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Sailorgirl32489 11-02-2013 05:31 PM

Fantasy, Western Caribbean Oct 12-19: Anniversary Celebration *COMPLETE*
Well its been a few weeks since our sailing, which means I should probably get started on our Trip Report! (My first one... eek!)

Hi everyone! My name is Jenni and my husband is Chad. Weve been on several cruises before with Carnival and RCL, but never a Disney one and have been dying to try it out.

We were originally booked to sail with family on a later date, but unfortunately their plans changed and they had to move their booking out to a 2014 date. Wed been looking forward to the cruise so much and didnt want to wait that long&.. so we decided to move the date up and use it to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary!

We lost our original stateroom when we moved our sail date, but wanted to book a category 6B (verandah with whitewall). We talked to our travel agent and 6B was already in a GTY status. Im a big planner and was on the fence about not being able to choose our stateroom. The price difference up to the next category that wasnt GTY was pricey, so Chad and I debated about it and decided to roll the dice and booked a 6B GTY cabin. Having been so busy at work lately we both said wed just be happy to be on the ship, no matter where our stateroom was.

So then the daily, obsessive checking of the DCL website began&&. And I waited&.. and waited&.. and waited some more. I was on pins and needles, I just wanted to know already! And then it came, about 4 weeks out from our sail date& we finally got our cabin assignment!!!

Disney had sent some pixie dust pixiedust: our way and we were assigned stateroom 7190 which is a category 5E, aft facing room. I was so excited!! I had been wanting to try out an aft facing stateroom as I had heard good reviews of them.

So then the short countdown to our sail date began..... (but it felt like so long!)

CharleySue 11-02-2013 07:51 PM

We're going on the Fantasy, Western Caribbean, in January to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Looking forward to more info. :)

iloverags2 11-02-2013 08:17 PM

Looking forward to hearing all about your cruise!

MizDisney513 11-02-2013 09:34 PM

Can't wait to hear about your experience :goodvibes

perfectmatch300 11-02-2013 10:22 PM

We sailed the Fantasy Western on Sept 28-Oct 5 in an aft facing 5E stateroom. We were in 9176.
I'm still very busy sorting my way through all the pictures I took. Can't even begin to think about a TR yet! I will, however, be following along with yours. We were also celebrating our anniversary, our 13th, even though the actual date was about 2 weeks earlier.

Sailorgirl32489 11-03-2013 09:30 AM

Thanks everyone for following along! I'm going to try and get another update posted later today.


Originally Posted by perfectmatch300 (Post 49987113)
We were also celebrating our anniversary, our 13th, even though the actual date was about 2 weeks earlier.

Happy (belated) anniversary! Our actual date was 2 weeks before our cruise as well.... but life and work got in the way, so this was the first chance we were able to celebrate.

Sailorgirl32489 11-03-2013 03:55 PM

And then the day finally came….. we’d been talking about a Disney cruise for over a year, and I couldn’t believe the day had finally come where we got to get on the ship!! I was so excited that I had a hard time sleeping the night before.

We originally had a 12:15 PAT, but I was able to snag a better one at 10:30 when they opened up more. So we packed up the car with all our luggage (it barely fit!) and set out for the port.

I love the view you get of the Fantasy coming across the Banana River! I’ve driven by many times before, but knowing that we were actually getting to board the ship this time was so exciting!

We had a lot of heavy luggage with scuba diving equipment for port adventures, so we took advantage of the curbside luggage check in. Once that was taken care of, we jumped in the short line to enter the terminal where we ran into a couple of people from our DIS thread.

There was hardly a line for check in when we got in the terminal and it wasn’t long before we had our KTTW cards in hand! They hadn’t started the boarding process yet and I really wanted a picture with Sailor Mickey in front of the cruise ship model, so we jumped in line to kill some time.

The line moved a lot slower than I had anticipated. (I think it was due to a large group ahead of us who wanted a bunch of different arrangements.) During the wait, Minnie switched places with Mickey and they started the boarding process. Even though we were in boarding group 2, we were only a few people away from the front of the line and decided to stick it out for a picture.

