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DaveinFallsChurch 10-30-2013 08:54 PM

Discovering A Whole New World of Disney-An October 2013 Photo Safari **Updated 2/20
Hello and welcome! To my DIS friends who have followed my PTR and other TRs to this current edition: Thanks for coming back again! And to all of my new friends: Welcome and let me bring you up to speed about the trip I just completed. This one came to be thanks to a major conference that was taking place in Orlando and just like any dutiful DISer I jumped on the opportunity to visit Mickey and friends……ahem, I mean……to continue to work on my professional development through the conference.

Normally Disney World is a family affair for me. But since we already had our annual trip planned for upcoming January and since DW nearly ran out of vacation time for this year thanks to a 2 week vacation to South Korea (which you can read all about in my PTR) I made this my very first solo trip to WDW!

So how did my first solo trip turn out? Well that’s what this TR is all about and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you! The shorter answer is that I completely rediscovered Disney. Through an adult centered experience that was a lot less ride-centric and more on atmosphere AND by looking at Disney through the lens of my camera, it was as if I was visiting WDW for the first time all over again.

It meant no strollers! It meant “walking” as fast as I want or as I needed to make that FP+ time window! It meant not having to make mandatory restroom pit stops before getting in line for an attraction! It meant not spending 90 minutes at the Dinosaur Boneyard! All kidding aside I did miss having my family with me especially when I was spending time in MK and I can’t wait to take them back again in January. At the same time, there were many experiences that I just would not have been able to have with the kids. I am proud to report that I did rack up a decent number of learning credits at the conference. Seriously, I don’t think the conference planners had the best educational interests in mind when they decided to hold it so close to Disney. After spending the day time hours here and there at the Orange County Convention Center, I would head into the parks in the late afternoon and evening for some late night wholesome Disney fun. This also meant sleeping an average of 5 hours a night which wasn’t a problem thanks to a heavy dose of Disney magic and gallons and gallons of caffeinated beverages.

I think this is a good spot to talk about photography and what it means to me. I absolutely love it and I have Disney to thank for that as well. It all began about a year and a half ago we came back from a wonderful and a magical Disney vacay at the Poly. When we returned home I went through 800 pictures and found only about 200 of them usable. Lots of blurry and dark images which may have worked great for a modern art exhibition but not so much for a family vacation album. I ended up chucking the point and shoot and bought myself an entry level DSLR just so I could get better pictures of the kids. Things really snowballed from there. After lots of reading on the internet coupled with practicing every chance I got and a fairly massive upgrade in camera/lens, my DW can attest (with a slight rolling of the eyes) to the fact that I had become an addict to photography as I continue to learn and improve my skills.

Naturally as plans for this trip began to take place , I looked at this as an opportunity to merge two of my obsessions into one geektastic experience which I unimaginatively called Photo Safari of Disney. My PTR was mostly about putting together a photo safari list with the help of my DIS friends. I did my best to try to get as much as I could so stay tuned to find out which ones I was able to capture.

My trip revolved around photographing Disney. So I thought it would be best if I put together this trip report with a similar structure. I am ditching the tried and true chronological approach of describin the trip since my visit involved a good number of hours at the Convention Center. I know some of you are dying to hear about the time I spent 90 minutes in the “Dermatologic Pediatric Fungal Infections” and if you want I can email you the play by play or should I say, slide by slide account of this experience.

Instead, I’ll try to tell the story behind each group of pictures, the behind the scenes, and what they meant to me during this trip. Honestly thanks to my severely sleep deprived but high on Pixie Dust state of mind, I don’t think I could put together a coherent chronologic timeline so this gives me a highfalutin excuse.

So sit back! I hope you enjoy this overblown slide show and I’ll try to do my best to make it worth your time! Or at least I’ll try to make it a little more interesting than Aunt Betsy’s vacation slide show of the Grand Canyon. And as a final attempt of shameless promotion I’m putting up a handful of photos from this trip as a teaser!
IMG_0266 by DaveinFallsChurch, on Flickr
IMG_0116 by DaveinFallsChurch, on Flickr
IMG_8874 by DaveinFallsChurch, on Flickr
IMG_1894-2 by DaveinFallsChurch, on Flickr
IMG_1587-2 by DaveinFallsChurch, on Flickr
IMG_1037 by DaveinFallsChurch, on Flickr
IMG_1275 by DaveinFallsChurch, on Flickr

