladancer1984 12-19
welshraz 12-20
cklemesrud 12-20
mellamom2 13-18
jcondrad 13-20
Austriankrystl 13-20
colemarie 13-20
vdoucet78 13-21
laekia 13-21
Airship Ariadne 14-20
disneychristmasx3 15-22
pigletto 15-22
Mom2DisneyKids 17-26
dworldlovers 18-24
ChristyBey 18-25
Pearson85 18- Jan. 1
themommy 19-28
laura428 20-27
crusoe2 20-27
Kevenswife2 20-31
JaydaNicole 21-28
PhoenixStrength 21 - Jan. 1
jimjenkids 22-27
dae3dae3 22-30
meli121824 27 - Jan 2


Dug720 8-12


Toffeewoffy & Sparkly 1-15

Dislaroger 6 -10
gtm 11-25

LadyP ?-?
mickeystoontown 23 - June 6

JennyAnne 5-11


debster41 23-31

hsmamainva 24-Oct. 2

Jeszee 12-26
ninmouse 18-30

ChrisToria 4-18


MmmSuite 06-02-2014 10:24 PM

Yay! New thread!

dansdad 06-02-2014 10:38 PM

Because I wanted to get this new thread going before the other one got shut down, I took some liberties with pictures.

I want to thank safetymom and mickeystoontown, I hope you guys don't mind I used some of your pictures. If you have any issues with that, please let me know.:worship:

HatboxHaint 06-02-2014 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by dansdad (Post 51569524)
Beach Bum's Roll Call Who will be staying at CBR and when.

Oct 2-9!

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