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EvaSue 10-28-2013 07:52 PM

Magical Rejects and Redemptions
This title may be a little deceiving, and I apologize for that, since this is actually a trip report for the 10-19-2013 Fantasy sailing. But it all starts with the Magic, and so this is where our story begins.

For a touch of background, my name is Eva, and I am a 33 year old Disney Cruise Line cast member-turned ER nurse. I worked on the Magic as an entertainer in 2006 and besides being the experience of a lifetime, it also turned me in to a DCL customer for life, and began my love affair with Caribbean-quality beaches and the ocean at large. I now have a son of my own, Elliot, who is two and a half years old, a son on the way, and my main man and partner, Von, who is 30. We live in Mesa, Arizona, which is depressingly lacking in Caribbean-quality beaches and the ocean at large.

My last cruise was on the infamous Hurricane Sandy sailing aboard the Disney Fantasy on October 20 of 2012. I am not ashamed to admit that I was one of the ones who was fearing for my life, most especially because having sailed under Captain Tom for months on end, I knew for a FACT that he would never have deliberately or knowingly sailed us in to such conditions, which opened the door to a myriad of the unknown. Still, shaken or not, we were happy with the cruise as a whole and extremely satisfied with our 25% discount, which brings me to this month's adventures.

I initially went looking for a double dip, not yet knowing that we'd be first to sail after dry dock. I thought that would be best for my first time cruiser toddler, where I knew I'd feel safe and there'd be plenty of age-appropriate activities. When I saw the information regarding dry-dock, that only sweetened the deal, as far as I was concerned. I'd also never been to Nassau, having only worked 7-night itineraries, so I was excited for a new port and to see the aquarium at Atlantis.

Let the obsessing begin! Like any good DIS-er, I poured over the details of my cruise; joining the FE, the DISmeet and the facebook page. Signing up for activities, obsessing over the Re-Imagined Magic updates, making friends, and getting very excited for what was in store. Knowing that I'd be 20-some-odd weeks pregnant, I was a no-go for the new slides or the beer tasting, but I was ready for action in any other capacity I could dream up. I was excited to see that 2 out of the 3 shows I used to perform in were still running on the Magic, but with some updates and modern flares that I couldn't WAIT to drink in. We also spoiled ourselves with concierge service in a 1-bedroom suite, and since we booked reasonably early on top of that, our 5-night cruise on the Magic was going to run us under 3,000 bucks for the three of us. If you do the math, it's one helluva deal.


Then we get that dreaded phone call.... mere days before our sailing, Eric from shore-side concierge called to tell us that he was very sorry to inform us that our sailing has unfortunately been cancelled. My hubby and I were both in on the call, as when he saw who was calling, he immediately put the phone on speaker. We were in total shock. Von's knee-jerk response was, "You've got to be f@!*$ing kidding me". I threw a wrench in that quickly though and went in to full nurse mode: stay calm... assess the situation... find out what to do next. The offer for a free Magic sailing at another time was no good for us. I was going to be "too pregnant" for any future offerings, and then I'd have a newborn who was too young to sail. We were given to the manager to discuss our options, and once she realized our unusual situation, coupled with the fact that we had also been on the Sandy sailing, she went above and beyond for us to help salvage our vacation.

The GOOD: We were NOT going to forfeit our vacation. We would be able to sail the Fantasy at the same approximate time, and switching our flights was reasonably smooth. We'd also be getting two additional days, as the Fantasy was doing a 7-night vs our original 5-night on the Magic. We also miraculously managed to land a balcony, even though the ship was already nearly at capacity, and by the time we sailed, every stateroom was full. We were able to reserve Palo brunch and dinner, our excursion of choice on Castaway Cay, and Disney transport to the terminal. We opted to rent a car and drive from Port Canaveral to Ft Lauderdale for the return flight, as it saved us several hundred dollars in flight changes, and I don't trust DCL when it comes to flight reimbursements based on an iffy historical management of such. I also was very fortunate to be able to jump on to one of the FE lists on the new sailing, and discovered that there was a seriously AWESOME group of people sailing with us who totally embraced our unexpected arrival and situation without missing a beat. I was worried that people were going to be irritated that we were "crowding their ship" with our cancelled booking, but we literally encountered ZERO of that.

