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Lisa Lisa 12-18-2013 08:49 AM

Heads up for coffee fanatics
I was shopping for Christmas gifts for DH, and I came across this travel coffee press:

I thought I'd post the link here since there have been several threads in which people have discussed taking a French press onboard with them. The size and design of this one make it ideal for packing.

Personally, I hit either the espresso bar at Cabanas or Cove Café for my morning fix, but DH doesn't care for espresso drinks so this will be perfect for him.

MillauFr 12-18-2013 09:50 AM

Yes I got a Nissan stainless steel French press similar to this one. Worked great and I was able to drink decent coffee everyday. The water at the drink stations was hot enough to use in the press. In my experience the hotter the water the better the coffee.

JohnDS 12-18-2013 09:59 AM

I have a nice press I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $10. Works great and is just right for 2 cups of coffee. Came with 2 cups also.

4HppyCamprs 12-18-2013 10:47 AM

We have bodum French press travel mugs that I purchased off amazon. They are great. We originally bought them for WDW since none of us is keen on Nescafé but will take them with us on the ship. We just bring a bag of home ground coffee with us.

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DahliaRW 12-18-2013 03:14 PM

I'm probably going to pack my aeropress. One more step to drinking, but the coffee is soooooo good!

Kittylover513 12-19-2013 12:37 AM

Another option for decent coffee (we did this on our NCL cruise) was to bring Starbucks Via packets...not as good as fresh brewed, but much better than the weak swill available in the dining areas!

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