My only complaint of the whole cruise came when we went to go board the ship. It was almost impossible to make our way to the boarding “ears” due to people crowding the area. It reminded me of a gate at an airport with people huddled around blocking everything waiting on their turn to be called. We ended up having to get assistance from a cast member just to make our way through. They seriously need to do some crowd control here and ask people to step back unless their number has been called.

I checked out our KTTW cards for our dinner rotation and saw that we were in Enchanted for our first night. Instead of eating there for lunch and dinner, we made our way up to Cabanas to grab some lunch. Since we had our 3 carry on bags with us, I grabbed a table while Chad scoped out the buffet. While I was waiting on him to return, one of the CM came over and offered to grab a soda for me. (Now we’ve been on other cruise lines before, and I have never had this type of service before. So when she offered I knew this was an indication of the excellent Disney service to come and I was so excited!)

After a quick bite, we drug our luggage up to the Cove and staked out one of the chaise loungers until it was time to go to the room. The Carnival Dream and Ecstasy were also in port and we ended up with a nice view of them from the lounger.

Grumpy's Wife 11-05-2013 04:36 PM

I can't wait to see pictures of your room. Isn't Pixie Dust wonderful? I'm looking forward to hearing all about your cruise.

Sailorgirl32489 11-06-2013 08:55 PM

We waited in the Cove area until our stateroom was ready at 1:30. (The Cove was also conveniently close to the ice cream during the wait!) The midship elevators were already getting congested, so we made our way all the way aft and caught one down fairly easily. We found our stateroom, 7190, down at the very end of the hall.

Here’s the view from the door as you step in.

Looking from the connecting door to the other stateroom out towards the verandah.

View from the verandah door looking straight out

To the left

To the right

Our stateroom ended up being on the port side right were the ship curves aft. The picture below is taken from the side of our verandah that was the furthest forward looking back towards the aft.

From the aft part of the verandah look out to the port side.

We had one bag waiting for us when we went to the stateroom, so I grabbed that and tried to get a few things put away for the week before it was time for the life boat drill. We decided earlier in the day to skip the congested sail away party and watch the sail away from Deck 4. It turned out to be really nice because there wasn’t a crowd and you were closer to the people waving you off from shore. We also ran into a crew member who pointed out a pod of dolphins just outside the channel when we were leaving. In talking with him, he said it’s a pretty common occurrence near the markers just past the jetty.

Pulling away from the DCL dock and heading out into open waters!

Our dining rotation was ERAERRA, so we got ready and headed down to Enchanted Garden. We ended up at a table for 6 with two other couples. One couple was celebrating their honeymoon and the other couple were both in the same industry as my husband and I – we really lucked out with our assignments and had a great time with them all week!

At the end of dinner, we were treated to an Anniversary cake complete with anniversary pins and a chorus of “Happy Anniversary, kissy kissy” from the dining room team.

If anyone is interested in seeing the Navigators from this sailing, please let me know. I've got them and can scan them in if you want!

donaldjessie 11-07-2013 01:55 AM

I like the anniversary button.I was on the same cruise with you!

mrsoc 11-07-2013 06:57 AM

Yes. I'd like to see the navigator's. We are cruising next yr in Sept.


Sailorgirl32489 11-12-2013 09:57 PM


Originally Posted by donaldjessie (Post 50019226)
I like the anniversary button.I was on the same cruise with you!

Nice! If you did any of the same activities as us, feel free to chime in with your take on things. Always love hearing someone else's opinion!


Originally Posted by mrsoc (Post 50019713)
Yes. I'd like to see the navigator's. We are cruising next yr in Sept.


Here's the Navigator from the first day. One of the tips I picked up on DIS before our cruise was to take a highlighter to mark any activities you are interested in doing. This was brilliant and I was so glad I remembered to grab one and toss it in my purse! It made things so much easier every time we pulled it out to see what to do next.

Sailorgirl32489 11-12-2013 10:00 PM

edit: Never mind, used a different photo hosting site and I think it fixed it!