The NOT SO GOOD: Bye-bye concierge. :( There was no chance of maintaining our original booking category, which meant we had to forfeit our suite, and all the other perks associated with it. Although as I mentioned, we still received shore-side assistance with bookings, which was wonderful. We were also a little bit bummed that it was going to be the same exact ship and itinerary as last year, when we were looking forward to something different. The biggest boo-hoo of all, of course, was simply that we weren't going to get to see the new enhancements to the Magic, which I was DESPERATELY looking forward to. I was also sad that I wasn't going to get to see Villains for the first time, or to re-live Golden Mickeys and Disney Dreams like I was so looking forward to. The entertainment is a big pat of the experience for me, and I was not over the moon for the shows on the Fantasy. Still, we immediately adjusted our attitudes to be grateful for what we could get, and to get ready for the vacation of a lifetime... planned or not!!

Day One: Embarkation.
We took a red-eye flight thinking this would be best for our son who would just sleep through it. He DID sleep though it, but Von and I were zombies. We were supposed to be getting an entire day on land to recuperate, but lost that in the transition to the 19th instead of the 20th. Our son did have some massive melt-downs in regards to sitting up nicely with a seat belt on for take-off and landing, but other than that, it was pretty uneventful. He was VERY excited to be going on a "real airplane!" which delighted him beyond his wildest dreams, even though we just went to the Dominican Republic in February, which he seemed to have already forgotten. We went straight from the airport to the terminal in Port Canaveral, where Elliot was absolutely bouncing off the walls. He ran around in circles and jumped off of furniture, and made us work very hard to keep him corralled. He definitely felt the excitement in the air, and was SO excited to see the "Mickey Boat!" in person. We met Mickey for the first time in the terminal, where I quickly realized that I hated posing for pictures. The characters are sometimes so focused on posing for the camera that they fail to interact with or even face the child next to them, but I have a feeling that this is because so many parents WANT the picture first and foremost. We decided right away to tell the characters at the beginning of each interaction that we were not interested in a picture, but that "Elliot just REALLY wants to met you!". It was a night and day difference, and I think the characters prefer it, too, to be honest.
Once we got on board we went straight for food, which made Von and I markedly less grumpy and gave us a boost in energy that we really needed. It was very yummy, as usual, and even my picky kid ate a decent potion. After we went to our stateroom and put our things away, we went up for the Sailaway Party. Blame the hormones, blame the sleep deprivation, blame my former DCL career, or just my mother's heart, but I LOST IT. Sobbed like a child as I watched my son sitting on his Dad's shoulders dancing to the music, grinning from ear to ear and announcing each character as he spotted them... "Mickey! Minnie! Donald!" :love:
We had main dining and got to meet our table-mates who were lovely, and Mom was also a nurse, for an added bonus, although her husband told us we were not allowed to "talk shop" at the dinner table. :rotfl2: They had a son and daughter, both much older than Elliot, but very kind and well behaved. First night was Animators. Elliot was NOT a fan of the MDRs, and was a handful at every meal, to be honest, but we did the best we could, and took him out for a break in the hallways when necessary. We decided he should go to Small World Nursery for the shows, and when we dropped him off, he was biting at the bit to get in there and play with the toys, and could not possibly have cared less if we stayed or went. There was a very funny female ventriloquist on board who made a brief debut during the welcome aboard show, and we snuck out after she was finished, since I had forgotten how much I dislike the other parts of the Welcome Aboard show on the Fantasy :rolleyes: and I was feeling guilty about having Elliot in the nursery. He was still happy as a clam when we came to get him. I'm SURE there was more to do that evening that we missed out on, but we were SPENT. All three of us. We opted for the pack-n-play for Elliot, even though he's in a toddler bed at home, and this worked out reasonably well. We were emotionally, physically and perhaps even spiritually exhausted. So much had happened to us in the last few days, we all just ZONKED.

Soooooooo, that's the end of my intro, pre-story and day one ;)
I will be back with more in the coming days!! Hope you enjoy. :goodvibes

DenyingReality 10-28-2013 08:19 PM

Looking forward to hearing more :)

laydbk98* 10-28-2013 09:37 PM

So glad you got on the cruise Eva and can't wait to hear more!!
My sister and I booked a 4 day on the magic in January.

