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AliceandAriel 02-23-2014 11:07 PM

Crazy heartburn after going gluten-free, anyone else?
After trying to deny that I've been gluten sensitive for about two years now, I finally bit the bullet and have been doing the gluten-free transition for two weeks now. So far, I've been well with finding safe foods and probably eating a little better since I have to carefully think out what snacks to take to work versus just grabbing something on the go.

But three days ago, I started getting this killer heartburn and acid reflux, GERD-like symptoms. Burning in the chest like there's a fireball lodged in there, acid in the throat, bad taste in the mouth, the works. Tums 750mg chewables aren't doing anything, even in high doses. I took 6 total today and it's barely taken the edge off of the acid. Other than that, I'm fine, I just don't get why I'm having this heartburn so severe so suddenly!

I did start a food diary, and can recall back to what I ate the last few days, and I can say that it probably was a little higher on the carb end, which I read can cause heartburn, too. I just don't know if this is a wheat withdrawal symptom, or because I botched my eating habits a bit by going carb crazy. Anyone else who went GF experience something like this?

Sagginit 03-10-2014 11:15 PM

i had crazy heartburn before, in fact that was my main symptom which is what through off doctors. i am wondering if maybe your body has been over producing acids in an attempt to break down gluten and now have nothing tough to digest? i was on proton pump inhibitors for a while. they work better than tums but are not good for long term and after a while i had a hard time eating anything too fatty.

i was trying to stop hearburn for a long time, so i gave up soda for a few years, watered down oj, watched how much tomato sauce i had etc and it really does help if you follow those tips.

keep in mind you are only 2 weeks in, it will take your body a while to heal and adjust so hang in there. :goodvibes

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