DaveinFallsChurch 10-30-2013 08:55 PM

Table of Contents
Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out To Socialize!
In the Big Blue World Part I and Part II
Hot Dog Dance at the Hub
Can I stay at the Yacht Club Even If I Don't Own a Yacht?
Street Scenes from Hollywood Studios
Wait, Norway and China Are Neighbors?
Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a......oh wait. It is a Bird!
Raiders of the Lost Ark. Without the Ark.
Imagination in Thousands of Sparkling Lights
Street Scenes: Animal Kingdom Asia Edition
Dreams! Come! True! Part I and Part II
It's Not So Very Scary Part I and Part II
Scenes From A Magic Kingdom Rope Drop
Pickles, Jugglers but No Liberty Part 1 and Part 2
The Fastest Ride in the West
It's the Time of Your Life
One Stormy Night Long Ago Part I and Part II
My Biggest Solo Challenge Yet - The Little Mermaid Ride
A Wishes Whirlwind Tour in 12 Minutes
A Morning Safari Before Conference
How Do I Get To Wonderland? Part I and Part II
Rounding Out DHS
A Couple of Boat Rides
The Festival Part I, Part II and Part III
A Night Time Stroll Through Magic Kingdom
Little Town Quiet Village
Another Stroll Through Animal Kingdom
It's Good To Be Bad
Jammin' to the Rhythm of One Part I and Part II
There's a First Time for Everything
Fall Time in Main Street Part I and Part II

Life Updates
Winter Walk of Lights

SAT887 10-30-2013 09:48 PM

Here! I can't wait to see your all your pictures!

JAMIESMITH 10-30-2013 09:59 PM

I'm in... Those teaser photos got me!

emilyindisney 10-30-2013 10:43 PM

Here! :wave2:

Can't wait to hear all about your trip! :thumbsup2

teekathepony 10-31-2013 07:01 AM

I'm so in!

Sent from my iPad using DISBoards

chattadisser 10-31-2013 07:38 AM

I'm in! :thumbsup2 I still can't believe that you have only been at the photography thing for such a short time. Can't wait to see all the fantastic pictures!


Luvchefmic 10-31-2013 08:26 AM

Well you KNOW Dave I'm in since the S Korea trip or shortly before You had me there was no doubt about it; not just for the awesome " I'm taking you right there with me" photography but for the way you paint the experience with your words too Now that we have met, I can tell anyone that hasn't had the pleasure that you are just as warm and down to earth as you are on your reports Happy to have yet another real life nice guy Dis friend :goodvibes

Ruthie ( who can totally relate to the 5 hrs sleep and the gallons of coffee ;) )

afwdwfan 10-31-2013 08:41 AM

Dave, I can't wait to see the rest of this TR. I realize you're a hobby photographer and in the process of getting a side business going, but I have to say that these teaser photos look amazing and very professional. Any of them would look like they belong on the pages of a Disney brochure or book. I really look forward to seeing the rest of what you have! :thumbsup2

PeanutButterMom 10-31-2013 09:21 AM

I'm in! Following from our FB DISers group. I've been seeing all your pics there, and I just had to come over to see the whole thing!

SunDial 10-31-2013 09:47 AM

Thanks to Ruthie for the link to here. I am in. I am not to far from Ruthie but life prevents me from being there as much as i want to.

Photos look great. Love doing the long exposures shots especially at night in the parks when they are almost empty.

I see you are coming back in January. When will that be? I will be up there for the Disney Marathon weekend. It would be nice to meet up and do photo walks around the world if schedules permit.

wiigirl 10-31-2013 09:52 AM

Following along! :)

SunkistJoy 10-31-2013 10:11 AM

Hopping over from our FB group. Was already following along...just making it official. :) Love your pics!

jkc0325 10-31-2013 10:25 AM

Hey Dave...followed over from the DisOct group. I'm impressed that you have only started up photography in the last year or so. The pictures I've seen so far are simply amazing. Can't wait to see more!!!

Jen :)

DisneyKid4Life 10-31-2013 11:24 AM

Hi Dave, I'm really looking forward to your report, particularly due to the solo nature of it. I did my very first earlier this year and have a second booked this coming December, so I'm particularly interested in that aspect of your trip. :hyper:

Not to mention the beyond amazing photos you take. My Good God they're fabulous!! :goodvibes

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