Karen (laydbk98)

DisneyPoly 10-29-2013 10:03 AM

So happy to hear your vacation was able to be saved. Can't wait to read more:thumbsup2

Grumpy's Wife 10-29-2013 04:04 PM

Joining in:wave:. I'm so glad the cruise worked out for you. When I heard they were cancelling the first cruise on the new Magic I just felt so bad for everyone. I can't wait to hear all about your vacation.

castlegazer 10-29-2013 04:09 PM

Yay!!!!! :thumbsup2

Here we go!!! :drive:

EvaSue 10-30-2013 02:24 PM

Day two
Day Two: A Day at Sea!!
We woke up after a full night of largely uninterrupted sleep, and I was a little more than pleased to see that my hubbs had woken up before me (about as common as a chupacabra) and had gotten us coffee and pastry from Cove Cafe. He had a much rougher night than me, he had come down with these weird chills and eventually gave in to a middle-of-the-night hot showerbath, which I mostly slept through. The coffee was super yummy, but I left the pastry to my boys. And yes, I still have a cup of coffee in the morning, even in my delicate condition, fillet me like a fish if you must. I also carry my 2-year-old around, will taste Von's wine/champagne, would not turn down a dragon roll at my favorite sushi restaurant, and would have gladly ridden the aquaduck had I been allowed. I'm just not a big subscriber to most of the hype about how fragile pregnant women are. I have no plans to go bungee jumping, hookah lounging or join a boxing league any time soon.
So with THAT out of the way, we had noticed on the toddler activity leaflet they had distributed to us the previous day that there was an open house at the lab, so we decided to all three of us go and see what it was like. Elliot explored the spaces, with special attention to the Toy Story space, and we then sat down to enjoy a little show put on by the CMs. We had NO idea that we were about to be spoiled rotten with interactive appearances by Goofy, Minnie and Mickey, who each came out in turn to play with the kids. It was a real treat, and Elliot was delighted to get such a long time to be so close to three of his favorite friends. Minnie actually got down on her knees and was coloring with them, it was adorable. Next we decided to get in to our swim gear and check out Nemo's Reef, which was a HUGE hit. We didn't have too many of the problems we had heard about with big kids or overcrowding, Elliot was always able to get around and play to his own comfort level. I suppose there were probably unsupervised children, but I just don't have time in my seven nights of vacation to go looking for things to be irritated by. It was a hoot. After we cleaned up and changed, we went down to the atrium on our way to the shops, and Elliot saw one of his all-time-faves Buzz Lightyear taking pictures. We waited in line, which, by the way, was never ONCE a problem for us. Lines were short, moved at a reasonable pace, and Elliot understood the concept of turns and was mostly well behaved and patient. We tried out our no-picture theory, and it was great, Buzz was warm and fun with Elliot and he got hugs, kisses, high fives and knucks before heading off. Elliot was also unexpectedly very gracious about his turn being over with the characters, haha... He'd wave goodbye and say "See you later, Buzz!" or whoever it may be. The shops were a total bust for us, mostly because I was mostly looking for tee shirts for Elliot, and almost every single 24-month or 2 year gament was a onesie... I mean, really now, does anyone really put their two-year-old in a giant onesie? But the shops were beautiful, as I well remembered, and we might have spent a little more time paroozing had Elliot not been so grabby and wanting everything in sight. Too much crowd control for me!
Next, I decided I would go and pass out my FE gifts while Daddy read on the balcony and we could put Elliot down for a nap. It took me well over an hour (and some very sore feet and knees!) to get back to the room, but there was no chance of that kid taking a nap. In fact, this became a common theme throughout our trip.. "Nap??? ME??? are you serious?? C'mon Mom." For a kid who usually takes a 2-3 hour nap every day, I couldn't help but be impressed by his persistence. So I took a little nap instead. :angel:
That night was formal night, and Von and I opted to take Elliot to the nursery and treat ourselves to Palo dinner. I am usually a vegetarian, but while I am pregnant, I go pescatarian (include seafood) to keep Von happy, who is an avid meat-eater. The big wins of dinner were definitely the portabello mushroom polenta, the calamari, and of course the chocolate souffle. I also ordered the lobster ravioli and the tuna for my main course, which were both really excellent. Poor Von was feeling really sick by the end of the meal, he was shivering like leaf again and said he just felt all wrong. He had one bite of his lamb before heading upstairs, and I finished the meal as a party of one. I felt bad for him, but part of me also said, "well, I guess I'm just gonna have to polish off this souffle on my own then!" ;)
I made a quick run down to the Captain's Reception in the atrium before going back up to the room, because I wanted to say hi to our cruise director, Ray. Ray had been an assistant cruise director when I was working for Disney, and was also our CD for last year's sailing when we got engaged, so it was nice to see a familiar face and say hello. He was also very impressed by our "good luck" with picking sail dates from Hades! :lmao:
I picked up my Elliot, who was much less impressed by the nursery this time, and we went upstairs, did all the bedtime routines, and snuggled up with Toy Story for a well earned sleep.
I must warn you that this trip report is guaranteed to be glaringly lacking in any information or recollections of night life, adult entertainment, or accounts of adult spaces in general. I am not the Mom who goes on vacation to get away from her kid. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with the little stink, because I love him sideways and I really enjoy being around him. Now, when both my boys are old enough for the clubs, you may hear me singing a different song, but for the time being, a good nightlife for me is to be asleep by 9:30! So that's our first day at sea, and it was a home run, for sure. Back soon with more of our tale of redemption!! :dance3:

