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ImTooExcitedToSleep 02-26-2014 09:51 PM

GKTW Event-Coasting For Kids-DIS Coasterpalooza: East vs West
Signups have now begun for the June 8, 2014 version of Coasting For Kids!!

This is not a DIS sponsored/organized event, but an event sponsored by Cedar Fair and GKTW, however we had a great group of DISers participate last year and hope to beat last year's total.

There are 11 Cedar Fair parks throughout the country participating in the event, so find one near you.

We have pre-loaded DIS Coasterpalooza (East or West) teams for each Park. Links to sign up for each team are in the next post.

There is a $25 per person registration fee, which covers things like your admission, t-shirt, lunch, etc. Participants must raise at least $75 to actually ride coasters on June 8th.

Hope to see you there!!

ImTooExcitedToSleep 02-26-2014 09:52 PM

Links to sign up:

California's Great America
Santa Clara, CA

Canada's Wonderland
Vaughan, ON

Fort Mill, SC

Cedar Point
Sandusky, OH

Dorney Park
Allentown, PA

Kings Dominion
Doswell, VA

Kings Island
Kings Mill, OH

Knott's Berry Farm
Buena Park, CA

Michigan's Adventure
Muskegon, MI

Valley Fair (Scheduled for June 7)
Shakopee, MN

World of Fun
Kansas City, MO

ImTooExcitedToSleep 02-26-2014 09:52 PM


Canada's Wonderland
Adam Q.

Kaleel S.
Janee S.

Cedar Point
Amy F.
Jeff F.

Dorney Park
Justine C.
Kevin H.
Samara H.
Leticia M.
Samantha M.
Kris C.
Sara K.
Georgina A.
Bailey C.
Nicole C.
Marisa R.
Ally H.
Gabriella M.
Diana P.
Niurka P.

Kings Dominion
Victoria P.
Mary C.
Mackenzie C.

Kings Island

Michigan's Adventure

ImTooExcitedToSleep 02-26-2014 10:32 PM


California's Great America

Knott's Berry Farm
Tom B.
Kristi B.
West B.
Todd M.
Monica M.
Andrew M.
Mary Jo W.
Tony S.
Andrew S.
Sean E.
Kaitlynn E.
David V.
Marie V.
Eric T.

Mike D.

World of Fun

dansyr2514 03-04-2014 07:20 PM

Come on Team East ! This year we need to kick some West Coast butt!:thumbsup2

ImTooExcitedToSleep 03-05-2014 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by dansyr2514 (Post 50868100)
Come on Team East ! This year we need to kick some West Coast butt!:thumbsup2

Go Team West!!

ImTooExcitedToSleep 03-08-2014 11:09 AM

Team East has 5 riders, Team West has 6 riders....we're gonna need WAY more than that if we're gonna beat last year's total!

dansyr2514 03-08-2014 02:54 PM

I think I can drum up a few more!:thumbsup2

If anyone is interested in joining us at Dorney, we will have both young and old...well not old but maybe middle
Some of my dance students who are not big enough to ride the coasters are going to raise money and ride some of the rides they are big enough for. So if you're hesitant because you have small children or for any reason ....don't be! We had a blast last year and will have a blast this year.

Also, if you can't participate but would like to show your East coast pride, you can make a donation to any coast team. Team West will not beat us this year!!

Go Team East!!!:cheer2::cheer2::cheer2:

ImTooExcitedToSleep 03-09-2014 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by dansyr2514 (Post 50900758)
Team West will not beat us this year!!

Oh really??


ImTooExcitedToSleep 03-11-2014 11:19 AM

Carowinds is now represented!!

dansyr2514 03-13-2014 11:46 PM

If you are considering signing up ... Just do it!!!! I had an absolute blast last year, met a lot of great people, and helped out an amazing charity. It is an all around win-win situation!!

Sarabi's Cubs 03-15-2014 07:42 PM

Hmm. My son is organizing a school team to participate at Cedar Point, but I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to post a link to the fundraising page on my facebook page. I must be missing something really obvious, because this part is really easy in other fundraisers I've participated in. Any hints???


ImTooExcitedToSleep 03-17-2014 12:45 AM

I just picked up a couple of prizes....I'm thinking they may be for the top fundraisers on each team...more info and details later....

ImTooExcitedToSleep 03-18-2014 12:41 PM

A couple of prizes...autographed by artist Dave Avanzino.

For Team East:

For Team West:

wdwscout 03-22-2014 07:15 PM

I have a couple questions that I do not see answered anywhere in this thread or on the FAQs.
What does the $25 registration fee get you? Does that get you into the park on June 8? Or do you still have to have a ticket for the park?
I thought I remembered last year that you did not need a separate admission, but I can't find that anywhere today.

I understand that you are not required to marathon ride any attraction- you can just be in the park all day, right?
If you do want to ride the featured coasters after a break, do you get in line with everyone else, or is there a "fast pass" line for people in the event?

Thanks!! :hippie:

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