Realized after I posted it's near impossible to read the small print on the Navigators... anyone know how to make the images bigger? :badpc:

Sailorgirl32489 11-13-2013 08:10 PM

Day 2, Sea Day


I think we were still on our work schedule, because we woke up pretty early. We lounged around in the room for a little bit as we didn't have any plans until later on in the morning. We flipped the TV as we got dressed and according to the ship location map we were just north of Cuba. We decided to head up to Cabanas to grab a little breakfast before our first activity of the day.

I can't remember what we had for breakfast that morning, so apparently it wasn't anything too exciting. We did however catch a glimpse of Cuba from the windows in Cabana.

After a bite to eat, we went down to O'Gills for Tile Coaster crafting. I wish I had taken pictures, but sadly I forgot so a verbal description is going to have to suffice! We walked in and they have piles on the tables of small square tiles (about the size of the head of a pencil eraser). We were greeted by the CM and given instructions on how to put together our coasters. We were given two wooden bases, one with a square cut out in the middle and the other one was solid. The idea was to glue the one with the cut out on top of the other solid one in order to form a recessed area for the tiles. They supplied markers and glitter pens so you could dress up the wood a bit before adding your tiles. I ended up going with a simple checker board pattern on my coaster and spent most of my time searching the piles of tiles to find the right colors. I haven't had a chance to test my coaster out yet..... but the glue they supplied was water soluble, so I'm wondering if that might be an issue with condensation from sweaty drinks. I think I'll just pull the tiles off and use a different glue if that happens.

We had a 2:00 Mixology class scheduled with our DIS group, so we figured it was wise to get some food in our stomachs and headed up to Cabanas. Chad had a plate of prime rib, pork?, and chicken fingers with fries.

I had the prime rib also, chicken fingers, roasted red potatoes, and some fries. The prime rib was so yummy, wish I had gone back for seconds!

After getting some food, we sat in on the DVC presentation. We'd heard all about it before, but never any hard numbers so we were anxious to see just how much money we were talking about. After the presentation, we got an appointment with one of the reps for later in the evening so we could speak to him about their in house financing options. In the end, we decided that we are going to take a bit more time to save up some money for the down payment before buying in - but at least now we knew a dollar figure we were working towards.

After DVC, we headed over to Skyline. One of the awesome members in our DIS group had arranged not one, but two private mixology classes for us because so many of us were interested! (Thanks again, Barb!) We were greeted by our bar staff Ashley, Cristine, and Mika and took a seat while we waited for the rest of our group to arrive.

Ashely handed out a list of the different drinks we were going to be making. He then started the class with a general history of alcohol and various facts and trivia about the different types we were going to be using in the class.

Our first drink of the day was the Paradise Punch. Ashley taught us how to measure out the alcohol by counting with pouring and the proper technique to stir the drink up. Then he invited some volunteers behind the bar to help prepare the rest of the drinks for our group. I ended up behind the bar and I think we each got a set of drinks we were responsible for. Since we'd all just been taught the counting technique and were all bartender novices... it lead to a lot of loooonng, heavy handed counts while pouring while we practiced our skills. :rolleyes1

Up next was the Ohh La La which was basically a take off of a mojito. Ashely taught us how to properly muddle the mint and then called some more volunteers behind the bar.

I'd honestly never had a Cosmopolitan before this trip. Apparently, they are suppose to be a very light pink otherwise they are not made properly. I tried a few sips of mine, and it was ok... but not my favorite. Knowing that the drinks had been heavy handed and that we had scuba diving the next day in port, I didn't finish all of mine.

The Kir Royale ended up being one of my favorites.

The last drink we made was the Brain Hemorrhage and Ashely had chosen this one specifically since we were sailing near Halloween. To make this one, you first pour the peach schnapps into the bottom of the shot glass. Then you add the Bailey's by pouring it slowly against the back side of a spoon inserted into the glass. To top it all off you add a splash of grenadine for a "blood" effect. The picture below doesn't do it justice - looked a lot better in person.

We had so much fun at Mixology - definitely want to sign up for it again! And for $20 a person, it's not a bad deal at all given the amount of alcohol you are given!

OSUBuckly 11-14-2013 02:01 PM

Really enjoying your report! Keep them coming!!

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