beccawes7471 10-30-2013 11:10 PM

Really enjoying your report! We are right there with you on the nightlife, a peaceful dinner here and there but mostly we just want to hang out with our kiddos. Our last 3 vacations we've done just that, cant wait to read more!

lawyergirl 10-31-2013 10:13 AM

Subscribing to this TR!! So happy to hear that things worked out for you in spite of the crazy cancellation conundrum. Looking forward to reading more - A Mom-centric report is exactly what I was looking for! :)

PS: Just wanted to say that I have no intention of filleting you like a fish for coffee while preggo. Coffee and I were always close, but we became soul mates while I was pregnant. :)

(Then again, I'm part French so I didn't see a problem with a glass of wine now and again once I hit my third trimester, so there you go!!)

castlegazer 11-01-2013 10:10 AM

Hey, I am a Gold level cruiser and this upcoming Magic cruise may be the first cruise I will have EVER had an opportunity to report on the adult clubs and spaces in depth! Totally fine and understandable and I love the way you say this:


I wanted to spend as much time as possible with the little stink, because I love him sideways and I really enjoy being around him.

EvaSue 11-02-2013 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by DenyingReality (Post 49947580)
Looking forward to hearing more :)

Thanks! I have the next 5 days off, so I'm hoping to finish up within the week. :)

EvaSue 11-02-2013 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by laydbk98* (Post 49948199)
So glad you got on the cruise Eva and can't wait to hear more!!
My sister and I booked a 4 day on the magic in January.

Karen (laydbk98)

I hope they get all the kinks out before then! I am still really hoping to get to sail on the Magic as our next DCL cruise, but it will have to wait longer than I'd like. I still want to cruise in 2014, but I think with two small children, I may want to stay closer to home this time and try our luck with a line that sails out of the west coast!

EvaSue 11-02-2013 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by DisneyPoly (Post 49951065)
So happy to hear your vacation was able to be saved. Can't wait to read more:thumbsup2

Thanks! We were definitely one of the lucky ones. I know there was really limited availability on both the Dream and Fantasy. I can't imagine if we'd found out via email, waited on hold for two hours for a DCL rep, only to discover there was nowhere for us to go. I feel especially heartbroken for families with older kids than mine. At least Elliot was clueless!

EvaSue 11-02-2013 11:14 AM


Originally Posted by Grumpy's Wife (Post 49954361)
Joining in:wave:. I'm so glad the cruise worked out for you. When I heard they were cancelling the first cruise on the new Magic I just felt so bad for everyone. I can't wait to hear all about your vacation.

The Facebook page for our sailing became like the conversation at a funeral! So sad seeing everyone's disappointment! I think it was worst for those in the Royals, they have no way to retrieve what they lost! Financially, maybe, but not the experience.

EvaSue 11-02-2013 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by beccawes7471 (Post 49965745)
Really enjoying your report! We are right there with you on the nightlife, a peaceful dinner here and there but mostly we just want to hang out with our kiddos. Our last 3 vacations we've done just that, cant wait to read more!

I literally never stepped foot in the adult district. Not a single bar, not Satellite Falls, not even the adult pool. The only exception was Cove Cafe a time or two when the boys were still sleeping. I didn't do it deliberately, it just was never at the top of my list! I think one of the biggest factors for me is that at home I feel like I'm always ON him about something. "Don't draw on the windowsill with a sharpie! No,no, you already had two Popsicles, put that back! Elliot, no throwing!" It's so nice to be able to watch him just ENJOY and get excited, and play and have fun. Once in a while, it feels so good to say YES!

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